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A hellish cry rang throughout heaven as the newly born child raised out her

The archangel looked at her glowing red eyes and with a thunderous voice
gave out the command,

"This child is a monster and has now place among us!"

Another angel shouted "Cast here into hell, there the monster shall turn to
ashes and dust!"

The baby cried out as she tried desperately to hold on for dear life.

Unknown to her that her mother was no one other than Satan's beloved wife.

They turned the screaming child onto her belly as they examined her wings
of black

With one quick motion of the blade they removed them knowing know that she
could never come back.

The angels gazed at the pale baby knowing what they must do as they
gathered around.

They would cast her into hell were there awaited her beautiful crown

They dropped the new born baby as it cried through the universe with its
ear piercing call

Into the arms of her father, of the devil she did fall.

The young child grew older and looked up to the sky

Forever asking herself the unanswerable question of why

The burns hell had left on her skin had now long been gone.

The hurt remained, and the idea of being her father's pawn.

The scars on her back still remained the same throughout these long years

But heaven wouldn't answer her as her prayers fell on death ears

Her memory never proved to fail her as she recalled her life and those
memories of such things.

She was an angel at one time, an angel who had lost her wings.

Raven tried to move her bruised and wounded arms but it was no use, she couldn't swim as she tried to block out the unspeakable pain and tried desperately to concentrate on swimming. Her cold body began to feel heavier and heavier the more she tried to keep herself afloat. She watched as the water around her grew higher and higher as her body became weak with hypothermia due to the freezing waters. She began to slow her wild movements desperately trying to keep her head above water. She began to sink further and further down into the icy depths that she was sure would be her final resting place.

The light of Titan Tower shimmered down into the darkness that she was now in. it was as if she had left one prison to only enter another. Unlike the other cage however she knew this was reality and she was about to die and she wouldn't reawaken tomorrow as she had the past few weeks.

Her body gave way to the cold as her muscle began to relax and heartbeat began to slow. The young girl's brain felt like it was going to explode at any moment. Her life didn't flash before her as it had always done for her brain was too tired for such a thing. Instead she tried to think of the only thing she could think of that truly did matter to her. "Robin" was her final thought as she became unconscious, her body beginning to sink further and further into her icy grave.

The sound of her heartbeat began to slow into a steady pace; it was too late for her now as she heard her final heartbeat echo in her mind. A celestial glow appeared around her naked figure as her body slowly flew up as if pushed by an unknown force.

The unconscious girl hovered hundreds of feet above the water as the celestial glow entered into her body causing her body to spasm as it did so. Long beautiful black wings tore open through her delicate back as she arched upward in pain as the celestial presence continued to surround her and take over.

Raven looked at the beautiful white figure who had invaded her mind. His brightness burned her eyes the more she looked at him.

"Raven Roth it is time to go home, you have redeemed yourself" the blaring voice shouted in her mind. Raven's mind then replied back to the force.

"I am grateful to you archangel but I do not wish to return yet" she replied as the darkness inside her tried to combat with the force causing her mind and body to cringe in pain.

"Very well but let it be warned unto thee that if ye do not accept this offer thou shall never be able to return into heaven and ye shall be cursed for all eternity" the heavenly voice replied to the girl.

The young gothic girl was taken back by his words. Her mind then turned to the boy she longed to see and touch. Was he worth her redemption? The images of what he had become filled her mind and at that moment she came to her final decision.

"There is one here on earth who needs me and I in return need him" she replied to the archangel who looked on her with sympathy as he began to leave her body. Before it seemed Raven was all too quick to leave in order to save the one's she loved perhaps staying to save the one whom she loved the most would be the harder of the two. The celestial glow surrounded her once more as the light became blinding.

Her only thought was of him waiting for her as he had been in her dream. The celestial body left her as she collapsed on the black carpet of her bedroom, a pool of her own blood surrounding her as the wounds had opened on impact. Her beautiful raven colored wings covering her nakedness as she gasped in pain as she began to pick herself up from the ground.

She gathered up her strength as she saw him only a few feet away on the bed. She walked over to him letting her battered and bruised fingertips run and play in his gorgeous black strands of silk. She let her hands run along and trace his handsome face trying to remember every bit by heart knowing in the back of her mind that this would the last time she would see him.

Her violet eyes widened in shock and sympathy as she turned her gaze to the tear stained pillow case. "Why were you crying? Little Robin tell me why your sad" she whispered as continued to run her fingers through his hair trying to comfort the man who was still a sad child in many ways.

