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Chapter 1

In the midsts of a dark looming forest stood a great tower. Once it had been white in color, but now it was a dark grey with age. All around it lay an aura of both good and evil, neither had more dominance than the other.

"So, they have awakened," a feminine voice said from somewhere close . Yes milady," replied a masculine voice from the same area.

The voices originated from atop the tower. In the darkness of the forest the woman was mostly hidden, all you could see was from her knees down. What was actually seen was the bottom of a long flowing white dress, which stopped as it greeted the ground.

The male was clearly seen however and he looked demonic in almost every sense. He was made of flame from head to toe, with fiery wings folded on his back. His figure looked well muscular and he seemed to be around six foot five.

"They are undoubtedly heading to the palace," the female said.

The male nodded, "It would not surprise me milady."

Sighing the hidden female said, "You know what to do Firan."

Firan bowed, "Yes milady." He jumped off the tower and flew through the forest.


An eighteen year old girl looked about her surroundings curiously. The teen has brown hair, mid back in length, with four inch blue tips. Her eyes are a soft blue with determination and wonder clearly seen in them. Her attire consisted of all white; a long sleeve shirt, skin tight pants, a mini skirt on top of it and white boots that stopped just a couple of inches below her knees. This girls name was Era Waterstrife.

Era was an ancient water demon, but was remarkably young. This was only so because she had been sealed into a crystal where she had slept for five thousand years. That time would have been longer had her greatest nemesis not escaped from his dormant state. But because of the millennia's of slumber both beings came into the world not knowing a common speech. Era forced herself to learn it, she even got help from her new found friends, but she was still sketchy when it came to speaking it and often found herself reverting back to her native language.

Era and her friends, the Spirit Detectives and the two remaining members of the Shinobi, were on a quest to find the ancient shrine of Eralasea (Era-la- see-ah), Era's goddess. There they hoped to find some kind of an item that would help aid Era in the fight against her greatest nemesis; the extremely powerful shadow demon Van-Gareth (Von-Gar-e-th).

She had revealed to the group not too long before that she had only beaten Van-Gareth because he had underestimated her. With each encounter Era had with the beast of shadow he became more knowledgeable of her capabilities, which put her in grave danger because he was less likely to underestimate her. With her being put in danger the fate of the all three worlds (Human, Demon and Spirit) were put in danger as well.

Era alone held the fate of three worlds in her hands.

She looked over the great plain before her. On the quest to the forest they would need to pass through the plains, the looming snowy mountains just beyond it and what ever lay over them. This journey would be harsh, both her and her friends knew this fact.

Her friends were close behind; she had run ahead of them to scope out the terrain. She sometimes heard a call of her name but she paid little heed to them knowing they would find her soon enough.

She took a few steps into the plain before turning around at the call of her name coming from a few paces behind her. She found that it was one of her, teenage looking, demon friends who had called her. He has light blue eyes and hair with four green spiked bangs on his left, which covered that eye partly . He wore a dark blue T-shirt, black fishnet underneath it. Around his waist lay a purple sash like belt with a purple stone that had golden trim around it as a buckle. Beneath it were his semi baggy blue pants that stopped a bit above his ankles where tan colored tape was wrapped and on his feet black slipper like shoes.

Era smiled, "'ey Touya."

The ice master smiled back, "Hey." He walked up to her side and looked at the landscaped ahead, "We have to go over those mountains don't we?" he stated more than asked.

Era nodded but remained quite. Another teenage looking demon came into the clearing, through a different way however; he came from the air and landed in front of the duo.

"'er you are," The demon said happily in his Gaelic accent. He had deep blue eyes and bright red hair. A small horn sat between his forehead and the crest of his head, it could be seen rather well in his wild hair. A small fang lay atop his bottom lip on his left. His attire consisted of semi baggy white pants, a blue sash like belt with a gold trimmed red stone in the middle, the same stone was on both his elbows with a black band underneath it and tan tape ran down from his elbows to his wrists. He wore no shirt, instead he wore two, two inch, straps that crossed on his back and on his chest. His foot wear was a thin piece of black material that was open only at his heels, sides of his feet and at his toes.

"Jin," Era said with a curt bow of her head.

"Urameshi an' the others are coming," Jin told them.

Once again Era nodded her head. She looked to the great mountains with determination, but a small feeling of fear tugged at her from the back of her mind. She did not know these lands, she did not quiet understand these times either. After all she was frozen in a crystal for five thousand years. However she knew what she had to do in order to save every living organism that existed in this particular time period.

As the sun came out from behind the clouds and shone down upon the ancient water mistress she smiled. It was warm with the sun now shining, good traveling weather for the group to be in. However that would change once they reached the mountains.

A moment later four teens walked into the plains. One of them had spike up black hair with white streaks in the front and red eyes. He wore black pants, boots, a blue tank top, tape covered his entire right arm and on his forehead was a white bandana.

A red headed boy was next to him. His hair was mid back in length, slightly spike at his neck, and his green eyes shown with wisdom. His attire consisted of tan pants, black shoes and a red jacket over a short sleeve white shirt. A brown backpack lay over one shoulder.

Slightly in front of the two was a boy with black hair, jelled back, and brown eyes. His cloths consisted of black shoes, green pants and a green jacket buttoned up all the way. His hands sat inside his pockets lazily.

The last teen was just behind them all. He had curly orange hair that came to a rounded point just after his forehead and brown eyes. He looked muscular, much like Jin. His attire consisted of white pants, black shoes, a black belt and a white trench coat over a white tank top. A black bag hung lazily over his left shoulder.

"Era you really want the group to get smaller don't you," the boy with sleeked back hair said jokingly.

Era giggled, "No 'usuke."

The red headed teen smiled, "She doesn't need to do that Yusuke, the group has already found ways to split itself up. Don't you agree Hiei?"

"Hn," Hiei, the teen with spiked up hair, responded, "Why do you bother to ask Kurama when you already know the answer?"

"Sure, no one ask Kuwabara," the teen with orange hair mumbled.

Kurama turned and looked at him, "Did you say something Kuwabara?"

Kuwabara sighed and shook his head, "Never mind."

The group had indeed dwindled down from fourteen to seven. Two of the members had gone back to the Reikai (Spirit World) to do research on the area in which they were heading. One other, an ice maiden, had been taken back to the safeties of her ice village. Four others had decided to go on ahead when the group had stopped for a short while in a village to re- supply on necessities. They planned to meet them nearer to the forest; they had figured that smaller groups would be easier and safer to travel in.

Era smiled and started walking farther into the plains; the others were just behind her. If they traveled quickly they could reach the mountains in five days.

Now the group is off. Who were those people in the forest Oo What's going to happen to the gang as they cross the plain?

Find out in the next chapter.

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