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"Hey guys Inuyasha's been gone for a while, I'm going to go check on him to see if everything is alright"

Sango and Miroku look painfully at Kagome and nodded, they knew she had loved him and knew that she knew where Inuyasha goes every other night. Kagome wandered through the forest until she heard voices and ducked behind the bushes.

"Inuyasha, I'm glad your here"

"Kikyo, you know I wouldn't miss up a chance to be with you"

unknown by the two hopelessly lost lovers Kagome was watching from the bushes,she coverd her scent so that Inuyasha wouldn't smell her and covered her aurora thanks to Kades(sp?) training.

"Inuyasha, how much do you like my incarnation?" Kikyo said with her emotionless voice

"How much do I like her? feh! shes annoying, doesn't know how to fight, weak, clumsy, and can't fend for her own, the only reason I keep her around is because of the jewel shards then ill just toss her "

'weak! Clumsy! Can't fend for my own! I'll show him! I could beat him anytime of the day!' she screamed in her head.

"Inuyasha if you truly love me she must be slain by today"

"why today my love?" ( A/N: I can't believe I'm writing this!)

"Everyone has a life limit and mine has come"

"Again!" Inuyasha asked shock written all over his face.


"then I'll kill her and you will reunite with your soul"

the to hopeless lovers embraced and whispered loving terms (A/N: Which makes me sick! ok I'll go now)

Kagome silently got up and raced out of the clearing.

'I ran as fast as I could to get away from the scene before me, I might of loved Inuyahsa but then I was slowly getting over him and thought of him as a friend'

'I think my legs are gonna give out on me' I walked to a log and sat down trying to hold back the tears that were building up in her eyes and finally...she let them flow

With the yu yu group

"Where the hell are we!" Yusuke said stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"Over there! that's the last castle I stole from before i was caught, were in the north eastern lands." Kurama said folding up the screwed up drawn map Koenma provided for them.

"Hn, now that we know where we are can we get to the point?"

Suddenly Kurama came to a stop and heard light sobs so he rushed to the sound leaving the others to search for the mission.

Kagome sat on a log and wept to herself untill she felt a demon presence in the area cursing herself that she didn't bring her bow and arrows she found a stick and held it like it was her life line. She was about to throw it when a human emerged from the trees.

"Who are you? She exclaimed raising her stick"

"My name is Kurama Minamino "

"You have an aura of a demon which are you?"

'Shes threatening me with a stick!' Kurama thought

"I am a demon kitsune to be exact, but I was killed so I reborn myself into a human mother, I came because I heard crying, may I ask what's wrong?"

Once Kagome felt like it was safe she threw her stick and let him sit by her.

"Is everything okay?" he asked, his voice filled with concern for the girl.

"I'm sorry i didn't introduce myself, I'm Kagome Higurashi" she said shaking his hand.

"And to answer your" she started to cry again.

Kurama pulled her into his chest and let her weep. Kagome pulled back after a while.

"Thank you"

"Kagome, do you want to tell me about it?" Kurama asked

Kagome shifted under his gaze and looked up

"I guess" she took a deep breath and started"

"I'll give you a short version" Kurama nodded and she began.

"There is this dead miko bitch who wants me dead because she believes I hold half of her soul, She teamed up with my former love and they are coming tonight to kill me an-" she was interrupted by Kikyo who came out of the bushes.

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