This is the last and final episode of A Simple Wish, now I am not very good at writing action scenes, I am much better with fluffy love stuff. So I hope the action scenes are good enough to satisfy all you wonderful readers. I have decided not to put an actual lemon into this story, since it doesn't really fit as some of you informed me, and you were right. I made a bit of limeade though, winks Now I would like to take the time to say thank you to all of you that have been with me through this whole story. Happy Holidays everyone and enjoy…

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Summary: Ranma is fed up with Akane; he makes a simple wish to never have met her. Lady Fate takes pity on him and grants his wish. A problem arises with this wish; he remembers everything before the wish was granted.

A Simple Wish

Episode 10—

To Fight For the One You Love

Lady Fate in her disguise of Iru-Sensei appeared on the streets of Tokyo with Shampoo and Ukyou.

Lady Fate had felt the presence of Ranma and Ryouga in this area, both Ukyou and Shampoo turned around in all directions looking for Ranma, they spotted him arguing with Ryouga not to far from them.

"Ranma!" Ukyou shouted and along with Shampoo and Lady Fate started running towards the arguing pair; well Lady Fate more like glided along the ground rather than ran.

Hearing Ukyou's voice, Ranma turned around. "Ukyou? Where have you been I tried calling you last night and you weren't home."

After reaching him, Ukyou caught her breath and answered. "I know I wasn't home. I was held captive along with Shampoo with who I had warned you about."

"I'm sorry I didn't believe you Ukyou, before I mean when you tried to warn me." Ranma put a comforting hand on Ukyou's shoulder and she felt a slight tingle run through her. Even though she was a little upset she would not show it. "I'm glad you are safe."

Ukyou's cheeks flamed, but she shook her head clearing her mind of those thoughts, he didn't love her like that. "Ranma," She looked up at him. "Something terrible has happened."

Ranma looked at Shampoo who stood there expressionless and Iru-sensei who he knew was not their teacher but an immortal being. "What has happened?"

Shampoo couldn't keep it in any longer. "Ranma love other girl and other girl get taken by immortal man."

His eyes widened. "Are you talking about who I think you're talking about?"

With a nod Ukyou said. "Yes Ranma, Akane was taken by someone very dangerous, he looked very intimidating and frightening."

Ryouga growled. "Ranma! This is all your fault!"

He rolled his eyes. "Everything is my fault isn't it bacon bits?" Ranma sounded slightly sarcastic. "When things go wrong in your life you always seem to blame me. Well not everything is my fault! You create your own problems and your own path in life, stop blaming me for every little thing that goes wrong with you!"

"Stop argue!" Shampoo shouted irritated at their most ridiculous behavior. "Now is no time for silly argument!" She glared hard at both Ranma and Ryouga, but then turned her complete attention to Ranma. "Shampoo know that Ranma no love her, but Ranma love new girl Akane. Ranma need save new girl, she in trouble."

"If anyone is gonna save Akane, it's gonna be me!" Ryouga shouted, he didn't count on Shampoo elbowing him in the side.

"You quiet! All can help save girl!"

Ryouga rubbed his side, "That hurt."

"Good." Shampoo's eyes were narrowed. She then turned around to Lady Fate and her face softened. "How we save Akane?"

Lady Fate looked at all of the young mortals. "It's not going to be easy, but I guess to fight for the one you love was never an easy task. I can not assist you after I bring you to our destination, I hope you all realize this?"

"This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you, you know?" Ranma said to Lady Fate, and he kind of worried for the safety of his head.

She nodded slightly. "I realize that, its not often an immortal will ever admit to a mistake. "Look at it this way, you now have a greater knowledge and I hope you plan to use that knowledge in the future."

Ranma looked away from Lady Fate. "I realize that now, but we can discuss this later. Akane is the one that needs us now."

"All right, I will take you to where you need to be." Lady Fate waved her hands over the young mortals and they all disappeared.

They five of them reappeared at the edge of a forest, Lady Faten the pointed towards the woods. "You need to head straight, don't take any other paths. If you do it will mean certain death for all that is not immortal."

"Where are we?" Ryouga asked, looking around.

"There is not really a name for our world, there is in a sense but no human could ever possibly say it. So throughout the centuries they made up their own names for it. The Greeks called it Mount Olympus, some called it the heavens. There just really isn't a label." She sat down on a dark black tree stump. "Now in order to defeat your enemy which happens to be one of the strongest immortals ever created is to find out his weakness, the only one who knows his weakness besides himself is his sister Discord. Without her, you have no hopes in beating him."

All five of them looked towards the woods and they could hear terrifying screams and sounds coming from the trees.

"Are you sure it's safe on the path?"

Lady Fate giggled. "It's not safe for your kind at all, just avoid the dangers, stay on the path. There are creatures in there that can not die, so it would be no use in fighting them. Just try to get around them if you come across them." She stood. "And good luck, I will see you all when this is all over and the mortal girl is safe." Lady Fate winked and then disappeared with a popping sound.

