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Chapter 1

'And Cinderella and her prince lived happily ever after.' Who wrote the fairy tale of Cinderella? And why? Do they actually believe something like that could happen to a servant? My story is similar to Cinderella's but I don't see any Prince Charming, ready to carry me away from my awful home.

I think I better explain who I am, since you all are giving me the look that clearly says that I'm insane. My full name is Adena Maria. But call me Adena. Okay, let me help pronounce that since everyone pronounces it wrong. Ah-dee-na. Okay, Ah is easy to remember, the dee part is like the beginning of the word deed and na part is from the word naught. Adena? Yay, you got it!

Okay, well I am Lady Adena Maria of Carrier, which was in the land Amea (Ah-me-ah), but everyone calls me Adena, since Adena Maria is so…so formal.

Anyway, when my mother was sixteen, she married my father. Everyone had been envious since my mother had been the most beautiful lady in Amea.

When my mother gave birth to me, she died. So, my father hated me for that. Moving on to my 12th birthday, my father married a woman named Jacqueline and she had two daughters of her own. Yup, here comes the evil stepsister part. Well, only one of them was evil and that was the older one who was a year older than me who's name is Gabrielle. The younger one, Clover, was sixteen, my age and pretty nice if you ask me. Jacqueline wasn't evil or anything, she was okay, I guess. But then, when I was 14, Jacqueline died from some sickness.

After the funeral, my father told me to come to his study. I did and he looked at me. He then had said, "Adena, I can no longer look at you because every time I do, I see my descend first wife." I had her high cheeks and long, curly eyelashes. Sure, I had her dark, straight brown hair that went to my elbows but instead of her green eyes, I got my father's dark blue eyes. My father continued, "From now on, you will be a servant."

That was interesting…wait, what?! Why? I had asked my father, "Why? I am the daughter of a lady and a lord of Carrier!"

Father had rolled his eyes. "Adena, enough of your nonsense. Ever since you killed my wife, I have hated you. Now shut up and go transfer your belongings to the servant wing."

I was stubborn; I got that from him. "Father, what will people think if I become a servant?" Actually, it wasn't about what people cared about. It had occurred to me that if I was a servant, Gabrielle could order me to do anything she wanted me to do.

Father waved a hand. "Of course, you will still go to social events but in this household, you shall be treated no better than the lowest servant."

I muttered under my breath, "Why not say I was dead?"

Father had heard. "Because people will think it was my fault if you died. Already, two women died from my life. Now get out of my sight."

I stomped my foot. "No!"

My father rose slowly from his chair, his eyes blazing. He locked eyes with me and a chill filled me. He then yelled at me, "ADENA MARIA, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT NOW!" He looked ready to slap me.

I quickly left, tears in my eyes but not wanting to let him see me weak.

So my father took the place of Cinderella's evil stepmother.

I'm now sixteen and no prince has come saved me. But I don't really care. I'm not a damsel in distress who needs to be saved by some arrogant prince. I also don't believe in the whole "love at first sight." Seriously, beauty is only skin deep.

That's my downfall. I am beautiful, which isn't what I brag about. I used to have many suitors come and beg for my hand before father turned me into a servant.

Back to me being cursed being beautiful, I look exactly like my mother, since there is a portrait hidden in the attic by father. Everything looks exactly the same, only younger. I just don't have her beautiful green eyes. I just have dark blue eyes.

When you are beautiful, people tend to think you are so delicate and fragile. I was everything but. I learned how to sword fight, archery, and some other boy stuff. Not that father cared, since I was just some lowly servant. I didn't ask to look like my mother so why was he punishing me?

My friend, Flora, who was also a serving maid, was the one who told me about mother. Flora was about the age of what mother would be if she were still alive. She told me mother had been beautiful, smart, and goodhearted. I usually asked then how did father end up with her. Flora told me he pretended to be nice and sweet and my mother married him.

So now I guess you know why I don't believe in fairy tales. They are just make believe stuff that will never happen to a servant, no matter how hard you pray.

I once had told Flora this as she tucked me into bed. Flora had responded, her hair graying a little and her face weary, "My dear, sometimes, you just have to believe in the impossible."

I had been fifteen then. I had shook my head. "Flora, look at all these fairy tales! They don't make any sense. How can a girl sleep that long? And fairies…no one has seen one in years! They barely exist anymore!"

Flora had laughed. "Now, now, Adena, fairies can't always just come out whenever they want. But everyone has a fairy godmother. Well, the good ones, I suppose."

I had rolled my eyes. "I've been a good kid, so where's my fairy godmother?"

Flora shook her head, still laughing. "Adena Maria, Maria Adena," Flora was always doing that, saying my name then flipping it backwards, "you do know that some people have fairies and others don't. Maybe you were a naughty little girl."

I had rolled my eyes again. "Goodnight, Flora," I said.

Flora had kissed my forehead as she did every night. She's almost like the mother I never knew. "Goodnight, Adena."

Well, back to present time. I have so been a good kid. Okay, maybe not some of the time. Like when I was eight and put a mouse in my governess soup. She had made me curtsey a billion times! And maybe that time and I had dumped a bucket of freezing, cold water on that stable boy when he told me I was stupid and brainless. I was defending myself, in a way!

So, as I asked before, where is my fairy godmother? Where's my prince charming? Where's the happily ever after?

Not that I would want to marry the prince of Amea, Prince Dane. He was probably a typical arrogant prince, only caring about beauty. He also probably thought the whole world was at his feet, which it probably was, and he could do anything he wanted. And I want him to save me…nope, I could save myself. Hopefully.

"ADENA MARIA! GET IN MY ROOM THIS INSTANT!" My oh so wonderful stepsister, Gabrielle, screamed from her room. What was she doing up? It was early in the morning.

I ran to her room and curtseyed. "Yes, milady?"

Although the story Cinderella had the stepsister being ugly, my stepsister was pretty. But the story didn't miss one thing. She was plain stupid and brainless.

"Adena Maria, help me dress," she ordered. I managed not to roll my eyes. A girl of seventeen and she couldn't dress herself. It was kind of funny.

After I helped her, I left to my room.

So, as you can see, I have a wicked stepsister, an evil father, a kind maid who is a friend, a nice stepsister, and me, a non-believer in the whole 'prince is going to save me' thing.

I don't need anyone to help me. I managed sixteen years, I think I can manage the rest of my years.

But still, I can't help but wonder what it would be like if the prince did save me. I would probably find him annoying and dump him after he saved me from my father and Gabrielle.

What a loss to me. Sarcasm.

"ADENA MARIA!" Again?!

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