Hermione sat in her desk in charms and frowned. Where was everyone? Class had started almost ten minutes ago and even the teacher wasn't there yet. She pulled out her class schedule…maybe she had gone to the wrong class.

She ran her finger along her color coded class list and her frown deepened. No, this was right. Charms – third period. Odd. Come to think of it she hadn't seen any other students yet today. She had figured it was because she had come twenty minutes early to catch up on some reading, but maybe she was wrong. Maybe something had happened to them.

She quickly packed up her books and slipped out of the classroom. She ran down the hallway towards the great hall. Maybe there was a memo she missed and they were having an assembly. She scanned her brain for any talk of classes being cancelled, but she couldn't remember anything.

She stuck her head into the great hall. She blinked in confusion. Where was everyone. The great hall was NEVER empty like this. There was always someone working, or eating, or something.

Suddenly she heard footsteps rushing down the hall. She spun around and saw a flash of black clothe disappear around the corner.

"Wait!" she called out. "Where is everyone?" The footsteps just continued.

Click-click, click-click, click-click

She ran down the hallway after them. She spun around a corner and slammed into a wall.

"What the…?" She stared at the bricks in front of her. There had never been a wall here before.

"Uh, excuse me? Mr. Wall? Would you mind moving so I can get through?" she asked politely, shaking her head. She was talking to a wall. Suddenly the wall disappeared and she saw Ron sitting on the floor, staring at a…computer?

"Ron, what are you doing?" she asked, confused. She hadn't even thought he knew what a computer was.

"Saving Harry," he answered simply. "Here. Your turn." He got up smiled at her and walked away. Wait. His teeth were green.

"What? Ron…" he was gone already. She shrugged. Ok then.

She sat down in front of the screen and gasped. There was a mini Harry running away from a dragon, screaming.

She frowned, it must be a stupid computer game. She clicked the escape button.

She was bowled over suddenly by Harry flying out of the computer.

"Oh, thanks Hermione. I got to go now. Bye." He walked away.

"What…HARRY!" He disappeared. He had been wearing a…she shook her head, a dress. "I must be hallucinating."

She looked at her watch. Her next class was astronomy, and since she didn't feel bad, she figured she might as well go. She walked up to the foot of the staircase and listened as she hear a faint noise slowly getting louder.

"WEEEEEEE!" She jumped quickly out of the way as….

"Malfoy!?" She screeched, her eyes widening.

"Hullo Granmoine," he giggled. "Get it? Its Granger, and Hermione. Granmoine!" He burst into a fit of laughing as she stared at him.

"What in the devils name are you wearing!?" she asked. Or not wearing she thought to herself. The Slytherin King himself was sitting right in front of her in vibrant pink boxers and a sock. One sock. It looked…home made.

"Why are you wearing one sock?" she asked, and then blinked at the question. He was, or rather wasn't wearing, THAT and she was asking why he was wearing one sock. She was going mad.

"Oh that. I ran out of wool," he answered casually, shrugging.

Suddenly he grabbed her wrist.

"Shoot! Look at the time! We're late!" He screamed.

"Late? Late for what?" Hermione gasped as he began to drag her down the hallway.

"For class Silly goose."

"Silly WHAT? And I have astronomy!" He stopped and glared at her.

"What are you swearing for? I haven't done anything to you!" he pouted.

"How was I swearing? And you've done tons of things to me. You called me a mud blood. You punched me. You call my friends names. You stole Harry from me…" 'Wait she thought. 'He stole Harry? No he didn't. What…'

"I have never," he said with as much annoyance as he could, being half naked. "I would never do that to you. You're my best friend! And me and Harry were over years ago. I thought you were over that. Though I can't remember what happened with that…or what happened while that…huh. I can't really remember anything except…Duck."

"What!?" He grabbed he wrist again.

"Come on, we have to go." He dragged her quickly out of the school towards the lake. There they stopped in the middle of a large group of students of all ages. Dumbledore stood before them.

"Now," he was saying. "Can anyone tell me the proper way to start a duck chase?" he asked calmly, looking around. The students muttered among themselves before Draco raised his hand.

"Mr. Malfoy?"

"You must start a duck chase, by deciding whose duck it is. If too many people chase it, it will get scared and turn into a butterfly…and who wants to chase a butterfly?" There was a general murmur of agreement. Hermione stared around in confusion. What the…

"Alright then. You must decide whose duck it is. Begin," Dumbledore commanded. Hermione shrank back outside of the group as everyone began shouting.