"Well it looks like we're on our own." Ukyou said and looked towards the woods, "This'll be no problem." A loud ear piercing shriek sounded through the woods and Ukyou jumped and grabbed hold of the person next to her.

"Shampoo no like Ukyou that way, can Ukyou let go of Shampoo now?" Shampoo rolled her eyes.

Ukyou groaned and let go of Shampoo, setting her feet on the ground. "Heh, sorry about that."

The woods were definitely not a friendly place to walk into, the twisted branches of the what looked like dead trees seemed to reach out to grab you, it was dark and wind whistled through the trees.

"Well time is wasting." Ranma said, and he started heading into the woods with the others trailing after him. He sure hoped Akane was all right, she's always been tough. Was she just as tough in this reality as she was when he knew her in his other reality?

"My Lord." A armor wearing guard walked into a grand throne room, he saw his master, Lord Chaos seated on a black marble throne with blood red rubies in certain points and engravings in the marble. The guard bowed. "We have a situation, it seems that mortals have infiltrated our perimeter."

"Mortals? That is impossible." Chaos stood and approached his own pool of humanity, which was created from volcano ash and human bone. He looked down into the dark almost black liquid. "Show me the mortals in my surrounding area."

The water rippled and cleared and a vision of Ranma, Ryouga, Shampoo and Ukyou running through his woods appeared. "Hmm." Chaos put his hand to his chin in thought, "This is rather interesting, they must be trying to get her back." Chaos leaned on human skull and looked further into the water and to the side, he saw something that would possibly eat them alive. "Well they won't get very far, that's for sure. Puny mortals." He laughed. "This might prove to be entertaining at least."

"What are you looking at?" Akane demanded.

Chaos looked up and at Akane, she looked so pretty in her rose colored roman style gown with a gold thin sash tied around her waist, there was a serving girl with her. "Ah my pet, you look lovely."

Akane crossed her arms in front of her. "I don't want to look lovely, I want to go home, now!"

Chuckling lightly, Chaos merely shook his head in amusement. "My dear, you are home." He approached her, and could see the dark red satin ribbon, which outlined her gown. "I understand you will need a period of adjustment which is why I am not angry at your behavior, I will give you that time you need without handing out punishment. I am not totally heartless. Don't you see, I can give you whatever you desire. Do you want jewels?" He opened his palm and a gold spun necklace with a large blood red ruby in the center appeared. Chaos saw her shake her head no, and he sighed and stepped closer to her gently putting it around her neck. "What ever you wish I will give it to you."

"How about my freedom?" Akane looked up at him as he clasped her beautiful necklace around her neck.

Chaos lightly touched the gold, which rested against her. "Anything except that. Akane I will not hurt you like those mortals have, I will be honest and true and never do anything to make you feel less than you are."

"You already have, you are not giving me a choice you are forcing your decision on me, that is in my opinion the worst thing anyone can do to another." Akane kept her eyes focused on his.

"Those mortals boys, they don't appreciate you, or love you, like I do." Chaos said firmly and stepped away from her.

Akane smiled falsely. "You don't love me." She whispered.

Chaos spun around. "Oh no? I wouldn't have done all this if I wasn't thinking about you and your well being!" He yelled, his voice rung off the surrounding walls. "You can not tell me how I feel, you do not know the depths of my feelings for you! If only you could give me what I freely give to you."

Although he sounded very frightening and intimidating, Akane did not flee or run away like a frightened deer, she stood her ground. "You don't have the faintest idea what love is! You took me away from my family, from my friends. You can not force someone to love you, it doesn't work that way!" Akane's eyes slid closed and she clasped her hands together against her breast. "Love is when you would do anything for that person to show you care, love is when you would die first rather then see them hurt. Not keep them imprisoned and locked away from everything that makes them happy. Love is when you sacrifice yourself, even your own happiness for sake of that person."

He was angry, her words wrung true in his ears. She was right you can't force someone to feel something, but he was never an honest playing immortal, he would have whatever he desired. And she would forever remain his possession whether she wanted to or not. Chaos smirked. "You are staying here with me, and to show you that your wonderful and loving boys are all going to parish trying to get to you. So when they do there will be nothing left for you, and you will gladly remain here with me and live out your life as my mistress."

"What?" Akane brow's arched in confusion.

Chaos waved her over and pointed down into his pool of humanity. "Take a look."

Akane stepped forward cautiously and peered down into the water seeing Ranma, Ryouga, Ukyou and Shampoo who she didn't really know at all walking through some rather intimidating and frightening woods. "Ryouga," She said in a whisper, then looking up at Chaos. "What are they doing here?"

"Most likely coming to rescue you, but they won't get very far."

"You don't know Ryouga very well, he can get here and rescue me."

Chaos laughed hard and loudly. "Oh right, Mr. Gets lost in the blink of an eye, sure he can get here." He was very sarcastic, and he saw Akane flush.

"He can! You'll see. Ryouga will save me!" Akane's fists were clinched tight at her sides.

Still laughing Chaos sat down on the edge of the pool. "Let's watch then, shall we."

'Please Ryouga come and save me,' She thought to herself while looking down into the water.

