Have you ever wanted somethin' so bad it hurt you? I have.

I've wanted all kinds o' things.

I wanted a father who wasn't dead, a normal lifeā€¦as normal as any Irishman's life could be in New York.

I wanted to live free, of revenge, of hate, of all the things that burned inside of me and pushed me on. They kept me alive. Sometimes, back then, I wished they hadn't.

I got my freedom. But at a heavy price.

I wanted Jenny. O' course I didn't know I wanted her, not always. Just someone like her. I wanted someone who would hold me, someone who could take all the pain an' hardships an' sufferin' an' make it into somethin' good.

I got Jenny. She's the only good thing ever came out o' everythin' went on in the Five Points. If I had to choose I'd do everythin' over exactly the same just to be with her. Just so I could feel her in my arms every night.

I'd do everythin'. A thousand times over.