Yumi sighed deeply as she stared out her window
'I hate math homework' Yumi thought, still staring out the window. She started tapping her pencil on her homework. 'I wonder what the guys are doing . . . . '
Yumi's thought was suddenly interrupted by her phone. Yumi looked at it and waited for it to ring again before she picked it up.
"Hey Yumi!"
"Oh hi Ulrich!" Yumi smiled at the thought of Ulrich calling her. 'I was just thinking about you!' Yumi laughed thinking it was to herself but Ulrich heard her.
'I love how she laughs.' Ulrich thought smiling "What's so funny Yumi?"
"Huh?" Yumi asked realizing she had spaced out.
"I said: What's so funny?" Ulrich said smiling.
"Oh! Nothing. . . . Just thinking was all."
"About what?"
"Really! It's nothing! . . . . So why did you call Ulrich?" Yumi asked trying to change the subject. She started to play with the cord on her telephone.
" . . . "Ulrich couldn't bring himself to tell Yumi why he really called. He just wanted to hear her voice. 'Man! I must really like her a lot! She probably thinks I'm an idiot though, calling her for no reason!'
"Ulrich? . . . Are you ok?" Yumi said as she stopped playing with her telephone cord.
"Yeah. I'm fine."
"Are you sure? . . . "
"Yeah I'm sure."
Yumi knew Ulrich wasn't fine but she didn't want to bug him about it. 'I wish he would just tell me what's wrong. He's been acting really strange lately. I don't its X.A.N.A., but I guess it could be. I know he'll tell me when he wants to. I just hope he'll tell me soon.'
"Yumi?" Are you still there?"
"Yeah! I'm here."
"What are you doing?" Ulrich asked wondering why Yumi was being so quiet.
"Just doing my homework." Yumi said as she pushed her math homework to the side. 'I hate math homework.'
"Oh. Do you want me to go?" Ulrich asked even though he didn't want to go.
'No!' "Do you need to go?" Yumi asked - not wanting Ulrich to go.
"No. I just thought you would want me to go so you could finish up your homework." 'She doesn't want me to go?' Ulrich asked himself confused.
Yumi sighs then yawns. "Yeah I guess your right. I should go. I have a quiz tomorrow that I need to study for. Plus I still have some homework to do."
"Ok. I'll see you at school tomorrow. Bye." 'I love you Yumi.'
'Oh my god! Did I say that out loud?' "Yes Yumi?"
"I'm here when ever you need to talk. Just remember that ok?" Yumi smiled. She liked having those kinds of talks with Ulrich.
'Good! She didn't hear that!' "Thanks Yumi. You're a really great friend." 'And that's all you'll ever be.'
Yumi smiles "You too Ulrich. Bye."
Ulrich hung up the phone.
"Talking to Yumi AGAIN Romeo?" Odd asked grinning at Ulrich
"Yeah." 'Why didn't I tell her? I should have told her.' Ulrich sighs.
"Don't worry Ulrich! You can always talk to her tomorrow!" Odd said trying to cheer Ulrich up.
"You're right Odd . . ." 'For once' Ulrich smiled and laughed to himself.
Ulrich looked at his vibrating cell phone.
"Ulrich! It's Jeremy! X.A.N.A.'s woken up! Call Yumi and head to the factory with Odd! Aelita's in a lot of trouble!' Jeremy said frantically.
"Ok Jeremy. We're on are way."
"Hurry!" Jeremy said before he hung up.
"Odd, you head to the factory. I'll call Yumi and come too."
"I'm on my way."
"Be careful Odd."
"Don't worry!" Odd said smiling.