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"(Talking into other languages)"

((BitBeast language))

Dreams sequences, flashbacks, memories–


Breath of Light

Chapter 17: Fading away…

They are all staring.

Staring as if they are disgusted.

By me.

I thought I could trust them…

I thought they would care.

But…in the end, nothing was gained

My trust failed me one last time.

Denial in their eyes

They tried to hide the shame

To be near me, but they couldn't.

I tried to accept how they feel about me;

I know I should have known…

But hope made me blind.

There is no faith in lost friends.

Six years before, Balkov Abbey, Russia

Kiya cried in anguish as the burning liquid hit his eyes, blinding him. It was a sudden and piercing pain, so strong that he couldn't stand anymore and he fell on the floor, helplessly holding his face in his hands, his nails digging into the skin, fingers twitching spasmodically.

Thick fluid trickled down his cheeks and onto his neck, and he was aware by the smell that it was blood, his blood, that he was crying. But it didn't matter at the moment –the pain was too strong.

The rest of the body felt numb, the wings on his back falling heavily on the floor around him, his breath erratic and laboured, his lungs trying to pump air inside, but as constricted as they were, it was a hard task.

He cried again, sobbing and chocking on the blood, not able to concentrate on anything else but the searing, burning pain.

Boris knew, the greatest weakness a basilisk had was in their eyes, because without their sight they were useless. They could bite and poison, but hurting their eyes caused their outmost defeat.

Kiya bit hard with his sharpened canines on his lips, feeling the liquid burn and corrode his skin and eyes. It was acting like a poison, entering in his veins by the capillaries of his eyes, burning and corroding his entire body from the inside.

It was lethal, and Kiya knew this.

He knew he was going to die.

But… for how much fear he could have of his death, for how scared he could be about it, knowing there was nothing he could do, he was afraid even more for his friends; they relied on him… they were his brothers, even if not in blood; their bond was stronger than friendship.

He had tried to protect them, to help them, but now, in the end, when they needed him the most… he would not be there.

He failed.

The despair and grief he was feeling almost overpowered the pain; how could he protect them now? He wasn't going to survive and he was leaving them in Boris' hands. He had let Boris and Voltaire take Kai and use him again for their experiments, underestimating the two men… that had been his downfall.

He could feel the poison run in his system, his eyes hurting so much that he would have fainted if he hadn't had a strong endurance to pain. Kiya tried to clear his mind, knowing he had not much time anymore, and focused his dizzy consciousness on what was happening around him. People were screaming, and he couldn't understand what was happening –blind and weak as he was.

Kiya's heartbeat was slowing down at a fast rate, cold spreading through him, and he could feel his hands and feet heavy and frozen. Darkness was doing its best to claim him but the guilt of leaving his friends behind was strong enough, as he willed himself to back away from it.

He needed to do something before allowing death to take him away, but he felt so weak and cold… helpless. He was only a child after all. How could he believe he would be able to change something, even with his powers? More so since they were fading away together with his strength.

He never stopped to think about his own pain. He always devoted his whole soul to help the others, his little brothers, his family. He always did this, without regret, because he knew he was strong enough to stand this, but others were not.

But what could he do?

He was nothing but a fading conscience. Powerless… defenceless. Useless.


A voice pierced through the darkness that was eating him, reaching his heart and soul, and Kiya recognized it immediately. It was a high piercing cry, and it belonged to… Kai…

"(Kai, stop! Please!)" this was Tala. His voice was filled with anguish and fear.

He could feel it. With his senses, dulled by the pain and by the poison, he could feel it. Like a vibe, the power Kai was emanating, and it was not good.

It was dark, and Kiya was deeply scared by it… it was so evil, so seething corrupted… Kiya realized it was Black Dranzer –she was controlling Kai.

His pain was dulled by a pulsating warmth coming from the bey Kiya had in his pocket, the basilisk taking away some of it in himself, knowing he could do nothing, but not wanting his master and friend to suffer this much.

Kiya thanked him and focused back on the voices, now able to control the pain a little bit more. It was so hard to keep staying conscious, but he was determined not to fall. Not now.

"(Black Dranzer took control of him!)" someone yelled frightened.

"(He's going to destroy the Abbey!)"

"(Kai! Please! Stop! Wake up! Don't let her control you like this!)"

