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As Ulrich carried Yumi to the factory, Yumi fought to stay awake. She was so comfortable in Ulrich's arms, and the heat that came off of him had blanketed her. She was tired and still not feeling like herself. She had to stay awake though. If she had to be carried to the factory because she couldn't walk, then she had to at least stay awake. Yumi's thoughts were interrupted by Ulrich's cell phone ringing.

"I'll answer it Ulrich, where is it?" Yumi asked Ulrich trying to be helpful.

"It's in my bottom pocket of my pants." Ulrich replied. Yumi grabbed the phone out of his pocket, clicked it on, and put it to his ear for him.

"Hello?" Ulrich asked.


"I'm sorry Jeremy. We are going as fast as we can." Ulrich replied as he shifted Yumi a little bit so he could walk faster.

"WHAT'S TAKING YOU GUYS SO LONG THOUGH?" Jeremy asked still yelling. Ulrich set down Yumi, but still had one hand around her waist so she wouldn't fall. Which was a good thing too, Yumi just about fell over when her feet touched the ground.

"Yumi has been having dizzy spells. She couldn't walk so I have to carry her. I can't ride a skateboard and carry Yumi at the same time so we had to take the long way around. Sorry Jeremy, I'll try to go faster." Ulrich said, ending the conversation with a click of a button. He turned off his cell and put it in his pocket.

"Ready to go again Yumi?" Ulrich asked as he smiled at Yumi. Yumi nodded. "Well Jeremy wants us to hurry it up so I'll carry you piggy back, Yumi. Yumi, too tired to argue, just nodded her head. "You're going to have to hold on tight though Yumi, and in order to do that, you have to stay awake. You hear me?" Ulrich asked trying to keep Yumi awake. Yumi nodded again. "Yumi, I need you to answer me so I know you're awake." Ulrich said starting to worry about Yumi a little more.

"Ulrich, I'm fine. I'm just a little tired is all. Now let's go the factory quickly so Jeremy doesn't yell at us again for putting his precious Aelita in danger – although Odd IS there with her." Yumi said, trying her best to smile at him. Ulrich picked Yumi up and she clung to his back. Ulrich started with just walking, but he gradually started going faster and faster until he was running. Yumi held on tighter. Ulrich could tell something was wrong with Yumi again. She was tense. Ulrich was starting to worry about her more.

"Yumi, is there something wrong? Do you want me to go slower? Do you want me to stop?" Ulrich asked, slight worry in his voice.

"No Ulrich, I'm fine. Just keep going. We can't stop. We need to get to the factory. Ulrich . . ." Yumi started.

"Yes Yumi?" Ulrich responded.

"I love you. I really do. You know that right?" Yumi asked quietly.

"Of course I know that Yumi! Why wouldn't I?" Ulrich asked a little taken aback.

"Good. Please remember that. Never forget it." Yumi said almost in a whisper.

"Yumi! Are you ok!" Ulrich said stopping. Yumi's grip on Ulrich loosened and she would've fallen over but Ulrich made sure she didn't hurt herself by catching her. "Yumi! Oh my god! What do I do?" Ulrich took out his cell phone and turned it on. He quickly dialed Jeremy's number and sat by Yumi waiting impatiently. "Pick up Jeremy! . . ."



"Ulrich! I've been trying to get a hold of you since we were disconnected! What happened?" Jeremy asked frantically.

"Uh . . . I don't know?" Ulrich said trying to make it seem like it wasn't his fault.

"It doesn't matter – where are you guys! Close I hope?" Jeremy asked.

"Well ya – we are kind of close Jeremy, we're right on the bridge outside the factory, but . . ." Ulrich started but was cut off.

"Well get in here and hurry! They've been waiting for you two!" Jeremy said like they had taken forever to get there.

"Well . . . umm . . ." Ulrich started again.