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"MY DUCK!" came a final voice. All of a sudden a red head plunged out into the icy waters after what Hermione was sure was a mallard.

Suddenly she found herself screaming and running after him. She ran past Harry, who stared at her like she was mad. She thought she probably was, but at the moment it really didn't matter. She ran past Draco and Ron who were one again arguing about whose duck it was.

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!"

"My duck!" She ran right down the dock and off the end yelling loudly.

"DUCK!" She stopped suddenly, finding herself paddling on the floor of what seemed to be a full classroom. She stood up blushing, and then began to stare at the classroom.

Everyone was wearing a sock on their head.

And Draco Malfoy was sitting in front of them all, still in his peculiar state of undress, holding, yes, it's true, knitting needles.

Suddenly she was washed over with a overwhelming feeling of deja vew. She shook it off, and continued to stare at the Slytherin as he began to explain the finer details in sock knitting.

"First, it's easier if you aren't wearing socks yourself, because if they see that you are making another pair, they get jealous, and we all know what jealous socks can do!" She watched in fascinated horror as everyone began to remove their socks and though them out the window.

"I'm going mad," she said loudly. "Bloomin' mad."

"Shhh!" Came a voice from beside her. "I'm trying to listen." She looked at Harry in amazement.

"Harry? What are you doing?" He looked at her oddly.

"Learning to knit a sock obviously. Where are your needles?" Her mouth worked, but no sound came out. The bell rang.

"Oh, come on Hermione, it's time for twisteroligy," Harry said calmly, smiling at her.

"Time for…what?"

"Twisterology, Hermione. You know the class where you learn about twister…" he was looking at her like she was stupid.

"Like, the game…Twister?" she asked numbly.

"Uh, yes. 'Moine, are you feeling alright?" he asked, placing his hand on her forehead.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine," she replied absently. "But what about Arithmacy?" she asked with a frown. Harry stared at her in Horror.

"Why are you swearing? You could be sent to Azkaban. You know as well as me that all …"his voice dropped to a whisper. "…academic classes were outlawed two years ago.

"WHAT!?" She fell into a dead faint. Her eye fluttered open eventually and she lay there staring at the…she sighed, nothing could faze her after that, yellow sky. She turned her head slowly as a voice chirped beside her ear.


"Hullo." She replied. Her life was over. No more classes? No more homework or marks or magic. No more….anything.

"So, you like your new classes?" came the mischievous voice from beside her. She turned to look at the small girl.


"The new classes. I thought of Twisterology all by myself. That's one good bit of writing that is." She smiled brightly at her.


"In this story, the twister…oh never mind. I'm Aevum, by the way. Well, do you think it's good… I…" Suddenly the girl eyes widened. "Uh Oh…" Hermione looked up and saw Harry and Ron, glaring at the small girl.

"Oh, hullo you too. Having fun?" she gave a weak grin up at them both.

"You little…"

"Weasley, no offence Ron…"

"Evil, none taken…"


"Hey, no need to get nasty," the girl frowned up at them.

"You are so dead!" They shouted together, lunging for her.

"Stop or I'll make you both in love with Snape!" she shouted, brandishing a notebook. They stopped dead, backing up. Then they turned to Hermione.

"'Mione, she's the one that did this. She writes things on that paper, and the world goes all screwy. She made me married to Goyle!" Ron shouted, looking at her.

"And she made me fall in love with MALFOY," added Harry. The girl raised an eyebrow at Harry.

"No, no dear. I never did that. I made you marry him. You came up with the love this all on your own thanks." Harry just glared at her.

"You? You did this?" Hermione whispered.

"yes…" she replied, shreaking as Hermione stole her pencil.

"Why you little WORM!" Aevum set off at a run, with the three in hot pursuit.

"Thank goodness I always have a spare," she muttered to herself before shouting back to the three. "OK, OK, I'll change it back."

She once again scribbled something on her pad of paper and everything was back to normal. Draco was, sadly, dress, the teachers were teaching again, the mallard was safely back in Canada, and all the classes were back on schedule.

"We'll get her, we will," muttered Harry.

"In love with MALFOY Harry?" Hermione asked, turning towards him.


Laughter drifted down from the sky. "I think the lady doth protest to much," came a whisper on the wind.


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