The Devil Made Me Do It

One shot idea I had when I heard the phrase so yeah I guess. I don't own the characters although I think I saw Beast Boy for sale on eBay at one time...j/k well hope you enjoy!

Robin held up the crumbled paper as he felt the chill of Starfire's tears fall on his neck. It was a tireless day of searching but none of them had found the missing titan. His leather gloved hands slowly opened the note as if it were a clue to a homicide and he was the detective trying to solve it.

Tears and dry blood mixed in with the ink but most of the note was still readable. The other titans stopped and gazed up at their leader hoping he would be a beacon of hope in this desperate hour. The young man's voice resounded of the walls as he began to speak but still the deafening sound of silence could still be heard.

There once a girl whose origins she would not tell

Her true home was darkness, she was the princess of hell

As a child whenever things went wrong

She would kick and scream and this was her song

Momma don't be mad I'll never do it again

These horrible things I've done I'll try with all my might to mend

Momma don't be angry if you'll just only see

The devil made me do it mom so please I beg you don't hate me

She grew up as most kids do... boy her life sure seemed long!

But in that blissful time I guess she forgot her mournful song

The devil is here now though and he's determined to win

He lost his daughter once and he vows not to lose her again

The darkness inside her is growing and she can hardly sleep

Will she tell her friends?... No! she can't say a peep

Day by day she watches as she slips further and further away

Each day gets closer to the arrival of daddy and hell will want some pay

She can't hold the darkness any longer, she will have to give in

She remembers her mournful song now, the laments of her sin

I'm sorry it pains me to say this but I just cant stay with you

There is a monster growing inside me, who knows what I might do

Whatever evil I may do I'll try to fix it in the end

Just please try to remember the monster you are fighting was at one time
your friend.

When you find this I'll be gone and there is nothing left to it

Just remember I tried but the devil made me do it

Starfire's wailing became louder as he finished the last line while Beast Boy and Cyborg looked close to the brink of tears. Beast Boy was too shocked to speak and Cyborg was somewhere in between rage and overwhelming sadness. Yet throughout this whole time the young leaders face remained emotionless.

He dropped the piece of paper on the floor as the sound echoed throughout the room like a wave of thunder. The thought kept playing over and over but still it seemed unreal. "Raven is...gone?" he muttered to himself as the others left the young gothic girl's room to comfort one another knowing well enough to leave Robin alone to deal with his own thoughts.

His long hair cascaded down in waves of black silk covering his face from the darkness that engulfed the room as the sound of the devil cackling in his hell played over and over in the young man's mind. In all those times he tried to win everything he finally lost the only thing that truely mattered...he lost Raven.