"What is it Ulrich? Is something wrong?" Jeremy asked

"I think Yumi passed out. What do I do?" Ulrich said emotionlessly. He had too many emotions in him to just show one. "I think I should probably take her to the hospital Jeremy. Seriously . . ."

"But Ulrich . . . What about Lyoko?"

"WHAT ABOUT LYOKO? THIS A REAL PERSON WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! OUR FRIEND! DO YOU WANT HER TO SUFFER BY TAKING HER TO LYOKO! OR DIE? SHE COULD DIE JEREMY! DO YOU SEEM TO CARE THOUGH! NO! YUMI'S LIFE COULD BE ON THE LINE! WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT – I'M TAKING HER TO THE HOSPITAL JEREMY! FIGURE OUT SOME OTHER WAY TO DEACTIVATE THE TOWER BECAUSE I'M LEAVING! BYE!" Ulrich said with such emotion that even if Ulrich would've stayed on long enough to hear a reply – there would have been silence. Jeremy was too shocked to say anything. Jeremy just sat there for a minute and tried to decide what he was going to do. Ulrich on the other hand picked up Yumi yet again that night and ran to the hospital. Jeremy sat wondering how he was going to be able to save Odd and Aelita now.

'I love her and I'm never going to get to tell her that. I love Aelita – but I can't save her . . .' Jeremy thought as he pounded his fists down. 'What can I do? We can save Odd – he just needs to be unmaterialized. What about Aelita? She can't. She still needs an antivirus. That seems to be the only way though . . . I must find an antivirus! To save Aelita! So I can personally tell her how I feel about her! The antivirus might even be the key to helping Lyoko out . . .'

"Hey Odd! New plan – I'm working on the antivirus. Now try to buy some more time."

"Huh? What happened? Where are Yumi and Ulrich?" asked Odd confused at the sudden change of plans.

"Yumi isn't well. Ulrich took her to the hospital. They can't rescue Aelita now. There is no other way."

". . ." Odd was speechless.

"Keep her safe Odd. I'm determined – I'm going to figure this out. Just keep her safe as long as you can. I'm going to need all the time you can buy me."

"Will do Jer."

. : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : .

When he reached the hospital, he stood at the back entrance Yumi still in his arms. He was totally out of breath but he didn't care. Yumi was at the hospital now and she was going to be ok. Ulrich slightly set Yumi down so he could carry her into the hospital in his arms. He put his head by hers and could smell her all too familiar scent. He smiled.

"Don't worry Yumi. I promise I won't let anything else hurt you." Ulrich whispered in her ear and he gently kissed her forehead before walking in. "I love you so much Yumi. I'm here for you. Whenever you need me - I promise."

Ulrich walked into the hospital – the bright florescent lighting stunning his vision all at once. Ulrich squinted trying to find his way to the front desk. When he reached it he saw a woman. She was just out of her teens chewing on a piece of gum. She was reading some sort of magazine. He couldn't tell what magazine – but obviously it was girl magazine because she was reading some article on makeup.

"Umm . . . hello? . . ." Ulrich asked her. When he got no response from the woman he noticed the mini earphones she was wearing.

"Of course . . ." Ulrich said as he rolled his eyes.

"Um . . . Miss? . . ." Ulrich said a little louder then before and then sighed. "That music must be pretty damn loud . . ."

"EXCUSE ME?" Ulrich said raising his voice quite a bit louder seeing no need to be respectful anymore.

The woman slowly lowered her magazine. Seeing Ulrich she took out her earphones as she chewed on a wad of bubblegum. She slowly exhaled into the gum, making a bubble. She blew and blew and blew until it popped, leaving pink goo all over her face. She pulled the magenta mess off her face, put it back in her mouth and started to chew it some more.

"What can I help you with hun?" the receptionist asked Ulrich chomping loudly on her gum.

"My friend here is unconscious. I think something serious might be wrong with her. She just passed out all of a sudden when we were walking close by here. Is there anyway you can check her out to see if anything serious is wrong?" Ulrich asked calmly even though he was crying and screaming inside.

