Mimi's Friend

Chapter 7


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Chapter 7 – asking questions...

5 months later since Sora first came…-

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Sora woke up from her bed. She looked at her alarm clock. It was 8 am. She got up. It was a Saturday. She got up and went to the bathroom. She took a quick shower then went downstairs…

Matt woke up thinking. 'Why doesn't Sora have pictures with her and BOTH of her parents?' he thought. 'Well, maybe she has one…but she doesn't exactly have one hanging…' he thought… 'And why do I keep wondering? Its not really mybusiness, butI saw that picture like… months ago! Well, I have to ask her or I'll never be able to get that thing of my head!'

He got up and went downstairs. He saw Sora watching the television. 'Now…I can ask her…' he thought.

He walked down the stairs and sat right next to Sora and said. "Good Morning."

She smiled back. "Good Morning. Matt."

"Hey, um…" 'How am I supposed to say this? She doesn't know that I saw the pictures… but it was displayed and I was in her room. What did she expect? Here goes…' he thought.

Sora was looking at Matt. "Yeah?"

"Uh… I was just wondering…"


"How come you don't have pictures hanging on your wall with BOTH of your parents?" Matt asked curiously. 'I hope she doesn't get mad'

"Oh! Uh…" Sora started nervously. 'He probably saw when he called me that other day…' Sora thought while she is looking at the floor.

"I was just wondering! I mean…if its like something like your family secret, then don't bother answering."

"No, its okay. It isn't that uh, important. It is to me. But its okay. I mean you are a friend of mine aren't u?" She said while she smiled.

Matt smiled. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah sure. It happened a long time ago. I was only like 10 or 11. My mom and dad had always argued. I always thought it was because of me… or it was something else that involved me. Anyways, a couple of months went, they couldn't take it anymore…" she cut off. She had tears in her eyes. Matt went next to her and gently placed his arms around her for comfort. Sora continued on. "I tried my best… but they couldn't stand each other. They had filed a divorce and … well…" she was shaking.

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Matt whispered comfortedly. "Shhh…Its okay… It'll be fine…"

He let Sora cry on his shoulder for a couple of minutes. After a while, she fell asleep. He stroked her hair. He sighed. He had the same exact problem…

Mimi woke up. She yawned. She looked at her clock. It read 10:30 AM. She got up, She went to the bathroom and took a shower. Around 11 she went downstairs. She saw Matt and Sora sleeping comfortedly with their arms around each other. She grinned. She looked around. 'I wonder where is Tai?' she thought. Then at that exact moment he heard someone scream.

"NOOOOOOOOO! There is no more food!"

She shook her head. "TAI!"

His head poked out. "Yeah? Do you know that there is no more food?"

She pointed at Sora and Matt.

"Oh… Yea… Uh, we should wake them up then go get some food."

Mimi rolled her eyes then woke Sora and Matt. "Wake up you two."

Matt woke up first. "Oh…hey guys…"

"Huh? Morning… Thanks Matt…" Sora said sleepily.

"Nah… it was nothing… It was kind of my fault for bringing it up." He said scratching the back of his head.

Sora smiled. "Yeah. But still thanks. Sorry for wetting your shirt."

"It's nothing…"

Mimi and Tai looked from one to the other. "Uh…are you guys um..." Mimi said.

"oh… Nothing happened." Sora and Matt said in unison.

"Uh huh…" Tai said not believe it.

"It's TRUE!" Matt cried.

"Yeah Yeah…" Tai said as he grinned. Mimi grinned also...

The Park

Matt and Sora went to a walk alone in the park. Matt was the one that invited her to go to the park with him. She agreed. She was happily walking around ahead of Matt. Matt was just happy at the sight of her. She looked at Matt and smiled. That sent butterflies to Matt's stomach. He smiled back. She motioned him to come right next to her. He obeyed. She was at the swings, swinging back and forth. He took the swing right next to her. He said. "What do you want Sora?"

She giggled. "Nothing in particular…just want you to sit right where you're sitting right now."

"You mean you just called me here for NOTHING!"

"Uh..yea…" Sora answered slyly.

Matt sighed while Sora giggled.

Tai and Mimi

Tai went to his soccer practice and Mimi followed him to watch. Tai hit the last goal with a BAM!

Mimi got up and screamed. Everyone looked at her. She grinned and said. "What? Is it wrong to cheer for your friend?" She asked curiously. 'Or…Something more?' she thought. She hit her head. 'Stop it Mimi…he is only your friend remember?'

"Are you okay?" Tai asked.

Mimi looked at Tai. He was right in front of her with concerned eyes. She turned red and looked the other way and mumbled. "Yeah… I'm okay…"

Tai looked at Mimi again and said. "You sure? Because you look kind of red."

'Because of you…' Mimi thought. "Yeah…I'm fine…"

"Okay… oh yea… wait for me here okay? I got to talk to the coach about something…"

"Yeah… sure…"

Tai went to his coach while Mimi looked at Tai. She started to turn red again. 'MAN! What in the world is wrong with me? He only has sweat on his face! Yea…but he still looks… MIMI! Snap out of it.' She thought. She was fighting with her mind. Tai beckoned her to him. She followed. He smiled. "Thanks for coming Mimi."

She looked at the floor. "It's nothing… really…"

She avoid looking at his eyes. He kicked some pebbles on the floor then stuttered. "U-uh M-mimi?"


"uh… well… I was wondering…uh…"

"Tai! Just spill it!" Mimi asked desperately.


"Uh… can you repeat that? I couldn't understand you…"

"Uh… I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies tomorrow." Tai said as his face

started turning red also.

"Uh… yea…sure."

Tai looked up. "You mean it?"

"Yeah sure…"

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