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A new day it was for our heroes, the birds chirped happily, the sun was shining brightly and everyone was having pie.

Alright…There was no pie.

"What do you mean there isn't any pie left Urameshi!" Kuwabara hollered from the couch in the living room .

"What does it sound like you idiot! The pie is gone, your fat ass probably ate it and passed out!" Kagome laughed. Walking over to Kuwabara she scratched the back of her head and looked toward the floor.

"Actually..I ate the final piece" she said apologetically. Clasping her hands together she bowed her head. "Sorry! I didn't know you were saving it." Kurama walked in adjusting his shirt collar.

"It's good to see you on your feet Kagome" he said smiling. "Any pain or discomfort?" Kagome shook her head. "Nope! " she paused. "Can we go now?"

Kuwabara scratched his head. "Now? It's morning" He didn't understand why Kagome was in such a rush to go back.

Kagome nodded. She fell asleep on the couch last night, the time of day hadn't quite caught up with her yet.

"I want to get back and warn the others about Narakus recent incarnation." She said with disgust, still annoyed with the fact that she didn't see it coming.

Yusuke walked into the room with a piece of toast in his mouth, with his other hand he flung the other toast that he had at Kuwabara, who caught it with ease. "After breakfast." He spoke, flopping onto the couch next to Kuwabara.

Kagome nodded and decided to get some breakfast for herself, after all, it was the most important meal of the day. Getting out some bread, she put two pieces in the toaster and pushed the lever down. Taking out some jam and placed it on the counter and went hunting for the silverware.

"Oi! Kagome." A voice called in front of her. Kagome gave a jump and snapped her head toward the open window where Inuyasha sat, perched in the tree.

"Inuyasha!" she replied smiling. "Come inside, I was just making breakfast." Kagome said.

"Keh" He replied, but did what he was told. Who told her she could have breakfast, the woman took off enough time as it was, every minute was precious! But he didn't want to go and upset her again so he complied with her request.

Kurama walked in and raised a quick eyebrow at the new arrival. "Good morning Inuyasha" He said as he took an apple from the bowl. Inuyasha glared at him in return. Kurama shrugged and opened the silverware drawer. "We'll be joining you shortly, there wasn't any need for you to come all this way." He commented.

Kagome flashed a smile at Kurama in thanks and took a butter knife out. "Naraku has another incarnation" she blurted.

"What?! Another? " Kagome nodded. "Thing is, he was from my world, he attacked me here, unless he had gotten a shard from the jewel..." she trailed on with her thoughts.

"That's not possible, Naraku is a demon from my era, that bastard figured out how to get here! That's it, your not coming here anymore."

Kagome sighed and jammed up her toast. "Can we go guys! Inuyasha is here!" she yelled into the living room. A "yeah., yeah" came from Yusuke. Kagome sighed

Inuyasha stood, arms crossed, a scowl on his face. "Did you kill him?"

Kagome tapped her index finger to her lip. "I think so, but then again, they always have a way of putting themselves back together again."

"He's dead, his aura vanished."

Kagome jumped again, he knife flying behind her and into Inuyashas hair.


"Damnit woman!"


"Hn" Hiei smirked at Inuyashas slightly purple hair. Kurama, who was quietly leaning against the counter eating his apple smiled. "I think it would be a good time to leave now." Lifting himself from the counter he walked into the living room to tell the others.

A half hour later they were all on the other side of the well and on their way to the village. The instant Kagome jumped out of the well, Shippo hurled himself at her. He missed his mother, grinning he let off into conversation.

"Oh yeah, Sesshomaru joined the group, he and Inuyasha are at it constantly. I don't see why they fight so much, Inuyasha did cut off his arm, he does have a right to be mad." Shippo stated matter of fact like. Inuyasha would have glared at the kit if he felt like turning around.

"He tried to kill us, including you if you, idiot." He replied as he threw open the door to Kaedes hut.

A jingle from Mirokus staff let everyone know he was inside.

"Lady Kagome! You've returned!" he said joyfully, taking her hands in his. "Have you reconsidered? Now that you are a demon our chil-"

"MIROKU!" Sango yelled

Miroku gulped. "Ah, Sango, we can have beautiful children as well if you'd like."

Not a second later he was out, courtesy of Sango. They waited until Miroku was awake again to fill in the information about Naraku.

Kaedes eyebrows wrinkled together. This wasn't good, not only was Naraku able to travel through the bone eaters well, he now has access to whatever lies beyond it.

"Child, do you have anything that Naraku could use to his disposal, anything at all?" Kagome shook her head. "I don't think so." She replied.


Everyone looked at Hiei in explanation. Hiei glared at them.

"What Hiei means to say is that it's a new world for Naraku, new weapons, bombs, enhanced for destruction, nuclear war heads, as well as the knowledge of other worlds. The demons of our world wouldn't think twice to team up with Naraku, it's a chance to change history. Kurama finished.

The room was silent. How were they going to stop that?

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