Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Degrassi characters -if I did, Marco and Dylan would not be the only ones out of the closet-, Austin Powers, Old Navy, or any other random crap that I will most likely be using in this lovely piece of fiction.

Title: Enchanted

Summary: Marco never asked for any of this. Never asked to be gay, never asked to be a witch, never asked for his powers, and he certainly never asked for that damn cat. Spinner/Marco

Pairing: Right now in the story there is established Spinner/Paige, Chris/Emma, Manny/JT, Dylan/Tom and previous Marco/Dylan. Those are the only couples. It will eventually have Marco/Spinner, Ellie/Paige, Craig/Ashley, and Jimmy/Hazel.

Warnings: This is AU, which means Alternate Universe, meaning I have switched a lot of things around. There will be lots of wonderful slashiness, language, violence, cute boys in pain -cough- Marco -cough-, mentions and use of witchcraft (yes, you heard me, Marco is a witch!) and other stuff.

Author's Notes: All right first of all, this is AU, so I'll be switching stuff around to meat my own black little hearts desire. Muwahahaha. Finally I have my Marco/Spinner story. Be forewarned, this is mostly to with Marco finding out he's a witch and making spells and crap. Don't run away yet! It's kind of funny, kind of angsty, will have lots of wonderful Marco slash, and action! I think it's pretty good, actually, so give it a chance!


Chapter One: Worst Day Ever (Marco POV)

"Mr. Del Rossi, would you care to explain?"

Mrs. Kwan stares at me, waiting expectantly, like I know everyone else in the class -at least everyone who isn't already asleep- is doing. I shift in my seat uncomfortably, eyes darting from face to face with what I know must be a pitiful look on my face. My gaze lands on Spinner, who is smirking lightly at my misery. (1) I shift my head to glance at Ellie, who gives me a sympathetic look.


Why wasn't I paying attention? I should have been listening to her, but no. What was I doing? Drooling all over my copy of...what book are we reading again?

"Well, Mr. Del Rossi? Can you give us the answer or are you going to keep us waiting all day?" she asks, her voice holding a tinge of annoyance.

"Sorry, Mrs. Kwan. I d-don't know," I admit quietly, giving her a sheepish look which quickly turns to nothing but embarrassment when she glares at me. I can feel heat rushing to my cheeks and I quickly look back down at my book.

"See me after class," she tells me. "Ah, Mr. Smith. Do you have the answer?"

I tune out after that. Great, after class with Kwan. I'm probably going to get detention! I've never gotten detention before. I mean, I'm a good kid. A wonder student. Over-achiever extraordinaire. I've never even gotten in trouble before; except for one time, but that was in kindergarten. And now look at me. I'm about to get detention. I just know it. I could see it in her eyes, I swear I could. And it's all because of those stupid dreams!

I don't even know what their about. I've had them for as long as I can remember, but lately they've been getting more vivid, and I've been having them more often. It's actually starting to creep me out. I've been getting less and less sleep, and it's started affecting everything I've been doing.

Something hits the back of my head and I blink. I turn my head quickly, only to see a crumpled up piece of notebook paper resting on my shoulder. Scanning my eyes around the classroom I pick up the paper and bring it to the desk, folding it open and smoothing out the edges as best as I can so I can read the writing.

'Dude, what's wrong with you?'

I continue looking around the room, trying to figure out who threw the note at me -although, judging by the hand writing, it's most likely Spinner. I catch his eye and he makes a motion towards the note in my head with his chin. I sigh and reach for my pencil, scribbling down an answer.

'What do you mean?'

I fold it -neatly, this time- and throw it back to him. I watch him somewhat nervously as he reads it. He writes something quickly, wads it back up -doesn't he know I folded it for a reason?- and tosses it back to me.

'What do you mean what do I mean?'

I glare at him and he gives a shrug of his shoulders, smiling softly. With a sigh I write down 'SPINNER!' in all capital letters and throw it, aiming for his head. I smirk happily when it hits him in the eye. He makes a sort of grunting sound and glares at me. Without even looking to make sure Kwan isn't staring at him he flips me off. I almost laugh, but then I realize that she might have seen us. I quickly look up to find her back to us, writing something feverishly on the chalk board. With a sigh of relief I allow myself to chuckle slightly and turn my attention back to him, just as he shoots the note back.