Hearing a strange loud high-pitched noise, Ranma and the others stopped short and a large towering serpent like thing slithered out from the woods.

"Ranma, a big, big snake!" Shampoo shouted.

Ranma jumped back as the snake attempted to strike him. It didn't hiss like normal snakes, it opened its mouth and screamed loudly, his fangs dripping with green venom which dripped on the ground and sizzled the leaves and dirt.

"How do we get around that?!" Ryouga shouted gesturing to the snake. "It's gonna devour us alive!"

"And it can't die, remember?" Ukyou said.

The serpent dove at the group once more snapping it's mouth at them, and the mortals scattered a bit out of the way of the strike. Ranma rolled a bit before looking towards more of the woods, the trees actually looked a bit promising and he got an idea. "I have just the plan, this will work."

"What plan Ranma?" Shampoo shouted over at him.

Ranma jumped up. "There's no time to explain." He ran towards the snake and jumped up and down. "Come and get me you big slimy, disgusting, thing." He waved his arms wildly in the air and the serpent screeched and charged for him. Ranma ran through the woods with the serpent on his tail, several times it snapped at him and Ranma had to jump away quickly or else he would have been snake food.

He wasn't sure if he could use any of his special techniques on this creature for there was no way it would be stopped. It was probably best to save all his energy for the battle with Chaos that he knew was coming up, there was just no way that the immortal was going to give up well without killing him anyway. Ranma looked up and jumped far up onto the branch that seemed to tower over the giant beast of a snake and looked down sticking his tongue out again. "Nah, nah."

The serpent on que slithered up the tree faster than Ranma had anticipated and snapped at him, knocking Ranma off the branch he was heading towards the ground. He reached out and grabbed one of the extended branches on the way down and pulled himself like a gymnast over it. The serpent wove in and out through the many branches following him. Ranma flipped down from the branch and landed on the ground, the serpent still hot on his tail.

Ranma then ran at quick speed heading back towards the path and towards the group, the serpent not far behind, it was again snapping at his heels. He then started running around in circles around one of the tree trunks, the serpent of course following him. It was wrapped around the tree at least three times, the fourth time Ranma ran around the tree trunk, he jumped through one of the loops that the serpent's long body had made the head of course following, he did this a few times. And finally he ran towards his group who were all waiting back on the path, the serpent still following after him. He had just reached Ukyou when the serpent was about to sink its teeth into him was whipped backwards. It tried to snap out at him but it couldn't go any further, its tasty treats were but a few inches too far.

Ryouga kicked it in the nose, it squealed and the four of them just continued on their way, with the serpent still trying to snap at them, it screeched and hissed but the mortals kept on going onward.

Akane along with Chaos who had been watching the whole time was jumping up and down excitedly. "Did you see that, Ranma beat it and he didn't even have to use any fighting techniques! That was probably the best thing I have ever seen, he was so great!" She pointed down into the water, she did not see Chaos clinching his fists tightly, so tightly that he was leaving little half moon circles in his palms from his fingernails.

"Why that no good…" He grumbled.

"See they will come for me and nothing will stop them, from what I have heard and just now witnessed," Akane was grinning. "Ranma will kick your sorry ass."

"Enough!" Chaos whirled around facing her. "That mortal will not defeat me, it will take more than just tricking snakes to defeat me. I can assure you I will not go down easily! I will make him suffer!" His voice thundered off the walls.

Akane rolled her eyes. "I wonder if the other Gods were this ridiculous." She said quietly. "I bet Aries was a lot more intelligent than you are when it came to his battles, rather than just sending snakes out."

Chaos growled. "Aries! I tell you true Akane, without me Aries wouldn't have battles!" His voice tinged with resentment.

She crossed her arms in front of her. "Gee someone sounds a little bitter."

The four of them came to the edge of the forest and just beyond the woods was a large volcano with a castle cut out into the side of it, the points and towers of the castle stood tall and proud and not to mention intimidating.

"This must be the place." Ukyou was staring up at the towers. "It would be bad if it decided to erupt on us."

Ryouga felt a sense of dread while looking up at the Volcano which was spurting out gasses and pieces of magma rock. "I sure hope Akane is all right."

Silently in his mind, Ranma was thinking the same thing as they all cautiously headed towards the castle. Ryouga wondered why there weren't any guards or soldiers around, everyone else also had that same idea but they did not voice it. Ukyou did not have her family heirloom spatula on hand because of that no good immortal snapping it in two, if only she was better prepared with even her smaller weapons.

"Why aren't their any guards on duty?" Ryouga asked quietly not able to hold it in any longer.

"I think the reason for that is there is no need for them, since not many mortals come here, it would be a waste." Ukyou said to him.

The four of them finally stood in front of two very large doors, they seemed to reach on up for miles.

"How get door open, it look heavy to open by self." Shampoo thought out loud.

Ranma was about to step jump up and grab the large iron bar when the door creaked open all by itself. "It looks like they are expecting us."

"Gee what gave you that idea, Ranma?" Ryouga said sarcastically while rolling his eyes.

