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Harry Potter and The Power the Dark Lord Knows Not

By Aoife Malfoy

Chapter 11: Of Days in Hell

Severus toppled back a few steps from the force of the spell before he was able to steady himself. The ancient Transporto spell had taken almost all of his magical reserves and it took an insurmountable amount of energy just so that he could still stand but he managed it, not wanting to show the shocked maniac behind him any sign of weakness. Swallowing his mounting anxiety and dread, he bravely and carefully turned around, his black robes billowing once again around him engulfing him like the embrace of an old friend to face what would most certainly be a most painful and slow death. Then with all the sarcasm and prideful disdain he could managed, he smirked at the snarling bastard and said,

"Why hello, Tom."

The look on the old madman's face was priceless. Voldemort was standing with his mouth agape for a comical few seconds before it snapped shut with a snarl. Now he was in for it. "You! Traitor!" Voldemort bellowed, furious rage lining every bit of his face, spit flying out of his mouth like an enraged bull.

Severus sternly ordered himself not to flinch at the fantastic show of insane fury, knowing that giving any indication of weakness or submission will only prolong his torment. Instead he forced a cool sneer on his face as he mocked his jailer, "Yes Tom, me-traitor, you-psychopath. Now that we have properly established our identities, shall we commence with the endless torture and painful screaming?" He heard Voldemort growl in response and his sneer turned into a smirk although inwardly he was horrified. Good God! Gryffindors are contagious! He thought in horror for only that would explain his current membership to the brave and stupid, having provoked the madman in such a way.

How dare the traitor smirk at him like that! Voldemort thought enraged further by such show of insolence. It was no matter. His prisoner had depleted all of his magical and physical reserves. The traitor was going nowhere he was sure of that and he would take his time and pleasure in tormenting the wily bastard into insanity. "Ah Severus, you forget whose torture chambers you're in and that it was I who taught you all your tricks." Voldemort said with an evil grin. "But before I teach you how it's really done. I believe some of your old colleagues wish to see you." He smiled nastily as he pressed his hand to his forearm and with the use of his Legilimency he called forth the Inner Circle, save for one that he gave special instructions to. Voldemort cackled with glee as his Inner Circle apparated one by one and as they did, his prisoner got paler and paler. They would have fun this night. The Potter boy can wait. He would get to him soon enough. Tonight was for the punishment of traitors and he would begin with the biggest one.


For the second time in two days, Draco Malfoy found himself sitting numbly behind the corner pillar that was starting to feel disturbingly familiar. He once again tried to shut out the cries of torment coming from the inner chambers, unable to take seeing his favorite professor being tortured mercilessly. This was not the way it was supposed to be. He was supposed to be watching avidly and smirking famously at the sight. Not shaking like a leaf and looking like a frightened house elf! However, he could not find the heart to berate himself properly for his abundance of feeling for this prisoner. Potter was another matter. But this, this was his Head of House, and more importantly his own godfather, the man he looked up to since he was little when his father seemed to dislike being around small boys such as himself. He understood Severus Snape was a traitor but what he did not comprehend was why. Why had someone as pure Slytherin as Snape turned his back on his heritage? Now look at what that foolish action had gotten him, torture of the worst kind by the darkest of all wizards. And yet his godfather still did not repent his ways or beg for mercy. He was still steadfast and strong under all forms of duress. For some reason or the other, Severus Snape had sided with the light and nothing was making him change his mind. A fury of dark spells flew around the room and more tortured screams came forth from his godfather's mouth. But there were no pleas for mercy or cries for absolution. Suddenly, Draco was angry. Why was Severus being so stubborn? Can he not see that he was beaten and surrounded? That he was on the losing side? Why did he have to be so stubborn all the time? Why can't he just plead for mercy so this can stop! Draco wanted it to stop although he knew there was no way he could make it so. Why won't Severus make it stop? All he had to say was one little word of conciliatory and then it would stop: the screams of pain, the awful sound of Severus' body as it writhed on the floor, the gleeful cackling of the Inner Circle. But his godfather didn't speak and so the torment went on. Without Severus knowing that there was two Slytherins suffering that night.

