Ok here we go the wedding. this would be the prologue. this is what happens in chapter 20 of the students of Naruto right before the starts. chapter 1 is hte stuff that is the actual wedding. sorry folks the first chapter is commming soon

oh yeah this has the song last train home as a songfic for this chapter enjoy!

The Wedding of Uzumaki Naruto

Prologue: Hurry Home!

To every broken heart in here

Love was once a part, but now it's disappeared

Rock Lee arrived at the Great Naruto Bridge to see Naruto and his students leaving. He dropped down from the air slowly and tried to catch his breath. That technique took a lot of chakra to use. "Hey (Pant) Naruto you'd better (Pant cough) come with me" Lee managed to sputter out despite fatigue

She told me that it's all a part of the choices that you're making

even when you think you're right you have to give to take

"Why what's up Lee?" Naruto asked

"Your wedding! You idiot it starts in less than an hour!" Lee shouted "Come on we'll get there my way"

"No way man" Naruto protested "I am not going to leave my students here"

But there's still tomorrow

Forget the sorrow

And I can be on the last train home

Lee walked over and picked Anna and Kai up and slung them over his shoulders "there problem solved you get the other one and lets GO!"

Watch it pass the day

As it fades away

"Hey you jerk put me down!" Anna screeched "I have no reason to be treated like this"

No more time to care

No more time, today

"Hey master Naruto can I ride piggyback?" Shiro asked

"We don't have time for this" Naruto said picking Shiro up and slinging him over his right shoulder. "Alright let's go"

But we sing

If we're going nowhere


Hinata was standing in the back room still nervous if Naruto was going to make it or not. There was a knock on the door and Hanabi walked in. Hinata's father had left to get some air so there were just the two sisters in the room. "Hey how's my big sister feeling?" Hanabi asked

Yeah we sing

If it's not enough

"Nervous as hell" Hinata muttered "But I think that I'll manage"

"You know it's not too late to back out of this" Hanabi teased and Hinata gave her a cold look.

"I am not that nervous" Hinata responded "So what is this I'm hearing about Konohamaru?"

"N-nothing" Hanabi sputtered looking down at her shoes "Me and him are just close lately"

"He proposed didn't he?" Hinata asked and Hanabi's head snapped up

"How did you know?" Hanabi asked

"Konohamaru told Naruto and Naruto tells me everything" Hinata responded "So what did you say?"

And we sing

Sing without a reason

To ever fall in love

"I haven't given him an answer yet" Hanabi muttered

"Why not?" Hinata asked

"I just don't know about anything and Dad is going to go Ape if he finds out and I say yes"

"Hanabi" Hinata whispered and Hinata looked at her sister "Do you love him?"

"Yes" Hanabi said "That's the one thing I do know"

"Then what's the problem" Hinata said turning around fixing her dress

I wonder if you're listening

Picking up on the signals

Sent back from within

"I just don't know what the outcome will be" Hanabi confessed

"Hanabi let me tell you a secret" Hinata said turning to her sister "I don't know about anything that will happen so I just let everything flow"

"Really?" Hanabi asked then she stopped and thought about something before continuing "You know I never really understood why you would care about someone so much"

"Sometimes you don't know why but you just care" Hinata said

Sometimes it feels like I don't really know what's going on

Time and time again it seems like everything is wrong in here

"Yeah I guess I know what you mean. its starts off small then he pops the question" Hanabi said softly.

"And you end up here" Hinata finished smiling. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Who is it?"

"Yo open up its Neji" the voice shouted from the other side.


Naruto and Lee were going as fast as they possibly could running on the air. They continued their pace until lee started to descend and hit the ground. Naruto dropped down gently before asking "You outta chakra?"

But there's still tomorrow

Forget the sorrow

And I can be on the last train home

Lee stood up and smiled "Yeah" Lee winced "What do you say we run the rest of the way"

Naruto smiled "Why not we could use a good challenge" Naruto said grinning his Fox-like grin.

Watch it pass the day

As it fades away

No more time to care

No more time, today

Lee and Naruto began running at their top speeds. That's faster than Naruto and his first date (Buwahahahaha I made a funny!).

'we should make it in time' Naruto thought 'and if we don't I'll never forgive myself time to turn on the afterburners'. with that Naruto sped up drastically and passed Lee who was already ahead.

But we sing

If we're going nowhere

Back to the bride

"Brother Neji please come in" Hinata said and her cousin walked through the door. "What do I owe this pleasure?"

"Just to say hi to my cousin before she marries the village idiot" Neji joked "You know it isn't too late to call it off"

"WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK THAT I WANT TO CALL THIS WEDDING OFF?" Hinata shouted in an evil voice. Her left eye was twitching. Hinata took a deep breath and calmed down for a second "Sorry about that"

Hanabi and Neji did an anime sweat drop. "uhhhh okay then I have to go check on someone" Hanabi said "I'll be back in a minute"

"Tell him I said hi" Hinata said smiling and Hanabi blushed. Hanabi left the room shutting the door behind her.

"I cant believe she fell for that moron" Neji said leaning against a wall "Or you for that matter I guess only the fools fall in love"

"That's such bullshit!" Hinata shouted at Neji. Neji snapped his head to look at his cousin shocked. He had never seen Hinata pissed off before. She had been angry from time to time but Neji had never really seen her pissed off. "I have a question for you Neji. When's the last time you talked to your son?"

"He's not my-" Neji began before Hinata cut him off again

"Don't you dare try to lie to me!" Hinata shouted "the boy has the Byakugan there no one else that Sayuri would ever want to be with anyways. Even after all these years she's never been with another guy. Trust me a lot of guys have tried too. Theres only one guy that she ever wanted"

Yeah we sing

If it's not enough

And we sing

Sing without a reason

To ever fall in love

Neji didn't answer he just turned away from his cousin. "I know you were in love once too!" Hinata shouted and Neji stiffened.

