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Chapter 1:The finding of the book

"Are you bored, or is it just me?"Sirius Black asked James Potter for the umpteenth time. They had been looking for something to do for when Remus, Peter, and Lily got to James' house. Unfortunatly, they had been looking for something to do in the Library, which Sirius thought was the most boring place in the whole world.

"For the last time Sirius,"James said "We're looking for something to do right now!!"He was starting to get frustrated. They had been searching James' library for hours. James' family was, well, rich. They had a huge Mansion with almost every room imaginable.

"James, I'm starting to think that your parents don't have a single bloody prank book in this library!!!!!" Sirius exclaimed, obviously frustrated too.

"If it was hard enough to find a prank book in Hogwarts, did you think it'd be any easier here?" James said. James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew were all part of a group in school called the Marauders. They were a group that played pranks on Slytherins (mainly Malfoy and Snape) and other people to lighten the mood in these dark times of this new dark wizard Lord Voldemort that was rising.

"You compare almost everything to Hogwarts James" Sirius said slyly. He knew this wasn't true but he always tricked James into saying his favorite phrase.

"Are you kidding? No I don't" James replied. Sirius just started grinning like mad. "No, I am Sirius" He said in a pun-intended tone. James groaned and shook his head. Sirius knew he despised that joke.

"Hey what's this?" James said, and pointed to a book. Sirius looked too. It was titled Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. "I dunno" Sirius said. "Are any of your relatives named Harry Potter?" "Not that I know of," James replied, just as equally confused.

"Huh, maybe Lils can figure it out" Sirius said. "Ah yes,, the beautiful wonderful girlfriend of mine will be able to figure it out" James sighed in happiness. Sirius just shook his head and drug his lovesick friend to the living room to figure this out....

Meanwhile, at Remus' house

"Now Remus, I don't think that you should be going anywhere. I mean, you know what's happening tomorrow!!" Remus' mum said in a strict yet concerned voice. Remus sighed. He knew his mum was just looking out for him but he wanted to be with his friends again. Remus Lupin was a werewolf. And tomorrow was the full moon. He wanted to be with his friends while they were all in human form. That's right,, them too. In second year James, Sirius, and Peter found out that he was a werewolf. But instead of telling the whole school and hating him,, they decided to help him. They became illegal animagus. That means they had the power to turn into an animal. Ever since last year they had been visiting him as animals. He was no longer lonely. Lily knew about all of this but promised not to tell.

"Muuuummmmmmm!!!!!" Remus complained, "I want to see my friends before my transformation!!" He knew he'd see them then but he could never rat them out. Especially since they were doing this for them.

"Sweetie, don't say that." Remus knew she was talking about saying "transformation". She never put it like that because she said that she thought it sounded painful.

"Anyway," His mum said, "If you want to that bad I guess you can."

"Thanks mum!" Remus exclaimed and after he gave his mum a hug, he rushed off to get ready.

With Lily

"Give me back that sweater you little FREAK!!" Petunia spat at Lily with venom in her voice as usual.

"What sweater?" Lily said. She had no idea what had happened to their friendship. They used to be the best of friends until Lily got her letter to Hogwarts. From then on, Petunia seemed to hate her. Whenever Lily asked her parents, all they did was look uncomfortable and change the subject.

"Well, stop acting sweet and innocent you abnormal thing" Petunia put her ugly face into Lily's pretty elegant one, "Everything that goes wrong in this house is your fault"...........Yup,,, this was the normal routine. Lily had learned to live with it. 'At least I have James and all my friends at Hogwarts,' she always thought.

Lily sighed,, "Did you look in your closet?" She asked. "So that's where you put it, huh FREAK??" And with that she raced off to find it.

'I better get out of here before she figures out that I'm wearing it!" She thought with a smirk. "Mom, Dad, I'm off to James' house" And flooed to "POTTERS MANSION"

With Peter

Peter sighed. He wanted to be back with his friends but he couldn't. His family had decided to go to France for the whole summer. The worst parts were the fact that his family hated him. They were all death eaters and he wasn't. They despised him for that. Also, there wasn't a single person he knew in France. 'Hmmmmm........Maybe if I become a death eater, my family won't hate me anymore..' After all, he loved his family anyway, and wanted more than anything for them to love him back. 'Maybe I'm the smartest Marauder after all' He thought with a smirk.

Suddenly his eyes widened. What about his friends? They'd hate him. 'Then I just won't tell them.' He decided. 'Besides it's not like I'd betray them or anything' he thought.

Little did he know,, that summer the MaraudersLily would find out he would.

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