"Quit the wisecracks Ryouga and let's go." Ranma was not about to get into another argument with him as he was first to step into the red carpeted hall, up on the walls that stood on either side of them were red and gold tapestries, several doors that led to rooms and who knows where else. Just ahead of them, they could see a staircase that led both up and down. The group continued to walk and as soon as they got to the middle of the hall, the large front doors slammed shut and they could hear them bolt.

"Well I guess there's no turning back now." Ryouga gulped feeling a little nervous, he walked with the rest of his party until they got to the staircase. "So which one do you think leads to Akane?"

"Perhaps split up, yes?" Shampoo asked as well as suggested.

"Good idea," Ranma said and pointed to Ryouga. "You Shampoo and Ryouga go down stairs and Ukyou and I will try up."

Ryouga shook his head. "What! I don't want to go with her! What if you find Akane before I do?!"

Ukyou groaned and grabbed Ryouga by the front of his shirt. "Who cares who finds her first you jackass! We just need to get her out of here!"

"All right!" Ryouga bellowed as he pried Ukyou's fingers from his shirt. "No need to get hostile."

"Who's hostile?" Ukyou sounded innocent. "I'm just tired of hearing your whining, we all want the same thing, no one is more important than the other in this case."

Ryouga couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Whatever, come on let's go." He said to Shampoo and started going towards the entrance of the castle.

With an irritated grunt, Shampoo grabbed Ryouga by the arm and dragged him towards the staircase. "Stupid boy go wrong way."

"Ow! Hey watch it, you're holding my arm a little tight." Ryouga complained as Shampoo was pulling him down the stairs.

Both Ranma and Ukyou looked at each other and shrugged and together without the arguing they headed up the stairs.

After what seemed like forever, Ranma and Ukyou finally reached the top, they were both quite out of breath.

"I don't think I've ever climbed so many stairs in all my life." Ukyou said as she rested a bit up against the stone wall.

"Shh, do you hear that?" Ranma could hear music playing softly in the distance, it was that of a piano, soft and pretty. There was only one door up here at the top of the stairs. He couldn't help but feel drawn to the beautiful music so without really thinking his hand reached out for the doorknob, but Ukyou seeing him dazed slapped at his hand.

"OW!" Ranma shook out his hand as it stung slightly from Ukyou's hand. "What did you do that for?"

"Ranma, you were doing it again. Please don't forget why we are here?" Ukyou couldn't believe it, would he honestly forget what his mission was. There was only one way to make sure that didn't happen. Ukyou turned the knob herself and pushed open the door and what she saw was Discord sitting behind a grand piano playing it. "You."

Discord did not show on her face whatever it was she was thinking, she just plainly said. "It is rude to lurk in door ways, so either come in or leave."

Ukyou looked back at Ranma who's brows were arched and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him inside the room. "Aren't you even curious as to why we are here?" Ukyou said to Discord who just continued to play her pretty piece.

"No, I know exactly why you are here. But it does not matter, for you see no one can beat my brother." Discord's tempo slowed a bit and then picked up quickly.

"That's not true," Ranma approached the black piano, "We were told that you know of a certain weakness of his."

Discord's hand came down on a wrong chord and it sounded more like a blunk, she sighed and pulled her hands off the keys. "It is possible, I mean no one is safe from weakness, we all have them, even the immortals. Fate's of course is betting, as I'm sure you know first hand." She smirked at Ranma. Discord crossed her legs and glanced down at her fingernails. "But I am certainly not going to tell you my brother's weakness, what kind of sister would I be if I did that?"

"But I thought you loved trouble?" Ukyou leaned against the side of the piano with her arms folded in front of her. "And it would sure cause a lot of trouble for your brother if you told us his weakness."

"Oh I do love trouble," Her eyes seemed to light up with the very thought of causing trouble for anyone. "And if its one thing I like to do is irritate brother dear, but I'm not going to help you." Discord said with a snotty tone in her voice. As she stood her pale blue gown cascaded down towards the floor, the hem of her garment touching her golden sandled feet, she moved towards the window, looking out it.

Ranma had to get through to her to help them, he wanted the advantage over Chaos, if he didn't have it, there was no way he was going to get Akane back. He would have to do something he had never done in his entire life. Beg.

He took a deep breath, pushing down his pride. "Please, won't you help me?"

"Why should I?" Discord's question was directed to Ranma even though her eyes were plastered to the glass window.

"I know my mortal life is insignificant to yours, but, Akane is like…well…I need her." He blurted out. "She is my life, haven't you ever felt that before. Felt something so deep that you just had to do whatever it takes no matter what the outcome is, to try and find a way to prove that love that one special person." Ranma looked down, at his feet with regret. "I know I had done a stupid thing, making that wish. Saying I never wanted Akane in my life. And now when I finally have a chance to tell her exactly how I feel, and prove to her that it is I who will love and not take her for granted, someone comes along steals her away."

Discord turned around, expressionless. She headed towards Ranma stopping directly in front of him. "You really care about her that much? To die for her if it came down to it?" Discord lifted her hand and lightly threaded her fingers through his bangs.

