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Summary: Ranma is fed up with Akane; he makes a simple wish to never have met her. Lady Fate takes pity on him and grants his wish. A problem arises with this wish; he remembers everything before the wish was granted.

A Simple Wish

Episode 1—Ranma's Wish Granted

Ranma grumbled as he held the ice pack to his cheek, standing on the balcony staring up at the stars. 'That stupid Akane' he thought, why does she always have to be so violent? Things hadn't changed since he and his dad appeared on the Tendou's door step a year and a half ago. He hadn't even realized how long it had been, it already felt like an eternity to him. How did his father expect him to marry such a horrible, tom boy of a girl? Ugh they hated each other, didn't they? He threw the ice pack into the air, clinching his fists tightly together at his sides.

"I wish I had never met you Akane!" He shouted towards the stars. Closing his eyes tightly, Ranma then took a deep breath, turning around he headed back into the room he shared with his father. He laid down on his futon, his hands resting behind his head. He thought of how great it would be if he had never met Akane, oh life would be so much easier, he wouldn't have to worry about her using her mallet on him, or kicking him. Calling him pervert all the time and blaming him for things that were not his fault. He could do whatever he pleased without having to answer to her.

Yawning, Ranma was letting his eyes fall closed, "yeah it would be great if Akane and I never met." He said quietly and tiredly as he fell into a deep sleep.

"Ranma Saotome." A female voice whispered.

Ranma asleep, crinkled his nose as something was pushing on it, he squirmed and swatted at the intruder. The poking stopped and he shifted turning over on his side.

"Ranma, wake up Ranma."

"Hmm?" Ranma's eyes slowly opened and standing above him was a tall young woman, she was glowing. Her hair was of the purest silver and her eyes were as blue as a deep ocean. She was dressed in a silver spun silk form fitting gown; it had one strap going up over her left shoulder. She was smiling down at him. "Who are you?" Ranma whispered.

Bending down slightly, the mysterious lady held her hand out for his, she noticed a bit of hesitation but his hand slowly slid into her palm. She gently helped him to his feet. "Ranma Saotome, I am Lady Fate. I have been watching you and I have decided to grant your wish."

"My wish?" Ranma was confused and he scratched the back of his head, "What wish did I make?" For the life of him he could not remember it.

"Let's see here." Out of thin air Lady Fate pulled out a scroll and opened it, reading the words out loud. "I wish that I had never met you Akane," She looked at him confused for a moment, perhaps the wish had been recorded incorrectly, "Was that not your wish?"

It all came back to him now, Ranma had said those words. "You mean you are going to make it so that I have never even met Akane."

The scroll rolled back up and disappeared in a puff of smoke, "If that is indeed what your wish is, I will make it so."

"It will be so much better without her hounding me all the time, she makes life so unbearable." Ranma saw Lady Fate smiling, but he didn't really pay any attention to her. He was going to get his wish! No more Akane, No more Akane. He chanted in his head. "Yes that is my wish. I wish I had never met Akane."

"As you wish," She snapped her fingers. "In the morning when you awaken, Akane Tendou will no longer be in your life." After having said that, Lady Fate faded from Ranma's sight. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. Shrugging, he couldn't wait until tomorrow. He will be Akane free. Laying down again it then struck him. "Aww man! Why didn't I also wish to never be a girl again?!" He growled, thinking stupid wishes, before closing his eyes again, falling asleep much faster than he had earlier that night.

An alarm buzzed loudly in Ranma's ear, he reached up and banged hard on the clock. Pulling the blanket from over his head, he groaned. The sunlight nearly blinding him, he sat up, rubbing his eyes. Yawning, finally Ranma opened his eyes. He stared wide eyed, he was in a decorated room, it had martial arts posters on the light blue walls, there was a clock on the wall which was in the shape of a star, and it read six thirty. He looked down and found himself in a bed, with dark blue sheets and a white comforter. "Where the hell am I?" Pulling the blankets back, Ranma's feet touched the white carpet on the floor. He stood up and stretched.

Walking over to the wall he noticed some pictures on the wall, it was obviously him with a few other people. He recognized Shampoo and Ukyou instantly, they had their arms around him and all three of them were smiling into the camera. Ranma didn't remember taking this picture. He looked at the next picture it was of Tatewake Kuno and him. Okay this was bizarre, when did he take a picture with that moron? There were many more pictures like that on the wall, with the girls and other guys that he had known from school.

"You better be up boy." Genma's voice shouted from downstairs.

