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Summary: The Tournament is over, but things will get complicated for Kai, as his real past arises, secrets once hidden resurfacing, old feelings reappearing, forgotten pain coming once again. Something awful is going to have its revenge and no one can stop it…

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"(Talking into other languages)"

((BitBeast language))

Dreams sequences, flashbacks, memories–


Breath of Light

Chapter 01 Why is this happening?

Trying to hear my own voice in this hollow place,

But still, I can't find myself...

Questions arise in my head,

Drowning in despair.

Is it so hard to find my way?

Do the words playing in my mind

Mean something to me?

Are my feelings still alive?

Closing my eyes, breathing deep,

Trying to find a place where my soul can rest,

A place in which everything

Will be fine...

Screams and cheering, loud voices echoing in the air, people jumping, even crying, excitement, happiness, joy. Everywhere around him, no matter where, there was an endless crowd.

Faces melting together, without name, without identity; each voice trying to overwhelm the others, just sounds he couldn't decipher, couldn't understand, didn't want to... screaming, crying, yelling, cheering, calling, shouting.


Joy. Excitement. Shock, astonishment. All those emotions were mixed together, where one ended another started, a confused clutter surrounding him, circling him, haunting him.

Too much, it was just too much.

The tournament, it was it... BeyBlade tournament, where the two stronger teams fought against each other in the ultimate battle, cold inhuman force clashing against passionate strength.

Something more important than just the pride and the BeyBlade Champions Title, something significant. The last battle between two of the best Bladers ever, one from the cold Russia, one who absorbed his power from the cold lands of ice where only wolves could live, and the other from Japan, who had his strength coming from his passionate heart, had been astonishing in all its mighty fierceness.

Tala Ivanov of the Demolition Boys' team, the one from Boris Balkov's Abbey, who trained all life to be the best blader ever, had lost. He was defeated by the newbie, a younger teen that was into BeyBlade for nothing more than a year, namely Tyson Granger.

The Japanese team under Mr. Dickinson and the BBA, the BladeBreakers, was the new World Champions.

At first, the entire crowd stared. Stared down in shock at the motionless greyish BeyBlade of Tala's, stared at his astonished face as he realized he was the loser, and stared at the strained but contented face of the challenger. Then, as they understood, a huge roar burst from everyone's throat in an ear piercing scream that ate away the silence, ate away the shock.

One by one, as if pulled by invisible strings, men and women, children and teens, they all stood up, clapping their hands, showing their appreciation and their appraisal for the devastating victory.

Almost impossible, and still, he accomplished it.

"Tyson Granger is the winner! Tyson Granger defeated the mighty Tala from the Demolition Boys, the team who had the title for the last five years! The BladeBreakers are the new BeyBlade World Champions!"

This one was Jazz-man, his loud voice surprisingly overcoming the screams of the crowd -how could he do that, it would be forever a mystery- as the crazy guy stood tall and proud above the others' heads, microphone clutched in his gloved hands, waving his arms around to catch the people's attention -which was quite impossible to say the least.

Obviously his words caused a sudden louder roar from the crowd, as if was expected, many trying to abandon their seats to jump down to the stadium where their 'heroes' were standing.

Mr. Dickinson quickly motioned to the guards around the stadium to go and stop for how much they could the advance of the fans, but it was a matter of minutes before they couldn't be stopped anymore.

It wasn't going to finish so soon, not after such an incredible match, not after seeing Tala lose to some unknown guy that came out of nowhere.


He was sick.

Maybe it was just the noise, the row and the rush, or maybe it was the disturbing gleefulness on everyone's face... but he was sick.

Happiness? Why? Because Tyson was the winner? Because he defeated the threat no one knew about but the Japanese team?

No… There was something else.

It was simply too much to take. Or maybe there was something wrong with him... he should be happy as well... should be happy he too.

He wasn't.

He couldn't, for some reason, participate to the celebrations around him. It had him sick; it confused him and tormented him, the sudden and inexplicable need to run away, as far as he could.

He could feel his fingers twitch, wanting to cry out with all his lungs, cry out in rage, in anger, in fury.

Why such disturbing need, he didn't know.

The havoc was penetrating in his mind against his will, his own thoughts unclear, as if the noise of the cheering people became a never ending undertone, bothering and confusing him at the same time.