He nodded. "Yes I would, and you have my word on that."

Pulling her hand back and cradling it against her bosom, Discord smiled lightly. "Very well then, I will tell you." She took a step back from him. "Chaos's weakness is his pride, if you break down his ego and squash it. You can defeat him."

"How do we do that?" Ukyou said with slight disappointment, there was no way that would work. From what she saw it was a near impossible task to break down any of that immortal's pride.

Discord shrugged. "How should I know? I just know his weakness, it's up to you to take this knowledge and apply it."

"Come on Ranma, let's go find Akane." Ukyou turned and headed out of the room, with Ranma following after her. As he got to the doorway, Ranma turned around.

"Thank you." He said with a smile and then closed the door behind him.

The immortal giggled. "Good luck, for you're definitely going to need it." She tossed her hair and sat down at her piano and once again her fingers glided along the keys.

Ranma made his way with Ukyou down the stairs heading hopefully in the right direction, right now he felt just like Ryouga. He had no idea where he was; hopefully the pig boy was having better luck than he and Ukyou were.

Shampoo and Ryouga were approaching two more tall doors which were slightly arched at the top, they were painted red and gold, and had brass rings instead of door knobs. Ryouga reached and pulled it open, the door surprisingly was easy to pull open, the door creaked as Ryouga opened it wide enough to allow himself and Shampoo inside.

Just ahead of them was definitely the throne room, he and Shampoo were standing in the doorway of a gray stone room. There was the immortal Chaos standing in the center of the room, Akane was there too, but she was standing up on a slab of what looked like slate, next to the throne and tall basin of some kind.

"Ryouga!" Akane yelled over at him, she tried walking forward but ran into some kind of barrier, she slammed her fists against it and all it did was fizzle and pop. "Ryouga get me out of here."

Ryouga's heart fell into his feet. "Akane, don't worry. I'm here now."

The sound of Chaos' bitter laughter filled the room. "You think that you've won her back just by getting to the throne room, I think not little mortal. You have no idea what you are up against."

"Let Akane go right now!" Ryouga threatened. "Or else there will be trouble."

Chaos approached Ryouga slowly. "Oh there is already trouble, you and your kind trespassed into my realm, trying to steal back what rightfully belongs to me." His eyes narrowed slightly in bitterness. "And I just can not allow that."

Ryouga couldn't help but feel a little intimidated by this guy. "Hey! Akane doesn't belong to you. You don't deserve her!"

"Yes I do, It is you who doesn't deserve her." Chaos shouted.

Shampoo sighed. "Girl no belong to you, girl be free to love who she want."

Chaos turned his intimidating stare upon Shampoo. "You stay out of this, stupid wench."

"Shampoo no stay out of anything, Shampoo defeat you now." She took her fighting stance, her left foot slid behind her and she turned slightly to the side, her hands clinching into fists.

Ryouga had enough and he charged for Chaos as did Shampoo…

Ukyou was running down the stairs with Ranma; they were even skipping steps on the way down. They came to the landing and saw another long hallway, but at the end of the hallway were double doors and they were open. They could hear fighting from within in the room. Crashes and sounds of pain and agony were coming from the room.

Hearing Akane's scream, Ranma raced towards the room.

"Chaos!" Akane yelled, as Ryouga was thrown to the ground. "If anything happens to him, I…I don't know what I'd do."

Chaos was grinning like an idiot as he slowly walked over to Ryouga, stepping on his chest. "He shouldn't have tried to beat me, no one can." He stepped down hard on the boy's chest. "I am invincible."

Ryouga's was groaning in pain with the amount of pressure that Ryouga felt on his chest, he grabbed the foot and tried pushing it off him. Taking a quick look at Shampoo she was knocked out and up against the wall. "Shampoo, wake up!" He grunted out.

"You pathetic human, to think you can match my strength and power, you are nothing."

Feeling his chest crushing under the force of his opponent, Ryouga's other foot came up and kicked Chaos upward with a hard thrust sending the immortal airborne. Ryouga then rolled over clutching his chest, trying to breathe easier.

"That was a lucky hit," Chaos said with a chuckle as he flipped down from the chandelier he had been launched upon.

"It wasn't luck," A masculine voice said from the doorway.

"Ranma!" Akane shouted excitedly, her tone expressed she was relieved and happy to see him.

Chaos turned and found Ranma leaning up against the door. "What did you say?"

"I said it wasn't luck," Ranma was glancing down at his fingernails. "It's skill, I mean you can't expect to know everyone's moves, some things are very unpredictable. In fact you might not be able to detect what I am going to do."

"Nonsense, I know what you are going to do."

Ranma waved his hand in the air rather nonchalantly. "No, there is no way you could. Now if you were perhaps a stronger God, like lets say Apollo, now he could anticipate any move from any opponent."

Chaos grunted, annoyed. "What, that worthless sun God, you have got to be kidding. He's got nothing that I don't have."

"I bet you can't even throw a good enough punch, that even a baby could do better." Ranma said walking into the room.

