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Chapter One

Guess Who's Back

In a massive remote area of woodland far from civilization, a lone creature awaits a phenomenon with emotionless eyes. In due time, a horrible beast shall once again walk the earth, inspiring fear, anguish, hatred and so much more. Though it was the middle of the night, the calm of the nocturnal peace was disrupted-- replace by a far more eerie presence. To put it literally, the forces of darkness were at work, deploying a forgotten evil to brood again, oblivious to the world.

"The time has finally come," the creature spoke it's drab voice "how very fortunate for this to occur. Any minute now and the world shall recognize it's presence."

A surreal gateway of some sort appeared in the forest as an entrance from another dimension. The vivid swirls of dark colors swarmed dissonantly as if it were a warning itself of things to come. After a few mere moments of this absurdity a form can be seen slowly emerging from the portal. The creature's once emotionless demeanor went into one of recognition.

"Finally, this is too good to be true."

With a lurid moan the form collapsed to the ground with a loud thud. It writhed slightly, laboring gasps of air as though it was a new born child. The unnatural spectacle eventually faded away... having done it's job to dispose a heap of pale flesh on the surface. Flesh that will bring immense malice onto the lands.

And it was female...

"Ugh..." The woman uttered in a lazy tone. Her naked and lithe body slowly trying to set herself straight as it crawled against a tree. "Where... where... am I? Who am I?" Her pecan shaped brown eyes dilated in the darkness as they wondered about the scenery. "So... cold..."

'So, she has forgotten who she is? No matter, I will reassure her.'

The woman, who roughly looked to be in her early to mid twenties surveyed the unfamiliar territory. The chilly wind caught her long dark hair in it's breeze as she shivered again. She was fairly tall, matching that of an average healthy full grown man. Her body petite but honestly proportioned-- a healthy ratio of slight muscles to body fat elucidating her graceful appearance. The usual of a well bred woman; small shoulders, small waist, wide hips, and such and such. In contrast to her pale body, her dark eyes flickered in shock. "I'm naked!!"

And she was in the presence of somebody.

A dog.

She cowered, fully aware of eyes that could be set on her. In a futile attempt to use her arms to hide her full breasts and her lower region she realized that she was alone and the only other presence around her was a estranged canine. And it was staring intently at her from a distance.

"My, aren't you a cute fellow?" She admired, stroking the dogs fur. "But there is something unusual about you... I just cannot put my finger on it just yet."

"Mistress, you have finally returned at last." The dog spoke at last, scaring the holy hell out of the poor woman. "... I get that reaction all the time."

The woman jumped away from the canine in utter fear, fully ignoring the fact that she didn't have on any article of clothes. "What the!!? This is completely irrational!! A talking... dog!!?"

Whether or not if dogs are able to, it rolled it's eyes. "You're back, and it seems you have returned to your prime but unfortunately you have last all past memories of yourself."

The woman gaped at the dog with wide eyes. "My memories? Oh no, this is some kind of dream, right? I can be in the middle of the woods buck naked and talking to a mutt in which it talks itself. This is ludicrous!"

"I assure you completely that this is not a dream, Mistress." The dog informed. "You are merely free from our prison and thus you are somewhat reborn."

The girl arched a brow, though the concept of a talking animal and her nude in the middle of nowhere denied all rationality. She was compelled to discuss with him. "Prison? I was reborn...?"

"That is correct, Mistress." The dog spoke solemnly. "I am your loyal servant, Heion and you, my dear, are the indomitable Priestess of Ambrosia: Rashoujin Mizuki!"

Mizuki seemed impressed at how he introduced her to herself. "Whoa... That sounds formidable." She went into girlish giggles. "I have such a cute name, don't you think so?"

Heion fell sideways to the ground.

Mizuki quickly went over to inspect the dog. "Umm... are you okay? Maybe you had some chocolate or something? Then again, I should be the one that needs to lay down for a while. After all, I am talking to a dog."

"No. I am fine Mistress Mizuki." He reassured. "It's apparent that you are suffering from amnesia, but I shall see to it that you shall get them back."

Mizuki blushed. "Mistress? Oh no, nah, I'm not that important. At least, I think I'm not. But if you know anything about my past, that means--" She abruptly remembered something obvious. "You pervert!! Stop gawking!! You should be punished for your adultery!" She went over to a large tree and with strength that was definitely not that of a mortal woman (nor man, for that matter), she uprooted it from the ground.

Heion shook with fright. "Mizuki-sama! No! Don't kill me! I am your upmost companion!" Too late, Mizuki swung the tree like a gigantic hammer pounding on a nail. The thud of the attack could be heard from great distances and Heion was relieved that he dodged the attack. "What are you doing!!?"


"Stop this at once!!"


Heion yelped in his canine vocals as Mizuki was getting closer and closer to hitting her target. The lithe woman apparently had the strength of a hundred men. "No one gets away with ogling my naked body without me doing anything about it!! NOBODY!!"