'Look dude, I know you've been tired lately, but falling asleep in Kwans? Do you have some type of death wish?'

'No. I don't know. I tried to stay awake it's just…this stuff is so boring.'

'Wow! You are human.'

'Ha ha Spin. You should be some type of comedian.'

'I am great, aren't I?'

'Did you have a point to this note?'

'You mean other then to mock you?'

'Look at you! You used the word mock correctly. I'm so proud.'

'Hey…are you insulting me?'

'Whatever gave you that idea?'

'And people think I'm mean.'

'You are mean.'

'I am not.'

'Yes you are.'

'Like your some sweet little angel.'

'I am an angel.'

'So what does that make me?'

'A devil.'

'Yeah, that's me all right. I am one sexy devil.'

'Oh yeah Spin, your so hot you melt the plastic in my underwear.' (2)

'What the hell?'

'I was being sarcastic.'

'You have plastic in your underwear?'

'Spinner…are you done mocking me yet?'


'Don't you think I've suffered enough?'

'Look man I was joking. I mean I'm kinda worried about you.'

'Be careful, your starting to sound like my mama. Or worse…my boyfriend.'

'That's not funny. And I should know, I'm the comedian.'

'You don't have to worry. I'm fine. Just extremely exhausted.'

'Is that all?'

'What do you mean? Of course that's all.'

'Don't lie to me, Marco. I'm your friend. I mean, you can trust me.'

'I have no idea what your talking about.'

'Ever since that thing with you and Dylan, you've been really depressed. Break-ups are hard man. If you want to talk or something…'

'Your weird, you know that?'

'What do you mean I'm weird? Here I am offering you a shoulder to cry on -I don't mean that literally though, okay dude- and all you can do is tell me I'm weird? Paige told me to be sensitive to your needs, or some shit like that, and I'm trying.'

'I know that, and thanks. I appreciate it, really I do, but that's not what I'm talking about.'

'Then how am I weird?'

'You've always taken some weird interest in my love life.'


'Well, you have.'

'I have not.'

'Yeah you have! You kept badgering me about Ellie, then Hazel. You even set me and Dylan up! And now your…I don't know. It's just weird. Kind of funny though, if you think about it.'

'No it's not.'

'Matchmaker Spinner.' (3)

'Shut up.'

'I can see it now! You could have your own little office, with a secretary and everything! Call me, Spinner, I'll find your soul mate in thirty days or less; money back guarantee!'

'Actually, that might work.'

'Uh…I was joking.'

'No dude. I think your on to something.'

'I'm afraid to ask….what do you mean I'm on to something?'

'That would be a great way to make some extra cash!'

'Your serious, aren't you?'

'Of course I am!'

'Lord help us.'

'Hey, I could be a good match maker. I got you a boy toy didn't I?'

'Boy toy? Where do you come up with this stuff?'

'Probably the same place you get your plastic underwear.'

'Besides, my boy toy and I didn't exactly work out.'

'Oh yeah. Sorry dude. I didn't mean to bring it up.'

'It's all right. I just…I don't know.'

'Look, like I said earlier, if you want to talk about it, I'm…here for you, and stuff.'

'Thanks Spin.'

'No problem. So…'


'Tell me more about this plastic underwear.'

'You're an idiot.'

'At least I have normal underwear!'

'All right, that's it. This note is over.'

'Your leaving me?'

'You really do sound like my boyfriend.'

'Do not. Shut up. You could never get me.'

'Sure I could.'

'No you couldn't. I'm untouchable!'

'Right. Sure you are. You just keep thinking that.'

'No man nor woman will ever be able to pin me down!'

'So what you're saying is your bi?'

'What? No!'

'Oh. So Paige is neither man nor woman?'

'What are you…? Hey! Paige does not have me pinned.'

'Your right. Whipped is more of the word I'd use.'

'Your abusive!'

'Then why are you still talking to me?'

'I'm not talking to you; your talking to me.'

'You're the one who started the note!'

'You responded.'

'Fine. I'll stop responding.'

'No you won't. I know you can't stand to be away from me.'

'Careful Spin.'

'Careful about…?'

'You sound like your flirting with me.'

'Shut up! I am not. I'm trying to make you feel better before Kwan mutilates you for nearly falling asleep in her class.'