"What?!" Chaos's voice boomed around them. "I dare you to say that again."

"Why should I, I mean you are obviously not that important. Chaos oh no, I'm really scared. There was a reason why you weren't wrote about in mythology, its because you don't have what it takes, you aren't important enough."

The immortal threw his hand in the air. "That's not true, I am greater. I am!" He looked at Akane. "You know that I have an immense power, I can do anything."

Akane looked towards Ranma who signaled to her to play along by waving his hands in the air. Akane grinned, her eyes moving back to Chaos. "I find that hard to believe, you don't seem all that great to me. Kind of a reject in the world of Gods if you ask me."

"I totally agree." Ukyou said to Ranma. "If he was any kind of a God he would have already killed us by now, talk about not having what it takes."

"No I," Chaos pulled out his broadsword from its holster, and he turned towards Ranma. "I will kill you, you have gotten in my way for the last time mortal." He charged Ranma, but not really having the confidence to really make an impact, he still tried to strike, but Ranma simply thrust his foot up kicking Chaos hard in the face sending him backwards, the immortal slid across the floor.

"I am not beat yet!" Chaos jumped up and ran towards him.

At the last possible minute, Ranma smashes his fist hard into Chaos, shouting out one of his specialized fighting skills. "Kachü Tenshin Amaguriken" With a speed that one could not really see, he thrust his fists at least fifty times into the immortal once again, then kicking him in the chest sending him to the ground. This time Chaos did not get up, he felt completely useless, his self esteem completely shattered.

The barrier that kept Akane back fizzled out and disappeared, Akane cheered. "Ranma! You did it!" She ran towards him and threw herself at him, hugging him tightly, who couldn't help but smile at her praise.

Ryouga who was helping up Shampoo was watching both Akane and Ranma and when she ran to embrace him he looked away from the scene. There was a popping sound and Lady Fate appeared out of no where. She noticed that throne room seemed to be in pieces, and with a smile on her face she looked down at the beaten Chaos, he was simply staring up at the ceiling.

"Will he recover?" Akane asked, now standing next to her.

"Yes he will, there is no need to worry about him, he'll be back to his old brooding self soon enough." Lady Fate answered and then looked at all of the mortals. "I shall return you all to the mortal realm, if that is what you truly wish Akane do you want to go home?"

Akane clapped her hands together once. "Oh yes, please." She sounded so excited and before she knew it, they all had appeared on the lawn in the back yard of the Tendou's house. Lady Fate stood back from the group, it looked like they wanted to talk amongst themselves especially with how Akane was thanking both of Ranma and Ryouga for rescuing her.

"I wouldn't have done it if I didn't care about you," Ranma said to Akane and she flushed, and turned her gaze towards the ground.

She felt just a little uncomfortable with how they were speaking to one another out here in front of everyone, but Akane knew it had to be said. "Well I care about you as well, in a strange way I suppose. For some reason I feel a certain closeness to you and I can't explain it—"

"Akane?" Ryouga interrupting her by having tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around, he couldn't help but feel very depressed with what he was about to say. He knew there was no way he could ever compete with Ranma and he seemed to really want to be with Akane, and she was so confused and torn between the two of them, that he would make the decision really easy for her. "I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed living here with you and your family."

"Ryouga? I—"

He waved his hand in the air interrupting her. "Please just let me say what I need to say without you interrupting me, if you keep doing that... I'll never get out what I want to tell you." Ryouga saw her close her mouth and fold her hands down in front of her. "Akane, I know I haven't always told you and I didn't do a good job of showing it, but I…I really do have deep feelings for you." He looked her right in the eye. "Akane I love you and I know I can never compete with Ranma here, he has feelings for you too." He noticed she was confused. "I can't be selfish, I don't want to hurt you anymore. So I am going away, for a long time. Who knows if I'll ever come back." He timidly reached over and covered her hands with his. "I just wanted you to know that and to perhaps think about me from time to time."

Akane was speechless and she felt the tears start to swell in her eyes, he was leaving, Ryouga was going away. A certain feeling of hopelessness and loss surrounded her entire being. She watched as he turned from her, walking slowly away. Her arm stretched forward as she seemed to reach out for him. "Ryouga…" her throat was constricting and his name sounded light and squeaky. "Ryouga," She said more firmly. "Ryouga! Don't leave me!" she cried out, Akane saw him stop suddenly and she ran towards him, tears cascading down her cheeks "Please don't leave, I…I couldn't bear it. Please!" Her voice raised an octave.

Ranma's heart fell into his feet as he saw this; he couldn't find the words to even interject.

Ryouga turned around. "Akane…" he said in a soft sigh. "I really should go, I would only be in your way."

She shook her head violently and reached down and grabbed his clinched fist tightly in her hand, pulling it close to her heart. "Ryouga, I need you."

The often lost Ryouga looked over Akane's shoulder back at Ranma and he could see that his rival was upset with this, but Akane was begging him to stay. He didn't want to always be fighting for her love, especially with someone he never could beat. "What about Ranma?"