A thousand different rays of dazzling light blinded Harry as he sped through time and space. But before a single moment could pass in reality, he rematerialized out of thin air - right on top of an Emergency Order Meeting.

Jaws dropped to the floor, shouts were heard and chairs were pulled back as Order members scrambled at the sight of the missing hero they were supposed to be saving.

But before anyone could speak, Harry, who was staring dazedly into a far corner of the room since he first appeared, was the first to break the silence. "Mrs. Figg." Harry whispered brokenly, gazing in awed relief and terrifying clarity. For there in that corner sat Arabella Figg, an unharmed, unblemished and completely different version from the one he had left. Suddenly, it became all too much. The face off with Bellatrix, Voldemort's torture, the telling of the prophecy and the revelation that the adult who rivaled Sirius in his heart was actually not his long time neighbor but the one and only Severus Snape. The stress finally caught up with him and it crowded his mind with dizzying emotion. Then the world went mercifully black.


Draco watched in desolation as another slew of spells deteriorated his godfather's body. He had already thrown up twice over the course of the evening and it seemed that his dinner was making a reappearance again as he hurled for the third time. Once he was done, he wiped his mouth with his sleeve, not even realizing how uncouth he was being as he wrapped the invisibility cloak tighter around himself. It would not do well if he went against Voldemort's orders about being discreet. He had been a bit wary when his Dark Mark had flared up earlier that evening and Voldemort had whispered disturbingly into his mind that he must apparate into the Torture Chambers wrapped in an invisibility cloak that Wormtail would give him. He had been confused by the orders but the master was never proficient at explaining things so he just followed them. He was shocked and appalled to find his godfather writhing on the floor like a tortured thing, comprehension dawning on him as he saw the sight. No one was supposed to know he was part of the Inner Circle. No one was to see him at the Dark Revels, not even someone marked for certain death like Severus Snape was.

A lone tear escaped Draco's notice as it fell, staining the side of his face. He deftly caught it between his fingers before it landed and stared at it, bewildered by its presence. He hadn't cried since he was three and even then he was only crying to get the candy treat he wanted. He was taught soon after that tears were for the weak and the easily broken so he did not indulge himself with such asinine sentimentalities. Another fell, and yet another and soon dozens of salty tears were raining on his face blurring his vision from the torturous sight of his godfather's inevitable death. So this is what it feels to be weak. He thought in wonder and despair.


"Look Uncwie Sevewus! I'm fwying!" a jubilant 5 year old Draco called excitedly to the frowning man on the ground.

"I can see that, Draco, but do be careful. Remember I'm just letting you fly a few feet off the ground. No higher. Keep both hands on the handle!" a nervous Severus reminded the boy as he anxiously followed him about the Manor's spacious lawn, cursing his damned weakness for his only godson.

Not wanting this wondrous experience to be taken from him, Draco happily nodded and stayed close to the ground. It was a miracle his godfather had agreed to teach him how to fly at all, especially without his father's permission. However, he had pestered the dark haired man ruthlessly that morning and the Potions Master finally gave in and he was now finally flying for the first time. To him, it was the most wonderful feeling he had ever experienced and he silently worshipped his godfather for giving it to him.

Severus allowed a rare smile to grace his lips as he watched his beloved godson in all his innocent glory. Truth be told, even at this young age, Draco Malfoy was quite a hellion to begin with, already spoilt and arrogant but here in this one moment, away from Lucius' influence, he was able to get a glimpse of the young innocent child Draco truly was. His smile turned into a frown knowing that this innocence would soon be corrupted in the years to come and he would be powerless to stop it. Something painful squeezed his old heart. Some godfather he was.

A dull THUMP and a small "Ouch!" reached his ears and it was all it took for Severus to come running to where his godson had fallen. Cursing his idiocy in letting his mind wander, he rushed to the child in a panic. "Draco! Are you alright?" Severus asked worriedly. His observant eyes were searching the boy's little body for signs of injury and he gasped when he saw a huge gash on the child's left leg. He quickly pulled the boy closer to him as he gripped his wand but stopped when he felt the boy pulling away from him.