"Mmmmhmmmmmm . . . I'll go get someone to check her out . . ." The lady said as she stood up popping another bubble with her gum. She looked at a few papers on the counter and went to go see where an available doctor was.

Ulrich, watching her walk away, head bobbing as if the music was stiff playing, and in defeat he walked to the waiting room, Yumi still in his arms. He carefully sat down holding Yumi close to him. Ulrich watched the sleeping Yumi closely almost as if he looked away it might cause Yumi to fall deeper then she already was. A single strand of Yumi's hair in her face was in the line of sight between Ulrich and the girl he adored. He gently removed the hair off her face and suddenly he noticed how peaceful she looked when she slept . . . or at least when she was unconscious . . . he stared at her for another moment and, as if in a trance, leaned in closer to her. Closer and closer until their faces were only millimeters apart. He slowly closed his eyes and moved just a little closer until their faces were only millimeters apart. Ulrich was determined to steal Yumi's first kiss. Ulrich would have stolen it too . . . that is if someone hadn't distracted him by clearing their throat. Ulrich opened his eyes looking at Yumi's sleeping form. He heard another bubble pop and he knew exactly who had distracted them. He looked up and proved himself right. It was the receptionist. She was staring at the ground, eyes closed. She was blushing for intruding. Ulrich, finally realizing exactly what he was doing, started blushing too and looked down at Yumi. The receptionist cleared her throat again,

"I do believe we have some room to check out your friend. Right this way please," the receptionist said and started to head down a hall way. Ulrich carefully picked Yumi up yet again that night. He quickly kissed her forehead, deciding that he could steal her first kiss once she was conscious again. Ulrich had no doubt that they would be able to fix whatever was wrong with her, and as he slowly followed the receptionist down that lonely, eerie, empty hallway, he imagined what their first kiss together would be like . . .

. : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : .

Jeremy worked hastily trying everything he could think of, praying that something would work. He clicked on everything that popped up on the screen. He was determined to figure this out. He had to figure this out, and he had to save Aelita. He had to find the anti-virus. Aelita, along with everyone else, was depending on him, and even under the much built up stress, he would have to figure this out somehow . . .

. : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : .

Odd was on his hands and knees on the ground. His virtual body could barely take anymore exercise. Aelita was looking down at Odd, completely worried about him. Aelita wasn't as tired because while Odd was taking on all the monsters that got in their path, Aelita was resting. Odd could sense Aelita's worry and he slowly rose to his feet, taking a second to steady himself before turning to Aelita. He didn't want her to be burdened with worry for him. He nodded his head slightly, silently asking Aelita if she was ready to go. Aeilta, wide eyed in astonishment that Odd could get up let alone run some more, nodded back. Odd started to walk away slowly at first but gaining speed little by little. He could barely keep himself from falling over, but that didn't stop him. He kept going. Aelita stayed where she was though. She couldn't help but stare at Odd. She had always thought Odd was just a clown that didn't know how to take things seriously. Whenever she saw him on Earth from Jeremy's computer, he always seemed to be joking around, unable to take school or life seriously. Then in Lyoko, he always seemed arrogant, like he was the best and didn't need anyone's help. As she watched Odd right now though, she couldn't help but stare at him in envy. Odd looked over his shoulder at Aelita, his gaze meeting hers. She stared into his warm welcoming eyes. He gave her one of his trademark smiles, which, in turn, made her smile. As she ran off with Odd, she realized how much she liked him; as friends, but at the same time, as more then friends. The way she felt for Odd was much different then the love she felt for Jeremy. He was always there to save her when she got herself in trouble in Lyoko. She felt like she had a special connection with Odd that she just couldn't put into words. Since Aelita was only a computer program, and she'd only been a human for about one day, she didn't really understand human emotions all that well. Every since she went to Earth, there had been something welcoming about it. She had been so lonely in Lyoko for a long time. Being at Cadic and feeling welcomed by everyone felt so good. Being beside Jeremy was the best though. It broke her heart to have to go back to Lyoko and leave Earth, but she did it for the good of everyone. She knew that Jeremy would be able to find the anti-virus for her though . . . eventually. She wanted to see Jeremy in person again . . . She ripped herself from her thoughts and ran to catch up with Odd.

. : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : .

Ulrich was waiting outside the room. The receptionist wouldn't let him in. Ulrich was getting impatient and very hungry, but he didn't move. His stomach growled and he looked at it trying to think of the last time he ate. He was slightly tempted to go find a vending machine, but the immediately felt bad for even thinking about leaving Yumi. A nurse opened the door suddenly, scaring Ulrich. She looked down at Ulrich giving him the kind of smile a person gives you right before they tell you some bad news. Ulrich knew this and stood up very afraid of what the woman would say. You could see the sadness and worry in his eyes already. Ulrich feared the worst had happened. The nurse noticed the sudden tension and her fake smile slowly turned to a frown. This made Ulrich tense up even more and couldn't stand not knowing any more.

"What's . . . her status? . . ." Ulrich asked almost too afraid, for fear of what he'd hear.

"Well . . . she seems to be functioning correctly. Her breathing is normal and everything. We've done some tests on her, but couldn't find anything wrong . . . but . . ." the nurse said trailing off.

"But what? . . ." Ulrich asked tensing up even more at that three letter word.

"But she isn't responding to anything. She won't wake up . . . we're worried that she's gone into a coma. It doesn't match up with your story though, and there's no reason for her to have gone into a coma. This is a very strange case . . . You say she just passed out?" The nurse inquired in an unsure voice.

Ulrich, unable to speak, nodded his head slowly.

"Hmmm . . . Do you know if she could have fallen on something or hit her head on the ground?" The nurse asked trying to figure out what happened to Yumi.

"She was in my arms when she passed out. She had been dizzy all day, couldn't walk straight. We were walking along and she got dizzy, so I was carrying her. I was going to take her back home, but then she totally passed out. I thought it would be better to bring her here instead." Ulrich explained.

"Do you know if she had any tattoos?" The nurse asked.

"I know for sure she didn't have any tattoos of any kind," Ulrich said in a sure tone.

"None on her upper back?" The nurse pressed on with the questions.

"No," Ulrich answered starting to get a little annoying by the questions.

"Hmmm . . . follow me," the nurse said and turned around to Yumi's room and entered it. Ulrich, desperately wanting to see the girl he's always longed for with all his heart, quickly entered Yumi's room right behind the nurse. He felt like he couldn't get to Yumi's side quick enough, but made sure to stay calm and remind behind the nurse. Now that he finally got in, there was no way he was getting kicked out. The nurse walked over to Yumi's bedside and moved a parts of Yumi's hospital gown revealing the top part of her back. Ulrich suddenly new why Yumi's been like this. Ulrich gasped and Yumi's heart monitor started beeping like crazy.

. : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : .

Lyoko was disintegrating. Most of it was already gone. Aelita and Odd were now very limited to where they could still go. That didn't stop them from running though. They had to buy as much time as they could for Jeremy. Surprisingly, Aelita was now having a hard time keeping up with the ever determined Odd. She didn't think she'd be able to keep running for much longer. Then she realized she wouldn't have to run anymore. Odd came to a stop, and Aelita wondered why until see saw the emptiness that surrounded them. All that remained of Lyoko was the little piece of land they stood on. Aelita gasped as Odd informed Jeremy.

"Uh . . . Jeremy? How close are you to being done? . . . "

. : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : .

It was X.A.N.A.'s symbol. Somehow, that Ulrich couldn't even begin to think of, it got on her back, and it was obviously causing her great pain. Ulrich grabbed her hand and gently squeezed it to reassure her as best as he could.