He tried to calm himself, but it didn't work. The black void he created inside his mind, to cancel all his wild emotions, was shattered and the noise simply grew stronger and stronger, to the point he was almost trembling. It was nothing more than a sickening pandemonium, one that threatened to break his barriers.

He, the great Kai Hiwatari, one who could not be touched by anything, one who could stay emotionless and cool in every situation, was now fighting hard with his own body, as something from deep within him tried to resurface, bitter and nauseating.

Maybe after all it wasn't just the noise and the crowd that was making him dizzy... maybe there was something more... and he needed...

He needed...

"Tyson, you rock!" somewhere in the middle of the crowd, the White Tigers beamed to the bluenette, congratulating and somehow managing to be heard. Lee and Kevin were waving their arms while Gary was just smiling pretty dumbly -probably thinking about food. It took them some seconds to believe what they were seeing, but when they realized Tyson really did it, no one could compare with their screams.

And they were not the only ones. The All Starz were dancing around laughing in relief, while their coordinator Judy and Emily just smiled in satisfaction. Even the collected and cool Majestics were clapping their hands in a somewhat undignified way -Johnny was indeed whistling and waving his right fist in the air.

Eyes trailing away from the crowd, the slate haired teen had a new wave of disgust and revulsion, and tried to distract himself by staring at Mr. Dickinson, Mr. Granger and Tyson's father Bruce. The three men were as cheerful as the crowd surrounding them, each one of them showing it in his personal way. Mr. Dickinson looked ten years younger with the smile on his face; Bruce was punching the air, smiling proudly as he stared at his own son who was able to defeat such a strong opponent in that amazing battle; Mr. Granger was... well, he was showing off to the 'nice ladies' around, saying he was the one who grew up Tyson and stuff like that, acting like a big fool, but he too was over excited.

Kai shook hard his head, breath stopping in his lungs, eyes widened, the urge to go away too strong for him to ignore any more.

He needed...

"We are the best! The best! The best!" Tyson's voice came from some place behind him. "We did it! We did it!"

… to go.



He didn't look back, not even once, as his feet slowly pulled him away from the stadium.

His fierce crimson eyes stared at the floor in front of him as he passed by void of any emotion; stepping before the BladeBreakers' waiting room, his strong will created back the walls around his mind.

Trying to shut down the noise, trying to negate it.

When the heavy metallic door of the arena closed behind his shoulders, effectively reducing the uproar to a lower extent, he was able to somewhat calm his wild thoughts.

Just a few seconds more in there, he thought almost bitterly, and he would have turned insane.

Yeah, as if, he wasn't already.

Just like he had been taught since childhood, he shut down all the intruding noise, concentrating on a single little flame, burning up all his troubles, his erratic breath coming to a slower pace, echoing in unison with the footsteps in the empty corridor.

Breathe in.


Breathe out.

Another step.

Relaxing, the rhythmical sound against the concrete lulled him to a state of calmness, easing the dull ache in the back of his head. He started to feel this sick since his last battle with Spencer. Something in him wasn't quite right, but maybe it was just stress.

Only Kami knew how much accumulated stress he had.

His mind going back to the things that happened not even an hour before. The battle, the last one, the most important in their lives.

No one believed they could pull it through. Hell, Kai himself was sure Tyson would never win…

Even if the Russian people had a bad reaction to Bryan's acting towards Rei in their battle, the Demolition Boys were still the champions, worshipped, envied, admired. They were the best bladers around. Who could have thought a simple rookie like Tyson could defeat them so completely?

No one bet on the BladeBreakers winning the tournament -well, except Mr. Dickinson.

Kai's lips turned to form a smirk, unknowingly to him.

The certain thing was, he couldn't care less.

Well… that was not entirely true after all. He was happy Tyson succeeded. This was his own dream, to become famous, to be called the best blader of the world. All his team mates wanted the same thing from the very first time they met, back at the nationals in Japan. Back there Tyson defeated him by sheer luck –but now… he became stronger and he ended up in Moscow with enough strength to beat Tala, the great leader of the Demolition Boys.

His dream became true.

Kai's smirk widened by some extent, as he lulled himself with the unfamiliar sensation of pride for his team mates. For how much he said he despised them, they were good people. He would never admit that to them –obviously– but they accomplished a great result. They were good.

But not him, he added silently. Not him. He was a failure. He lost to Spencer, one of the weaker bladers of the Russian team.

