Chapter 1 - Married to him!?


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Alas, another LOTR fic. Someone's getting married, but why? Is this the beginning of a new future? And why is Aragorn going to Mirkwood? Why's he so miserable?

Okay, fans, I now all of you have been waiting for a fic like this! Romance, love, humor and Angst! What can be any better than a Legolas-Aragorn get together!? Prepare yourself and strap in your seatbelts! We are now entering KaKaVegeGurl land; Please keep your hands and elbows inside the car!





=...= - Aragorn's thoughts




"Oh come now, it is not hardly that bad, all you have to do is live with him for the rest of your entire life." Elrond said with as sigh as he looked forward at the large gates of Mirkwood, he smiled promisingly, "You both will get along splendidly and then be married within the next few months, it's not a problem... You've been complaining about this every since I first told you two months ago, can you not except it yet...?"

"But I don't want to marry him! I've met him many times before and I do NOT want to be married to him!" Aragorn growled at the wise Elf riding in front of him and grabbed hard at the reins in his hands, "Why can I not marry someone else, someone normal?!"

"Estel! Legolas IS normal, and he's grown into a very sweet boy, he has high hopes; as do you, and that is EXACTLY why you two are going to be married, what better a perfect couple than you two? Both of you are wise and strong and smart. It is the perfect match, fate has brought you together. Now stop arguing and just give in already, we have already decided to this and I have no intentions of changing my plans for you..."

Aragorn rolled his eyes and looked down as he rode his horse, trying to think of any sane reason for marrying him to The Prince of Mirkwood, "But I don't like him at all... I hate him; if have any feelings at all to spare for him..." He whispered.


=Why did Elrond always plan things behind his back and then finally tell him when it was more official? He was sure that Elrond and Thranduil would most certainly NOT change their minds once they had it carefully made. But how was the Prince Of Mirkwood taking this? Was he delighted? Angered? Or did he even care at all? Perhaps not! He wouldn't care... Anything to make Aragorn's life as miserable as possible, that had always been Legolas' goal...=


"Amin delotha lle! H-How could you do this to me!? Have you no soul!?" Long blond strands of hair danced against his back as Legolas slammed his fist on the table of his Father's, he glared at Thranduil with a look so full of sorrow and betrayal and anger, "You have condemned me to a life with that-that... Human! How dare you not consort with me before you had fully made up your mind!? Do you not care of MY well-being! This is ludicrous!" The Elf stood straight as tears welled up in his eyes, his hair had fallen out of their braids and now hung before his eyes, "H-How could you do this to me!?"

Thranduil sat back in his seat as he took in every hateful word his son had spoken to him, "Do you truely think that this is mad? Aragorn is not as much human as he is Elf... He was brung up by Elrond, you should be glad... And he is very handsome. Legolas, think of your people, this is a blessing in disguise. "

The Prince's face filled with fury as he finally felt a click in his brain, his eyes went wide and he stood straight, "That is some disguise father! I see not how any good could come of this! Are they here!? Are they here now!?"

The King nodded and pointed to the window, "Of course they are, Legolas, they have been waiting for us for minutes now because of your ridiculous outburst, I'm sure they have heard every word that you have said. Go down and greet them now."

"Oh I am NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET! HOW DARE YOU TELL ME THIS JUST NOW! HAVE I NO TIME TO THINK!?" The Prince began again, "I WISH YOU A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH! LET IT BE TOO EARLY IN YOUR LIFE! I WOULD CONDEMN YOU TO DEATH WHEN I AM CROWNED KING!" He then turned on his heel and stomped out of the room as he wiped the tears from his face, slamming the door behind.

Thranduil sighed and leaned back again with a smile, "I'm sure..."


Aragorn chuckled as he stood beside Elrond, listening to the last words of Legolas and his father's disagreement.


"Oh he's good." The Ranger said trying to hold back his laughter and listened again.


"REAL good." He ended and looked before him.

Just as he was saying this the doors opened and out stepped the young Mirkwood Elf, his anger and stress written clearly over his features, he had long beautiful blond hair and captivating baby blue eyes that danced in the light from the sun, he wore a loose white shirt, light green leggings with a loose belt around his waist and soft brown boots.

For a moment; Aragorn thought he had fallin madly in love with the Elf, but he shoved that thought away as he remembered what the young Blond Elf had put him through as a child.

The Prince walked up to the both of them and bowed softly, his hair slowly falling over his shoulders within the movement, "I am very sorry for the dely, I was much busy..."

Aragorn smiled widely as he checked out the Prince close up, "You need not apologize... We heard the entire thing."

Legolas looked to Aragorn and glared daggers to his throat, "I suggest you keep your tongue right there, Ranger, or I will remove it for you."

"Excuse him, Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood... This is Aragorn..." Elrond excused stepping forward and bowed lightly to the Prince.

"Aragorn?" Legolas looked panic stricken and gasped raggedly, "This-this is who I am to-to-TO BE MARRIED TO!?"

