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No soup for You!


It was a nice day in Nerima. Nabiki was at the Nekohaten closing a deal with one of her most valuable customers.

"So, do we have a deal?" Nabiki asked Kuno while sipping her tea.

Kuno has a glazed look in his eyes as he looks over the pictures in his hands. He's drooling. Nabiki smacks Kuno over the head with her backpack.

"Hey you!! No drooling!!"

She rips the pictures out of his hands.

The backpack on top of Kuno's head slowly raises as a huge lump grows out of his head. Kuno is still unaware of this as his eyes remain glued to the pictures in Nabiki's hands.

"Kuno-baby? I said do we have a deal?" Nabiki's voice had a tint of annoyance in it.

She wasn't one to let her emotions show. But right now she was ticked off at Kuno. The Shakespearean-idiot-babbling-sword wielding-numbskull had been more idiotic of late.

Nabiki took a quick gander at the pictures in her hands. They weren't really anything special, just pictures of Onna-Ranma getting out of the bath with Akane close behind. Akane's back was toward the camera so there was a good long shot of her naked back. They both had towels loosely draped around their bodies. If Nabiki didn't know any better, she could've sworn she saw a bit of nip on Girl-Ranma.

There was another picture of Onna-Ranma wearing a translucent dress that hid nothing. It was quite obvious that she was in the buff. No wonder Kuno was retarded. No man could resist images of onna-Ranma of Akane for that matter.

"H-H-How much d-d-did you say it was again?" Kuno stammered.

His nose was bleeding. Nabiki's eyelids hovered low. She pointed at Kuno's face.

"You're bleeding!" She said dryly.

Just then, Shampoo threw a tray at Kuno's head dropping him to the floor.

"No bleeding in restaurant!!"

Nabiki took her chopsticks and poked at Kuno's fallen form underneath the table. "Um, Kuno, those pictures... our transactions? Like we were saying before, they're 5000 yen!"

Shampoo hmphed and turned around placing her hands on her hips. She went back into the kitchen where Mousse was washing dishes.

Cologne was busy calculating the monthly bills.

Shampoo walked over to the back where she knew most of her Great-Great Grandmother's potions were. She snickered to herself. Shampoo knew that Ranma would be coming over today to eat at the Nekohaten.

She had asked him yesterday to come over. She told him that she found an old Amazon recipe and that she was trying it out. She wanted him to try it out first. Ranma had agreed.

He was never one to turn down free food.

Shampoo clapped her hands happily and searched through the drawers and cabinets until she happened upon the one love potion she was looking for.

Love potion #666!

The love potion of no return!

She poured the whole potion into the bowl of soup for Ranma.


When Ranma comes, he'll be so in love with me, that he'll do anything for me, and he'll give up Akane and the other fianc├ęs! Too bad it won't start for 24 hours, but she could wait! Shampoo rubbed her hands evilly.

The soup was still hot!

Now where oh where could her future-husband be? Shampoo left the soup on the back counter and went out front by the door to look for Ranma.

Nabiki kept poking Kuno until he was awake. Kuno snapped at Nabiki breaking her chopstick in half.


Nabiki sat back in her chair with a sly grin.

"Why thank you Kuno-baby, coming from you that's a compliment!"

Nabiki was glad that Kuno had no interests in her. She would rather commit seppuku than be chased around town by that imbecile of a man. It wasn't that she hated Kuno, he was her source of income. Someone had to take care of the Dojo, and no matter how sleazy it may seem taking advantage of "poor Ranma or Akane", everyone in the house knew where that money was going to, which was why no one really complained that much. Granted, Akane and Ranma as well as Kasumi still gave her a hard time about it, but not as much anymore. No she didn't hate Kuno, she liked him as a friend even. Kuno recomposed himself and got back into the seat. Nabiki nodded at him.

"Well, I guess you weren't really conscious when I was speaking to you, so I guess I'm going to have to tell you again, I want 5000 yen for those pictures!!" She grinned evilly at him.

Kuno was taking a sip of his tea when she said that. He spat out the drink and his face looked like the mask of a grimacing samurai.

"Tendo Nabiki!!! That's absolutely preposterous!!!! You can't expect me to pay that much for these lovely pictures of my fair pig-tailed goddess and the beauteous Akane Tendo!!"

Nabiki crossed her arms and sneered at him from across the table. She had a piece of the broken chopstick in her mouth and she looked like quite the mercenary. Kuno shuddered. Nabiki closed her eyes and nodded again.

"Alright, I'll bite, 6000 yen!"


"7000- no make that 8000 yen!!"









Kuno stopped and shook his head.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!?" He screamed at her, his mouth agape.

Nabiki sat there calmly without blinking an eye.

"I'm upping the price.." She said coolly.

Kuno face-faulted.

"That's not fair!!" he said in a muffled voice.

His face was plastered against the tiled floor.

Nabiki shrugged. "Why say that? You can afford it."

Kuno groaned.

