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All of Sg-1 looked at General Hammond confused!!!!!!! Who were these RUGRATS??? And, if, they were the best of the best, then why hadnt they ever heard of them before???????!!!!!!

"Rugrats Sir?" Jack asked ever so confused(even more than he ussually is.)

"Yes and if they're the best of the best why havnt we ever heard of them before???" Sam asked just as confused as Jack...which was unnussuall especially for her!

"Rugrats. They're toddlers, and you've never heard of them because they've been kept a secret so the enemy wouldnt find out about them. They're very top secret and very very good at what they do!!!!"General Hammond replied.

"Toddlers?" Teal'c asked confused. He had never heard of these TODDLERS..or RUGRATS.

"Babies. Babies who crawl and cant even walk yet!" Daniel said informing Teal'c of what a toddler was. He was confused himself. Although quite aware that the situation they were about to embark in was very very real and very very serious!

" will babies be affective against these cows General Hammond?" Teal'c asked.

"They have their ways..and their own methods of fighting. Im unsure of how they do it I just know that they do. They're heroes on their planet. I think because they destroyed some evil dinasour" General Hammond explained to his people.Kim walked back into the room after she had left to go get ahold of the rugrats.They all looked at her anxious to hear if they would have them on the team.

"They'll do it!!!!" Kim said happily.

"GREAT! Sg-1 how soon can you be ready?" He asked looking back at his team.

"UH.......five minutes SIr." Jack informed.

"GOOD! You have a go!"

"Who was that Tommy?" Chucky asked as Tommy came turned around from having his back turned to them in their fenced in play pen area.

"Yeah Tommy tell us!!! Who called?" Lil asked.

Angelica was watching near by, and rolled her eyes, at the out come of the conversation.

"You babies are so dumb! Its a plastic phone nobodies can talk to you. Its for pretend!" She retorted in her normal grumpy tone.

"Be quiets Angelica!" Tommy said turning his head to look at her, then turning his attention back to his friends.

Angelica walked away from the play pen mumbling something like stupid dumb babies dont know the differance from pretend and real life!!!!


"Babies... we've been called." He informefd them still holding the plastic phone in his hand. The other babies jumped up and down and clapped their hands with glee not realizing the extent of the battle they were about to get themselves into.

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