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---Bad Chocolate Kisses---

Chapter One: A Bad Run In with Confections.

Valentine's Day;

Mokuba bounded happily into the empty pastry shop, his older brother in tow. Seto sighed having to close down the pastry shop to all other customers so that they wouldn't get mobbed was something that was getting really old. But to see his brother at least a little happy made Seto's icy glare soften just a little. A tiny smile made it's way up his frozen lips.

Mokuba was the only person in the world other then himself that he cared for...

The lady leaned over the counter to see the little form of his brother.

"That one there!" Mokuba pointed with a big toothy grin.

"Is that made of chocolate?" Seto asked quickly walking up to come stand beside his little brother, putting a protective hand on his shoulder.

"Why yes it is Mr. Kaiba, milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzle."

Seto's brows drew together as he excused himself and kneeled down beside his brother. Deep blue trench coat fanning around him,

"What did I tell you about chocolate Mokuba?" Kaiba said a little gently.

Mokuba's looked away from his eyes and muttered, "I can't have any of it... But WHY?" he burst unhappily, blue-gray eyes burning into his older brother's.

Seto shook his head with a little smile "It makes you crazy, now why don't see take home some marzipans and petit fours?"

Mokuba folded his arms across his chest "I have never eaten it before how do you know it makes me crazy Seto!"

Seto sighed seeing that his brother was going to test his patience today.

He stood and began to order when Mokuba stopped him again. He was sick of Seto being like this, he loved his brother yes. But today he just didn't feel like being told what to do.

"But nii-san!" Mokuba cried, he inwardly cringed knowing that he was whining. But the snap of icy shards did not come. The brother that was now looking down at him seemed somehow different, it was the smile or maybe his eyes.

They seemed slanted almost, darker... And the smile was almost maniacal,

"Mokuba do you really want that chocolate cake?" he purred softly. Mokuba felt something icky fall to the pit of his stomach.

"Yes I do." Mokuba heard himself say, before he knew it Seto and turned back to the lady.

"NO! I MEAN NO!" Mokuba cried tugging at his brother's trench coat, but Seto was talking to a lady about a giant box of chocolates. Mokuba felt his insides begin to squirm, as Seto looked down for the second time in the last five minutes. He remained still very calm and right away Mokuba knew that something was very wrong.

"It's too late my dear brother she is going to wrap that pretty cake and we are going home together and each eat a slice. Or would you rather share?" Seto whispered leaning his cheek on his hand.

Mokuba's frantic whimper grew quiet, as his breathing grew still. This wasn't his brother, this couldn't be him. That look it...

"Here you go!" the saleslady cried and Kaiba took the confection box and handed Mokuba the giant chocolate heart box. Mokuba took it with a sigh and followed his brother out of the store and into the street. Where the dark limo lay idle waiting for the Kaiba Brothers to return...