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Kim had always the girl who could do anything. Never doubtful of her abilities or lacking in her resolve, Kim always go the job done. And no Matter what, Kim always won. But all that ended one tragic, with a single event that altered her life. whether this was for the better, or for the worst, i cannot say. but Kim knew that her life would not be the same.

Kim walked into Beuno Nacho, with her best friend, Ron Stoppable, rigth behind her as always. Beuno Nacho wasn´t that crowded that day, only a few other people were in the building at all besides them and the employees. One of them being Bonnie.

Bonnie was just starting to get her food when she noticed Kim and Ron walk into the Fast Food Restaurant.

"Oh look, it´s Kim Possible and her loser boyfriend. Having fun with him Kimmie?" Bonnie snided at them. she looked at them with a face of disguist. her voice dripped with a stinging aroma, much like that of a Scorpion, deadly and posinous.

"Ron is not my Boyfriend! how many times do i have to keep telling you that!" Kim replied angerly. Bonnie and Kim shot eye daggers at each other, they meet their gaze´s and Ron could have sworn he saw sparks flying between the pair of eyes.

"Oh boy... this isn´t going to end well..." ron muttered under his breath while he dropped his head and held it with his hand. Ron could hear the two arguing about something or another. probably cheerleading. as always... Ron sighed and walked over to the counter to order some food. he stepped up to meet a young man, with short brown hair, glasses, and pimpley face.

"Oh hey Ron, you want the usual today...?" the boy said weakly, bored out of his mind, not at all trying to cover the boredom in his voice.

"Ya... sure why not..." Ron replied weakly, but not out of boredom. something was wrong with Ron´s voice. It was usually cheerful, not it just held sadness. He kept his eyes downcast.

The boy rang it up quickly and placed the order. he was about to give Ron the reciept when he remembered something. "Oh ya. Hey Ron, this came for you from Beuno Nacho Corporation. It´s a letter. No idea what it´s for and why they didn´t just mail it to you, but here you go." the boy handed the letter over to Ron.

Ron took it and looked at it. Kim came out of her argument with Bonnie to find out what was going on.

"Well aren´t you going to open it?" she asked Ron as she began to look at the envolope.

Ron just tucked into his pocket and muttered "Maybe later..."

"Oh what, you can´t even open a letter by yourself? You are such a total loser." Bonnie said snidely.

ROn let out a deep sigh, and then looked rigth at Bonnie and smiled. "You know Bonnie, the only one your really hurting with those words is your self." Ron said glumly, contrary to his smiling face.

"What are you talking about?" Bonnie asked confused, but her voice still dripped with poison.

"You know perfectly well what i mean Bonnie..." Ron said glumily, his eyes turned downcast once more, and his smile faded.

"We´ll whatever loser, now out of my way." Bonnie said angerly as she pushed Ron as she started walking to get her food that just arrived.

"You see Bonnie, it´s already happening." Ron said glumily as he began to walk to the door. "Come on Kim, Let´s go..."

Kim wanted to interject that Ron didn´t even get his food. but she saw the Sadness in his eyes, and decided not to argue. Ron had been acting really funny for the past few weeks, every since she started going out with Josh. But Kim didn´t understand why Ron had been acting strange. She couldn´t but the two together.

Kim followed Ron out the door. and saw him walking towards his house. Thats where he spent most of his time nowadays, what with Kim being to busy for him. she spent most of her time with Josh. She had begun to realize that they were slowly driftting away, and decided to spend today with Ron, and try to cheer him up. She didn´t know what was wrong with him, but she intended to find out.

"What was that all about Ron?" she asked as she began to walk behind him.

"Oh... nothing... don´t worry about it..." Ron said softly. Ron turned his gaze to the sky. it was cloudy, storm clouds were coming in, and he could hear the thunder.

