Note- With all the various endings I have taken my favourite. Revenant is set if Revan had been male, on the light side and in love with, and saved, Bastila. Part1 is set just after the starforge has been vanquished, but not all is well...


Part one- open wounds.

Soft wind, full of the scents of salt and iodine, blew up the silvery sand of the beach. Even on this nameless planet, now named Rakatan by the Republic, beauty is present everywhere for those who seek it. The wind's gentle breeze blows sand grains off the dunes making up the coastline. Behind the dunes a massive temple stands decaying and ancient, but it now bustles with activity, music and people. The sounds of a party in full, noisy swing drift out across the sea, it's one hell of a celebration. But not all those invited are there.

A figure stands in the middle of the beach staring into the distance, as a handful of sand trickles from a clenched hand. The wind from the sea picks at its robes but that too is ignored. Behind the figure, a gentle clicking and quiet tattle of grains falling onto a hard surface is heard, but the gaze never wavers from the horizon. Silence for a few minutes, and then.

The Beach

"Question: Master, why have you left the victory celebrations?"


"Puzzlement: I do not understand. You have destroyed the Starforge, killed Malak and brought back Bastila from the darkside... I do not understand why you have isolated yourself this way master. The other meatbags are annoying but civil. They all see you as the saviour of the Republic. Master, why are you not pleased?"

"Who am I HK?" The figure drops its hand to its side as the last of the sand trickles from it. "What am I?"

"Question: I do not understand master. What is it you are asking of me?"

Turning with a deep sigh, Revan observed the deep red Assassin droid standing a few meters from his side. Everything about the robot, from its demeanour to the very force flowing from it, reeked of the darkside... Something he had created with his own hands.

"A simple question that could very well mean everything," he turned to look up the beach at the distant crowd of people. "Or to some nothing."

"Statement: I do not understand master. You are the dark lord Revan. You were redeemed by the Jedi and are now the Jedi Knight Revan." HK47 watched as Revan clenched his fists. "Question: Is it your name that bothers you Master?"

Revan barked out a laugh filled with bitter amusement and HK47 stepped back in surprise. Still laughing, Revan turned back to the beach and the far horizon.

"Not as such no. I'm more concerned with everything else that makes me who I am. I can live with being called Revan," Glancing behind him for a second Revan's face clouded over. "It's if others can stand seeing me free and, happy, if that's the right word."

HK47s audio sensors picked up the bitterness in his masters voice. With a few seconds of processing, his advanced AI routines engaged. A suggestion that further conversation may not be the best option was created. Turning away from the lonely figure on the beach, HK47 strode quietly back to the party. Some meatbags, especially on occasion his master and creator, needed to be alone. But he stood guard on the other side of the dune, hidden from Revan.

You could never know when a Sith assassin may spring up from under the beach, a Lightsabre clutched in his teeth. Secretly, HK hoped it would happen, he'd done far too little killing and it was getting on his nerves.

The Party

Mission looked up from the large drink clasped in her hand and wrinkled her forehead as her eyes passed across the party guests. For an open air do, the republic sure knew how to throw one hell of a party. She looked over to where Canderous and Zaalbar were playing a bastardised version of Tarisian ale arm wrestling. She grinned. Both were up to eight pints each and, despite some slight slurred speech, both seemed to be going the distance.

Canderous was grunting and his, still impressive, muscles were bulging along the whole of his arm. Zaalbar sat opposite, his vast hand-paw wrapped around Canderous's hand, and mission could see the muscles also under there bunched tightly. She sniggered and watched as each groaned and, in Zaalbar's case, growled trying to find purchase. One a Wookie, the other Mandalorian, both however were men and so... so... predictable.

Sipping her drink, she cast her eyes across the platform again. Carth sat at another table, a bottle of liquor opened and a quarter consumed in the middle, engaged in conversation with his son. Mission had decided not to get involved with that little problem. Carth had entered into the discussion with that look, one she knew very well indeed. It was almost tragic, his lost son found and yet to Carth's horror raised as a Sith. No, she didn't want to even contemplate what words were being passed across that surface, no matter how civil it appeared to be from her vantage. She watched as Carth motioned with his hand over some point only to have it gently yet firmly pressed to the table by his son, who then muttered something in return. Carth looked unhappy and shook his head, Dustil frowned and the talk began again. Yes, definitely something she didn't want to get involved with.