Kiya opened his mouth to speak. Feeling his insides twist he doubled on the floor and coughed out a mouthful of blood, groaning in pain as his lungs became constricted again. But he didn't give up.

((K… Kai…)) nothing more than a whisper. So low he himself had problems hearing it… but all of sudden, around him nothing could be heard anymore.

Silence fell on everyone.

Kiya gritted his teeth.

"(He's still alive! The poison shouldn't have taken this long to kill him!)"

"(He's stronger than expected, it seems…)"

"(Kiya! You're still alive!)"


But the green haired boy ignored all the voices. With his last resources of power he searched around, probing the others' auras and finally found the dark one, probing through it deeper and deeper, until… he brushed against the real Kai. The one trapped inside.

Only one chance. Only one.

((Kai… I know… you can hear me…)) he coughed again. More blood on the floor. He faintly heard gasps around him, but he was more concentrated on the link with Kai's mind than anything else.

They couldn't know he was going to die, because on the outside, apart for his eyes, he looked fine…

They needed him so much… how could he let go knowing this?

But he continued. There was nothing else to do.

((Don't let her control you…)) his voice was failing him, but he bit down hard on his lips and continued. ((You need to control on your powers… to be free)).

The blood coming out from his dead and burnt eyes was joined by tears, streaking down his cheeks. He resented what he was doing… he was leaving them. He had protected them and offered them a family, but they offered him the same thing. He couldn't live without them, but he was dying leaving them behind…

He would miss them.

He also resented that… he would die without seeing their faces. But they could see his, so he forced his numb lips to curl upwards slowly, and smiled. With the pain, his smile seemed to shine, filled with the warmth he'd always reserved to them all.

((I am sorry…)) he mumbled. ((I am not going to be there when you finally will be free… but… know that I love you all… you are my family)).

He would drown in darkness alone. His heart tightened painfully.

Then, said this, knowing he'd reached Kai's consciousness, he pulled. He felt the darkness retreat lightly, and wishing this would be enough to have Kai back, he finally let go.

And darkness enveloped him, claiming his mind, his last thought was for his little brothers.


Kai screamed out aloud, being pulled out from Black Dranzer's cage, tears streaming down form his eyes, the empty void in his chest, leaving him breathless. Kiya's lifeless body fell on the floor as it changed back, wings, claws, all disintegrating in the air. A beyblade rolled out from his pocket, and the others couldn't but watch as its BitChip broke into pieces.

Kai tried to run to Kiya, but Boris laughed hard and kicked the motionless human body in the stomach with fierce malice. Kiya did not move. His face continued to melt away.

"(This is what he deserved for standing up against us,)" Voltaire hissed, fury and satisfaction clear in his voice.

Then the old man felt a cold wave pass through him, and turning to his right he saw Kai, and the sight made him pale. Boris was looking at the slate haired boy as well, just as frightened as the elder.

Kai's body was almost completely hidden behind a dark curtain of black mist, the only thing that stood clearly his crimson eyes, shining with an almost feral and malicious glint. His clawed fingers were twitching, his frame trembling in barely suppressed rage.

Then the wave came.

It was so strong the walls were completely destroyed, and the ceiling as well, as the ones that were around were slammed against the remains with a breathtaking force.

Tala and the others protected themselves as much as they could with their own powers, and when the clouds of dust cleared out a little they could see that a good part of the Abbey had disappeared.

They could see many fires lit up around them, machineries short–circuit and explode as well, and many corpses, not just guards, but also other boys, lay on the floor covered by ruins. All dead.

Tala exited the barrier the four left of the six of them had created and lunged at Kai, who was still crying and yelling loudly, knowing he had to do something to stop him before Kai was completely lost to him.

Kiya was gone, but he wouldn't let Kai go as well.


But he couldn't do anything.

The moment he yelled and exited the barrier, Kai's eyes turned to him with all their coldness, not recognizing who he was, and a trail of flames exited from the slate haired boy's fingers, hitting Tala on the temple.

Without a whimper the red head slumped unconscious on the floor.

At this sight, something deep in Kai stilled. The small, frail thing that was Kai's mind screamed in pain, again, knowing that this time it was all his fault.

He'd hurt Tala. His Tala.

His love.

And Kiya… Kiya was dead.

Eyes turned the usual shade of crimson and stopped glowing as Kai's consciousness was once more slammed into his body. The wings disappeared without trace, and he looked around taking in all he'd done.