'Aww, that's so sweet. Your just the cutest little thing.'


'Ooo, the kitty has fangs.'

'I am not a kitty.'

'Really? I thought you were. Cause your tight. Tight like a tiger.'

'That's not a thing one dude should say to another dude.'

'I love gold!'

'I don't speak freaky deaky Dutch.'

'We really need to stop renting Austin Powers movies for movie night.'

'Agreed dude. Even though it is fun seeing Paige freak out when Goldmember does the splits.'

'Yeah. Let's get Oceans Eleven next time.'

'Please tell me the only reason you want to see that is because it has Brad Pitt in it?'

'No. I want to see it for the comedy and action.'

'Oh. OK. Good.'

'And Matt Damon.'

'Damn it Marco.'

'Kidding Spin.' Well, all right, I'm not. I mean it is Matt, but I'm not going to tell that to him. It feels like it's been forever since we've talked like this. It's almost sad that we have to do it in a note or something, but hey, I guess I'll just take what I can get. I glance up at the clock and sigh. Just a few more seconds and the bell rings, then I'm dead. 'The bell is going to ring. I'll find you at lunch, all right?' (4)

'Yeah, ok. Oh and Marco.'


'Do you really have plastic in your underwear?'

'Talk to you later Spin.'

I watch his reaction as he reads the last line. He looks a bit confused but smiles anyway. He lifts his arm and tosses the note into the wastebasket sitting next to the desk. I find myself smiling slightly as he does it. I haven't had a real conversation with him in weeks. Ever since the disaster that was me and Dylan. All right, so maybe it wasn't a complete disaster. It was kind of nice, while it lasted. I mean our first date was awful; I thought anyway, especially with my dad and all. They did get better though. We had a fun time, but eventually we realized that we were better off being just friends.

I don't know what it is. I mean, I really liked him -still do- and he said he liked me; he kissed me. We had chemistry and everything; it all just seemed to click. But there was just…something. I felt like I was being weighed down. I think he felt it too, because one day we just looked at each other and kind of went 'hey, we're not meant to be a couple' or something like that. I'm not saying it didn't hurt. It did. He was my first boyfriend; my first crush. It was nice, to have someone like that. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

He's dating Tom now. (5) I'm happy for him, I really am. I can tell that he and Tom really do like each other and I think it's great he's moved on. But I can't seem to. I feel like I'm over it. But then I get face to face with him and I just feel like I'm going through it all over again. I'm just confused, I guess. And plus the fact that I haven't been getting virtually any sleep, I've just been totally exhausted. My school work, even what social life I had, is suffering for it, too.

I end up falling asleep in lunch. I can't ever go out with the guys anymore, because I'm too busy catching up on the school work I missed that day. I should probably go to a doctor or something, but I really, really, really don't want to. I hate doctors, and hospitals, and nurses, and needles and just…all of it. Besides I'd hate to become dependent on sleeping pills or something like that. I think my life has enough problems without having an addiction to prescription drugs.

The bell rings and I can't help but wince slightly. It sounds higher and more annoying than usual. Everyone begins filing out of the classroom. I look up to see some of my friends giving me sympathetic glances, and I nod in thanks for their concern. Spinner grabs his books and slides out of his desk, shuffling over to me before Kwan -who is still writing on the chalkboard- can notice. He places a hand on my shoulder and bends his head down, whispering in my ear.

"Don't worry man. You can be strong. You're a survivor."

I laugh softly and look up to him, raising to whisper in his own ear, "Thanks Spin, but you do realize you just quouted a Destinys Child song, right?"He pauses, looking down to glare at me, and I can't help but laugh. "Save me a seat?"

"Sure." He smiles at me and pats my back again. Jimmy clears his throat and motions for him to come on. With one final thumbs up, Spinner rushes out of the room, leaving me utterly alone.

With Kwan.


She turns around, smacking her hands together, causing small clouds of chalk to gather around her. She coughs slightly, hitting her chest once or twice. I bite my lip, trying desperately not to laugh. After her coughing fit she straightens up and walks to the front of her desk, leaning against it.

"Care to tell me what's going on?"

"I don't know what you mean," I tell her honestly.

With a sigh she sits back a bit more. "Marco, you know what I mean. Your grades have been slipping in all of your classes. You're participating less, your work is lacking, and your even falling asleep. Is everything all right?"

