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Serenity roamed around the upstairs for the first hour, quivering that Mokuba was going to come back and drug her with that preposterous chocolate… Seeing that there was one door at the end of the hall that she had not checked, she began to walk down slowly listening to even the slightest noise. All her muscles tensed, her fragile little mind wrought with the hopelessness of the situation…

A hand suddenly grabbed and pulled her into the nearest doorway, she squealed kicking madly.

"By gods woman don't kick so!" Yami Bakura cried spinning her around his dark brown eyes stunning her into a quick stillness.

He smiled "Surprised to see me here? That fool of a Hikari is drugged, I had to take over for my host's sake." He purred his eyes locking with her own.

Serenity knew that this wasn't Bakura and she also knew that this side of him was not to be crossed, slowly she wet her dry lips and spoke.

"Where is Kaiba?"

"Downstairs in his office overlooking the wedding preparations, you would be surprised what he looks like. Though I do think his Yami is having a wonderful time, Seth was always such a little bastard after all. It is time that he loosened up…"

Serenity was surprised at his language and her innocent eyes grew wider, "By Anubis don't look at me so Serenity Wheeler! Go and see your silly little friends they are at the end of the hall in that room." He then pushed her out of the door and into the hallway.

Before he closed the door she asked him "Why are you here?"

"That is none of your business. Oh and I'm warning you about that room at the end of the hall, knock before you enter." And with that he shut the door, the mansion then descended into silence once again…

Now more confused and curious then ever she crept down the remaining length of the hallway till she came to the ornate doorway, knock she hastily opened the door and screamed before falling into a faint onto the floor.

Something more painful then Merrick in pink was Yugi and Tea having a make-out session on Seto Kaiba's million-dollar bed…

Meanwhile out in the garden Seto Kaiba stood on the stage, the place that the Fairy king would be united in the holy sacrament of marriage… It was wonderful! HE squealed with delight as Mokuba perched on his shoulders looking out at the garden, watching everything slowly coming together before his eyes, he too was humming the song fromWinnie the Pooh, planning that the Wedding March should be replaced with it. It would make the wedding so much more beautiful.

"What about that song my dear Fairy Prince?" he asked when he had finished humming the tune.

"Without the words it is sweet, Sire." He said quietly, Mokuba was slowly tying a pair of devil horns on his head and he smiled.

"Sire I am no Devil."

"Yes you are! Mr. Confection has told me that you are not the real Fairy Prince, that the pretty boy will be angry when he finds out… Is this true? Are they two of you in the same body!"

Seth didn't say anything for a long time "Indeed it is your Highness, or why else would this be happening, after all I did give you that cake did I not?"

Mokuba made a little noise of approval "You are right the Pretty Boy is very picky after all… And you are very different from him… I like you better…" Mokuba ran his fingers through his brother's sweet smelling hair and sighed.

"Are you going to go away?"

"Only if you want me too. Seto can't get rid of me anyway, I intend on bothering him as much as possible…" Seth's smile grew wider. He reached up and took the Fairy King from his soldiers.

"Do you understand why I did this?" he whispered calmly into his brother's ear…

Mokuba's wide stormy eyes looked earnestly into his only brother's "T-to teach me a lesson…"

"The things that we always want and cannot have are sometimes denied to us for a reason. Seto knew that you were very strange under chocolate and I decided that it was time for you to learn to appreciate how much he does for you…"

The spell of the Fairy King broke and Mokuba collapsed into tears, the tears that he had been holding back for days that slowly turned into weeks, months and finally years. Seth pulled him into a soft embrace, and slowly like a glaze dripping onto a chocolate cake everything seemed to fade away…

Seto Kaiba opened his eyes for the first time in what seemed like ages, he was lying face up, spread eagle in the warm soft, grass of the garden. He sat up his head pounding, and looked down to his horror.



An hour later when Kaiba had changed out of his skimpy revealing pink outfit, he had kicked Yugi and Tea out of his room, stripped his bed and threw the sheets out over the balcony. Which landed on Joey's head who was walking from the kitchen with a tray of tea/ cakes for the two captives in Kaiba's room.

He snapped out of his spell as the Butler and a moment later a pair of bloodshot swollen eyes opened for the first time in almost two days.

"I'm BLIND!" he screamed dropping the rare British china set onto his foot and wailed as the Bromley tea burnt a hole through his Armani tuxedo. He then fell over and rolled himself into those sweat filled sheets…

Tea and Yugi had managed to pry themselves away from each other and were standing at opposite ends of the upstairs floor. Merrick fell off a ladder in the garden and woke up to find that he was dressed in an orange taffeta shirt with tight white leather pants.

The second earth-shaking scream jarred Bakura the King of Thieves out of his robbing the Kaiba Mansion. And his Hikari emerged the bag of loot dropped, the confused foreigner walked out of one of the room and down the stairs to go help Joey who was crying like a wounded animal, trapped in those foul sheets.

As for Serenity, Kaiba nearly threw her over the balcony when Mokuba had stopped him, after putting her down… She and Mokuba walked over to Tea and Yugi prying them from their respective walls each terrified now too move…

When all had assembled downstairs, Kaiba came out of his room and looked down at the pathetic lot of people that had somehow managed to get into his sacred mansion meant for only he and his brother.

"From now on NO MORE BAD CHOCOLATE KISSES!" he cried loudly.


With that there was an angry slam of a door, Mokuba turned waving goodbye to all of his friends as the servants lead them out. When he was sure the door had shut he ran up to his brother's door and knocked.

"Come in"

Mokuba opened the door and there was Seto sitting on his bare bed in a great anger.

"All my Duel Monsters are gone, I think I burned them." Seto whispered looking distraught.

Mokuba bounded up onto the bed and leaned his head on his brother's shoulder.

"Thank you for being my Big Brother Seto." Mokuba whispered warmly. Seto forgave Mokuba if there was anything to forgive him about…

And for once, in a very long time a tiny smile drifted over Seto's rosy colored lips.


But somewhere deep in him, he wondered what had happened? What or who had caused this all to happen… He didn't want to ask Mokuba, because he was going to cancel all the appointments for the wedding. Merrick had even began to send out invitations… It was going to take him weeks….

And all the carpentry and fabric had to be sent back…

Sighing he ruffled his brother's hair and chuckled.

"Turning into a real Kaiba aren't you?"

Mokuba giggled and smiled.

Everything was going to be fine… Wasn't it?

Seto couldn't shake the feeling that there was something that he was missing here…

Something about him…


The End.