When I see them standing tall over the buildings and over everything I realize what an impact they have made in our country. What they stand for.......there's an unnusual peace of stomach when I see them there.

As I come closer theres something about them that clearly states what America is all about, and its good to know that after a long hard

day at work they're still standing there strong, and unharmed. They're ordinary, and lead to an ordinary place where we can come and realax and escape from our unoridnary lives. Escaping the disaster and hectic and caotic routines of our daily lives....they are the golden arches.


"Yes?" Jack asks as he comes back to reality.

"Would you like some fries with that?"

"Of course who comes to mcdonalds without getting fries???" He asks.

She smiles and sets four orders of fries on his two trays.

"Thank you." He says as he takes them.

"You're welcome." She responds.

Casually he takes the trays back to where he and the rest of his team are sitting.

"You get everything?" Sam asks as they search the trays for their food.

"Hey where's the ketchup?" Daniel asks.


So its not the greatest humor...but I was riding in the car past mcdonalds and I thouught of it and couldnt get it out of my head.