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Chapter 33

The group coughed on the mist that smelled of the dead and felt as if they had been dropped into artic waters. Even Touya felt a shiver run up his spine, but whether it was from the cold or the fact that he felt as if he were being dragged into the River of Styx he wasn't very sure.

Just as soon as the feeling came, it left. Opening their eyes the group found they were back in the shrine, the goddess and Firan were still beside them and Era lying motionless on her stomach some yards away. Her hair lay strewn, covering any traces of her face, and her cloths were torn and dirty looking.

"Era," Touya gasped and ran over to her, worry plastered on his pale face.

"What just happened?" a confused Suzuka asked.

Not even the wise Kurama could muster an answer that seemed to make sense with all that had happened. They should have fallen victim to the mist as the ancient stories had said, but somehow they had not, even though it had come strait out at them. It didn't seem possible that even the gods could have stopped such a demise from occurring.

"The battle has ended," Firan stated clearly and easily, as if what happened had not bothered him in the slightest way.

The spirit detective looked from Era to him several times, "You mean Era's the winner?" His voice sounded hopeful and relived that the hardship was now over.

"No," Firan replied, "I mean the battle is over."

This statement made little sense to the group. How could the battle be over, but have no declared winner?

Touya knelt down next to the maiden and gently took her in his arms. Her hair remained in her face, covering a great amount of her features, but it was carefully pushed behind her ears by the ice masters fingers. Her face seemed peaceful, too much so for one who had just fought in a battle as fierce as it had turned out. There were a few scratches that allowed blood to barely leak out, only one cut on her cheek was deep enough to allow a slow but seemingly constant flow of blood. Even her arms, particularly the one the wraiths had grabbed before the barrier collapsed, was covered in scratches and blood. Over all she did not look well, but nothing seemed life threatening, even as a whole.

Her appearance was not what Touya was overly worried about however, he was concerned if her system was still functioning as it should. Bending his head down he listened for any signs of breathing, but heard nothing. Panic would have entered his mind if it wasn't for the soft air brushing across his cheek, something he recognized as someone exhaling slowly and softly, as if in a deep sleep.

"Good," he murmured to himself as he sat up strait, a small but thankful smile on his face. She was alive, that's what mattered most him at the moment.

"Era cannot remain here," Eralasea said in a calm tone.

Not effect by this news in the slightest Touya replied with, "Then she can come with us, it's not a problem."

"That is not what she meant ice master," Firan told him, "Era cannot remain in this world."

Jin, who had been walking towards his long time comrade, stopped short and looked over his shoulder at him. "What'cha be meaning by tha'?"

"Era failed to complete the task which had been laid out before her," Eralasea spoke once again. "She had not been dragged down by the wraith as Van-Gareth had, but I think her fate is little better."

"Hey!" Shishiwakamaru seemed to be getting most upset. "She just beat the most powerful demon this world has come to known and you're saying she's no better off than that damned Van-Gareth!"

Neither of the greater beings seemed effected by this outburst. "She was not the one to defeat Van-Gareth."

"But she blasted him down into that- that- mist!" Yusuke struggled for the right word.

Kurama sighed unhappily, "And the wraith took him to the Reikai, if that is in fact where they take those they capture." He paused for a brief moment, "Wherever it is he will never be released, trapped between life and death."

A slight amount of fear came to be in Touya's light blue eyes. "What will happen to Era?"

Eralasea closed her eyes, "Only the god of fate can tell."

"But you're her god," Touya's voice became a bit louder as he became agitation. "You should be able to do something."

"I am sorry," Eralasea sighed.

"You're sorry? Is that all you can say?" Touya half yelled. "What kind of gods are you when you can't even aid those who love you most!"

There was no response from either of the gods. There was no answer to be given because his words were true. This, however, did not change the response given only moments before.


"No Jin!" the ice master cut him off, emotion beginning to flood his voice, as it had so many times since they had met Era. "Even if Era didn't single handedly defeat Van-Gareth that doesn't mean she should be killed, or have her soul tortured! She helped stop a menace to not only this world, but to all three of them! She helped save billions of lives! You can't tell me that means nothing!"

Jin was taken aback. Touya was not known to raise his voice, even if he was angry, but yet he was practically screaming now. It seemed as if with the coming of Era he had changed dramatically. He hadn't been as cold as Jin knew he was capable of, nor was he anywhere near jovial, but his personality wasn't as it once was, that much was for sure.

Tears were beginning to form within the ice masters eyes, causing his vision to go bury, but he did not make a move to wipe them away. His mind was reeling, his hands only remaining steady because they were supporting Era's unconscious form and a sharp pain was beginning to emerge from his chest.

"You can't tell me that!" he screamed as if to try a further his point.