And I'd give up forever to touch you

Cause I know that you feel me somehow

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment

And all I can breathe is your life

Cause sooner or later it's over

I just don't want to miss you tonight

The young man turned on his side, the tears blurred his vision as he thought he saw a beautiful glowing angel hovering over him. He blinked the tears out of his eyes not believing what he was gazing upon. There she was, his long lost bird, his beautiful angel had returned to him just as he had prayed she would.

"Raven?" he whispered fearing that the slightest disturbance might scare the frightened and wounded bird away. His eyes began to brim over with tears again as he reached out a quivering hand and touched the cold bare skin of her pale stomach. The feeling of immense joy filling his mind, this was real this time. She was actually here.

"I'm here you needn't be sad any longer my friend" she bent down to come eye level with him. His hands cupping her face as he cried in joy, she watched as the crystal liquid covered his beautiful face as she gazed into his intoxicating amber eyes that held such pain.

She took one of her hands as it delicately wiped away the tears and sadness that had plagued the one she loved for so long. It finally hit her... she loved him more than life itself, she loved him like no one other and that revelation scared her.

He got out of bed as he fell into her arms as both knelt on the floor in their tight embrace neither wanting to let the other go even though they knew they had to at one point or the other. Every curve of her body pressing onto his, both of them just satisfied with one another's presence.

The large black wings covered them trying to shield them from the problems to come trying to keep them locked in this moment as long as they could but the young leader hadn't noticed as he pulled the violet haired girl closer into their embrace. He sobbed into her violet hair as she tried to sooth him. It pained her to see him like this and so she used her empathetic powers to relieve his emotional pain by causing it to form into her physical pain.

The young leader ceased his crying as he felt a sudden peace wash over him. His hand grazed up her bare back as his fingers became coated with a wet substance. He heard the gothic girl scream out in pain as he pulled his hand back as he examined the substance. The moonlight hitting his calloused hands to reveal his hands were covered in the red color of blood.

He gasped in horror as he tried to yell for the others but he felt a small delicate hand cover his mouth as he saw the pale girl look into his eyes. "Leave it be Robin...I wish the others not see me, let them have their rest. I have you to look after me don't I? "she said in a calm and soothing voice as her face writhed in pain.

And I don't want the world to see me

Cause I don't think that they'd understand

When everything's made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am

The young boy looked at his angel as he held her in his arms for the first and probably last time. "Raven you need immediate medical treatment maybe if we take the T-Car we could get to the hospital in..." his words were cut short as the violet haired girl slowly lifted herself and stood to face a hole in the wall that they had converted into a window for her a few years back.

"I have no need for such things" she said in her monotone voice as her wings swept about her forming a boundary between the two of them. "Put up your defense Raven you can't let yourself love him besides it's just tonight tomorrow you'll be..." her thoughts were cut short by the sound of his agitated voice. She on the other hand still continued to stare out the window into the night sky.

"Raven don't be stubborn you know you need..." he was startled by her abrupt turn as she stood only a few inches away from his face. "Why do you care?" it came out as both a genuine and hurtful question.

Raven gazed into his eyes searching for an answer as he tried to keep the three words he longed to say in the back of his throat. God he hated her! Even after whatever it was she had gone through she still remained so damned introverted.

"Because I'm your leader that's why! I'm also your friend if you can remember that! I care for your well being is that such a freaking crime!" He wanted to say more but feared what might happen if he did let out all his emotions at once.

"To care for me is a crime besides you don't care for me at all so what should it matter" The young girl turned her gaze towards the window as if she hadn't heard him. She knew he was lying particularly because he was so bad at it. She on the other hand could lie without a second thought it seemed. It was a defense mechanism she had developed much like her emotionless mask.

She felt his emotional pain shoot through the roof as the pain it caused her made her quickly turn around to see the most haunting sight she had ever seen. She saw Robin on his knees with his sleeves rolled back as he gazed blankly at her. His beautifully sculpted arms were covered in scars much like hers. Some of the scars were still trying to heal which meant he had been cutting himself only a few hours before she had found him.

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming

Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies

Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive

"God! God Damnit Raven I tried...But you're just too damn stubborn to see and accept the fact that I care about you! Too cold to let anyone in...Here I am Raven...You've won and I've lost. You don't need anyone I get it now" he said in a defeated tone as he held out his hands out to her as if he was a slave in shackles and she his master. He was looking at her with the same look she had all those horrible weeks stuck in that prison. He wanted to be free, free of his love for her, free of this feeling of sadness and despair. Raven looked down in shock as it hit her. She had caused him to go through pain, the pain he was feeling now, the pain she was feeling physically was caused by her and her alone.

