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At seven thirty Draco slipped on a very old tattered green robe over his nice clothes underneath. He took a pinch of floo powder and tossed it into the flames.

"Gryffindor Tower," he shouted stepping into the fire.

Seconds later he popped out and looked about curiously. He was going where no Slytherin had gone before.

It wasn't too terrible a place. A bit red and gold for his taste but those colors were to be expected in the home of those stupid....uh...brave schoolmates.

Draco flopped down into a chair by the fire but he just could not sit still. He eventually began to pace back and forth in front of the fire restlessly.

Around fifteen minutes a loud excited and joyous squeal was heard from the girls dormitories.

Draco felt a smirk grace his lips. Apparently his Ginny had awoken.

Feet were heard scrambling madly down the stairs.

"D-draco?" she asked. Her eyes were brimming with happy tears and bits of confusion. "How? What? Why?"

"Happy Christmas Ginny," Draco said and when he tried to take her hands. He realized she held his drawing in her hands.

Draco got down on his knees. "Please forgive me," he whispered hugging her around the waist before taking one of her hands and kissing it gently and placing it on his cheek.

Ginny just stared down at him. How could she say no? Her dreams were coming true. This Christmas was perfect.

She threw her arms around Draco's neck and squeezed him tightly as if he was something that could fade or leave if she did not hold him with all the strength she possessed.

"Of course I forgive you, you foolish Slytherin, an oxymoron for you. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?" Ginny sobbed now and pressed her face into his neck and clung tighter to him.

"You, you have done no wrong," Draco said and strung his fingers into her hair and stood them both up.

"I doubted you, and that alone is unforgivable," Ginny said sliding her hands from around his neck to his chest and clinging to his expensive green silk shirt.

"It's alright," Draco said carefully steering them carefully to one of the huge red armchairs. He sat down and attempted to pull Ginny onto his lap. But she collapsed on her knees and sobbed openly against his chest and snuggled between his legs. Both of Ginny's hands rested on Draco's stomach and clung to the fabric of his shirt like a vice.

After some time Ginny's tears stopped flowing and she regained her breath. She was still sniffling a little.

"How did you get in the Gryffindor common room?" she asked not loosening her grip on Draco in the slightest.

"Flooed," Draco said tilting her head so she was looking up at his. "I think Father Christmas has generously rewarded you for being a good girl this year." He nodded toward the green tree.

Ginny looked up at him curiously. She did not move a muscle though. Her eyes were bright and Draco saw a hint of fear in them.

"Why are you afraid?" He asked gently sliding his hand down her cheek.

"Promise you will not leave," Ginny said looking up at him. "I do not want to lose you again. My heart could not take it."

"I will stay as long as you want me too Ginny. I do not want to leave you either."

Ginny stared at him and released him and walked over to the tree.

"You didn't!" she gasped as she saw all the gifts that lined the underside of the tree.

Draco shrugged before smiling a true smile, the ones he reserved for her and her alone.

"Do not try to act as if you do not deserve these presents. I want you to have anything your heart desires," Draco said wrapping his arms around her.

"All I could ever want is you and you alone. I do not need all these fancy things. With you I could live on the streets and never want for anything," Ginny said smiling and wrapping her arms about him.

February 14, Valentine's Day

Draco had gotten permission to take Ginny out later that evening for dinner.

Ginny was walking on air. She put her locket and bracelet on and also wore the velvet dress robes he had gotten her for Christmas. Still Ginny insisted upon wearing his dark green cloak about the school warning all other boys to stay away from what they would and could never have.

She slipped quickly down to the main entrance hall and waited for Draco to show up and whisk her away.

Draco sat looking at the ring. It wasn't really good enough for her. It was made of white gold and there was a lion on one half holding a half circle of garnets and on the other side was a snake holding a half circle of emeralds and in the center there was a garnet intertwined with an emerald. {the emerald part of the center was on the garnet side and the garnet was on the emerald side}

He had had a ring that had been in the Malfoy family for nearly a millennia modified. He hoped Ginny would love it.

Draco shut the ring box and taking a deep steadying breath left the room to meet his future wife.

Draco saw her waiting in the entrance hall and smiled sneaking up behind her. He put his hands over her eyes and grinned.

"Draco," Ginny said and attempted to turn around to see him.

Draco wrapped his arms around her waist and nudged his face into her hair.

"Hey Ginny, I think we have a carriage waiting outside for us," Draco whispered into her ear and as he spoke the doors slowly opened and the bright light of a nearly full moon lit the carriage.

They rode all the way to the restaurant in silence.

The carriage came to a gentle stop and Draco smiled at Ginny before hopping down and offering her his hand.

Ginny took his hand and gently alighted.

"Draco, I told you we did not need to go anywhere special for Valentine's day so why are we here?" Ginny asked.

"You deserve to be treated special every day and I have many reasons for my actions."

They talked about all their plans for after Hogwarts over dinner.

"Thank you for bringing me here. Tonight has been truly wonderful for me," Ginny said reaching across the table and placing her hand on top of his.

"The night has yet to reach its highest point I hope," Draco said before gently taking his hand out of hers and standing up and walking around the table. He pulled her chair out carefully and knelt down. Draco reached into his pocket and took out the purple velvet box.

"Ginny Weasley, it would please me if you would agree to be my wife and stay with me forever," Draco said opening the box and presenting the ring to her.

Ginny stared from the ring to Draco and back again.

"Of course I will," Ginny gasped taking the ring box and throwing her arms around his neck.


July 31 the next year

"Push Gin!"

Ginny grabbed his robes. "I am going to avada kedavra you when this is all over!" She pushed after making her two hundredth death threat. She glared murderously at her husband. How come he got the easy job, Cheerleader, and she had to do all the work?

"Not much longer now dearie," the mediwitch told her.

Three hours, twenty minutes, and fourteen seconds later the baby was finally out.

It began to squall as soon as the chord was cut.

Ginny jerked back to life, "Where is my baby?"

Ginny's eyes were full of motherly protection.

The baby let out another ear piercing cry for his mother.

The mediwitch gently wrapped him in a soft blue blanket after cleaning his up.

"Give me my son," she demanded holding her arms out for the tiny squirming noisy thing the woman held.

"I will show your family in in a moment," the woman said handing the child to the new mother.

"He is perfect," Draco said sitting down next to her.

"We have to decide what to name him though," Ginny said staring down and the brown eyed angel in her arms.

He no longer made any noise just lay happily in his mother arms and soon drifted off to sleep.

"What about Damon?" Draco asked gently as he gently touched the baby's cheek.

Ginny grinned, "I like it."

The end. Finis. Ende.

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