Maybe now the BladeBreakers and the other teams respected him because he fought clean and fair instead of following his grandfather like a puppet –decision he didn't regret– but he felt shit. Defeat burnt like fire on his heart.

If he'd used Black Dranzer…

No, he scolded himself. She was a dark being and she was evil… he didn't miss her, nor the sensation she drained her energy from his soul during BeyBattles, feeding on him.

Shuddering he forced himself to concentrate back on his walking, a wave of nausea hitting him once more. He had to have back his cool façade. It was hard to put his mask up now that he met again with the Black Phoenix, hard after his meeting at Lake Baikal with the BladeBreakers.

The power -her power… was almost overwhelming. The urge, the need to have it, to feel it running in his hands, to use it against any fool who happened to be on his way.

But anything in this world has a price. The power's price was loneliness. Darkness circling his heart, filling it with emptiness… the same darkness that resided inside Black Dranzer.

To a life without hope, without light.

He could feel it too well. Every desire, every wish, every dream he had, became food for Black Dranzer's hunger. Far worse than Tyson at an all–you–can–eat–buffet.

Tainted price for the power he wanted so desperately.

But now he wasn't so sure anymore he wanted it so much. Not at this price. Not even if some part of him kept repeating that the feeling of her dark presence near him was just as familiar as Dranzer's own was.

And it was a great thing Voltaire, his 'lovely' grandfather, failed in his intent of dominating the World. Control the World with Mythical Creatures? Insanity.

Not to mention Black Dranzer fed of the living... not of blood like a Vampire, but of life and strength from the one who were so stupid to try and control her -no one could, not even Kai could master her fully. She was a dark clone of the real one, Dranzer -yearning to become a Creature, but failing, trying to feel how life was by sucking on others'.

It was for good Voltaire lost.

Good for the World, good for the BladeBreakers, good for himself, but not for...

Shaking his head in denial he tried to convince himself he cared nothing for them. Not at all.

He did not care for the Demolition Boys.

They had never been friends. He was in the Abbey when no one of them even though it existed. He was trained to perfection years before they ever touched a BeyBlade. He was slaughtered and tortured when they never heard of punishment.

To be truthful, he never really recovered fully from his incident with Black Dranzer, when he was merely a little boy, and the great part of his memories never came back. He could remember something, but not it all. Not all the beatings, the trainings, the fighting. But he was sure that if he'd met the Demolition Boys, he would have remembered it.

The three of them were not ones you could easily forget, not even their leader.

First of all, Ian. Short and with a really huge nose, he was the youngest of the team, one that was mumbling under his breath all the time about chemicals and engines. He did resemble his Beast, Wyborg the Snake. In the short time they interacted, the short teen always acted strange when Kai was near, but he was a smart ass and loved to make strange kind of jokes.

Strange guy indeed.

Next was Spencer, the solid one. One could be deceived by his face, believing he was dumb -just like Gary- but he was very intelligent and he was really strong. He too resembled his Beast, Seaborg the Whale. Faking stupidity on the outside, almost as if unable to hurt a fly, but on the inside smart and sly.

Ok, when it came to people he was a little uncertain, and he as well acted strangely around Kai, but it must have been because he stole the leader role to Tala.

Third came Bryan. At first Kai thought him to be calm and collected, seeing he was always as cold as ice, but he was the calculating type. Much like a bird of prey waiting for the perfect time to strike on his victim; Falborg the Falcon was like he was. Solitary and silent, but really dangerous and wild.

Kai noticed he looked jumpy and nervous, on the outside appearing calm and collected -or violent and insane when it came to battling, just like with Rei- but inside… he seemed to be regretting every single thing he did. Appearing as if he was acting somehow, not showing his real self. Hiding under a mask, but that was common since Kai acted the same with people.

Last but not least, Tala. Former and last leader of the Demolition Boys, with fiery fire red hair and deep icy azure eyes, as cold and loner as Wolborg, his Wolf Beast; Kai couldn't place Tala in any category, he was a strange guy and the slate haired teen knew Tala hated him because he was designed as the leader in his place.

Cold and emotionless as Kai himself was, but he had something… Kai couldn't understand, when he stared at Tala he felt a strange feeling, like he was meant to be related to Tala some way or another.

