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The Wedding Part III: The Wedding Night

Naruto and Hinata stood in his living room. It was close to eleven at night. Hinata turned to her husband are wrapped her arms around his neck. She placed a kiss on his neck trying to relax him remembering Sakura's advice. Naruto's tense muscles relaxed and he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. Naruto reached up and tore Hinata's veil off and kissed her hungrily. Naruto reached behind Hinata and felt across her back until he reached the dress zipper. He slowly pulled it down never removing his lips from Hinata's. He zipped the zipper down slowly until he reached the end. The dress felt limp in his hands and Hinata stepped out of it to reveal Hinata in white lingerie. Naruto's jaw dropped at her beauty.

Hinata looked down and blushed form Naruto's stare. "Naruto" she whispered and Naruto leaned in closer wrapping his arms around her waist again. "You are a virgin aren't you?" Hinata looked up at Naruto to see him grinning.

"Well Hinata I have, but remember that wasn't my fault. If it was up to me I wouldn't have made that mistake that night. But of course you already forgave me" Naruto began to kiss her again and Hinata leaned into his embrace. Hinata removed his Jounin jacket and let it fall to the floor. Hinata began to caress his chest over skin tight shirt. Naruto pushed Hinata foreword until they reached the kitchen table. Hinata pushed herself until she was sitting on the edge of the table. Naruto stopped and looked into Hinata's eyes. Naruto continued to look deeply in her eyes and then he smiled

Hinata blushed an even deeper shade of crimson. "What is it?" Hinata asked

"You're just so beautiful" Naruto responded "I can't believe that I ended up with someone as perfect as you"

Hinata giggled and Naruto chuckled. Hinata placed her hands underneath Naruto's shirt on his flat stomach. She moved upwards feeling his muscular torso the entire way up until she reached his pectorals. She placed her hands back down on the bottom of his shirt and yanked it off of his head and threw it somewhere in the living room. Naruto pulled Hinata close placing flesh against flesh as he crushed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss. Hinata wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist and he placed his hands on her hamstrings lifting her off the table. He placed his lips on Hinata's Collarbone and began to suck on it. Hinata moaned with pleasure at the movement of his magic lips.

Naruto removed his lips and looked at Hinata. "Hinata I love you" Naruto whispered in her ear.

"I love you too but…" Hinata said and gestured to her panties they were soaked "I am ready for anything now" Hinata placed her hands on his spandex pants and pulled them down slowly revealing a large bulge in his boxers. Hinata placed her left hand on it and Naruto gasped with pleasure. "Seems your ready too" Hinata teased. Naruto grinned and reached around d her back to remove her bra. He removed the clasp with ease (Wow that's probably a first huh ladies Kuwabara: Please your ruining the moment this is a very special time for people and its wrong to make fun of it KP: Fair enough)

Naruto stared at her breasts with wonder and smiled. There were soft but firm as he slowly squeezed her left breast with his hand and placed his lips on Hinata's right nipple and began to suckle it. Hinata let out a gasp and her knees buckled. Naruto picked her up by the hamstrings and carried her to the bedroom removing his head only to see through the doorway. Once in the bedroom Naruto gently placed Hinata on the bed and worked his way down to her panties. He placed both of his hands on the edge of her white panties and slowly pulled them down to reveal her bush and pussy.

Naruto worked his way back up to Hinata tracing kisses up her entire body. He continued this until he reached Hinata's face and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. Hinata rolled them over and placed her hands on Naruto's boxers. She slowly pulled them down and reached his hardened member. Hinata placed her right hand over it and Naruto gasped in ecstasy. "You like that huh" Hinata teased and placed a quick kiss on his head. Naruto moaned and Hinata kissed it again but this time she slowly worked her way down. She worked her way down his member then once she reached the hilt she slowly worked her way back up. Waves of pleasure ran through Naruto throughout his entire body "Hinata ahhhh" Naruto moaned with pleasure as he felt himself nearing the edge "I think…I think…I'm Gonna" Too late Naruto released his seed into Hinata's mouth. She swallowed it without a second thought.