"No Ron, I wanna know what´s wrong. you been acting funny for the past few weeks. is there anything going on i should no about. Did someone hurt you Ron?" Kim Demanded that last part angerly

"Yes... No..., Nevermind Kim. It´s nothing important. Don´t worry about little old me..." Ron said weakly, trying to put on a smile.

"NO Ron. I wanna know who hurt you. I know you have a bully problem, puts never gotten you this down before. Who hurt you Ron. Tell me please. Im your friend." Kim grabbed his hand and asked with concern in her voice.

Ron didn´t turn around to look at Kim. he just sighed deeply. "No one hurt me Kim, just look at me, not a scratch anywhere on me. but besides, why do you worry yourself over me, I´m nobody important..." Ron said weakly, the sadness emininent within his voice.

"That´s not true Ron, you maybe a little weird, but that what makes you, you. you´re a great guy Ron, just like Josh." Kim immediatly regretted those last three words. not that they were´nt true, otherwise she wouldn´t have said them in the first place. Ron had never really liked Josh. When Kim asked why, all he said was he got a bad vibe from him. but never the less, it was Ron who had helpt Kim gain a hold of Josh.

Ron shot a Kim a disparaging look, but then turned away again.

"Why do you like him so much Kim, what make him so Great of a guy anyways?" Ron asked softly. his eyes downcast.

"Ron, lets not talk about Josh right now. Let´s talk about you."

"No, i wanna know talk about Josh, Kim! I wanna Know why you love him so much." Ron said angerly, as if he was on the verge of tears. He turned away. He had talked and acted like a child throwing a tantrum. Kim sighed and then dove in.

"Ron, we have been over this. Josh is a great guy. He´s sweet, caring, understanding. He makes me feel good, and that is why i love him. If i lost him, i don´t know what i would do. I don´t i would ever be able to find someone so sweet and understanding. I don´t even know where to begin to look, would you?" Kim said dreamly as she began to talk about Josh, caught up in her little dream world of hers.

"I don´t know where i would find another guy like him Kim." Ron sighed and muttered something that Kim´s trained ears picked up

"I´de first try looking under your nose... and if that didn´t work, maybe up your ass..."

"I´m sorry what was that?" Kim asked, not entirely sure if she had heard that correctly.

"I said i would first try looking in your dreams Kim!" Ron said angerly and began to walk off again.

"What the hell is your problem Ron! Why do you hate Josh so much. If you so much as breathe a word about the Mankey Monkey Conspiracy, i will walk off rigth now." Kim said angerly not moving from her spot.

Ron turned around angerly and shouted "It´s not about the stupid Mankey Monkey Conspiracy!" he then returned his voice to normal volume "Kim, i have a really bad vibe about Josh, call it Best Friends Intuition. i don´t think you should be with him Kim."

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!" Kim Shouted angerly, and then said with a angery voice "Quit being so paranoid Ron, Josh is a great guy! He is the greatest thing that has every happened to me! I´m in love with Him! Why can´t you just be noraml and be happy for me!"

"How can you say that about him!? you´ve only been going out with him for a few weeks. I´m sorry Kim, i just have a bad feeling about him, i just want you to hear me out, and listen to my advise. I just have a bad feeling and i don´t want you to get hurt..." Ron said glumly, but also with concern.

"Ron would quit being so stupid for once in your life and think rationally for a second! Josh is the greatest guy in the world, he would never do anything to hurt me! Why can´t you just be happy for me! I have never been as happy in my entire life as i have been with Josh. Why can´t you just see him the same way i do!" Kim badgered at Ron

"Kim, just please hear me out. i jus-"

"Ron just drop it already! Why do you keep persisting in telling me that you have "Bad Vibe" about him! And besides, why should i listen to you, you´ve never been rigth about anything. ANYTHING!" Kim replied angerly. She knew her words were harsh, but she wasn´t the one to back down from anything.

Ron looked at Kim angerly for a moment, but then fixed his eyes on the ground.