"I'm fine really," I assure her. "I'm trying to keep up, but I'm just a bit over whelmed right now."

"And do you have any idea why that is? You're a good student Marco. You don't just go from making practically all A's to struggling with all of your assignments."

"I've just been really tired lately," I explain.

She raises an eyebrow, obviously not believing my answer. "And that's your excuse?"

"It's not an excuse, Mrs. Kwan, really. I haven't been getting much sleep lately, and I've just been exhausted, and…"

She cuts me off by asking, "How much sleep have you been getting? Like say, in the last month?"

"Well," I begin. "I think the hours I've slept in the last month come to a total of about 120 hours. And you might think that's not really bad, but it is. Let's say that there's 30 days in one month. And it's been proven that teenagers need at least 8-10 hours of sleep nightly. So assuming that I get 8 hours of sleep everyday for 30 days, the amount of hours I've slept should be about 240. That's twice as much as I've been getting. And I…"

"Marco," she says, drawing me out of my rant. I look up at her, blinking slightly. "Thank you for the explanation, but this isn't Maths. This is English."

I can feel that same blush rising on my cheeks again and I nod. "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry."

"I think you should have a discussion with your parents over this lack of sleep, if it's affecting your schoolwork that much. Maybe you should even visit a doctor." I stiffen at that suggestion and absently shake my head no. She sighs a little, giving something that looks suspiciously like a smile before adding, "Until then, I think I should set you up with a tutor."

"A…tutor?" I ask, almost incredulously. I've never had a tutor before. I've never needed one before. Have I really gotten that far behind?

"Yes. Come by my classroom tomorrow after the last bell. I'm sure I can find someone by then."

"All right. Thank you. Is that all?"

"Yes," she tells me, nodding and sliding off of her desk. "That's all. You're free to go to lunch."

I'm free to go? She's not going to punish me? I don't mention it, because if I do she'll probably just punish me for mentioning it. I nod gratefully and slide out of my chair, grabbing my books and piling them into my arms. As soon as I have them I bolt, scurrying as quickly as I can to my locker. I drop my books inside, sighing softly with relief when it's closed. I turn, ready to make my escape to the caf. when the sound of high heels clicking against the floor reaches my ears. Don't look back my mind screams. Do. Not. Look. Back.

"Marco," Mrs. Kwans voice calls. "I'm excepting a small essay on the importance of staying awake in class."

I wince. "H-how small, exactly?" I ask.

"Nothing too long. Around four pages, front and back, on my desk before first bell tomorrow morning. Enjoy your lunch."



I sigh and absently kick a rock that lies on the sidewalk. (6) Man this day was bad. It wasn't awful, because I did manage to talk with Spinner today. Usually all of my energy is spent on trying to stay awake, so I don't even have the time to attempt conversation with anyone other than Ellie and, on occasions, Craig. I guess I've kind of missed my talks with Spinner. He's been such a great friend -minus his jerkiness when he first found out I was gay- to me since I first met him. He was there for me when me and Dylan broke up. He even listened to me rant about it for hours. I have a sneaking suspicion he was playing Super Smash Brothers while I was, but that's not really the point. I've been pushing him away for the past month or so, along with everyone else.

"Stupid dreams," I mumble, kicking a beer can. I guess I'm caught up in my moping, because all of a sudden a loud yelp reaches my ears. I look down to see my foot on top of a furry black tail. "Ah!" I stumble back, tripping over my own feet and landing on the cement. I wince as my tail bone lands on the curb, yelping as it does. I look up to see a black cat, staring at me with huge eyes. Taking a breath I push myself up to where I'm on my knees and cautiously move towards it.

"I'm sorry," I tell it softly. It hisses at me and backs away again, causing me to frown. "Ah, don't be that way. I really am sorry girl. Uh…boy."


My eyes widen and I immediately fall back over in shock. Did that cat…? Did it just…? Impossible! I scramble upwards to my feet, pivoting to the right so I can take off in a run. I end up smacking against something though, and feel myself falling backwards again. I try to grab onto something to steady myself, but the only thing around is air. I end up falling, arms flailing everywhere, striking the cat across the face. It…she hisses at me and swipes at my hand with her claws. I yelp again -I know, I'm a wimp, so sue me!- and roll away, trying to sit up. When I finally do I scramble backwards, I am breathing heavily, my gaze drifting to me the cat in the eye.

