Mimi's friend

Author's Note: Mimi is the only person that knows Sora. Tai, Matt, Sora, and Mimi are 15. Kari and Tk are 12.

Summary: Mimi arrived from America to Japan to see her friends again. She also brought her best friend from America. Her friends, Matt and Tai, came to pick her up and when they saw her 'friend', they got surprised!!

Chapter 1 – Mimi's Arrival
Mimi woke up her friend in the airplane because they had landed. The sleepy red haired girl woke up instantly. The stewardess told them they had 15 minutes until the plane would land. They both buckled up the seat belts and waited for the plane to land.

15 minutes later
Sora and Mimi got off the plane and went to the baggage claim to pick up the rest of there bags.

Mimi looked around. "Um... Sora?"

"Yeah Mimi?"

"Can you stay here for a while?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I am kind of looking for someone."


Mimi walked away from Sora and was looking for her friends. A guy with brown hair bumped right into her. Mimi fell down on her back. The guy offered Mimi his hand. Mimi gladly took it. The guy was wearing baggy pants and a black shirt.

He smiled at her and said. "I'm sorry... I was looking for a friend of mine and I got sidetracked."

"Oh, who are you looking for?" Mimi asked getting really suspicious.

"Why do you ask?"

"Just curious."

"Oh, a girl named Mimi. Do you know her?"

Mimi laughed and playfully hit him on the arm. "I am Mimi, silly."

Tai hugged her. Mimi gasped. "Tai!" she coughed. "You are killing me."

He grinned and said. "Come on! Matt is waiting for you." He looked around. "Where are your bags?" he asked.

"I'll tell you later. Where is Matt?" she said, trying to change the subject.

Tai suddenly laughed. "Right behind you." He said.

A guy with blond hair and blue eyes was walking towards them. He was wearing black pants with a matching shirt. He came over and said. "Hey Tai, your supposed to be looking for Mimi."

Tai rolled his eyes and said. "This is Mimi."

Matt hugged Mimi, the same way Tai had hugged her, and once again she managed to say. "Let go of me. You are practically squeezing me."

Matt smiled then let go of her. "So... where are your bags so we can finally leave this place?" he asked.

Mimi smiled. "Well, I brought a friend with me."

Matt and Tai's eyes widened. "WHO?????" They both said at the same time.

Mimi grinned. "I'll call her, while you guys stay here." Then she ran off to find Sora.
Sora was busy listening to some music using her cd player. Mimi tapped her on her shoulder and motioned Sora to come with her. Sora followed Mimi to her friends.
Matt and Tai were sick of waiting for Mimi's friend and finally they saw Mimi walking with a girl with red crimson hair and ruby eyes. She was wearing a red skirt and pink tank top with a jacket over it. Mimi smiled at them and motioned Matt and Tai to come over to her. Matt and Tai ran to her.

Matt spoke first. "Mimi?? Who is she?"

Sora smiled. "The name is Sora." She said and then added. "Not 'she'"

Matt laughed. "Well, my name is Yamato Ishida or Matt. Whichever you prefer." He said.

Tai grinned. "Tai's my name."

Mimi groaned. Her friends were acting like idiots near Sora. "What in the world is wrong with you?" she asked Tai and Matt.

Sora looked at Mimi. "Why?"

"They are acting all weird."

Matt and Tai looked at each other. "Fine, so where are all your bags?" Matt asked.

Sora smiled. "Over there." She pointed where she was seating a while ago. There was a lot of pink bags and like only 2 red bags. Matt and Tai walked over there and picked up all their bags. Matt carried both red bags and 5 pink bags. Tai, however, carried the rest of the pink bags. They carried it to Mr. Kamiya's van. Mr. Kamiya looked at Sora. Then he said. "Who is she?"

Mimi answered. "She's my friend. She will only be staying for a year, and then she is going back."

Mr.Kamiya smiled at Sora. "I hope you like your stay here, Sora." He said.

"Thank you" Sora said.

They arrived in front of the Tachikawa apt. 15 minutes later. Matt picked up Sora's bags because it was only right for a guy to carry a girl's bags. He carried it with Tai and Mr. Tachikawa, who was carrying Mimi's bags.
Sora was going to stay in Mimi's apartment the whole time. Mimi led Sora to her room. Sora's new room was all red; there was a bed on the right side and a bathroom on the other side.

Mimi looked at Sora and said. "How do you like it?"

"I don't like it, I love it!!" she exclaimed.

Mimi smiled. "Ok, Next week, we start school in Odaiba High. We will go shopping for back to school things ok?"

Sora laughed and said. "Fine, when?"


"It's fine with me."

After that Mimi came out and Sora fell on her bed and fell into a deep sleep.

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