The corpses of the people he killed in his outburst. The remains of the Abbey, now destroyed. Tala's unmoving body some feet away. Kiya's was not there, probably under the ruins, not to be seen anymore.

Spencer, Ian and Bryan, together with the two adults, looked in worry as Kai collapsed on the spot, eyes holding so much anguish they felt their heart wrench in seething pain. Letting go their barrier they darted out for their friends, trying not to think about Kiya. They would have so much to mourn for him later, now two others needed their attention and care.

Their lives had been destroyed in the matter of minutes. What they had thought would never be broken had been shattered under them.

But as they hurried towards Kai and Tala, Boris and Voltaire stood up as well, glaring in disgust and fury at the leftovers of the Abbey. They noticed the dead people and the fires and grimaced, knowing police would soon come to see what had happened.

So they approached the two unconscious boys as well.

"Tala! Kai!" Bryan was the first to reach them and he checked their pulse, breathing in relief finding both were alive.

None of the boys knew if they were hurt or injured, but as Voltaire walked towards them Spencer slightly shook Tala, who's eyelids parted ever so slightly. They were unfocused and dull, as the blond worriedly asked, "(Tala! Are you ok?)"

"(Who… are you…?)" the red head muttered.

Then his eyes rolled backwards and he fainted again, leaving the three boys in a deep state of shock.

Bryan lunged for Kai, but Voltaire was faster as he picked his grandson up, anger pouring out from his entire frame, and walked away.

"(Where are you taking him!)" Bryan stepped forwards, in a lame attempt to stop the man, but was kicked back by Boris.

"(To Japan,)" was the growled reply.

Boris grabbed Tala's motionless body and growled in fury at the three of them, "(follow me. Now)".

Spencer, Ian and Bryan looked at each other speechlessly, in the middle of the half–destroyed Abbey, staring in disbelief at the remains of their group as Boris walked away with Tala and Voltaire's limousine sped away from the ruins, hearing the sirens of the firemen and of the police approach quickly.

They knew… this was the end.

Present, Balkov Abbey, Russia

Mr. Dickinson sat in the car absolutely and utterly worried as he explained what happened ever since Lee and Michael left their hotel rooms to go and help Kai to Bruce and Judy.

As he spoke, the three could see behind them the other car with the two captains as well as Kenny, and he hoped again they were not too late.

The cars flew on the streets with all their speed, zooming between the other cars with no care, and soon the occupants could hear the sirens of the police reach them as five cars surrounded them.

"They'll be okay Stanley," Bruce looked at him trying to calm the older man, but his eyes betrayed his own uncertainty. This was serious.

"I hope my Max and his friends are not injured," Judy shuddered and bit her lip, the thought of her young son wounded by the mad man Boris was frightened her; Grandpa Granger placed his hand on her shoulder as to comfort her.

"I think we have nothing to be worried about," he assured, and his voice was the steadier since he had faith in the younger teens, "they're strong dudes and I believe they are fine!"

Mr. Dickinson looked at him with a grimace, but then a loud noise made all of them to look forwards, as a column of fire appeared above where the Abbey was, and an explosion could be heard too, a loud explosion; a second later more came, and their hearts filled with worry.

What was happening at the Abbey!


His hard breathing echoed as Kai was surrounded by the other Demolition Boys, each one still in their changed form, Voltaire and Boris trembling far away from them, the latter one clutching his face in pain trying to hide the horrible burnt on it.

Kai turned his eyes around him, seeing what he did –the burned residues of the guards, all of them dead, Boris' disfigured face, the Abbey destroyed like six years before, the clear nocturne sky above him, the explosions blasting in irregular intervals.

He had been again crushed under Black Dranzer's power; even if he had thought he would be stronger this time, he'd failed. It was real, he grew strong, but her dark powers grew up as well, as cruel as always, and she managed to get what she wanted.

But… luckily, he regained control of himself before killing Boris and Voltaire, and this was what mattered now.

His eyes wide he panted, following the trail of smoke dancing in the air, but then another sound reached his ears as well as Tala's.

It was much like a bat cry, a screech that was not human anymore.

Since all the Abbey around them had collapsed, completely levelled and only few walls were still standing up –ready to fall at the slightest touch– the secret prison was destroyed too, and the creature hidden all these years could finally breath the fresh air from the outside.