Aragorn chuckled and nodded, he bowed to the Prince and smiled widely, "I am a lot better in bed than I am out in the light, I assure you will find out soon."

"I beg your pardon?" The Prince cocked a brow and looked at Aragorn with such highness, "Okay. Yeah, I would not even do such a thing with such a... Perverse Scum... I have much better things to do with my time."

Aragorn bursted in laughter but held himself up on his feet, "Perverse Scum? Such gusto my Prince, let us dolly in our room tonight."

Legolas' face turned red as his father walked up to them and bowed, "You are so sick."

"Thank you." Was the only reply he got from Aragorn before his father interrupted.

The young Mirkwood Prince glared viciously at Thranduil and then looked away.

"Please excuse Legolas, Lord Elrond of Rivendell, and Aragorn son of Arathorn... He has only JUST learned of the Marriage at hand." Thranduil smiled as he embraced both Aragorn and Elrond with joy, "He will have plenty of time to clear his mind, except I would wish that he wouldn't take it so... Unlikely..."

Legolas pressed his lips together, he turned betrayedly and stomped off towards the woods.

Aragorn watched the angered Elf Prince leave, he bowed and excused himself to follow after Legolas, "I fear that I am the only one that understands how he is feeling right now..."

Thranduil and Elrond both nodded and watched the Ranger leave as well.

The Lord of Rivendell turned to Thranduil, a smile caressing his face, "I dare say this will end rightly."


The soft sound of water running quickly filled Aragorn's ears, he looked around as he headed after Legolas, finally stopping at a stream, he looked over to his side and noticed the young Elven Prince sitting near the water only a few yards away, his knees pressed to his chest and his arms wrapped around his legs.

Legolas sat with his beautiful cheeks wet with tears, his hair strung down before and around his face; soaked with water.

"Ume aen faain lle nonar mi?"

Aragorn smiled softly and sat beside him, he noticed the shaking; faltering voice of the Prince, "Not exactly, I came to have a talk with you..."

"What do you want to talk about? And why do you care?" Legolas looked across the stream and closed his eyes as another tear trailed down his cheek.

"Umm... Thranduil said that you had just now learned of the marriage... Is that true?" Aragorn looked to Legolas and frowned as he listened for an answer.

"Yes that is right... I only heard of it a moment ago..." The Mirkwood Prince looked down again, and sighed in exhaustion, "When did you know?"

"About two months ago... But I've been arguing about it since..." Aragorn pressed his lips together and breathed slowly through his nose, "I umm... Still don't really want this marriage to happen..."

"Nor do I..." Legolas closed his eyes again, "I hate this, we have no say in the matter... We have no choice..."

Aragorn nodded in agreement, "Yeah... But can we not at least try to convince them? Can't we say something to them? Try to persuade them? This marriage is ludicrous."

"Nay, there is nothing more we can do then sit down and watch them prepare everything for the wedding at hand..." Legolas then looked up as a thought sprung into his mind, he nodded to himself and grinned devilishly, "Forget what I have just spoken, Estel, I-I have a plan."

Aragorn cocked a brow, turning to the elf and his eyes widened, "Mani? A plan? What do you speak of Mirkwood Prince?"

Legolas sat back and looked up at the birds in the tree above them, "I think we could persuade them... If we pretended we simply could not get along at all, show them how much we hate each other... Even though now it seems that we'd get along better... I do not want to get married with such a... Human... Like you."

"And I do not want to get married with such a spoiled brat like you." Aragorn stood up and helped Legolas onto his feet as well, he then dusted off the front and back of his clothes, as did the blond Elf, "I get what you are saying... Shall we start the argument now?"

Legolas nodded and looked ahead, "Why of course, after you Estel."




"Amin delotha lle!" = "I hate you!"

"Ume aen faain lle nonar mi?" = "Did they send you after me?"

"Main?" = "What?"




Well, smoothly written... And re-written, and re-written.

I hope you have enjoyed this chapter, and now! I bring to you! I preview of Chapter 2!





Comming up in Chapter 2:


"I can not stress to you how badly I hate him!"

"I do not think they are falling for this."

"Legolas, I want you to meet Arwen."

"I saw them making love yesterday, do not believe what you see, father."

"That woman hates me!"

"And why did Aragorn slap Arwen?"

"You can't take it in because you really do love him, don't you? And that's really pathetic if you think about it, he such a perverse pleasure whore, moaning loudly under you like some... Nasty wrench!"

"Please do not send him away father, I have fallen in love with him!"

"And I enjoyed it!"

"I wanted him to touch me like that! He did not force anything onto me that I did not want!"

"Then will you let me kiss you?"

"Please send her away! I never want to see her face again!"

"He's just jealous."

"Aragorn and Legolas were together last night and do not believe so much as a disagreement from them about it, father! I know they both have been lying to you this whole time!"



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