Nabiki starts to pack the photos away. "I guess you just don't want them then- oh well, I'm sure Gosungoki or someone else would pay a great deal for them-"

Then out of nowhere he jumps up fully charged and energized.

"Alright!! Deal!! I'll take them!!"

He gloms onto the photo's and stuffs the pile of yen into Nabiki's greedy little hands. She counts her money to make sure it's all there.

"Thanks Kuno-baby, it's always a pleasure doing business with you!"

In the middle of counting, Nabiki's stomach grumbled. Oh boy, Kasumi's making dinner soon, but I don't think I can hold on till then, I might as well eat something here. At least I'll make it something light. She looked over at Shampoo who was staring out of the front door. She's probably looking for Ranma or something, Nabiki pushed that thought away.

"Hey, Shampoo, you think I can get something ta eat like a soup or something?"

The purple-haired beauty placed her hands on her hips annoyingly and called out to Mousse.

"Mu Tsu!! Get Mercenary girl soup in back!!"

Nabiki squished her face. How was it that Mousse came here after Shampoo and he knew better Japanese than she did? You'd think after living here for a few years, that she'd be picking up the language faster. Oh well, people learn differently at their own pace. She didn't care, she got paid today!! All of her hard work paid off. Thank you Kuno!!!

Kuno was still glomming over his pictures.

Now where was her soup?

Mousse had gone to the back to get Nabiki her soup. He had his glasses on top of his head.

"Now, where did Shampoo say the soup was?"

He looked and saw a bowl of soup sitting on the counter.


That must be it!!

He walked over to it and picked it up.

"Mousse!! Where's my soup!!!"

He could hear the middle Tendo girl barking at him from the restaurant.

"Eh- coming ..."

Nabiki stared at the hot bowl of soup in front of her. Her mouth began to water. She handed Mousse a tip and dived in. Mousse was seemingly surprised as he eyed his money and walked off to the back.

"Wow, thanks Nabiki...." He stammered. That was his first tip ever!!! He'd have to have her come over more often if she was going to be this generous.

Nabiki really liked the taste of the soup although it had a bit of sweetness to it. Nabiki didn't know what it was, but she would have to come here more. The soup was delicious. What was the secret recipe? Just then, Ranma came strolling in. Shampoo cried out in glee.

"Ahh!! Nihao Ranma!!" She jumped into his arms.

Ranma sweat-dropped.

"Ehheheheheh... Heya there Shampoo.." He laughed nervously. "Sorry, but I hope you don't mind me bringing Akane along."

Shampoo had a confused look on her face.


Her friendly disposure dissolved when she saw Akane walk in behind him.

"Uh, Ranma, why was it that you're taste testing for Shampo-" She stopped.

Akane's eyes landed on the Amazon in Ranma's arms. Akane's eyes narrowed as she clenches her fists in fury.

Ranma was sweating so much there was a puddle on the floor.

"Eheh, Akane, this isn't what it looks like... "

Shampoo begged to differ, "Oh, no this what it look like ... now take violent girl to seat an Shampoo come back with soup for you."

With that last part, she planted a kiss on his cheek and danced away to the back. Ranma had his hands up defensively.

"ah... Akane, it wasn't me- She jumped into my arms!!"

"RANMA!!" Akane started.

She was red right now and boiling over with anger. She was getting ready to beat the pig-tailed boy into a bloody pulp until a familiar voice thundered over them.

"Foul wicked sorcerer Saotome!! What did you do to the beauteous Akane Tendo to distort the lovely color and features of her face? Such defecations will go unwarranted, for I Tatewaki Kuno, Blue Thunder of Furnikan High will- "

He didn't get to finish the last part because Akane kicked him through the door of the Nekohaten and into the sky.

Nabiki ignored what transpired in the background and continued to eat the soup to the last drop. It was that good!


She was almost done too!! She just had to get the last drop.

Shampoo was in the back humming happily and stopped. The soup! It was right here a few minutes ago... where was it? Shampoo went over her actions step by step. She was sure she had put it down, poured the potion in, and left it right here on the back counter! It couldn't have gotten up and walked away!! Unless... Mousse!! She clenched her fists in fury.

She screamed the duck-boy's name out loud.


The china man appeared.

"Yes my love? You called?" He asked with a goofy grin.

Shampoo grabbed him by the collar and shook him violently.

"Mu-Tsu!! What you do with Shampoo soup?!?!" She asked frantically.

Meanwhile, Ryoga Hibiki had somehow made it back to Nerima without getting lost. He found himself standing outside of the Nekohaten, and what did his wondering eyes may appear but Ranma. Ryoga grinned. His fangs peeked out from their hiding place. He pounded his fist into his palm.

"Heh, now I've got you Ranma!!"

Mousse couldn't talk because he was being shaken wildly by an angry Amazon. "yeh- w-w-w-e-e-lll- I- I I g-ga-v-v-e- i-i-t t-to N-N-Na-bi-bi-k-ki, j-ju- s-s-st l-l-li-k-ke y-y-you s-sa-sa-id t-to!!"

