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No Soup For You!





"I love you...."

Kuno was staring down at Nabiki Tendo as she laid there on the ground proclaiming her love to him.

"Na-Nabiki..." He was speechless. (For the first time in history)

Did she just say that she loved him?!?

Nabiki was looking up at Kuno's face and froze.


She bared her teeth. She had accidentally proclaimed her love to that idiot of a man!

No she didn't love him!!

Where was her love.

She sat up, pushing Kuno to the side. She looked around the school yard. There were a circle of people surrounding her.

"I-is she alright? I dunno- I think she took a hit to the head or something..."

Nabiki tried to look for her love.

Mousse and Ryoga came to her. They bent down.

"Hey- Nabiki I hope that I didn't hurt you in anyway-" Mousse started.

Nabiki grabbed him and held him close.

He froze.

What the hell was she doing? Mousse's glasses began to fog.

Nabiki pulled back from him.

No that's not him.

She turned to Ryoga next and held him in her arms before he could protest.

Ryoga was blushing.

"ah... Nabiki!"


Nabiki lingered a little bit longer on Ryoga.

He felt kinda right... but no... he's not the one...

She tore herself away from him seething.

"You guys are all worthless!!" She stated and got up to find her lost love.

She spotted him. Standing next to her sister.

Nabiki had a seductive smile displayed over her thin lips.

She walked over to him parting the crowd.

Everyone watched her curiously.

"Hey what's wrong with Nabs?! I dunno, she's acting really strange..."

Akane was pounding Ranma with her famous mallet.

"Ranma!! How could you?!? That was Nabiki!! You just got up and left her?!? You're so cold!!"

Ranma protested. "Hey hey, if it weren't for me, she'd be toast!! You know I shielded her from the blast not only that but I took the fall for us both!!"

He remembered being hurled from the explosion. He saw Nabiki falling to the ground and he held onto her. They hit the ground together and he was covering her, making sure that he got the heat of the blast. After that he released her, he laid there with his back to the ground and her on top.

Realizing the uncomfortable position, he put them in, he hopped away from her and bounded towards Akane. He protected Nabiki for Akane, because he knew how much she cared about her family, and now here she was giving him a beating.

Gee shouldn't she be thanking me?

Ranma hopped away from the abuse.

"Akane!! Will you knock it off with that mallet of yers?"

"Oh Ranma-kun...." A voice drawled out from behind him.

Ranma froze.


She sounded a little too happy to see him. What did she want from him now?

He turned around slowly. "Ne?"

Nabiki was standing there with her hands planted on her hips. She was giving him a strange look.

I've seen that look from Kodachi, Shampoo and Ukyo...

It was almost like she wanted him.

Ranma made a face. No, not Nabiki, she wouldn't.

She must be trying to cook up something.

Ranma sighed. "Alright Biki whaddaya want?"

He crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes.

Akane ran up to her sister. "Biki-chan are you alright? You're not hurt are yo-"

Nabiki brushed her aside and walked up to Ranma.

Akane was stunned. Nabiki's never done anything like that to her before.

Akane whirled around in time to see Nabiki wrap her arms around Ranma's torso.

The pig-tailed boy seemed taken back.

Akane dropped her mallet. She felt dizzy.



What the hell was going on here?

Ranma was shaking with fear.

This was so not Nabiki, she must really want something from him. Why was she holding him like that and making those weird little noises? HE expected this kind of behavior from his "fianc├ęs" not her.

When she wrapped her arms around him everything fit perfectly. She could feel his body shake. What was that? Did he like it when she held him?

Nabiki smiled.

Uhmmmmm this feels so gooood....

She moaned his name softly. "Ranma...."

Ranma turned beat red. "Wahhhh... Nabiki?!?! What do you think you're doing?!?!?"

Ranma was trying to pry her off of him.

Nabiki was grappling with him.

"Heheheh.. " She laughed sexily. "Oh Ranma, don't be shy, you know you like it when I touch you!!"

Ranma's eyes grew wide.

"I don't know what yer talking about Nabiki?" He said embarrassed.

Akane had just about enough. She clenched her fists and stormed over to the two struggling teens.

She tried to come between Nabiki and Ranma.

"Alright Ranma that's enough!!"

Ranma shot her a look.

"Me?!? I ain't doin nothing! IT's all Nabiki!!"

Nabiki shrugged her off. "Go away little sister, this is something between me and my Ranma... so why don't you scamper off and go play P-chan or something...."

Akane had a hurt look on her face.

That really hurt Biki! That's the kind of thing I expect to hear from Shampoo or Ukyo, not you! You're supposed to be my Oneechan!!

She swallowed.

Ranma gulped. "Ah you guys, I don't think this is the time...."

Ryoga, Kuno and Mousse ran over to the trio.

Kuno had his hands over his chest. "Saotome what is the meaning of this? You're not content with Akane and the pig-tailed goddess, so you have chase after the affections of the mercenary sister as well?"

Ryoga growled. "Yeah Ranma what is this?! How could you cheat on Akane in front of her face with her own flesh and blood?!?"

Mousse agreed. "That is pretty low!"

Ranma sweat-dropped. "I- It's not my FAULT!!! Why are you idiots so quick to jump to conclusion?!"

Akane fumed. "Oh yeah? Well I'd rather be an idiot, than be with you!!!"

On that note she spun on her heel and stomped away.

If Ranma wanted to be seen with Nabiki clinging onto him like a monkey, then by god she wasn't going to stand by and watch.

Feh, they can have each other for all she cared.

Ranma stared after Akane with a love-struck Nabiki pining at him.

"Akane!! Akane wait!! Waaaaiiiiittt!!!!"