Everyone was silent for many moments. No one knew what words to say, not even Jin, who had been around Touya for centuries and usually knew what to say or do around him, was at a complete loss.

How would it have seemed five thousand years ago, when the water demons still thrived, if a thing such as this had occurred? Would it have been acceptable? Or would people have turned their backs on the gods?

These were some of the questions going through the minds of those who knew little to nothing of the ancient ways. The fight was of legend, as was how the ending had come, but that did not mean much to them. The only one who could explain were the gods, who did not wish to share the information, and Era, who was currently unconscious.

Firan moved forward, slowly at first as if to alert the others to his movements, but came to a standard pace relatively quickly. His movements landed him in front of Touya, who was glaring up at him through his tearing eyes. Silently Firan placed his index and middle fingers on the ice master's forehead. Almost immediately Touya's expression became calmer.

"You have to let go," the fiery god told him.

As if being commanded Touya released his grip on the water maiden. Firan lifted her into the air with the simple flick of his free hand. Taking his hand away from Touya he used his energy to make Era fall into his arms gently. Her hair dangled over his arm, her face was still ever calm and one arm lay on her stomach while the other hung freely.

Despite Firan being made of flame he had not caused even the slightest amount of harm to either Touya or the maiden now in his arms. Without another word he moved towards the front of the room where the throne sat idly.

As if sensing his purpose the throne moved to the side and just behind where it once sat a long stone alter rose from the ground. Silently Firan placed the unconscious maiden on the alter and positioned her hands so that all her fingers were interlocked with the exception on her thumbs and index fingers, which where placed together. Her hands were then rested between her breasts. Her hair was placed beneath her neatly and her legs were put together. When Firan stepped away it looked as if Era was about to something, especially since her face was calm.

Everyone had their eyes on the alter, even the gods. A small flash of light emitted from the stone near Era's feet. Slowly the light began to cover her feet then her legs, hips and so on until her entire body was covered in the light. When it disappeared Era was no longer colorful or life like, it had, in fact, locked the maiden into a statue of herself.

Touya bowed his head, his tears solidifying and falling to the ground where they bounced and rolled to a stop. He made no sobbing noise, nor any noise for that matter, but his shoulders shook slightly and his tear gems continued to fall. Jin bowed his head in respect, holding back his own emotions. Everyone, including the gods, were bowing their heads to the maiden.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence and emotions ripping at their hearts Eralasea spoke, her voice calm. "All of you should leave now. You have been away from home for too long, you're families and friends must be worried about you."

Silently Touya wiped his tears away with his arm and got to his shaky feet. His tear gems lay on the floor, but he paid them no heed as he moved toward the alter. Firan made no move to stop him, instead he watching him, as if half curios, half knowing what was to come.

"Era," Touya breathed softly, too much so for even Firan to hear, as he gently ran his fingers down her stone cheek. He bit his lip to prevent his tears from flowing again, causing a small trail of blood to leak down his chin instead.

A gentle hand sqeezed his shoulder as Jin came to stand at his side. "Be a' peace Era," he said softly before placing to fingers to his lips, then touched them to her forehead as if to give her an indirect kiss there. With a sigh the wind master turned and walked away.

Rinku left his hat at the side of the alter, Yusuke left one of his wrists guards, Kurama a rose and Hiei his bandana (a sign of true respect). Everyone else left a final prayer.

Touya was soon left there alone once more, blood still trailing down his chin and throat from his lip. Tentatively he bent down and kissed Era softly on her slightly warm stone lips, leaving a small trail of blood. A tear found its way down to his nose and fell down to the statues face, not crystallizing along the way as it should have. With a final brush of his fingers across her cheek he took a step away from her, turned and walked from the room with a glace back just before he went through the doors with the others just ahead of him.

The doors closed softly by them, leaving only the gods in the room. Eralasea sighed, "So it has been decided."

"It would seem so Eralasea," Firan replied. For the first time he said her name and not 'milady'.

"I wonder how it will feel to be forgotten," Eralasea said with a faint smile, "To become nothing more than legend."

"We will find out soon enough," was Firan's reply with a calm voice, but even the goddess knew the idea did not sit well with him, as it did not with her.

"But we still have some time," Eralasea smiled softly, "Before such a fate befalls us."

Firan nodded and looked to Era. "Yes." There was a moment's silence, "Shall we be going?"

"Yes. Yes of course."

Firan waited until the goddess was at his side before walking past Era's statue and into the darkness from whence they appeared to begin the ordeal that was now of the past. If history was to ever repeat itself, as it usually did, they would not be around to see it and the ancient ways would play no part of it. The past was finished…

Or at least most of it was.


