How could he do this? She trusted him very little but she didn't think he would do this to her. He took away the only thing she owned her innocence she didn't know if she could get though this she cracked almost anytime someone said his name. Chris. It was so hard to hear.

After he cheated on her with Melinda or malinda (SP) or something she didn't trust him. Her life was going down hill that's when she saw Jay steal her dad's NEW laptop she didn't really want to get involved but she had to do something. She knew they stole snake's old laptop but she didn't want to say anything to him because of her stepdad was just starting cemo and she didn't want to add more stress to his life so she left it alone and tried to get the laptop my herself with Chris's help but lost him in the process I didn't really care I didn't love him so I didn't really care very much I felt bad for using but I still didn't mind he left we agreed to be friends. But I could tell he didn't want to be just friends. Then one night he called her over to his house I remember earlier that week he said that his parents were going to be out of town. I thought this would be a good bonding time so I went but that's when it happened she wanted to forget it so bad. She want to forget him and what he did to her but she knew no matter how hard she tried she wouldn't be able to forget what he did to her.