"Just hold on Yumi . . . Jeremy should be done soon. He'll figure out how to materialize Aelita without a virus and then we can go back in time and shut X.A.N.A. down for good. Then we can just live our lives normally. Just hold on and everything will be just fine . . ." Ulrich whispered in her ear, careful not to let anyone other then Yumi hear him.

"Her monitor is getting out of control doctor! What is wrong with the poor girl! Isn't there anything we can do for her?" the nurse asked the doctor.

"You know as well as I do that we can't do anything for the girl if we can't figure out what is wrong with her. It's just the girl's time to go . . . " the doctor explained to the nurse.

"No Yumi, don't listen to him!" Ulrich started, squeezing her hand just a little tighter. He was sobbing, and what started as a whispered started to grow louder, "Please just hold on. Just a little bit longer until Jeremy can figure things out. He'll figure it out soon and everything will be ok! Yumi, you have to hold on! I love you too much to let you go! Yumi, please hold on! I love you Yumi! I love you!"

. : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : .

By now, Lyoko had been reduced to a few feet radius piece of jagged land. Aelita and Odd were hugging each other.

"Odd, I'm scared. What if Jeremy doesn't figure out the anti-virus in time? What if I never get to see you ever again? What if I never get to see Jeremy again? Or Yumi? Or Ulrich? What if? . . ." Aelita started.

"You just have to have faith Aelita . . ." Odd said cutting Aelita off. He tried to say something to comfort Aelita. He didn't care if he sounded like himself or not. All that mattered was that Aelita calmed down. He tightened his grip on her for reassurance. "Just have faith . . ."

. : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : .

"I think I've finally figured it out!" Jeremy exclaimed. He typed on the keyboard and clicked enter. A big red X appeared on the screen informing him what he had just typed was not the correct calculations for the anti-virus. Jeremy was completely frustrated at himself for not being able to figure this out. For not being able to save the girl of his dreams. He was never able to protect her while she's been in Lyoko. Not like Odd, Ulrich, or Yumi could. Now that he had his time to shine though, his time to prove himself to Aelita, he wasn't able to figure out something he excelled in.

"Why can't I figure this out! . . ." Jeremy yelled out in anger as he pounded his fists on the keyboard. The super computer made a ding noise, and when Jeremy looked to see what had happened, there was a big green circle on the screen.

"Yes! Finally!" Jeremy shouted in rejoice. He instantly pressed the enter key before the computer could change it's mind. The anti-virus program started up and it was loading a lot quicker then Jeremy expected it to, which was very fortunate.

As soon as the program was done downloading itself, Jeremy realized neither Aelita or Lyoko were infected with a virus anymore, He reached for the enter key, praying it would take them back into the past, but while Jeremy reached for the enter key . . .


Aelita and Odd hugged each other as tight as they could to save room. Odd smiled weakly as he said, "You just have to have faith . . ."


Yumi's heart monitor started to beep one last time. A beep meant to last forever . . .


Jeremy clicked the enter key as he said his trademark phrase; "Return to the past now!" And much to Jeremy's surprise, the white light froze time and began engulfing everything in its path.


Once Odd saw the white light he merely smiled and said "See Aelita? Faith."


Yumi's monitor was still determined on one last beep, but as if in defiance of the monitor, she opened her eyes and put her hand on Ulrich's cheek, and sweetly whispered, "I love you too." She moved her face close to his, closing the gap between them. For the second time in their lives, the Lyoko light appeared just before the gap fully closed.


The time had been set back to earlier that morning for a second time. Ulrich groggily opened his eyes. He looked over at his sleeping roommate. He smiled knowing everything was fine. His eyes started to close, but then he remembered about Yumi. He jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed and ready for school. He could barely restrain himself from running straight to Yumi's house in his boxers. When he was done getting ready, Odd was still barely waking up.

"Well you're sure up early," Odd commented yawning.

