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California Murder Part One
Mr. Monk Meets the Gargoyles

by Zzilly14

"Jalapeña!" exclaimed Elisa. "I really don't want to do this."

"We need to meet with him. This is a big case," said Goliath softly, "and they wouldn't have called us away from our vacation if it wasn't important."

After traveling cross-country for a few months, the couple stopped in Sacramento to visit some of Elisa's college friends. Shortly after arriving they had received a call, asking them to help with a case down in San Francisco.

"But have you heard about this guy?" Elisa asked as she packed the rest of their things in the Hummer. "He's a little... excuse me, a LOT crazy! I'd rather jump off the Eyrie Building than work with him!"

He smirked. "Because you know I'll be there to catch you, Elisa."

"That's not the point!" she said as she playfully slapped his arm.


"Sharona, you have a lot of wipes, right? I want to make sure there's enough."

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, Adrian, I have three packs of them in my purse."

The detective known as Adrian Monk was pacing back and forth in his apartment. "But maybe you should bring one more pack. Just in case."

"Adrian! Calm down! I'm nervous too, but he's a good guy."


"Okay, so he's really tall and happens to have wings. The important thing is that he's going to help us."

"I need help," whimpered Monk.


"Goliath, everyone has problems – but Adrian Monk has a lot of them." Elisa was trying to explain to Goliath about obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobias, while driving towards San Francisco.

"But I don't understand," spoke the confused gargoyle, "why do things have to be equal and perfect around him? Life is certainly not either of those qualities."

"That's the condition Monk has," Elisa replied. "I don't understand either, but that's just the way he is. And that's part of the reason I really would rather just spend the evening cradled in your arms, than have to deal with Mr. OCD!"

Goliath scratched his head. "And in addition to this 'OCD', he is afraid of germs? Aren't they everywhere?"

Elisa shrugged her shoulders. "He's Monk."


Sharona answered the ringing cell phone just as they got to the police station. "Hello? ... Oh, hey! How's it going? ... Twenty minutes? Sounds great! ... Okay, see you then."

"They're almost here?" asked Monk. "I really don't want to do this."

"You know what, Adrian? You'll thank me later. After this case is solved..."

Monk pointed at his assistant. "You took my line. That's my line. That's what I'm supposed to say."

Sharona laughed. "Trust me, Adrian, this is going to work out fine. Gargoyles don't bite!"

"Except for one."

"From what I've heard," she replied, "this killer gargoyle has a lot of issues – worse issues than you, believe it or not. Anyway, Elisa and this Goliath character have had dealings with her and can provide us with some useful information. It's a good thing they're here in the West Coast during all of this."

"It's not right," Monk proclaimed.

Sharona patted her boss on the back. "I know, I know..."

"The books. They're not in order," he said while pointing to one of the bookcases in the station. He walked over to it and began to arrange the books correctly.

"Adrian..." was all she could say.


"I can't believe Demona came all the way to California!" Elisa exclaimed. "Did she think she'd get a part in a movie?" At that they both laughed.

"She could play the villian, of course," Goliath joked.

"But that doesn't take much acting skills on her part."

He sighed, pausing for a moment. "I hope she didn't really kill anyone."

"I hope so too, Goliath."

Ten minutes later Elisa pulled up to the police station. Goliath quickly got out so he could open the driver side door for Elisa.

"Why thank you, sir!" she giggled.

"You're welcome," he replied as he bowed.

They went inside the building, everyone staring at Goliath. Although gargoyles were now accepted into society, people were still startled when they saw one. Especially in San Francisco, after a murder was supposedly committed by one.

A blonde-haired man with a moustache came over to greet the two travelers.

"Hello," he greeted, shaking Elisa's hand. "I'm Captain Stottlemeyer."

"Elisa Maza. This is my friend," she smiled, "Goliath."

Stottlemeyer returned the smile awkwardly as Goliath spoke. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Captain. How may we be of service?"

The captain motioned the couple to follow him, and they did. Everyone in the station stopped what they were doing to get a glimpse of the towering lavender gargoyle. Finally, they arrived as the captain's office.

"Monk and Sharona are in there," he said. "Monk's good. He's crazy, but he's good. Anything to help him out will help us solve this case."

They nodded and stepped inside the office. A blonde-haired woman was waiting impatiently, sitting behind the desk, and a dark-haired man was trying to make everything on the desk nice and neat and organized.

"Excuse me," said Elisa.

"Oh, hi!" exclaimed Sharona as she stood up. She glanced over at Goliath, made a little laugh, and continued to greet Elisa. "I'm Sharona Fleming, Adrian's assistant."

Monk continued to fix the papers on the desk until Sharona cleared her throat about five times.

"Hello," he said. "I'm Adrian Monk. And you're a gargoyle."

Sharona rolled her eyes. "Anyway, we have this murder investigation going on, and since you're all familiar with gargoyles... you can help us."

Elisa nodded. "What do you know so far?"

The defective detective nervously got out a file folder and handed it to Elisa. "The victim had deep lacerations on his back. We think that he was running away from the suspect, who we believe to be a gargoyle, before the killer attacked him from behind, making him fall. Then it bit him. And then he was dead."

"Killed by a bite? That's strange... Hey, it says here that the victim lost a lot of blood – but there aren't any injuries on the body that would cause an excessive amount of bleeding." Elisa was confused.

"Goliath," asked Adrian, "Do you gargoyles... do you... do you drink blood?"

"Of course not! What sorcery is this?"

Elisa pondered. "Well, somehow this guy's blood was drained. Goliath, do you think Demona would need it for anything? Like a spell?"

"I do not know," he replied.

Suddenly the phone in the office rang. Sharona picked it up. "Hello?... Yes, I'm his assistant... Excuse me? Are you sure?... Oh, okay then... Sure... But it'll be sunrise when you get here... Okay... okay... see you then... bye."

"Who... who was that?" asked Monk.

"Someone else who can help us with the case. She's down near L.A. so it'll take her a few hours to get here. But, she knows about... things."

Elisa asked, "What things?"

Sharona laughed. "You wouldn't believe it if I told you. Heck, I don't think I even believe it."