Chapter 1

Truth to Be Told

A tall boy was standing in front of a mirror. Gone were the childish features he once had, gone was the shine inside his emerald eyes. His once sparkling emerald eyes were now as cold as ice. His appearance had changed since the summer started. His once tanned skin was now pale. His cheekbones were higher than it used to be, and he didn't need to wear glasses anymore. His hair wasn't messy anymore, but it lied flat. It was obvious that he was not James Potter's son.

The boy turned away from the mirror and walked back to the corner he used to be.

I don't care who my father is. Why should I care anyway, I've never had one. Just Sirius… Sirius… it's my fault that he died. It's all my faults. I'm wrong, looking into Snape's pensieve. Why should I be so curious? Curiosity kills the cat. Why can't I remember about the mirror? Yes, it's all my faults. Not Snape's, not Dumbledore's, not Kreacher's, not anyone's but him.

He heard a click sound and suddenly tried to cover himself. A huge man with a purple face went inside the room. He approached the boy and grabbed him by the neck. The boy was shaking hardly with fears and tried not to make any sound. Vernon Dursley threw the skinny boy to the wall. The wall hit the boy's head and it started bleeding.

The purple-faced man drew his belt and walked toward the boy's limp figure.

"Look at me, you, Freak!" he roared.

The boy tried to raise his head, but it fell down helplessly. Of course, how could he have any energy? He hasn't eaten for two days. Vernon Dursley was annoyed and whipped his belt to the boy.

I deserve this. Sirius died because of me. I deserve this. The boy thought silently.

He received his uncle's whips silently, crying helplessly, but not saying any single words.

After a while, his uncle went out of the room. Harry sighed in relieves but then he showed up again, carrying a silvery dagger with him. Vernon Dursley walked over the boy and stabbed the dagger to his stomach. He quickly pulled it away and stabbed in many different places. Harry couldn't bear it anymore. He moaned, "No, Uncle Vernon. Please, please… stop…"

"Don't you dare calling me uncle, you FREAK! And I know that you're no more than a serial killer! It's because of you that I lost my JOB!" he said and grabbed Harry on the collar. He banged him to the nearest wall and with that, Harry passed out.

Severus Snape was drunk at his quarter when a house elf entered the room.

"Professor Dumbledore wants to see you immediately," the elf said and disappeared.

"What does the old man wants now?" he asked himself and walked to the headmaster's office, mumbling about Potter.

"What happened to that boy now. Hasn't he caused enough already?"

He reached the gargoyle statue and gave the password (skittles). Where on earth does he get that name? He thought and entered the office.

"Take a sit, Severus," said the calm old man sitting behind the desk.

The younger man sat down and asked, "What is it Headmaster?"

"It's about Harry,"

"What does he do this time?" he snapped.

"Calm down. Harry has done nothing wrong. Here, a letter from Lily to you. I agreed to give it to you when Harry reached sixteen," Dumbledore handed a white, formal envelope to the Potions Master.

The potions master took the letter curiously and opened it. There was two pieces of parchments. He took the first one.

Birth Certificate

Lucas Bryant Snape

Born to Lillian Evans-Potter and Severus Amadeus Snape on July 31st, 1988 at 23:59

Snape's eyes widen in shock.

"Albus, does this mean…?" he asked and the elderly man nodded gravely.

Severus returned to the letter and started reading the second parchment.

My dear Severus,

By the time you read this, I have died. I think you understand what the purpose I'm writing this letter for by reading the birth certificate. Yes, he is your son and not James'. James also knew about this and still, he married me. I'm really sorry, but I have to protect him and with your position as the spy for the light, I don't want to risk his life. When our son reached the age 16, it might be less effective and so he might changed his appearance completely before his sixteenth birthday. Yes, I put a concealment charm on him when he was a baby. He will, however started changing in about a month before his birthday or so. He will also earn some other heritages oh his birthday, I still don't know what it is though.

Our son might stay either with Petunia or Sirius when I'm dead. But, if he stays with Petunia, you might want to get him out of there. She and Vernon have never been fond of magic. I'm worried that they might give him a hard time.

Please, take care of him. Don't hold a grudge against him just because of his appearance. Give him care and love. I love you always.

Forever yours,

Lillian Evans-Potter

Severus felt tears going down his face. He crushed the letter on his hand and went out of the headmaster's office. He closed the door slowly, ran to the dungeon and locked himself in his quarter. He sat in front of the fireplace, staring through the fire, lost in thought.

Oh, what have I done to him? He's my son after all, what should I do now?

Albus' head appeared on the fireplace.

"Severus… Are you okay?" he asked.

"It's obvious that I'm not okay, Albus. Please, leave me alone, I just need some time."

Albus' head nodded and disappeared from the fireplace

God, what should I do now?

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