They all turned to a place not too far away, watching in horror as the boy once known as Andrei screeched again, stumbling as he tried to lift himself on his legs; his arms and wings helping him come out of what remained of the stairs leading to his cage.

Tala gasped as he recognized the boy who once used to yell against them, who called them freaks and monsters, and who was now the monster he hated so much.

He wasn't human anymore, but he wasn't like them. He had been too weak to complete the changes and too strong to die, and this had been his downfall.

Tala felt tears filling his silver eyes, tears of pity –not disgust, because he had been through the same as him– as he looked at the boy stumble upon the new freedom.

He could be finally free.

But as he hesitantly walked, wobbling and tripping because he was not used to walk straight anymore, Tala and the others saw what was before him and gasped, too shocked to be able to yell a warning, that…

Andrei could feel the fresh air brush on his skin; he could breath deeply something purer than the smell he was used to in the cage, he was astonished by all the sensations, his insane mind was filled with a mild happiness, forgetting for once the state he was in, because the night was his life. As he tripped around, his head to the sky, he stepped near one of the few machinery still laying there, he couldn't see the feeder standing on the ground, unprotected, electricity still running inside it.

He couldn't see he was going to step on it.

Tala widened his eyes but could not speak, only watch as Andrei stepped on the feeder.

There was a soft buzzing sound as Andrei was surrounded by the electricity, his entire body jolting, and the last thing Tala saw about him before the machine burst with a loud explosion was his face, contorted in pain, his eyes shining while a single tear ran down his inhuman cheek.

Tala felt his throat close up, knowing he was now really free, he was not anymore the monster he used to hate, he was now free –in death.

Kai looked in shock where Andrei stood a moment before, then he turned to the BladeBreakers, who were standing feet away from him and the Demolition Boys, their eyes wide and their faces pale as they tried to stand on their feet, Robert supporting Johnny and Max and Rei supporting Tyson.

The slate haired teen looked at them and stepped forwards; he wanted to say, that there was nothing to fear now, he was himself again, he controlled Black Dranzer's power again, and from what he was hearing the firemen and the police were coming fast, it would all be okay.

Tala and the others Demolition Boys watched with worry and little bit of fear as Kai advanced towards his former team mates and the two European bladers.

There was silence, as Kai stepped forwards.

So much silence, even with the explosions and the fire and the few walls collapsing.

Then all the BladeBreakers turned to him.

They had been there when he changed. They had been there when the Abbey fell on their heads. They had been there to see he killed the guards, burning their bodies like nothing, they had been there to see Andrei and his inhuman shape, they had been there and had almost been killed.

They were frightened, they were utterly, absolutely, completely afraid.

They had been through too much to count, too many things they had never even suspected, people half mixed with Beasts, a poor boy who was stuck in–between human and monster, torture, destruction.

So when they looked at Kai, who was stepping towards them, what they saw first were his inhuman golden eyes turned to them, they saw his inhuman long claws, dangerously pointing at them, they saw his inhuman huge bird wings that were still part black, and they saw his inhuman canines peering from his lips.

They saw the Demolition Boys behind him, all of them in a similar inhuman shape, each of them looking dangerously at them, each one of them looking scary and evil.

They saw what Kai did, they saw Boris' burnt face, and they did not know anything, they did not know about Kiya, they did not know about the two powers inside their team captain's body, they did not know he was himself and in control of his powers now.

So as Kai lifted his hand as if inviting them to come near, they did not see his hopeful eyes as if expecting them to understand; it was not his trust that they saw.

What they saw was a creature that was not human. Something that was scary. Something they could not understand. Something they were afraid of. Claws and flashing eyes and wings and power… and they were scared. Frightened. Remembering Andrei, they thought Kai would be no different.

So what did they do?

With a strangled cry all of them –apart Robert and Johnny– took a simple step backwards.

As simple as that.

A single step.


They couldn't stop themselves; it was just on instinct, before their minds made them remember it was Kai, that he was still their friend.

There was fear in their faces, in their widened eyes as they stared at Kai.

Kai finally trusted them, he was completely sure they would understand, they would never turn their backs at him, he was sure they would consider him still the same Kai.

He relied in them, he put all his faith in the BladeBreakers, so as he reached out his hand, trying to reassure them there was nothing to fear, his eyes shone with trust and hope.

He wished they could understand, he wanted them to.