Draco raised his dirtied face and looked at his godfather. Why did he have to fall? He was surely in for it now. He sucked a deep breath as he felt his godfather grip his hand tightly and he started to pull away. "I-I'm sorry, Uncwe Sevewus. I didn't mean to fall."

Severus stiffened as he heard his godson's apology. "You need not apologize, child. I should have not let you fly at your age. It is I that should be sorry." Severus said gently, his tongue unused to speaking such loving words and yet he still tried. For truth be told, the little spoilt prince that was Draco Malfoy had long held a piece of his heart captive ever since the very first time he laid eyes on him. The boy was a perfect Slytherin even at this young age but he still held the pure innocence that all toddlers had.

Draco shook his head and started to pull away from his godfather. Certain that he had disgraced his beloved Uncwe Sevewus and this knowledge broke his little heart. Surely he would be punished now for his mistake and he would deserve it like he always did. After all he had yet again displayed actions unworthy of a Malfoy. He straightened his dirtied robes as best as he could and covered his bleeding leg as he made to go inside. His punishments always took place inside. Surely that is what his godfather would want as well.

"Draco, where are you going? Your leg has not been healed yet. You shouldn't be walking around." Severus admonished him, slightly annoyed that the child was walking away from him without warning.

"I-I don't understand, Uncwe Sevewus?" Draco asked him nervously. Why would his godfather want to fix his leg? It was clear that his injured leg was due to his mistake and that he should suffer from it like always. After all, Malfoys don't allow accidents and thus should always carry the brunt of their actions.

Severus caught up with the boy and knelt beside him gently. "Child, I need to heal you first before you can walk around. After that you can go back inside if you want."

"But-but why?" Draco asked shakily, cautiously drawing back afraid he was going to be reprimanded for his curiosity…again.

"What do you mean why, Draco?" Severus asked, his eyes narrowing in horrifying suspicion.

Draco, sensing even at that young age that this was a volatile situation, swallowed his curiosity and shrugged letting the question go unanswered.

Knowing he was going to get nothing out of the boy when he shut down like this, Severus decided to let the matter drop and quickly healed the boy's leg. When it was done, he was startled to find himself caught under the adoring watery silver gaze of the Malfoy heir.

"Thenk wou." Draco whispered in awe at his godfather who had healed his aching leg and who had forgiven his mistake without being asked.

"You're quite welcome." Severus whispered in equal awe, astounded at the sheer gratitude that was shining in the depth of the child's eyes. Never had he seen that emotion in any descendant of the Malfoy name. He never knew that their family was capable of it until this one moment.

"I wuv yoo, Uncwe Sevewus." Draco said impulsively, his tongue slipping with such unused words and he wrapped his arms around the man's bent figure.

Surprised at being touched, not to mention being in the receiving end of such tender words, Severus spluttered a little before answering, "I love you too, little Dragon."

And when they released each other, they walked back quietly inside the house with Draco content in his discovery that at least one person in his world was worth loving and Severus pleased in the knowledge that at least one Malfoy was worth saving.

End of flashback

As his tears descended faster, all Draco could think about was how hopeless he felt. What could I do? Draco thought in despair as another bout of torture reached his ears. The one person who gave him his only good childhood memory was slowly dying and he was powerless to stop it. It hit him like a ton of bricks as he found himself being powerless to get something he wanted. It had never happened before and it dawned on him horrifically that now in the service of his new master it would be happening more often. He blanched at the thought. This was not what he signed up for at all.

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Sneak Peat at Chapter 12: Of Hope Lost

"Harry! Harry! Are you alright, my boy?" the worried voice of Albus Dumbledore greeted him as he regained consciousness. He shook his head as if to snap out of his daze and then suddenly he was struck by the dawning realization of what happened.

"Professor!" He cried out in dismay. "Voldemort- he's got Snape!"

"Where, Harry? Can you remember where you were held captive?" Dumbledore asked him urgently.

Harry slumped back down weakly as he shook his head, swallowing hard. "No, Professor. I have no idea where we were."

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