"I'm sorry about that" Naruto whispered when Hinata came up next to him

"What are you sorry about?" Hinata asked puzzled "I enjoyed that as well"

Naruto smirked "I Guess it's your turn" Naruto returned to her lower area of her body. He placed his hands on her thighs spreading them apart so that he could reach her vagina easier. He looked at it through the dark hairs and licked her snatch. Hinata let out a gasp that couldn't be an objection. She squeezed his head between her legs tightly as he continued to lick her pussy. Hinata arched her back and moaned in pleasure as his tongue set the pace. Hinata tightened her legs around Naruto's head as she climaxed. Naruto licked up all of Hinata's juices as she leaned back trying to catch her breath. Naruto moved back up to her kissing his way up from her stomach all the way till he reached her face and he placed a long kiss on her lips before looking deeply into her pearly white eyes. "So how was that?" Naruto asked grinning.

"Perfect" Hinata said gasping before pulling him into another kiss. Naruto slowly positioned himself between Hinata's legs and placed the tip of his member on Hinata's already wet opening. Hinata noticed that he had stopped and looked up into his eyes. "Naruto what's wrong?" Hinata whispered

"I don't want to hurt you" Naruto whispered back and Hinata wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeply inside of her. "Hinata!" Naruto gasped as he felt himself break her barrier wrapped his arms around her tightly and she whispered in his ear "Please Naruto keep going. Just slower". Naruto slowly thrust in and out of her setting a slow and steady pace for his wife. Hinata grunted with the pace of the thrusts rocking her hips forcing Naruto to go deeper with each thrust. She slowly raised her own hips to meet with Naruto's thrusts. The two continued going faster and faster. The pleasure was almost too much for Hinata as she came powerfully on Naruto's member. Naruto felt the warm liquid over his cock and he blasted his seed deep within his wife.

"I love you Hinata" Naruto said softly stroking her hair as he removed his member and laid on his side.

"I love you too Naruto" Hinata responded. The two drifted off to sleep.

The next morning

Naruto sat up in bed and smiled. 'I bet you liked that kid' the Kyuubi's voice inside his head spoke

'so what if I did?' Naruto responded cockily 'by the way is it the same situation as last time?' Naruto asked

'wouldn't you like to know' Kyuubi replied and broke into a fit of laughter.

'stupid fox' Naruto thought then eh noticed the body behind him stirring "Good morning Mrs. Uzumaki" Naruto said

"Morning Mr. Uzumaki" Hinata replied "why don't you take a shower first?"

"You sure?" Naruto asked

"Yeah I want to start on breakfast anyways" Hinata replied and Naruto smiled as he got up and grabbed a towel before heading into the bathroom. Hinata stood up and wrapped her robe around her waist as she walked into the kitchen. She set out a few pots and other cooking items and began to cook pancakes.

After twenty minutes she heard a knock on the door and she went to answer the door. Standing outside the doorway was a kid with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He was fairly short with a big smile on his face. He was wearing a black shirt with a orange tiger across it. It went with his pants which were also black and they had the tiger continue to snake down his right pant leg. The boy also had a headband with symbol of the sand on it. "Hello Hinata" the boy said

"Why hello Tora my you've gotten bigger form the last time I saw you" Hinata said "I heard you passed your Gennin exams Temari must be proud"

"Yeah mom was proud she made too much of a deal out of it I thought" Tora responded leaning against the doorway

"Now young man why weren't you at our wedding yesterday?" Hinata asked the young boy

"well I tried but I didn't get here until late last night and I figured everyone was sleeping" Tora responded

'or doing other things' Hinata thought blushing "do you want to see Naruto?"

"Yeah is he home?" Tora asked

"Of course I am" a voice said from behind Hinata with Naruto standing smiling in a pair of black sweat pants and a white T-shirt "what's up kid?"

"Outosan!" Tora yelled and hugged Naruto "I missed you"

"I missed you too Tora" Naruto said rubbing the young Shinobi's head roughly. "You been stayin out of trouble" Tora shook his head "That's my boy, have you been listening to your mom?" Tora nodded "Good now hold on I'll get my stuff and we'll do some training! That is if you think you can keep up with your old man"

"of course I, Uzumaki Tora, will defeat you today!" the boy exclaimed

"Alright come on kid" Naruto said waving to his wife and placing his own headband on his forehead. "you do know I have to leave today right kid?" Naruto asked and Tora nodded sadly

"I know Outosan but I don't want you to go yet"

"Don't worry about it kid, pretty soon I'll see you at the chuunin exams and 'll watch my students pummel you and your cousins"

"yeah right you wish outosan!" Tora cried as the two continued off to the training grounds

-End of part III

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