Sipping her drink again she watched Jolee laughing and chatting with Master Vrook at the buffet table. To his great surprise, Jolee had been asked back to the Academy on Dantooine, once rebuilt, to become a Jedi master. Vrook, obviously wanting to understand more about Jolee's opinions of the council and objections to the Jedi code, had come over as soon as the party had begun and engaged the old man in conversation. Indeed, as she watched the two old men quietly spar over the various parts of the code, dining forks replacing sabres and grins playing across both their lips, she wondered if either had ever had as much fun.

Getting up from the chair she'd slumped into with her, now half full, drink; Mission wandered across to lean against the parapet. The booze was going to her head and she didn't want anyone telling her to go to bed like some kid.

Fresh air slithered across the stone and Missions eyes drifted softly along the wall until they fixed on a figure crouched softly in a shadowy corner. Her eyes focused slowly on the corner and she started as two feral yellow eyes shone from the shadows with amusement.

The shape smoothly stood up into the form of a muscular and tall young woman and stepped slightly into the light. As it did so Mission gently walked along the wall, one hand gripping the stone for support, and winded her slightly wobbly way towards the Cathar.

Juhani raised her eyebrows at Missions approach and shifted her position slightly so that she could offer the young Twi'lek a supporting arm.

"I see the celebrations are getting too much for you." She purred gently, a smile playing across her face revealing a hint of the feral incisors underneath.

Mission snorted indignantly and waving her drink around attempted to stand upright.

"Don't be daft Ju, I'm fine." She managed, stumbling slightly until Juhani's steadying hand snuck under her own and held her upright. "I came over to talk to you y'know. I was quite happy sitting over there." Again, the drink sloshed slightly over the rim. "But I came over cause you seemed to be away from everything else. You okay?"

Juhani smiled at Mission's bleary expression of concern. Steadying the Twi'lek, she reached out with the force and yanked a soft chair over from a table. Gently, she pushed Mission into the chair and perched gently on the side.

"We Cathar do not, associate well with large groups such as this. It makes me uncomfortable to be prodded, poked and slapped on the back... too much like my time in the slaver pits I'm afraid. I prefer quiet contemplation over our victory, and our possible future losses."

Mission frowned as Juhani's unhappy tone slipped past the blurring effect of the alcohol.

"What losses? Revan's still here and managed to beat the hell out of their so called Lord of the Sith and he managed to bring Bastila back y'know. So what losses are you talking about?"

The Cathar sighed and kneeled gently in front of Mission. Picking up the drink set in Missions lap, Juhani placed it on the floor.
"My dear, have you looked seriously around at the party?" Mission frowned and shook her head. "Then I suggest you look once more. It does not take someone with my skills to see we have lost a great deal in this battle, most of it unseen."

Nodding, Mission looked once more around the courtyard. A large number of guests were dancing to music from a band of republic soldiers while others drank and engaged in quiet discussion at the bar. She could see a group of the alien keepers standing chatting to a republic diplomat with the help of another Jedi. Puzzled, she turned back to take in the whole crowd and suddenly felt a cold chill pass over her. Turing back to face Juhani she felt the joy that had bubbled inside her slowly shrink.

"Where're Bastila and Revan?" She managed, feeling slightly sick. "This is all for them so where are they?"

Juhani stood once more and gracefully slid herself back onto the arm of the chair.

"I know where Revan is and despite that I am concerned over his state of mind." She paused wondering how much to burden Mission's youth with. The fact that she had seen as much as Juhani had on this quest made her unburden herself. "Revan is... withdrawn. Did you see him at the award ceremony, fawning and nodding when they gave us the medals? I could feel his happiness at the time, but now I'm not so sure it wasn't an act, for the council as well as us."

Mission watched the Cathar's face slip into a troubled frown. She looked around at the party and shrugged.

"I don't understand if he is. He should be happy, if not overjoyed. He managed to defeat the Lord of the Sith, managed to turn Bastila from the darkside and annihilated the Starforge." She grinned and stifled a snigger. "Besides, from the way those two snuck off when they thought I wasn't looking means the Hawkll need a nursery."

Juhani sighed and shook her head.

"Revan is, troubled, Mission. I cannot help him but I feel it all the same. He left as soon as the awards were finished and wandered off. I am concerned, he has doubts about a great many things." She paused and looked around for a second before continuing in a hush. "Remember that Revan had to kill Malak, a friend and trusted apprentice while he was the dark lord. He told Carth and Bastila that he could not turn him back."

Mission goggled at her.

"How'd you know Revan tried to turn him away from the darkside?" She paused for a second and another thought entered her mind. "For that matter why'd he bother? Surely he knew Malak would never have turned away. I mean he blew up my home planet for Taris's sake!"