Shampoo stopped shaking him.

"WHAT?!?!" She screamed incredously.

Mousse pushed his glasses back onto his face.

"I-I said I gave it to Nabiki Tendo just like you said to..."

He pointed at the Nabiki. Shampoo looked over his shoulder and saw Nabiki slowly put the bowl to her lips to get the last drop of soup. Shampoo cried out in horror and ran towards the mercenary girl.

"NOOOOOOOOoooooo" Her hands and arms outstretched.

Nabiki was quietly enjoying her meal when suddenly someone smacked the bowl of soup out of her hands. Nabiki was caught off guard by the surprise attack.


She saw Shampoo had the empty bowl in her hand.

Nabiki narrowed her eyes. "Shampoo, what was that for I really liked the soup!" She demanded icily.

Shampoo laughed nervously. "Hehehheh... mercenary girl not know what talking about... there's fly in soup!" She pointed into the bowl.

Nabiki reached for it. "That's alright, I've had worse, I've had Akane's cooking and lived to tell about it, now hand it over!"

Shampoo planted a foot in Nabiki's mid-section keeping her away from the bowl. "No No-it alright, I give mercenary girl discount and free soup, compliment on house!"

Nabiki kept trying to reach for the soup. "I don't know about that Shampoo, and my name's Nabiki!! Not mercenary girl!!"

Shampoo was still laughing nervously and sweat-dropped profusely. "Eh, Shampoo call mercenary girl anything she want just long as she give back soup!!"

At that point Nabiki leaned back into her seat.

Something was wrong with this picture.

She turned around to see Ranma standing there with an angry Akane. Why was Ranma here? She turned around and eyed the purple haired Chinese woman suspiciously.

"Uh huh.. Shampoo, is there something you're not telling me?"

Shampoo scratched behind her head and gave Nabiki her best smile. "Oh, mercenary girl not know what talk about, Shampoo only be friendly."

At that point the bowl of soup in her hand, bursted as a flying ball of ki flew through it and into the wall behind the two girls. Shampoo screamed and ducked. Nabiki wasn't too far behind.

Nabiki looked around the place for an escape route.

Ah man, it's getting crazy in here I gotta get home where it's safe!!

As soon as she said that, her head started to ache. She pressed her hands up against her temples.

"Ahhhh...." Nabiki cried out in pain.

Shampoo slowly got off the floor. "Uh oh..."

She watched as Nabiki convulsed in pain under the table. The potion was working. She recognized that ki blast anywhere, Cologne had taught it to a certain pig-boy, who seemed to be using it to destroy the Nekohaten right now!

Damn that Ryoga for blowing up the bowl of soup and damn that Mousse for mixing up the soups.

Granted there were only a few drops left, but it would've been enough to get Ranma to fall in love with her. All she had to do was hold him in her arms after he drank it, it didn't have to be a minute, just a second, and he would have been hers.

Nabiki's yelp distracted Shampoo from her thoughts.

"Argh... Shampoo!! What did you do to that soup?!?!"

So the Tendo girl had figured it out.

Dishes and seats went flying about as Ranma and Ryoga fought in the Nekohaten. Ranma was busy dodging the attacks making sarcastic comments to Ryoga as he flew by. Akane was hiding under a table at the far side of the room. She rolled her eyes.

"Guys!! Knock it off!! This is a public place!!"

Mousse was working in the back and ran to see what was happening in the front. When he saw the mayhem, instead of stopping it, he decided to take part in it as well.

"Hahah, I got you guys!!" He said as his chains shot out from the folds of his sleeves. Ranma easily side-stepped the chains. Ryoga who was coming at the pig-tailed boy from behind, wasn't too lucky. He didn't see the chains coming until the last minute. Ryoga's eyes widened with surprise as the bulk end of the chains smacked him in the head. Ranma winced, that's gotta hurt!

Shampoo crawled over to Nabiki. "Grr... I sorry merce-"

Nabiki shot her a nasty look. "Er- Nabiki, I no mean to give you wrong soup.. stupid Mousse.... He give you drink soup meant for Ranma."

Nabiki's jaw dropped. The pounding migraine of a headache seemed to dissipate. Nabiki could think a little clearer now.

"Wh-What did you say? What are you talking about Shampoo?" She asked disoriented.

Shampoo sighed, oh brother, she hated explaining things over again, especially in a different language.

"I tell you, Mousse gave you wrong soup!" She said it in a hiss.

Nabiki waved at what she said.

"I know that Shampoo!" She said hotly. "I just wanna know what you put in that soup!"

Shampoo nodded.

It wasn't like she and Nabiki were the best of friends, being that she was sibling to one of her rivals, but even someone as manipulative as Nabiki didn't deserve to go through what she was going to have to go through within the next 24 hours.

Shampoo sighed.

I guess I have to tell her, it's only right.


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