As Heion continued to evade her assault, he summarized that while Mizuki fortunately retains all of her demonic attributes and abilities, her evil was retained in that void. He never dreamed that this would happen, a seemingly innocent woman running around without clothing containing the very powers of Ambrosia herself, unleashing her wrath on him. The world is in danger.

Now he regret that he ever broken her seal and freeing her. She was definitely a force not to disturb, let alone anger... because who knows what can happen. The world is not ready for her...

Not this time, anyway.

"Come back here you little cretin! Damn you, you filthy demon! I should have known better!" Hmm... it seems she is recovering her past life as a holy priestess (miko) and just now realizing it. One thing is for sure, once her sights is set, Mizuki's a juggernaut.

"So are you Mistress! You must remember!" Heion distressed.


"Bullshit!" Mizuki bellowed with the tree high above her head, preparing to attack again. "You hell spawns are notorious for lying!"

Not to far away from the ridiculous scene, a pair of rogue samurai saw a frightened mutt scattering as though the devil is chasing it. "Hmm. Maybe it was just a bear after him." The bald samurai guessed.

"Yeah, this forest is full of the bastards." The second added, a rugged looking young dude with spiky hair. "Good luck to him. Because he's going to need it."

Off in the distance, the sounds of feminine rage could be heard.

"What's that sound?" The bald wondered.

"Sounds like a girl..." The spiky one answered, before smiling lecherously. "Eh... you know what this means?"

The bald guy cowered for a moment. "A banshee?"

The spiky one face-faulted. "What? Here in Japan?" He rolled his eyes. Then he say a tree bowling through the forest with the force of a tornado. Growing nervous as well, he pointed to the general direction of the 'moving' tree. "What the hell is that? Is that tree... alive!?"

"Aw man! It's a vengeful forest spirit! We're in deep trouble!!"

"Could it be..." At that moment, Mizuki came into the clearing. The rogues smiled maliciously as they enjoyed the sight of her when she appeared, her body jangling in the right places as she ran to a sudden halt. They completely ignored the fact that she held a giant tree in her hands. "Well now, what do we have here?"

Mizuki dropped the tree on the ground which was followed by a thunderous thud. She regarded the two rogues. "Excuse me, but have you two seen a weird dog shot through here just now? Actually, it was a demon in disguise and I surely appr-- huh?" She finally noticed that the two rogues were closing in on her. "What's with you two?"

"Now aren't you a lovely piece of work?" The spiky haired man admired, scrutinizing the curvature of her hips.

"She's pretty." The bald man added. "But aren't you cold? You don't have any clothes on."

In her previous rage with Heion, Mizuki had completely forgotten that fact. But these two bozos just happen to remind her so. Her anger returning, she snarled at the two. "Keep your eyes only to my face, you animals!!"

"Trust me, we are. Everything about you is nice, toot!" The spiky one wolf whistled.

"Why you!" She seethed. "Your lechery is intolerable and you shall pay dearly!"

"Listen lady, we're not the ones sprinting around the forest naked! It was you!"

"Silence!!" Mizuki commanded brandishing that huge tree again.

"Oh shoot!! Run!!!" But it was too late, the woman had already homerun them to perhaps another part of the continent.

"That'll teach you never to commit such adultery again, you heathens!" She roared but she all of a sudden dropped the tree and clutched her head with her hands as it began to throb with tremendous pain. The pain was immense, just enough to make her sob miserably. "What!!? Why is the pang so sudden!?" She beseeched as she fell to her knees.

Heion returned to the scene in order to experience what she was going through. What was once a monster feared by all was now a frightened young woman-- screaming to the top of her lungs as she was curled into a ball. "Mistress?"

She writhed pathetically, the shrill sound of her voice still dominant. "AAAAHHH!! What is the meaning of this!!? This has to stop!!"

'Could it be? Could the real Mizuki lay dormant inside that timid girl?' The dog thought. 'I have to keep watch. My theory may be true.'

Mizuki soon felt that her forehead began to crack as well as her back. The formation of an insignia was a sickening sound to the said areas of her body. The pain grew tenfold which made her cry even louder. She made manic attempts of waning the pain by nodding her head violently but that too proved futile. After moments and moments of extreme pain, the spasms abruptly stopped. The priestess has just undergone a transformation...

Her true self has finally returned.

Mizuki stood on her feet, significantly different that she was before. She held a proud and intimidating stance and she seemed more menacing. On her forehead was the insignia of Ambrosia herself, living proof that she was the feared woman. On her back was an even larger symbol of Ambrosia and there was a scar on her lower back that suspiciously resemble her weapon: The Mi-Gou .

She preened her long dark hair elegantly and a benevolent smile played on her thin red lips. "Heion..." Her voice was that of her own-- only in a more menacing tone as if she was serious and focused. When she spoke the air seemed to grow colder as a chill ran through the skies.