Her bare feet slowly made its way over to the defeated leader as each step caused her pain and joy. She beckoned him to stand with the touch of her hand as he stood towering over her, his eyes both sad and confused as he began to shed tears again. Raven felt something inside of her reawaken as she did the most daring thing she had ever done.

She looked into his pain filled eyes as she pressed her lips to his relishing in this foreign emotion called love. She loved him and that was it nothing else could be said or done to help that. "I'm sorry" she whispered as she began to hover over the ground as the celestial glow took over her body once again as Robin stood speechless. Her wings spread out as far as they could go. She realized that this is where she belonged, she belonged with him. The wings began to fade away leaving her wingless once again. Heaven knew where her heart lay, her heart longed to be with him.

She fell to the ground with a hard thump as the wounds were her wings once were reopened and began pouring out blood. Whatever heavenly spirit that had been inside of her had left, leaving her cold and emotionless once again. The raven-haired boy pulled a silk bed sheet off the bed trying to hide her shame as she fell down and began to shake violently. He let her body rest on his lap as he held and rocked her like a child. Her body was growing extremely cold at an alarming rate but it was soon over and she seemed to be normal but still unconscious.

He picked her up and gently placed her on the bed gasping at the monstrous puddle of blood that surrounded the spot they were at on the floor and the large stain it left on his black jeans.

He sat next to her as he began to try his best to administer first aid to her badly beaten body. He examined her a few times cringing in pain and sympathy each time he find another injury that foretold of some unspeakable torture. He saw the bruises and scars that covered her mangled body as well as the open flesh that were once her fingernails. There seemed to be signs of burning as well. He watched her face twist in pain and caught himself wanting to scream out to help her as she yelled out into the night air in unbelievable pain as she remembered her time in Nevermore.

Raven gasped as she felt her heartbeat reappear once again as the sound of it throbbed in her ears. She reached out and clung to him causing the leader to jump back slightly in surprise. "Please don't leave me!" she whispered in child like fear. Her ice cold breathe grazing his ear as he stroked her silken head. "I promise never to leave you" he said as he looked into her fear ridden face causing her to do something that the young man thought was impossible for her. She looked at him with a peace that was indescribable and upon her face was a small but noticeable smile. Raven could smile, Raven could cry out in pain, she could kiss, she was human just like him.

Lost among the rind, the wastes of space
The ones we hold so high...
Something's different here, maybe the air
Maybe a different look, a smile

Raven finally realized what she was doing. She was actually showing her true self and that was disastrous. She felt a cool breeze dance upon her cold flesh as realization hit her, she was naked! She wrapped the blanket around her tighter as she jumped off the bed and fell to the ground by the window. Her mind telling her feet to keep going and to get away as fast as she could, her heart on the other hand told her to stay just as she was and that this was were she belonged.

Her body ached not because of the antiseptic that was cleansing her wounds but the thought of living without him, "Stay Away" she hissed as she covered herself in a cloud of black energy trying to make herself untouchable. He can't see me like this! She thought to herself trying to hide her emotional and physical shame.

She was lying to herself again and she knew it. If there was anyone in this forsaken world worth revealing herself to it was him. She longed to keep hidden but at that same time desperately longed to show him who she truly was and not her great façade but that was impossible.

And I don't want the world to see me

Cause I don't think that they'd understand

When everything's made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am

"Raven I need you too damn much to leave you" he said as he moved closer to her as she started yelling something in some foreign language. She began to rock back and forth trying to gain composure over her raging emotions.

"Get back!" she growled as black energy slammed the handsome man into the wall but even that couldn't stop him as he got up again and tried to reach out to the lost girl once again.

"Raven please let me in just this once!" he pleaded as his arms reached out and punctured the black energy causing him to convulse as a shock wave went through his body. Robin was determined to win this round no matter what the cost was, if he had to die so be it. He was determined not to lose her again.

His body was going into shock but it didn't matter now, her reached out his arm as he pulled the violet haired girl into a tight embrace, her back pressing into his chest. He began to lay soft kisses on her head as pulled her body closer to him to try to calm her down. The black energy subsided as she stood there in the deafening silence as her screaming was replaced by tears. She was silently broken

"How will I know that you will never leave me?" she muttered as she tried to pull herself closer into his warm arms and out of this cold place she called life. In his arms there was a safety she had never known. In this bond that these two shared there was a deepening friendship and understanding and somewhere in her cold dead heart there was love.

"Because you were made for me and I was made for you, I can't live this life without you by my side" he said as she turned to face him. Her intoxicating eyes engulfing every part of his mind and thoughts. He wished he could capture that look and freeze it in time and look back to it when he needed. How he envied artist and their ability to capture such beauty as this.

