Summer 1996

Harry sat in his bedroom, for the umpteenth afternoon in a row, listening to the neighborhood children playing through the open window. Far off, he could hear squeals and poundings. Dudley's gang had gotten hold of some other kid.

He crossed over from the desk to his bed and collapsed onto it. He turned his head so he could see the stacks and stacks of letters he had received so far. He hadn't answered any of them. He didn't feel like talking to anyone, not after what had happened to Sirius ... how was anyone supposed to get on with life after that?

Every morning, Harry sent a short letter that said "I'm fine, Love Harry" to the Order at 12 Grimmould Place, just so no one would come down to check up on him. He wanted to be alone with his thoughts ... he'd have to deal with the consequences of his stupidity soon enough, as soon as he returned to school ...

Aunt Petunia was vacuuming downstairs. Harry lay curled up on his bed, trying not to think of what had happened in June, it was all too terrible ... The vacuuming stopped. Harry got up, suddenly realizing he needed to use the bathroom. Badly.


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