"N-nice demon kitty," I stutter backing up into a wall. "Good hell cat. Yes, very good hell cat. You don't want to eat me."

I hear chuckling and risk taking my gaze away from the beast to look up. My eyes meet a clouded, almost silver gaze. I gasp a little and look the person up and down, taking in their appearance.

She looks somewhere in her mid-seventies -at least. Her skin is pale, even smooth except for the places near her eyes and mouth were there are wrinkles covering the skin. Her eyes are kind as she smiles down at me softly. She is dressed in a dark blue dress; a long length skirt and long sleeves. There is a black cape-looking thing thrown over her shoulders, the hood pulled over her head and resting in the middle of her forehead. She has snow white hair that reaches her shoulders, curled at the very tips. She kind of reminds me of a picture I saw of my great grandmother.

"Excuse me deary," she says with that same smile, making her eyes look a little smaller. "I didn't mean to startle you."

Startle me? My breathing returns to normal as I sigh in relief. It was her talking to me. Honestly, a cat. Maybe I really do need a doctor or something. She extends her hand, offering it to me. I take it somewhat shakily and she helps pull me up into a standing position. I dust off my Old Navy shirt and the back of my jeans.

"That's all right," I tell her, finding it hard not to mirror the small smile she wears. "I'm fine."

"Are you sure? You look a tad bit shaken up," she speaks again, and I hear the undertone of some type of accent. British, Irish maybe.

I merely smile and nod again. "No, really I'm fine. I uh…just with the cat and…well…" I trail off, laughing at my own stupidity and shaking my head. "For a second there I thought it was the cat that was talking!"

"Oh my deary," she says, joining in with my soft laughter.

"Yeah. Crazy isn't it?" I add, shaking my head.

That smile never leaves her face, only grows slightly at my last comment. "Oh no deary, it's not crazy it all."

I look up at her, tilting my head to the side a bit. "Of course it is. The cat talking to me? That's impossible."

"But deary, she did speak to you."

I blink at her slowly, not really understanding what she's talking about. Soon I laugh again, lifting a hand to pat her on the shoulder. "That's a good one! For a second there you actually had me going," I tell her. I continue chuckling, finding the situation kind of funny, actually. When I meet her gaze again I stop laughing, seeing that her expression is completely serious. She's…she's not joking. "WHAT?!"


(1) I know Spinner was held back for English -or whatever it is they call it- but in this story let's just say that he's in their same class.

(2) The plastic in my underwear thing. I heard it somewhere and found it highly amusing.

(3) Me and my friend who watches Degrassi were talking and we were like 'yeah, Spinner should make up his own matchmaking business or something' you know, cause he set Dylan and Marco up. I swear that was the cutest episode ever.

(4) I don't know the schedule, so let's just say that lunch is right after English…which Spinner is in.

(5) If you saw the episode where Dylan and Marco had their first date, you know who Tom is. He's the guy who was so obviously crushing on Dylan. Evil Tom.

(6) I know that Marco's daddy drives him to school, but let's just say that he lives close enough to walk home.

Author's Notes: -nervous laughter- I went a bit over board with the note, didn't I? Oh well. I thought it was cute. And is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that Spinner does take an interest in Marco's love life. He does act like his mother sometimes, or a jealous boyfriend. -cough- And if you pay super duper close attention to their dialogue sometimes -like some people…me- do, it really does sound almost like their flirting sometimes. And ok. That's it for the first chapter. This will be an ongoing story. I have big plans for this story, too, and will updating whenever possible. I can't wait to see how people will react to Marco have powers!

Marco: I'm a witch? I get special powers? What's up with the dreams? And the cat? Is my tutor gonna be a hottie?

Spinner: He better not be.

Oh I have a plan, because unlike almost everything else I write, this has a -gasps- PLOT!

Marco: No way!

Spinner: Do I get to jump Marco during this so called "plot" of yours.

I can't give that away.

Spinner: -pouts-

Marco: There there.

Spinner: -grins and grabs Marco-

Marco: EEP!

Spinner: -throws Marco over his shoulder and runs-

Get him back here! Hey, we need him for the plot. SPINNER!!