The Story of A Firbolg Named Gogieta.

Chapter 1 The story so far.

Gogieta lived with his parents on the frontier. He was from a family of skilled Weaponcrafters. At the age of 9 his parents started to teach him to make weapons. He made many weapons with his dad and mom. 3 years later warriors of Avalon attacked his village. His parents had died in the fight and he was the only survivor of the attack. Then he decided that he would avenge his parents' deaths by fighting for Hibernia to avenge his parents. He traveled to Ardee to seek the trainer of the guardians. He trained for many years till he was 18 then he decided to train as a Hero. So he traveled to the nearby town of Tir na Nog. When he got there he found the trainer of Heroes and joined their order. As he walked around the city buying equipment for his new order he found the crafting area and saw the forge he remembered his parents and how they taught him to make weapons so he decided to stop and make some weapons.