"Yeah Pops I'm up." Ranma shook his head; he turned towards the closet and found a school uniform hanging on a white hook on the door. That was odd, when did he start wearing the school uniform? Shrugging he proceeded to get dressed in it, he would definitely ask Akane what was going on, was this some kind of joke? After getting dressed he opened the door to the room and stepped outside. He was shocked at what he saw. His was the only room upstairs, quickly he bolted down the steps and stopped in front of the kitchen; his father was sitting there eating breakfast. "Hey Pops, what's going on?" Nothing looked familiar, this room looked far too expensive than the Tendou's family room, did they win the lottery or something?

Genma looked up from his newspaper, "Ranma, breakfast is going on. So sit down and eat it. If you want to carry on the Saotome school of Anything Goes Martial arts then you best keep up your strength."

Well at least that was familiar, Ranma sat down and a servant wearing a black suit placed a meal setting down in front of Ranma. "Pops what ever happened to the Tendous?" Ranma saw the newspaper crinkle and then tear.

"How do you know about the Tendou's? Genma eyed his son suspiciously.

"Uh…from school?" Ranma thought this was odd coming from his father, he had thought that he and Soun were good friends.

Genma sat down half of the torn paper, "Those goodie, goodie Tendou's we will defeat them at the challenge three weeks from now."

"Defeat? What?"

His father looked over at his son oddly, "Ranma, since you somehow learned of the challenge I suppose I will tell you about it now. I was going to wait till tonight. We have challenged the Tendou's for their dojo, three weeks from now, you are to fight Tendou's youngest daughter."

"I'm supposed to fight Akane?" Ranma was shocked.

"Why are you so surprised boy, and how do you even know her name? I don't think I've ever told you any of their names."

Ranma cleared his throat, "It's just I had this uh weird dream, that I was supposed to marry some girl named Akane Tendou and that you and her father had set up the whole thing."

"You marry a Tendou?" Genma laughed, "That will never happen, of course there was this one time a long, long time ago when Soun Tendou and I were actually friends that we started to arrange a marriage between our children, but then Soun thought he was too good for me and the master, he left, went out on his own and started his own school. Things ended ugly between us. He started the Tendou School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. Which is why we rival them, I couldn't let Tendou get all the glory. Oh no, I had to have a piece of the pie!" Genma held his fist up in pride.

This was all so strange; Ranma hung his head, his thick bangs covering over his eyes. He was more confused than before when he had woken up in the strange room. Had he waken up in some kind of twilight zone? 'I wish I had never met you Akane' His head then snapped up, oh that's right! He made a wish! And it came true! Ranma's eyes widened with extreme glee and he immediately tucked in to his breakfast. "Don't worry Pop, I won't let you down. Soon we'll be the only owners of the school of Anything Goes Martial Arts."

"That's my boy! We will get them!" Genma shouted.

"But there is only one problem, I don't fight girls." Ranma said looking at his father.

"Since when? Have you forgotten your advantage? If you don't want to fight as a man, just switch to your girl form."

Ranma fumed, "Oh right, I forgot." Well at least that was still the same, what a burden. Well at least there was no Akane to switch him into a girl at the drop of a hat. Oh this life was going to be so great!

Gathering his school satchel, he was ready to leave for school. "Later, Pops see you at four."

Genma grunted proudly as his son took out the door in a run. Oh this was going to be a good day, Genma could feel it.

He did not have to rush to school, not having to chase after Akane to keep up with her was so pleasant. He stopped looking around and something hit him on the head, it was a giant spatula. Ranma turned around, "who did that?!"

"It was just me Ranma," Ukyou said coming up behind him; she was dressed in a girl's school uniform. "Geeze I always get your attention that way, is this how you treat your fiancé yelling at her!?"

"Fiancé?" Ranma inwardly groaned, well this sure seemed to be the same, "Uh sorry Ukyou, I've just been having a strange morning."

"Yeah well while you were having a strange morning, that hussy Shampoo kept bothering me, trying to get me to tell her what time you leave for school so she could meet you, but I know she just wants to ambush you and fall all over you." Ukyou tilted her head to the side, "You don't like her do you?"

"Uh well, I… No Ukyou I don't like her." Not a second later a Chinese woman with blue hair attached herself to Ranma.

"Ranma, Shampoo find you." She hugged him tightly, "Shampoo never let go, she love Ranma too, too much."

Ranma's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. "Sh…Shampoo."

Ukyou growled, "Why you, get off him!" Ukyou started swinging her giant spatula at Shampoo who just giggled. "He's my fiancé, not yours!"

"No stupid spatula girl, Ranma mine." She let go of him and pulled out the book of Chinese Amazon Law. "See there no thing you can do bout it, Ranma belong Shampoo.

Ukyou hit the book out of her hand and got in her face, "Let's fight for him."