"I love Josh, and i know him. He would nothing to hurt me. He wouldn´t keep trying to tell me lies just because he´s paranoid that i have other friends and were afraid to lose me. I take it back Ron, Josh is a much better guy than you! You are just a paranoid loser." Kim was shocked with the own words that came out of her mouth. but she felt Ron deserved it. for too long he´s been acting like a mopping baby. he needs to grow up.

ROn let out a deep sigh and then looked Kim straigth in the eyes. those large Beautiful green eyes that seemed to be in pain. "Fine Kim... You win... just like you always do... and always will... I thougth that you would be able to listen to the advice of a best friend, but i guess not. SO GO! Go have fun without that MOnkey boy! I won´t stop you, not that i could even i tried. I just wanted let you know i had a bad vibe. But No, little miss perfect can´t have anything wrong in her perfect little life. Your little world would shatter if Josh didn´t turn out to be perfect. SO GO KIm i hope you two Marry and Have lots of Half-Man and Half-Monkey Children. Maybe then, they could join Monkey Fist, and all of you will be one big happy Family of Circus freaks! So go on you little bi-"

Slap! Ron felt a sharp pain on his cheek and realized Kim must have slapped him, for he didn´t see her hand coming.

Kim was furious. she did not like to be insulted by anyone, ESPECIALLY Ron. And worse yet, he insulted Josh, the guy who has been there for me when i needed comfort. She was shocked by what she did. but it felt so right for her to do it.

"You §$§&ing Loser! No one insults me. and no one insults Josh. I thougth you were my friend! BUt know i see the truth. You´re just jealous of me! like everyone else! I hate you Ron! You´re no longer my friend. and i think, you never really were. Just go away! I never want to see you again!" Kim cried out in anger. She then turned and ran back to her house, never looking back.

Kim ran home, ran up to her room, shut the door, and locked it. She was furious at Ron, and dark and twisted thougths about what she would do to Ron if she ever saw him again. She blamed him. For everything. she started thinking about how many times he endangered her on missions because he was clumsy. about how many times he emberrased her, about how much time she had lost hanging out with him instead of with her other friends, instead of Josh. She blamed him for all of it. He had always held her back from her full potential. She wished he would just go away forever, and never come back. That he would just die.

She was pulled out of her angry thougths when 3 hours later, the phone rang. she at first got up on instinct to pick it up. but she stopped and knew in her mind who called. it could have only been Ron, trying to apologize for being such a loser. if that was the case she would chew him the hell out. she picked up the phone and pushed the on button.

"Hello?" Kim said angerly. Her face immediatly changed from one of anger, to one of happiness. It was Josh talking on the other line.

"Oh HI JOSH!" She said happily

"Ya I´m free tonight!"

"No, i cancelled with Ron, so im free."

"That Would be great Josh. I´d love to go."

"That sounds great, see you then."

"Bye Josh..."

'Well if have to chose between Josh and Ron. I chose Josh...'

She was happy. tremendously happy, and once more slipped back into her perfect little world, and she completetly forgot about Ron.

The Date with Josh was great. They went to the Movies, followed by a light supper at Beuno Nacho. Kim was so lost in Josh´s eyes that not once did she think of Ron, even when they passed the spot they had fought. It had been raining all night, but that just made the date more fun and...Interesting... Kim slept like a baby that night in her own bed. She even had a wonderful dream in which she relived her date, only to have Drakken and Shego show up. the dream was a tad odd, like all dreams are, but with Josh´s help, Kim saved the day.

Kim woke up the next morning, she had slept till eleven, but it was saturday, so there was no big problem. She went with josh and had a grand time at the beach, and a multitude of places Josh took Kim. It was if it were a dream come true. Monday morning came around, and it was time for Kim to go to school. As she went to her locker, she was broken out of her dream world to remember the fight she had with Ron, she was still furious with him, but the weekend had done much to cool her temper. she was still prepared to chew out Ron, and was worried if things were going to get carried awy again. To her suprise, and much relief, Ron wasn´t at his locker. But the relief didn´t last long as she remembered that she shared every class with Ron. and so she drug herself to first period. to her suprise, and not so great relief, Ron wasn´t in class. Or any of her classes for that matter. Kim was starting to get worried, and she didn´t know why, she was angry at Ron, for holding her back and always embarrsing me and such. after she reminded herself of all of Ron´s sins to her, she lost all trace of worry, glad that she didn´t have to see him, she went to Cheer leading practice with a look of anger, still fuming over Ron.