"I need to go make sure Yumi's alright," was all Ulrich said before he walked out the door. Ulrich dialed Yumi's number while on his way to the cafeteria. He got her message though after about five rings. He sighed as he clicked the button to hang up. He walked into the cafeteria, grabbed a bagel, and headed back outside. He tried calling Yumi again, but when he got her message again, he started to get a little worried, He walked to her house as he ate his bagel. He knew that if he just walked to her house, then he'd get there about the time she usually left. He walked along the sidewalk and picked a small white daisy off a bush. He smelled it and thought 'simple and beautiful. Just like Yumi . . .'

When he got to her house, he took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. He hid the flower behind his back incase her parents answered the door. Yumi's mother opened the door with a smile.

"Oh, hello Ulrich," Yumi's mom said still smiling. "Are you here to walk Yumi to school?"

"Yes'm," said Ulrich smiling innocently.

"You're a sweet boy Ulrich. Yumi's really lucky to have a friend like you. She's asleep right now, but I need to wake her up anyway. I'll tell her you're down here. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you," Yumi's mom said before she turned and walked away. Ulrich went and sat down, flower still in hand.

No longer then ten minutes later, Yumi came rushing down the stairs. Once she reached the bottom, she suddenly stopped and stared at Ulrich.

"Ulrich . . ." Yumi said, almost in a trance. Ulrich stood up and pulled the flower out from behind him. He twirled it slowly between his fingers and smelled it. He looked at Yumi smiling. He slowly walked over to her. When he was close enough, he gently moved her hair out of her face and behind his ear. Then he put the flower delicately behind her ear too. He placed his hand on her cheek, and slowly pulled himself toward her. Yumi closed her eyes as Ulrich drew even closer. When their lips finally met Ulrich kissed her, deeply and passionately. It wasn't a long kiss, but it was effective. Ulrich stopped.

"I was afraid you wouldn't be coming back in time with us . . . I was so worried that I had lost you Yumi . . ." Ulrich whispered, his hand still on her cheek, almost as if he still didn't believe that she was really there.

"Oh Ulrich . . ." Yumi whispered back and then hugged Ulrich. Yumi quickly went upstairs, said goodbye to her parents who were both getting ready for work. Yumi ran back down the stairs and back into Ulrich's arms. They hugged for another moment. Yumi grabbed her bag and they walked out the door and to school together, hand in hand.

. : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : . : V : .

When Yumi and Ulrich reached Cadic, they went to their usual spot. When they got closer they found not only Odd and Jeremy, but Aelita too. Jeremy and Aelita were sitting side by side, while Odd was standing next to them. He had one foot on the bench next to Aelita. His leg formed a ninety degree angle and his arm was resting on his upper leg. The three of them were talking to each other and started laughing. As they got closer, they could see that Jeremy had his arm protectively around Aelita's waist. Yumi tightened her grip on Ulrich's hand. They walked up together, and smiled at the three of them.

"It's good to see you two both got back here safely. This morning while at the factory, materializing Aelita, I configured a program that is able to contain X.A.N.A. in Lyoko. He won't be able to some to the real World ever again. We still can go to Lyoko though if we momentarily turn off the program . . ." Jeremy trailed off seeing that Yumi and Ulrich were staring at his arm around Aelita's waist. Jeremy blushed slightly and adjusted his glasses. "After I got Aelita out of Lyoko . . . and before we discussed what to do about Lyoko . . . I . . . umm . . ." Jeremy adjusted his glasses again.

"He asked me to be his girlfriend," explained Aelita as she put her head on Jeremy's shoulder. Yumi smiled at Aelita to congratulate her. Odd merely rolled his eyes.

"Yumi and Ulrich . . . Aelita and Jeremy . . . man I need to find a girlfriend . . . " Odd said sighing.

The five friends laughed with each other, just happy to have everyone there and accounted for. The bell for school to start rang, and the five friends split, running to class, still laughing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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