"I-I didn't love her" Neji said softly

"That is such bull! You loved Sayuri more than life itself" Hinata stated "Apart of you still does"

"So what!" Neji shouted back "it doesn't matter if I loved Sayuri it doesn't matter if I still do! First of all she is a commoner and I am a Hyuga. Because of that fact we could have never been together. Because things don't change!"

"You and you sad pity party for Neji! You were given a chance at love and you freakin blew it!" Hinata said "Did it ever occur to you that your destiny is not meant as a caged bird? Things do change Neji its up to you to make them into something"

Well we sing if we're going nowhere

Yeah we sing if it's not enough

And we sing

Sing without a reason to ever fall in love

"My destiny is none of your business" Neji said coldly "I loved Sayuri but I was never meant to be with her"

"Neji that's a pathetic excuse" Hinata said "You dare to call yourself a man! You just a coward"

"Why am I a coward? For accepting destiny? No its just the way things are!" Neji said between clenched teeth.

"You're a coward because our afraid" Hinata stated "And instead of facing it you decided to run from it!"

"What are you talking about love? I don't care if I ran from love. It's a pathetic emotion that clouds your judgment."

"Not just love" Hinata said "You ran from family as well. After Sayuri had the child you denied that the child was yours. You denied your own son because you were afraid. You're a pitiful coward"

"you've been keeping this inside for a long time haven't you?" Neji said "Why?"

"Don't change the subject!" Hinata pressed

"Fine I didn't deny the boy because I was afraid of anything. I was ashamed. I had brought a living breathing child into a broken family. I could have married Sayuri heck I even considred it on more that one occasion. But I finally realized that that boy being apart the screwed up Hyuga family would bring nothing but pain for him. So I stayed with Sayuri during her pregnancy. When the boy was born I asked her to name him Rio which means 'strength'. I knew the boy would have to be strong without a father. I told Sayuri I was leaving her and the boy as soon as he was born. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I expected her to hate me. But she didn't it was more like she understood my reasons. I left her forever that day. I am ashamed for my actions but if I could do it all over again I'd make the same choices in a second."

"Nejiā€¦" Hinata began "As I much as I understand your choices I don't respect them"

Neji looked at her shocked "What do you mean"

"YOU DUMBASS! She loved you and she still does! Damn you don't you get it she forgives you! All you can do is dwell on your choices. Do you know that Rio wears sunglasses to hide his Byakugan?" Hinata asked "He isn't ashamed of the Hyuga name he only wants to live up to it. He wants your approval. If there's one thing I've learned while on these crazy place called earth its that nothing is forever. Neji you should see her. You should talk to Rio. You should be living your life as a father not a loser"

"My destiny is already laid out for me" Neji stated

"Your destiny is made by you and no one else!" Hinata shouted "Things have to heppen because you make them happen not the other way around"

"Hinata just forget it"

"NO! Dammit this isn't for your sake its for thiers. Certain people are meant to live their lives out alone. Neji you are not one of them. Please Neji I want you to talk to them. Try to make up for your mistakes please."

"Thank you Hinata" Neji said

"For what?" Hinata asked

"For saving m life" Neji said leaving the room. Hanabi just walked in after Neji left.

"What was that all about sis?" Hanabi asked

"To be quite honest I am not entirely sure myself but that's Neji for you" Hinata responded

Back to our hero

Naruto reached the gated of the leaf. Instead of waiting for them to open he kicks the gates open. (Those are some bigass gates too). Naruto runs on through followed closely behind by Lee.

But we sing

if we're going no where

Naruto continued running at full speed through the streets avoiding people as best as possible. He quickly reached the doors of the chapel to see Konohamaru and Hanabi standing outside. "Hey one side lovebirds I need to get in" Naruto shouted and rammed the door open with his shoulder.

"Was that the groom?" Konohamaru asked "About time he showed"

"You can say that again" Lee said running inside behind Naruto. Naruto set Shiro down and ran down the aisle to where Sasuke and the priest were standing. "Talk about last minute" Lee said

Yeah we sing

if it's not enough

and we sing

Sing with out a reason

to never fall in love to never fall in love again

"about time you showed up dobe" Sasuke whispered "Any later and you would have missed it for sure"

"Hey Naruto" A voice called from the front row. Naruto looked to see Kakashi sitting with Tsunami, Jin, and MIYUKI. Naruto smiled seeing Kakashi with his daughter again. He knew there was going to be one hell of a talk between those tow later on but he decided not to worry about it right now. Naruto began to wonder how in the hell he got here before himself. "Your late Naruto" Kakashi stated

Naruto smiled his fox-like grin before saying "Sorry Kakashi I got lost on the road of life"

End of the prologue

I apologize to those of you who are reading the students of Naruto Saga you've already read this chapter. But those who havent read that should read this part cause it goes with the story.

for those of you who dont read the students of naruto there is a few things you should know. Rio is Neji's deneyed son and Sayuri is his former lover. but i probably explained it fairly well. Shiro, Kai and Anna are all Naruto's students. Kakashi ended up marrying Tsunami a long time ago and they had a daughter named Miyuki. she ran away from the leaf a long time ago as well. Jin is her Boyfriend who have been together for almost a year. Jin is aalso the Brother to Shiro and Anna. what Jin doesn't know is that Miyuki was hired by Abrume Shino(The bug guy) to get close to him and kill him or strip his powers from him.

you will run into some other charecters later in the story that are not apart of Naruto the original series but i will explain thier story's later.