This is just something I wrote while bored. It doesn't mean I'm done with my other story. I don't own Ranma ½. And yes, I know this is a very bad story, but I am very bored.

P-chan made his way up to Akane's door and tried to nuzzle the door open, but it was locked. Inside he could hear Ranma and Akane talking.

"Are they supposed to be that small, Ranma?"

"Well, Ukyo said they're the perfect size. She mentioned something about not being as messy. I wasn't really paying attention."

The little black pig's eyes narrowed. 'How dare he! First he has the nerve to take Ukyo's innocence, then he brags about it to Akane! I can't allow it!' He was about to ram the door when they resumed their conversation.

"I'll bet. Anyway, it tasted pretty good. I'm not sure what Nabiki has against it. I was surprised when it exploded in my mouth. It was really slimy, but a little sweet and kinda crunchy!"

If it was possible, P-chan's face turned green.

"I told you not to put the whole thing in at once. If you're not careful you could choke, or worse, it could come out your nose. But you had to pop it in there!"

"Well, let me try again. It's so soft! Is it ready?"

"I dunno, give it a squeeze."

"Owww! My eye! Why didn't you warn me?!"

Ranma was laughing, "How was I supposed to know it was going to do that? I don't have any control over what happens when you handle it!"

"Darn it, it's all over my shirt now. Oh well, it's only a workout shirt. Can I try one more time?"

"I guess so, but watch out this time. With your luck there's no telling what might happen."

P-chan couldn't contain his anger anymore. Sure they were engaged, but that's not the same as being married! He took a few steps back and charged through the door.

Akane quickly spun around. "Hello my baby! Would you like to try some cherry tomatoes Ranma grew?"