"Is that you, Mizuki-sama?" Heion asked as he approached from his hiding place in the shrubbery.

She sighed, her eyes drawing close as a sardonic smile crept unto her hauntingly beautiful face. "Hmm. It has been a while, my pet. I deftly assume that it was you that freed me from my prison?"

"Yes, it was I." Heion answered. "And I have some pressing matters at hand in which to inform you."

"Oh?" The evil priestess wondered with a face of curiosity. "What is it that you would like to share with me, Heion? I'm certain that it is important in order for you to revive me into this realm."

The dog transformed into his true form-- a hulking, hideous dog demon with crimson eyes and the most ridiculous golden tresses. He was heavily muscled and he towered a great deal over his Mistress. "Mizuki-sama, I've recently discovered a source that can make you the most powerful creature in the universe."

Her curiosity was now fully aroused. "Oh ho... is that so, Heion? Please tell me what is this source that you speak of..."

"This source of power will even allow you to surpass that of Ambrosia, herself! Mistress, this source definitely demands your regards."

"To become even more powerful than her?" Mizuki wondered. "Bah! That preposterous! That's unheard of! That's... phenomenal!! Where can I obtain this power?"

The monster held a shard of a mysterious relic before her. Mizuki's eyes widened at the brilliance, sensing the magnificent power that it already held. No telling how it is once it is complete. "This shall lead you to the path of invincibility, Mistress."

Mizuki smiled once more, this time her eyes glowing an unholy shade of lavender. "Very well, lead the way Heion. I shall soon reign over all realms."


It has been years since he defeated the tyrant that threatened his land for years. After his victory over the tyrant, he ventured into other worlds and helped it heroes rid them of it's peril. The hero was allowed access to the royal castle anytime he desires. The court priests entitled him as a blessing to their kingdom.

'Not far from her room, now.' He thought. Unlike years ago, he didn't have to sneak through the court of the castle and avoid knights in order to gain access to the castle. This time he hoped to go unnoticed as he made his way to the princess's room in order to peep in on her.

"Ah. So Zelda's busy taking a shower." Link said to himself. "This is definitely a good turn of events." Outside Zelda's room, he can hear the shower was currently running full stream as the princess of Hyrule sang a song.

Link smile mischievously, discreetly looking around for anyone that may spot him that instant. Assuming that the coast was clear, he opened the door and leapt inside...

Right into the familiar pristine corridors of the Temple of Time. "What? How did I get here?" He wondered as he pried himself from the floor. He realized that he stood before the Pedestal of Time and a nostalgic feeling swept him as he glanced at the Master Sword. The legendary sword rested on the sacred podium undisturbed, every corner of it's steel flawlessly clean.

"Those were the good old days." Link said quietly as he whistled at the sword's magnificence in which he really never grew tired of. "Eight years and not a spec of rust on you."

As if the sword could respond, the Master Sword glimmered. "Hmm. Still kind of hard to believe that you lead me to victory over the army of darkness years ago."

"Yes, a feat possible by only a true hero." A new voice uttered solemnly. Link spun on his heels, completely at awe of the beauty that appeared behind him. "Long time no see, Hero Of Time."

"Nayru!" Link spoke in a surprised tone. "Was it you that brought me here?"

"You are correct." Nayru reassured. Her beauty remained unhindered, just as Link remembered on his travels to Labryanna. Her sapphire blue tresses flowed breezily in the air, despite the fact that there wasn't any wind inside the temple. Large beautiful brown eyes, framed her thin pale face and a smile that can enlighten anyone's soul. She wore very elegant robes with quality that surpasses even the most expensive ones of all of Hyrule. "Link, your strength is needed once more."

"Good. Because I can use another adventure. Without evil threatening anyone, everything is pretty much boring." Link said with a determined look.

Nayru approached him, her height towering his a little. "This may prove to be your most grueling ordeal yet, Hero of Time. Possibly more so than when you fought Gannon and the times you visited Labryanna and Hoolodrum."

"Even during the visit to Earth?"

"Yes." Nayru answered. "Yet, once again, it demands your assistance."

"Alright!! Maybe I'll see Talim again."

Nayru arched a brow. "Your friend from another world, perhaps?"

Link beamed. "Yea, you can say that. We're pretty close. They women there are round ears but they are beautiful. Xianghua, Cassandra, Seung --"

"I understand." Nayru interrupted. "Listen Link, I will now summon Princess Zelda here inside this temple. I'm certain that she will prove vital in your new upcoming quest. For months now, I've been sensing a terrible macabre presence laying in wait in that world. An evil that may be more unforgiving than all of the evils you have triumphed over in the past."

"You said that before, Nayru." Link replied proudly. "Bring it on."


Hmm. Crossovers are funny that way. Anyway, this is a Rashoujin Mizuki story. It was inspired by Karasuman's story-- which is pretty good and hilarious, may I add. So, major props goes out to him. I'm out.