"Very well, Shampoo will no let stupid girl, win Ranma. Aiya!" Shampoo took a fighting stance, and soon the girls were in heavy battle in a thick cloud of dust. This left Ranma time to escape. Some things never changed, he rolled his eyes and continued towards the school.

"Akane, Akane wait up!"

Ranma turned around suddenly, hearing Akane's name being shouted. She looked the same, short hair, school uniform. But what he found slightly odd was… It was Ryouga calling out her name, running to catch up with her. He was carrying a school satchel as well, he still looked the same. Yellow shirt, blue pants, yellow and black bandana across his forehead, Ranma noticed Akane looked perturbed. He snickered well at least its not me she's angry at.

"I am going to be late because of you Ryouga!" She growled angrily as she passed Ranma without giving him as much as a glance.

"Well if you had bothered to wake me up in time, I wouldn't be late either!" Ryouga shouted and Akane suddenly stopped and turned around.

"Hey I am not your personal alarm clock!"

Ryouga glared, "I never said you were, it's just courtesy to wake some one up!"

Akane groaned, "Ugh we can not fight now, we're going to be late!" She then took off again with Ryouga following after her.

Ranma continued to follow after them, he was intrigued by their fight, and he wondered how it would end.

"As if the fight was my fault!?" Ryouga shouted at her.

"I never said it was!"

"Uncute, tomboy, you're always blaming me for everything. This whole engagement is never going to work." Ryouga muttered.

"Hey it's not like I wanted to be engaged to you in the first place, it was all our parent's idea!"

"Oh yeah, it's not like I would willingly marry a bad cook and an unsexy girl like you!"

"Ryouga you jerk!" Her fist came up and hit him so hard that he flew threw the air. Akane was panting hard, "Why'd he have to go and say something like that for?" She sighed, hanging her head. "Stupid, Ryouga." She felt eyes upon her and she turned slightly looking at him. "What are you looking at?" she was annoyed.

Ranma looked around and then pointed to himself, "Who me?"

Akane rolled her eyes, "Mind your own business." She turned on her heels and started running towards the school again.

A hand came down on Ranma's shoulder; he turned and found Kuno standing there. He was about to tell him off when Kuno spoke.

"Poor Akane Tendou, I Tatewake Kuno will be the one to free her from that Ryouga Hibiki's evil curse, and how dare he say those things about her and live. The cur must die."

"Hey, ain't that a little drastic?" Ranma asked.

"No, no my friend," Kuno snickered, "Once Hibiki is out of the way I will have the beauteous Akane Tendou as my love."

Ranma shook his head; it seemed that the only things that changed from his wish had been himself, and Ryouga, Akane still appeared to be the same. He wondered when things got switched around like this; he would have to do some investigation. Not that it mattered of course; he just needed to be able to understand just what his wish had done.

First he needed to be close to Akane and Ryouga at all times, so Ranma went to the school administration office. He waited at the desk as a man stepped towards him.

"What can I do for you Mr. Saotome?" a man asked a pencil behind his ear.

"Well Mr. Unmei." He was looking at the name tag, "I need to know which class Akane Tendou and Ryouga Hibiki are in?"

"All right," Unmei pulled up the administration records on the computer. "Akane Tendou and Ryouga Hibiki are in classroom 1-A."

"And my classroom is?"

Unmei looked at him oddly, "You've forgotten?"

"I bumped my head this morning so my memory is a little dodgy." Ranma said sounding completely innocent.

Unmei nodded, "Perhaps you need to lay off the martial arts and fights during school." He suggested looking up Ranma's information. "You are in classroom 3-C."

"Ah yes, I remember. I was wondering if I could switch rooms from 3-C to 1-A?"

"Switch rooms? What for?" Unmei swiveled around in the chair looking at him.

Ranma had to think of something quick, "Well 3-C is too easy for me; I need more of a challenge. And we all know that 1-A is the best."

"It is true that 1-A is the best classroom at the school, do you think you can handle the extra hard assignments? It's only for the advanced students."

Inside his head, Ranma was laughing. Ryouga advanced? Last time he saw Ryouga attempt school it was way too difficult for him. Well it was true that Ranma interfered with Ryouga's study sessions with Akane. But that doesn't matter now he had a new life. Ranma smiled at Unmei, "Yes I realize that, and I am willing to give it a shot. I want to get into a good university so this seems like a good way."

"Very well then, I will make it so."

Those words struck Ranma odd, and then he shook his head. He was imagining things and he waited as Unmei printed out Ranma's transfer information.

"There you go Mr. Saotome," Unmei smiled while handing him the print out. "Good luck."

"Thanks," Ranma started walking towards the doors and turned around quickly to ask another question. But when he did, no one was standing there. He simply shrugged and made his way towards classroom 1-A


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