It was everywhere.

She was covered in it, but it wasn't hers. She couldn't get it off, it was all over her.

Her hands were dripping with it. Her clothes were stained with it. It was all around her and she couldn't escape from it.

She looked down at the source of it all. The bleeding body filled her entire vision. She saw every detail of his blood splattered face His teeth ground together and his eyes were squeezed tightly shut in an effort to relieve the pain. His brow was contorted in agony and her heart clenched at the sight of him.

She saw the clenched hands clutching at the fresh wound in his chest, the blood oozing out between the fingers. She saw the long black hair fanned out underneath him, many locks of it matted with the horrid red liquid.

She tried to speak, but she had no voice.

She tried to move, but she had no control over her body.

The boy before her lifted one hand away from his injury and attempted to reach out to her. She saw him struggle to open his dark eyes in order to see her.

She still couldn't move. She could only watch.

The hand reaching out towards her soon lost its strength and it tumbled back to its owner's side. The muscles in the boy's whole body relaxed and went slack. He was de-

"NO!!!" Kagome screamed as she bolted upright in her bed. She panted heavily for a few minutes, uncomfortably aware of the cold sweat dotting her forehead and cheeks. She glanced at the room around her.

A few of the other orphans stirred in their beds, but unusually, none of them were awakened by Kagome's loud outburst. Kagome ignored them again and turned to the window by the side of her bed.

The boy's face haunted her. All of the blood...all of the pain...

Glancing at her dim reflection in the dirty pane, Kagome watched as a lone tear streaked down her right cheek.

"No..." she whispered, still thinking of the boy in her dream. "Not again...

"Not another one."


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