Stupid as it sounded, the sensation persisted even after Kai switched team again.

If they had met, he would have remembered it. But the four of them were not included in the few memories Kai had of the Abbey, and they all glared at him. Tala with hatred, the other three with another type of glare he couldn't detect nor understand, but still –hatred could be shown in many ways.

The best weapon in Voltaire and Boris' hands. Fighting not for the sake of the two insane men, but for themselves.

For their lives.

Kai knew what the punishment for those who betrayed Boris' trust was. Kai himself was one of the few who disobeyed or failed him.

Again, his sight blurred suddenly, and he swayed on his feet, sweat running down his temples and forehead; he forced his sight to focus again, taking a deep breath but he felt the world around him spin madly, not able to have a grip at reality.


Why was he feeling this dizzy? He was sure of that, he had never been sick a single day he could remember… but it wasn't just the noise and the havoc from the people in the stadium; he still felt trapped, constricted inside the four walls. Heart beating faster and faster, stabbing against his temples and chest, making him confused. Why his body felt so much in pain? What was supposed to mean?

His mind, remembering, going back to think of the Abbey, to think of…


He couldn't stop.

If you failed Boris' expectations, it didn't mean death. Ok, many people… kids training in the Abbey, scientists, or just men… died because they failed something Boris wanted them to do. He saw it happen.

To kill people wasn't right, he knew it, but things were like this in the Abbey, Boris' realm.

Kill, or be killed. Eat, or be eaten.

But if you we're one of the few Boris praised, or the few he counted on more, or his experiments, he wasn't so kind to let death reach you.

Death wasn't a punishment, in some way it was an achievement. The real punishment for the failures and the un-respectful was pure torture.

Boris loved torturing people. He often said death was no satisfying, it meant the end of a person's life, and there is no pleasure in someone who can't scream, plead, struggle or cry. Extending the process until death finally came, or avoiding it, hurting the body just as much as the mind, never ending the pain, the anguish, never ending the sufferance...

Into the frightened eyes of a tamed soul, knowing it was broken beyond repair.

"(I have no satisfaction in staring at a dead corpse, it's no fun… but watching the despair, the pain and the resignation filling the eyes of an innocent soul is so much better…)"

His voice, the dreadful and inhuman voice of the Abbey's director sneaked through the mist in Kai's mind, confusing even more the line separating truth from reality. The slate haired blader fought against it but failed miserably. The voice pressed on, filled with lust and cruelty, malice, as if Boris was breathing on his ear, the memory of Boris' face flashing in the back of his mind.

His eyes closed slowly, against his will, but he was too lost in the memories to notice.

"(Remember my little Phoenix; physical pain is not enough to me)".

Why was the insane voice haunting him?

Why now?

Why were these words so familiar to him when he was sure Boris never pronounced them?

Something was amiss, something important, but he wasn't thinking straight. Cloud fogging his mind, eyes unfocused, and lips dry whilst sweat was pouring down his forehead, pain flashing through his body.

Headache suddenly dizzying him more.

His tired frame fell heavily on the wall, his breath coming in ragged gasps, right hand clenched in a fist trying to support the weight of his body, fighting against the voice, against the dark, against the hallucination.

Kai felt his balance waver and he leant completely on the wall, gasping in the silence around. The world around him was spinning out of control and he saw the ground coming towards him suddenly as his knees gave up. He collided with the floor collapsing completely, panting as the voice continued inexorably with its 'teaching'.

"(I crave for mental pain even more; reaching the breaking point of a person with his greatest affection, his greatest love… so appeasing, so gratifying. Torturing someone under his lover's eyes, you can't even phantom to understand the pleasure of it. Seeing the vulnerable expression, realizing it's all his fault… other's pain is my pleasure…)"

He felt empty and hollow, his own thoughts forced away from the voice, filled with hatred and lust, insane just as much as the man was.

"(That's for you to remember, little Phoenix… you will pay for each of your mistakes and for your arrogance, but you won't be alone. Your friends, all of them, will pay as well, a slow, endless pain, in exchange for your arrogant behaviour…)"

Kai fought another wave of nausea, but the voice had still something to say.

"(Just like now, Kai… you're not alone in this nightmare…)"

Kai slipped face down on the floor, pain flaring thought his body as if it was on fire, darkness eating the light.

And he surrendered to the darkness, drowning into the pain…


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