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The morning dawned all too early for the James, Remus, and Lily. Sirius, however, was a completely different matter.

Lily awoke to a loud screech, right next to her ear. "RISE AND SHINE TIGER LILY!"

Lily jumped a foot in the air, as well as she could just waking up. "Bloody 'ell Sirius!" She exclaimed in disbelief, a hand on her ear, "That hurt!"

"Hurt us too," Came the chorus of two very grumpy Marauders behind Sirius. Sirius grinned around at them all, shrugging his shoulders, "Not my fault you're not morning people!" He chirped happily, opening the curtains of Lily's room. The poor red-head sent a glare his way, as best she could while shielding her eyes from the sun. The chipper boy only rolled his eyes.

"C'mon!" He sighed, in slight impatience, "Can't we hurry up and get back to that book?" James' eyebrow twitched. "We would," he began slowly, grinding his teeth, "have perfectly able to read the book later." Remus nodded, a vein practically popping out of his forehead. "Yea." He motioned to the clock in annoyance, "Some time LATER than Five in the MORNING!"

Sirius glanced at the clock absent-mindedly. "It's five 'o clock?" He asked, already heading to the door, whistling a merry tune, "Thought it was six." As he walked out,Lily let out a scream of frustration and threw her pillow after her annoying friend. Remus, James, and Lily glanced around at each other, in silence for a moment. They DEFINATLY weren't morning people. "Well," Lily finnaly sighed, pulling herself out of the bed, "I suppose we should go ahead and read it, now that we're up." The others nodded in a still annoyed agreement.

A while later,they had all settled down in James' living room, downstairs. Sirius raised his hand perkily. "I'll read again!"He exclaimed instantly, his trademark grin plastered on his face.The others simply ignored him,still angry. "I say James should read,"Remus said,a pleasant smile on his face. James laughed, but shook his head."Why,my dear Moony,ladies first,"He replied,a twinkle in his eyes.Lily looked innocent,while ending there short little payback with, "Oh,but Sirius already read James." Sirius blinked,and scowled at the laughing trio. "Hilarius." He snorted,rolling his eyes, "Can someone just go ahead and read?"

James reached forward to grab the book, but Lily snatched out out from under his hand. "Like you said,Ladies first,"she said to him with a wink,settling herself down onto the sofa.

"Harry went down to breakfast the next morning to find three Dursleys already sitting around the kitchen table.They were watching a brand-new television,a welcome-home-for-the-summer present for Dudley,who had been complaining loudly about the long walk between the fridge and the television in the living room."

Sirius blinked. "Lazy pig." He muttered,shaking his head. "He sounds like an intelligent bloke,that Dud."Remus snorted,a slight chuckle. Lily rolled her eyes,but nodded in agreement all the same.

"Harry sat down between Dudley and Uncle Vernon,a large,beefy man with very little neck and a lot of moustache.Far from wishing Harry a happy birthday,none of the Dursleys made any sign that they noticed Harry enter the room,but Harry was far too used to this to care." Lily paused,looking rather disgruntled. "I still will never forgive that bloody Petunia for this." The others nodded in agreement,and Lily started again.

"…The public is warned-" Lily began again,but her eyes widened at the next few words."Hey,'Rius…,"Lily began slowly,wrinkling her nose."I think we've found you." Sirius blinked up,grinning with wild excitement."Really?"He asked eagerly."Read on,read on!"

"The public is warned that Black is armed and extremely dangerous.A special hot line has been set up,and any sighting of Black should be reported immediantly." Lily paused again,glancing up at the others with a frown. " 'The public is warned?' " James asked oddly,looking confused. Sirius mimicked his face. "Pfft.Dangerous?"He asked,rolling his eyes,then slopped a crooked grin on his face, "The only thing I'm armed with is good looks." Remus rolled his eyes."It sounds like you're a sort of…criminal."He said seriously,pondering how the goof sitting next to them could ever be a criminal.

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