Juhani felt Mission's anger burst out of her and a small part of her agreed with all its heart. "I am a Jedi." she thought inwardly, slowly. "There is no emotion, there is only peace."

"I understand your anger, Mission. However you must consider how Revan felt." Mission began to splutter in protest but Juhani silenced her with a gentle look. "Revan was much more in tune with the darkside than Malak ever was. It was Revan's fault that Malak turned to the darkside, his fault that the Starforge was found and restarted, all the deaths of Jedi and republic soldiers who have fallen are on his shoulders." She paused and sighed, shifting on the chair arm. "More importantly he feels it his burden that Bastila was captured, tortured and turned to the darkside."

"But she was brought back! He brought her back, he loved her and she felt it." Mission felt torn between anger and sadness. "Okay so he created Malak for sure, but Bastila was NOT his fault. He loves her, anyone could see that."

Juhani nodded.

"I agree that he loves her still. Loves her with all his heart. But however hard he tries he cannot feel anything but responsible for her downfall." Juhani sighed. "Even if he did save her, redeemed her, his guilt remains, however unfounded."

Mission sat quietly in her chair, all thought of partying gone from her mind.

"Bastila could..."

"Bastila is also part of the problem. She has become insular and repressed. Did you see her at the award ceremony." Mission nodded. "Then you remember that she was quiet then and also stood away from Revan as far as possible."

"But why? She loves him too. She told us his love saved her from the dark in her heart. I remember that."

"She returned to the Hawk after the ceremony and has not returned since. But that does not concern me as much as what I sensed from her as she boarded the Hawk." Juhani got up form the chair and paced backwards and forwards. " I felt her guilt Mission, it almost overwhelmed her at the ceremony and it's been getting darker since. Even now," She waved her hand at the Hawk in the distance. "I can feel her despair flow from that ship even now. It hangs over the hawk like a dark shroud."

Mission swallowed.

"Y, you don't mean she's…"

Juhani shook her head.

"No, no. This is a different kind of darkness, the kind that comes from despair," Juhani stopped pacing and looked at Mission. "All I feel is her guilt. Overwhelming guilt that she fell that she tried to kill Revan even as he tried to save her. As if that was not enough, Bastila also feels she failed at the duty the Council placed her with. However the most important thing to her, is that she feels she betrayed Revan's love."

Mission felt tears sting the corners of her eyes.

"S'not fair. Can't they have just one break in this life? Okay, so Rev was the most evil guy, like… ever. But he's changed! An'… and so Bastila fell, so what! She's his reason for goin on, like big Z was for me." Mission looked up at the Cathar angrily. "Can't the universe give em just one, one damn break?"

Juhani watched Missions struggle to suppress her anger, unused to the drink fuelling it. Juhani laid a supporting hand onto her arm.

"I have high hope Mission, hope that they will eventually be together once more. We just need to give them time."

Mission nodded and wiped away her tears.

"I know, it just seems so unfair for both of them. Revan especially. I thought Bastila became kinda his entire reason for fighting the darkside."

Juhani sighed and, standing up, smiled at Missions young face.

Don't be too sad Mission. We did win a great victory for the light, and we all came back alive. I am… certain things will turn out for the best. Now, you seem to enjoy these celebrations more than I do. I suggest you take this chance while everyone is heralding you as a hero and seems to have forgotten your age to get even more drunk." Mission blushed as Juhani glanced at the glass of alcohol in her hand. "Find someone you like and dance as much as you want."

Mission smiled slightly and got up slowly, the booze did seem to be having a slight affect after all. But she could handle it.

"Is this advice from a noble Jedi?" She looked round and saw that Zaalbar and Canderous were now deep into a drinking contest. "I suppose I can. It's the first time anyone's really treated me like an adult y'know… I could do with another drink I suppose. Y want to join me Ju?"

Juhani shook her head.

"No thank you, Mission. I think I may just go and find a quiet spot to meditate in." She smiled at Missions puzzled expression. "It's one of our, how did you say once? Our odd Jedi ways."

Mission paused for a second; Juhani seemed so lonely, yet wanted to be alone. 'Must be a Cathar thing.' She shrugged and then grinned at her.

"Well, your choice I suppose. See you back at the Hawk later yeah?"

Juhani nodded and gracefully walked across the sunny courtyard while Mission watched her go. Only after the Cathar had vanished into the foliage did she turn back to the party.