...Your eyes are so...

Heard this once before, one who shined

Against a cold embrace

He looked down at what he thought was the most breath taking sight he had ever seen. There she was, Raven, the silent gothic girl, the princess of hell, the half demon, and she had no barriers between them, she was there mentally, emotionally and physically naked and vulnerable and she was absolutely beautiful.

Peel away the lies, the great façade left with nothing more... than you

She turned trying to hide her herself from his gaze "Love... I'm not capable of such emotion, but why would anyone love me? Why would anyone want ME?" she said slowly. He hated that attitude of hers, she was amazing and still she thought so little of herself. He let his hand travel up and down her spine as the bed sheet slightly fell exposing her bare and badly scarred back.

"Heaven doesn't want me, Hell doesn't want me" she said as she remembered in great detail her troubled past. He looked at the scars that had once been her wings. They were two long white scars on her shoulder blades, two reminders that he had failed her again. His masculine fingers grazed over them as he began to whisper in her ear.

"I want you" he reassured her as he pushed her hair back to reveal how long the scar had really been.

"My beautiful angel...Where do you hide your wings?" he said in a reassuring voice as he pulled her closer.

Where, Where do you hide your wings?

Tell me...

Where, Where do you hide your wings?

Show me...

This was too perfect to be real, this moment too serene but it was real wasn't it? He smelt her hair; he let his lips graze her neck as he held her. He gently lifted her arms so they were spread out as he did the same as her arms rested on his. They were two flightless birds spreading out their wings.

"Fly away from your past little bird and head towards the horizon" he whispered as he remembered the caged bird that was painted on the wall. He led her to the other side of the room as he gently laid her on her stomach as he sat next to her continuing to try to mend her broken body.

Raven felt his hands on her back and the feeling was comforting to her after all that the girl had been through. Her body mind and spirit were at ease with him near "THIS is heaven" she thought to herself only to bring herself more sadness. She knew it was inevitable tomorrow she would...well she might as well tell him before it was too late. He gently got into the covers next to her as she edged closer to him, her head still facing the other side of the room.

"There is something I must tell you... In my journey throughout this wretched place I call my life I developed this sort of philosophy that Love does not exist and throughout my life I tried desperately to prove my idea in order to rationalize the fact that I just wasn't meant to be loved and I never believed otherwise." she stated as she felt the tears begin to form in her eyes as she felt him slowly pull away.

Robin couldn't believe what he was hearing. It pained him to see her like this. The dark room suddenly felt ice cold as this awkward presence filled the room. He saw the city lights dance upon the walls but still it couldn't warm their cold hearts. He gazed at the mirror that was ahead of him as it reflected back the image of him and his beloved. A heartwarming and yet haunting sight to behold.

He squinted at the thing trying to make out her face, the face that continued to try to hide from him. He looked closer as crystal droplets began to cascade down her pale cheeks. Apparently it pained her as well. He held her cold body close to his. It was like hugging a corpse, a corpse that desperately wanted to live.

Lost inside this noise, so cold
Every light is listening.
Open up you mouth, speak in truth.
Don't let it all, slip away
The mirror it never lies, so know.
Blinded...we all become dead...

Robin held her closer hoping to bring warmth to the dead girl. Raven had to tell him not just for her sake but for his. Her body slowly turned as she looked to him for probably the last time, his amber eyes burning into her soul." At least that is what I tried to believe until I met you and then it just...what I'm trying to say is..." her words were cut short by his lips pressing onto hers.

She relished and pained in the feeling. She loved him so damned much it hurt to lose him. Her mind was at ease for the first time as well as her soul. She had done what she needed. She felt her lips slowly leave his. "I know what your going to say...I already know and I love you too" the young leader felt relieved to finally tell her what he had longed to tell her for the past five years.

His mind and heart were at ease now as he felt his eyes slowly begin to fall as he let his body succumb to the peaceful feeling. The young boy slowly but surely returned to the place he hadn't visited in what seemed to be an eternity. He returned to the land of dreams knowing that he loved her and she in return loved him.

Where, Where do you hide your wings?

Tell me...

Where, Where do you hide your wings?

Show me...

Raven slowly raised herself up to gaze at his beautiful sleeping figure for one last time. With tears streaming down her face she gently brought her lips to his as she planted one last feathery kiss. "I Love you" she whispered in his ear causing the sleeping man to smile unsure if he had actually had her or not.

Slowly she lifted herself up off the bed as she stood once again bare to the world. She looked to the horizon as the orange suns rays of the coming dawn danced upon her skin as her body began to glow in a beautiful golden color. "Archangel! I've done what I needed" she proclaimed to the morning light as the light that had surrounded her began to shine like a thousand suns, In the blink of an eye she was gone.