But as the BladeBreakers unconsciously backed away, just a bit, just one single step, he saw in their acting the same denial all the others reserved to him.

He remembered the pain, he remembered the feeling of being rejected he felt during the first time in the Abbey, before meeting with Tala and the others, he remembered the disgust in everyone's eyes, and he felt his heart shatter in pieces.

Just like everybody else, they had decided he was just something to fear, something to hate.

There was no place for trust or faith in them, Kai could see in their eyes the fear for him.

Nothing would never be the same again, if he decided to stay with them they would always look at him with the same fear, the same look of hatred the children at the Abbey reserved for him.

They would always remember he was not entirely human, and they would never treat him as before.

Tala saw the deep hurt in Kai's eyes and felt his heart tighten in pain –why did he let Kai do this? He knew they would never accept him, he knew they would act just like the others, they were no worthy the trust.

And now Kai was hurt, and Tala knew this was his fault too.

((Kai…)) Tala stepped near Kai and placed his paw on his lover's shoulder, making the slate haired Phoenix turn towards him.

((I think… you were right)) there was a bitter smile on the Phoenix's lips, a bitter smile that held so much sadness it was heartbreaking. His voice was as cold as ice. ((They can't understand… they're disgusted just like everybody else…))

Tala felt like he had to say something to him, something to break him out of this dull trance. ((There's nothing here for us anymore… we're free now,)) Tala blinked as he himself realized what that meant.

Kai's eyes, despite the light gold filling them, were hollow as he nodded. He turned back to the BladeBreakers, who realized in that moment what they had done, and they felt not just guilt but also shame fall upon them.

Kai relied for the first time on them, and they had failed him –when he needed them most they turned their backs on him.

They wanted to speak, they wanted to explain, to say they were sorry, that the instinct took the best of them, but they couldn't speak because it was Kai who spoke first.

((… Say to Mr. Dickinson we're sorry for all that happened,)) Kai's eyes were full with unshed tears as he looked at them, his voice low but his tone firm and sad. ((This is a goodbye, BladeBreakers…)) he added as his voice trembled slightly.

He turned his head to the bright sky, the stars still shining as if nothing was happening, and he heard the sirens finally stopping near the destroyed Abbey. He knew Mr. Dickinson was there, he knew Voltaire and Boris would be arrested and all would be okay.

But for him, nothing would be okay ever again.

His red wings opened in all their stunning beauty, feathers feeding on the light of the fire, and so did Tala and Bryan, then they all flapped them and rose from the ground. Ian and Spencer just pushed themselves up, and the five shapes remained a moment in midair, as if staring at the now dead Abbey, then they all rose upwards, higher and higher, disappearing in the blue sky.

In that moment Mr. Dickinson, Bruce, Judy, Chief and the two captains appeared with flashlights in the distance, calling for them. But none of the teens answered, not even the injured ones –their eyes were fixed on the empty sky, in search of someone that would never return.


The Demolition Boys looked down, their lips pressed together as they stared at what remained of their 'home', the place they lived in and the place in which they suffered so much.

Then a sob made them turn to Kai, who was crying loudly, pressing his hands over his mouth to muffle his sobs, but not succeeding. His tears trickled on his cheeks and then fell beneath, each sob shaking his frame heartbreakingly as he mourned the loss of the only people who he actually put his faith into.

Tala went near him ((it's not and end)) he whispered. ((This is just the start of something new… because we are free now)).

Kai shook his head with force and hide his face in Tala's shirt, unable to stop crying, his wings disintegrating in the air and changing back to human as his strength disappeared. Tala held him in his arms tightly, the other Demolition Boys looking away, each one knew too well Kai's pain.

Tala looked down at his crying love, his eyes determined and his face serious, then he spoke, and Bryan, Spencer and Ian all turned to him.

((Down below there is our past –we can't forget it and we can't erase it, but we can learn from it,)) he turned to where the sun was going to rise in a few hours, and he pointed to it ((Now we will be looking that way. Don't turn back)).

((We're finally free, Kiya…)) Bryan felt tears sting, and they all closed their eyes in memory of their friend. ((And you are here with us… even if not physically)).

Tala hugged Kai as they moved, flying high away, none of them turning back but Kai, who looked one last time as the city vanished behind them in the night, leaving behind the Abbey, Voltaire, Boris, and the BladeBreakers.

Yes, they were free, he thought still crying. But, how bitter tasted that freedom.



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