God's Greatest Gift


A WeiB Kreuz Fanfiction


By: Avalon Hunter

Disclaimer: I don't own WeiB Kreuz, so I can't loan it to you. Sorry.


This is....old. I found it shoved into one of my old floppy-discs, and I hate to let it go to waste. Besides, I'm sure that someone out there has time to waste. So...Review? Please? Also, this is not spell-checked or beta-ed, so...Whatever.

Farfarello loved watching old horror movies, especially foreign ones. In fact, it was at the old theatre on the other-side of the city that he found his present.


His present...A gift from God. Most likely a peace offering, because the stupid bitch couldn't take anymore hurting. Oh, Farfarello would still do anything he could to hurt god, but he couldn't deny that he loved his gift.


And what a gift it was! It had ben wrapped in the most beautiful red....and it made the most beautiful sounds. Whimper and screams, cries and pleas, laughter and giggles...Farfarello loved his gift. And he loved playing with it.


"Pretty, pretty little present..", Farfarello petted his present gently on it's head. The said present pushed it's head back against the hand, enjoying the attention.

It wasn't just a present, not really. It was also...a pet. After all, Farfarello had to feed it {as Crawfood reminded him}, and take it to use the restroom, and give it a bath, and had to be sure to play with it so it wouldn't get lonely. Sometimes Nagi would come and play too, and the pet seemed to like that, but whenever Schuldig came around the pet would whimper and hide.


Farfarello combed his fingers through the brown hair that he made sure his pet kept nice and neat. The pet was perfect, the only thing God had ever made that was worth anything. "You know what?", his pet made a questioning noise, tilting it's head back to stare at him with warm, chocolate eyes. Farfarello let his fingers graze over his pet's perfect face, tracing from his chin to his ear and back down his throat," I should hurt God even more than ever, just for keeping you from me for so long."


His pet leaned up and forward, nuzzling his chest and then gently licking Farfarello's cheek. Farfarello laughed and pulled his pet onto his lap. They had a licking contest, one of their favorite past-times, in which Farfarello would like his present, and his present would lick him back in retalliation, and then so forth and so on.


Farfarello bent his head down, using his tongue to trace the scar across his present's neck. A imperfection to anyone elses eyes, but it only made the gift better to Farfarello.


"Farfie!", both of them stopped. Nagi stood in the doorway to Farfarello's cell, both hands firmly on his hips. "I thought I told you take Ken-Ken for a walk! You can't keep him locked up all day!"


Farfarello grinned sheepishly," Sorry, wee one. I forgot." Nagi huffed angrily," Well don't do it again. Crawford won't be happy if Ken-Ken gets sick from being inside all day." Nagi tossed him a leash,"Here, take him to the park."

Farfarello set his present down," Neee...Do you want to go to the park?" His gift, or Ken-Ken, as the others called him, looked up at him and nodded enthusiastically. Farfarello snapped the leash onto his present's leash and tugged him toward the door,"Come on then!"