Robin slowly awoke to the sound of banging as he recognized the childlike sounding voice of BeastBoy. "Raven open the door" he mumbled as he moved his hand trying to find the girl so he could hit her hoping she would chase away the pest. His hands searched widely as he finally came to the realization that she was gone. "Raven!" he shouted as he jumped out of bed looking for her.

"Robin it's an emergency! We found her!" the childlike voice screamed in pain in between sobs as the young leader rushed to open the door only to find a sobbing Beastboy as he knelt on the ground in tears. "She's dead" was all he could say.

Robins eyes widened in disbelief as he followed the sound of Starfire's wailing. "She can't be dead!" he tried to convince himself over and over as he sprinted to the source of such painful screaming hoping he wouldn't find what the young changeling had informed him of.

He watched as the front door zipped open only to find what he had been dreading all along. There was Cyborg dragging her lifeless body further on land as Starfire sat near her as she began to scream uncontrollably in her sorrow. There she was his beloved, his angel...and she was dead.

"NO!" he screamed out in anguish and disbelief as he rushed to see the body hoping it wasn't her but the more he got closer the more real the scenario became. He looked at the half-human teen as he examined the body trying to determine the cause of his friend's death. "How did she die?" was the only question that seemed to come out of the raven-haired boy as he gazed at the lifeless figure of the girl he loved.

"She drowned...According to my readings she's been dead for more than 24 hours" the young cybernetic teen sighed as he gazed at the emotionless stare of his fearless leader who was now kneeling besides the newly found corpse. "That can't be she was with me last night" he tried to convince himself as he embraced her lifeless body in attempt to bring her back.

"She's not dead! She's not dead!" he growled as he began to sob and scream uncontrollably as he rocked himself back and forth finally letting the corpse fall as he began to thrash and kick violently on the floor. "WHY! WHY! GOD WHY!" Cyborg and Beastboy tried to pin him done as he felt the grief wash over him while Starfire watched in horror.

His body slowly gave way to fatigue as he slowly calmed down. Cyborg and Beastboy reluctantly let him go fearing for their leader's mental stability. He claimed she had came to him the night before but both new that was impossible for she had been dead before then. The three remaining Titans watched in sadness as they witnessed their leader run up the stony cliff and return to Titan Tower.

The handsome leader barged into the empty room trying to find any trace of what had happened last night but nothing could be found. There was no blood, no mess, no single piece of evidence to backup his wild claims. He let his body slowly fall onto her bed hoping to try to make sense of all these things. He spread his arms out as he closed his eyes desperately trying to remember every moment with her when his hand slowly brushed up against something that felt quite familiar.

He slowly turned and sat up as his hands wrapped around the small yet delicate thing. It was a black feather laid on the side of the bed she had slept on. It was a feather much like the ones on her wings. He let his shaking hands gently raise it as he watched the color of the feather change from black to sparkling white.

He watched as a tiny ray of light came from underneath the bed as he let himself kneel down to find that the feather was attached to whatever it was that lay hidden underneath the bed. He slowly reached out his hands to reveal a piece of parchment with gold enscripment. It was only five words but those five words meant the world to him as he read them. "I'll Come Back For You" was all it read. A single tear rolled down his cheek as realized what had happened last night in certain clarity.

His gaze then turned to the unmasked mural that had suddenly appeared before his eyes. Replacing the haunting images that had once been plastered on the canvas there was a parody of one of Leonardo Davinci's famous pieces. There was Raven in her full splendor, white wings and all reaching out her hand to a handsome raven-haired man. It all made sense now.

Robin slowly let himself fall into that sense of peace once more knowing that she was here watching him and knowing the fact that someday she would return to him. He had prayed that the dead could come back and so God had answered sending him a fallen angel. Raven looked down on the beautiful sight she was seeing as she whispered once more to the sleeping man.

I just want you to know who I am

I just want you to know who I am

I just want you to know who I am

Her ghostly figure hovered down as her spirit flew over him. She gently lowered her self to whisper in his ears the three words that not even death could keep silent, "I Love You" she said knowing that this time he had heard her as he closed his eyes and began to dream once more. She would come back to him sooner or later for a Raven did actually turn out to be a homing pigeon.

Well hope you enjoyed the ending cause it took forever and a day to write! ok if you didn't get it here it goes...Raven drowned and the archangel let her have one last night as a mortal before she returned to heaven and at the end she's kind of a ghost or guradian angel yeah hope you enjoyed it! Please review!