Akane held onto his hand tighter. "He's just a friend…I love you Ryouga, I always have. You can't leave me now. Not after all that has happened, please don't go."

To Ranma that one word 'friend' felt like a punch in the face, they were just friends? No, Ranma couldn't not accept that. She was in love with Ryouga!? No, no, no! It was supposed to be himself, not Ryouga. No, not Ryouga! Ranma felt so sick, he kept down whatever was threatening to come up and twirled around to Lady Fate. She too was watching the scene curiously. "This is wrong."

"What was that?" Lady Fate's eyes shifted to Ranma's.

"Please do something, I can't loose her to Ryouga." He moved closer to Lady Fate, standing a few inches in front of her.

Lady Fate looked back over at Akane and Ryouga who were talking. "I can't do anything about this. This is her choice, she didn't choose you. There is nothing I can do for you, except tell you to move on. Find someone else."

"NO!" Ranma too looked at Ryouga and Akane, her eyes were closed and Ryouga was leaning closer to her. He tore his gaze from them. "Please, can you change it back? Can you change back the realities?"

The immortal laughed, hard. "And why would I do that? This was what you wanted, you didn't want Akane in your life."

"I…I didn't mean it." Ranma said with his eyes closed tightly. "I didn't mean it at all. Please change it back! I will do anything, just please I want things to go back the way they were. I want her back in my life; I want Akane back as my fiancé. I just want her back! Please change it back, change it back." Everything started sounding far away and fuzzy, Akane and Ryouga's conversation was fading into nothingness. Now the air around him felt thick and as he opened his eyes and blinked a few times all was pitch black, his eyelids felt heavy. He was lying on something kind of soft, and he heard a muffled sound next to him. Turning on his side and focusing on the sound, which now resembled snoring. His eyes were getting used to the darkness and he could see the large furry thing sleeping next to him and bolted upright, the blanket falling to his waist. He looked around and recognized the room that he had shared with his father in the Tendou's house.

"It was a dream," Ranma said out loud to himself, or at least he hoped it was a dream. He jumped up from the futon and ran to the door and pulling it open in an almost violent manner. Running down the hall and came to the first bedroom door and wrenched it open. Ranma was neither quiet nor cautious as he practically threw himself inside the bedroom, he quickly approached the side of the bed. He sighed with relief as he saw Akane nestled snuggly in her blankets, her dark hair fanning out against her light pink pillow, she had a soft smile on her face. Feeling every emotion attacking him at once he sank to his knees at her bedside. "Thank God it was only a dream." Ranma lightly closed his eyes and hung his head.

Akane's brow crinkled, she was being roused from her restful slumber for there were loud noises in her room. She softly groaned and opened her eyes. It didn't take long before Akane's eyes focused in the darkness and she saw Ranma in her room, 'What is he doing in here!' She thought angrily. Acting first Akane lifted her hand and it flew through the air towards his face she was surprised when Ranma's hand had come up and caught her wrist a millisecond before her palm made contact with his cheek. She was shocked! "Ranma?" she whispered. He lifted his head, his eyes finding hers in the darkness of the room. Akane noticed that he appeared really distressed so she sat up a little more. "Ranma, what's the matter?"

"You're here." He whispered softly.

She glanced around the room for a moment and then her eyes met his. "Of course I am, where else would I be?" She lifted her free hand and rested it gently against his forehead feeling for fever. "Are you feeling all right?"

He shook his head. "No." His face flushing slightly. "You're not in love with Ryouga or anything, right?"

"Of course not," She couldn't help her confusion, Ranma simply shifted he leaned closer and rested his forehead against her mattress. "Ranma, what's wrong?" Akane was looking down at the back of his head, really worried. He had never acted like this before, she also noticed that he did not remove his hand from around her wrist. "Please talk to me."

"It was terrible, we didn't know each other and you were in love with Ryouga." He said sounding a little muffled since his face was imbedded into the mattress. "There were immortals and they tried to take you away."

Akane thought a moment everything clicking and couldn't help but smile lightly, she pulled her wrist from his hand then lowered her palm to the top of his head. "Ranma."

He lifted his head, looking up at her his emotions were very evident in his blue eyes. "I had tried everything but you still left me."

"It was just a dream, it wasn't real." She cautiously cupped his cheek in her palm and he seemed to lean into her touch she couldn't help the tiny blush that stained her own cheeks. "I…I wouldn't leave you."

"It felt so real, I couldn't bear it if I lost you, to anyone." His gaze did not waver from hers.

Her heart thundered hard in her chest. "Ranma…do you even know what you're saying?"

"I know exactly what I am saying." Knowing she would probably clobber him if he attempted this, but he was going to risk it. He moved off the floor and sat down next to her on her bed. Akane tucked her legs closer to her and she swallowed hard. "Akane, I care about you too much to let anyone come in and take you from me." He saw her eyes widen, a lot.


"I have been stupid Akane, I know I have." He interrupted, his hands taking hers. "Just tell me, I have to know… Do you…you know…l…love me?" Ranma sounded so vulnerable and he didn't know what he was doing or how she would react, but he had to know. He just had too.