Touya sat looking out the same window Era had only weeks ago when they had been in the ice village. Snow was falling slowly outside, glistening as rays of sunlight hit them. It seemed so wrong that the sight should seem peaceful and beautiful when inside he was being ripped apart.

Opening the window Touya stuck his hand out, letting the snow fall on his palm until a small pile was made. He had once done this to give the cold substance to Era. She had loved the snow in her hands and had played with it until it had melted, but now she would never know another snowflake, nor would she know what he had been holding back from her.

With a pained sigh the ice master dropped the snow out the window, but left it open to let the chilling breeze blow by him. On normal occasions he would have found comfort in the cold, as it was his element, but now he found nothing in it. It could not console him as his soul ripped itself up into shreds, nor could it offer reassurance that things would go back to how they had been before the whole ordeal had ever occurred.

Era had brought him something he had not had since a child- happiness. Her horrible English had made his smile and her cute little ways of doing things had made him feel at ease with the world, something he most definitely hadn't felt since he had begun his training with his late master. It didn't matter that a great demon was wander about threatening to destroy everything he had knew. As long as Era was there everything seemed to be alright.

With a sigh the ice master closed the window and stood up. He was exhausted in all states, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, yet he could not find sleep. If he could he would lock himself up somewhere, but his friends kept a careful eye on him, something he wasn't sure if he should be thankful or resentful for.

He jerked back to reality as something smacked into the window. That something turned out to be a snowball, which was now starting to slide down the window, leaving a trail of water in its wake. Shaking his head he figured it was one of the children playing around, but when another one hit he came to think otherwise.

If it had been a few months before he would have opened the window and told the children to cut it out before they broke something, but he was not in the mood for it and so he turned and walked away.

As he sat down on one of the couches not far away a knock came on the door. With a small groan he lay down and closed his eyes, choosing to ignore whoever it was on the other side. This didn't work as well as he would have wanted it to however, as Yukina had answered the door and let the person in.

"Mister," the voice of a small boy said from right in front of him. "Mister Touya."

"What?" Touya groaned, not opening his eyes to look at the child.

"A nice lady wanted me to give this to you," a soft rustle revealed that the boy was holding out whatever it was.

Opening his eyes Touya came to something that was almost too familiar, Rinku's hat. Coming up to rest on his elbow he curiously took it from the boy, who ran off almost immediately. Silently he wondered if Rinku had gotten another one, but it seemed too worn to be new. Looking into it he was shocked to find everything that had been left behind at Eralasea's shrine, including his tear gems. Kurama's rose was in pieces, as it should be having been left there several weeks ago, but it was still in there.

How could these objects have left the temple? Even they had not been allowed back in after they had left because the guardians seemed to forbid it with their tight presence around its boarders. So how did they get here?

Something landed on his shoulder, causing his attention to shift from the objects in his hands to whatever it was. He was shocked to find the small golden wrymling sitting there comfortably as he had done so many times in the past. He hadn't thought he would ever see the tiny guardian again, as he had disappeared with out a trace after the battle weeks ago.

"What are you doing here Zeek?" The wrymling picked up his head and gave a squeaky roar.

Something was not right. Zeek was a guardian of the sacred forest, he shouldn't be in the ice village. He had figured out that the guardian had only come out of the forest last time to let Era know the gods were watching her and on the way back a friendly bond was created between them. But what would have brought him out this time?

There was no way Era could have been reincarnated because her soul had been locked in her body, which had been petrified. He thought a moment. The child had said a 'nice lady' had given him the hat.

But that meant…

With the flutter of his wings Zeek became airborne and made off. Touya quickly got to his feet and followed after the guardian, leaving the hat and what lied within it behind.

Wherever Zeek was going he was sure Era wouldn't be far away.

And so a great tale comes to an end…..

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She was once feared with such intensity that people in her time called her a god, but as always gods have their rivals. In her time a powerful clan called Deathriem reigned with an iron fist and was feared long before the female demon came to be known. The leader, a demon known as Dialgo, was also called a god because of his awesome power and ability to scare the great King Yemma.

The female demon was known to everyone as Eclipse, a name everyone shivered at upon hearing. Even in these days, three thousand years after her time, demons know her name and what she was capable of.

It was believed by many that she was sent to forever dwell in Limbo, a place where everyday pain would course through her body viciously. But not all rumors are true. In truth King Yemma found it safer to have her locked up in the deepest parts of the Rekai where she would be forever locked in a deep sleep. He felt that if he sent her to Limbo she could very well escape and cause problems because of her immense strength, which he found impossible to remove from her body. It is for that same reason that he could not simply destroy her soul. It seemed as if it was being protected by some unknown source, as was the body it resided in.

For millennia's the secret of her location had been kept from all but a select few and for millennia's security around her had never been breached. In fact it never will be.

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