"Boy, Ranma that must have been some dream," Akane said uncomfortably, she didn't know if this was just a trick so he could crush her heart again.

Ranma grabbed her hands a little tighter and pulled her closer to him. "Please Akane, just answer the question do you love me? Because I am so in love with you."

Akane's jaw dropped, "Ranma…I… What has gotten into you?" She couldn't steady her pulse it was just raging hard. Him admitting anything like this was just plain bizarre, why was he doing it?

"Fear, Akane. Fear of being without you; that is what has gotten into me."

"I think you need more sleep Ranma, that's what I think." She tried to shift away from him, but he only pulled her closer and Akane swallowed hard. "Ranma!"

"Shh, do you want to wake everyone up?" He whispered.

She quickly shook her head no. "I just didn't expect you to ever say anything, especially that you…you know?"

"What, love you?" He smirked lightly and he saw her nod.

"You've always teased me before, like when I am going to say something concerning how I feel, you always act like a jerk and make me feel bad for it." She tried to shrug away from him, but he wasn't letting her go.

Ranma nodded. "I know, I didn't realize what I had been doing, but you are also to blame, being violent at times. Trying to injure me when things clearly are not my fault without giving me time to explain." He let out a breath. "It seems that we both have a lot to learn about this whole relationship stuff, but I wouldn't mind learning it if you were with me. You know?"

"How do I know this isn't one huge trick?" Akane asked cautiously, her eyes narrowing with suspicion. "How do I know you aren't going to go nah, nah and make fun of me any second now?"

Without giving it a thought, Ranma pulled Akane to him and covered her mouth with his. Neither of them moved, just held the moment. Akane's eyes were wide with shock, yet they fluttered lightly and gently closed. She slowly pulled away from him.

"Ranma…" She purred lightly. "I…I…" Akane couldn't form a coherent thought, Ranma didn't give her any time to think about it, for he moved quicker and kissed her again. She did nothing to stop him. Ranma's fingers were in her hair, angling her head a bit. He heard her soft moan as he nudged her mouth open, Akane's arms quickly went around him, clinging as unsurely kissed her, his tongue gently caressing hers and she grabbed onto him harder as he grew more confident, moving his mouth hotter and stronger against hers. Akane moved and was pressed back against the mattress and her pillows, still clinging to him, she shifted and her thighs fell open and Ranma seemed to fit perfectly between them. She groaned at the contact of his still clothed body against hers.

The need for air was becoming much too strong and Ranma tore his mouth from hers, he was breathing hard staring down into her beautiful chocolate gaze. "Akane, do you love me?" he was breathless as he nuzzled the spot where her shoulder and neck met, lightly caressing the spot with his lips. Akane nodded.

Her arms weaving around him, holding him to her. "Yes, yes Ranma. I do. I do love you." She couldn't help the soft noise she made with Ranma kissing her like that, her eyes slid blissfully closed as she felt his mouth take hers once more and hands move over her and to the tie that kept her pajama top together…

Unknown to them, were the two figures that were watching them through Akane's window. One of them sighed.

"I think I've seen enough." A man said and he turned away from the sight.

She sighed watching the two mortals. "It really is for the best you know." She sounded understanding.

"She's going to be hard to get over, that's for damn sure." He said with a slight hint of depression.

There was a feminine giggle. "Aww just give it a century and you'll be fine." She waved her hand in the air.

"I suppose this means I actually really lost the bet." He leaned on his hand upon a little black cloud. "Which also means there is no way you would become my wife."

"Oh Lord Chaos, I wouldn't necessarily say that now."

The dark, handsome lord turned to his lady fair. "Oh? Would you care to enlighten one such as I, Lady Fate?"

Lady Fate twirled around, her silver hair spinning wildly with her. "Perhaps there is still a chance for us, you never really know." She leaned forward and tapped him on the nose then moved away from him.

He grinned and turned to catch up with her, as they simply walked together upon thin air "In the meantime, how about another bet?"

"I think I'm taking a break from betting." She said sounding exhausted.

"Oh but wait, listen to this." Chaos reached into the thin air and pulled out another scroll, "This might change your mind…" He unrolled it and said. "This mortal I think we could have a lot of fun with. His name happens to be Harry James Potter, and there is some wizard that is always trying to kill him, but by some sheer luck he always escapes with his life. It could be fun, what do you say?"

Lady Fate thought a minute it was an interesting case, but then she waved her hand in the air and said. "Nah, I don't think so."

"There's a girl, a young girl, his best friend in fact and well it could be love?" He suggested.

The silver haired immortal looked at Chaos slyly. "Hmm, perhaps I should give this a little more thought." Her eyes twinkled with merriment.

Chaos felt that this might just be fun and the two of them continued on their way to the immortal realm. "Oh I can see it now…"

Well that's the end of A Simple Wish, I hope you all enjoyed it. I really do, this fanfiction has been so fun to write and all your wonderful reviews have really encouraged me. I thank all of you who have been through this with me every step of the way. Thank you all so much.

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