"What´s the matter Kimmie, Josh dump you? and where´s the loser that follows you around, not that im not glad that he isn´t here." Came the snide remark from Bonnie

"No Bonnie, Josh did not dump me. As for Ron i don´t know where he is, and frankly, i could care less. As much as it pains me to admit that you were rigth Bonnie, you were. Ron is a total Loser. I don´t know why i didn´t see it before. He´s been holding me back all this time, and know im finally glad i got rid of him. I bet he´s at home, mooping to himself like the Loser he is. I was a fool to think that i was once a friend to that loser!" Kim said those words angerly, more out of spite then being the truth. Kim looked around and saw the shocked expressions on all the cheerleaders faces, except for two. One of them being Tara, who looked as if someone had just stabbed her and she was now looking at the blade in pain and disbelief as the blood flowed out of her. The second being Bonnie, who was staring at Kim with a look of absolute Rage scowling her face, she was turning a deep red of anger on her face. Kim could´ve sworn she saw a few cheerleaders shed a tear or two, especially Tara, but it came to a big suprise when she saw a tear roll down the cheek of Bonnie. No one said anything after for a while, but their faces slowly changed from one of shock, to anger, to sadness. Kim tried to rally them up for practice, but none of them seemed to eager. practice was a bust that day. they screwed up so many times that Kim just cancelled it and went on home.

Kim was confused, why had all the cheerleaders decided that today they should all screw up. things weren´t making any sense. Kim got home and was still lost in her thoughts as she passed by the kitchen to go up to her room. Kim´s mother was in the kitchen, preparing the meat for Diner.

"Hi Kimmie, how was school?" Kim´s mother asked politetly with a smile and cheer.

Kim looked up at her Mother with a smile and said "Except for Cheerleading practice, which was a little slow, this was probably one of the best days ever." Kim replied honestly. it was true, Kim had been able to concentrate in her classes without Ron constantly bugging her, she was able to eat lunch without feeling sick about how Ron was able to eat in that manner with his food. it was good to be away from Ron, to have everything normal.

"Well that´s good, did Ron make another of his famous suffles or something to cause this special day?" Kim´s mother asked politetly

"Please Don´t talk about Ron, i never want to even discuss him again, and to answer your question, just the opposite, Ron wasn´t at school today, that is what made it a good day." Kim said angerly, not at her mother, but at Ron, as if he were there to hear thier conversation.

"Why what happened? Did you and Ron get into a fight?" Kim´s mother asked worriedly. she stopped cutting the meat and looked straight at Kim, with a look of concern in her eyes.

"I don´t want to talk about Ron, Mom, But don´t worry, everything is fine" Kim said happily. Everything was fine. For her that is. She was content in her dream world.

Kim´s mother turned and walked over to Kim. She looked concerned. "Kim, you can tell me what happened. I´m your Mother, you can tell me anything." Kim´s mother said reassuringly.

For some reason, the sight of her Mother looming over her with concern in her eyes and a bloody meat cleaver in her hand unsettleted her.

"Well it´s just that........ " Kim began to explain what had happened that evening, all though her story wasn´t entirely accurate. She claimed Ron insulted her and Josh and so she slapped him and ended their friendship. While Kim told the story, Her mother sat down and had alook of scock, and then Anger. she saw through Kim´s story. she told Kim to tell her everything, and after some convincing, Kim told everything that happened. By the End of the story, Kim´s mother was furious.

"And thats what happened..." Kim said weakly. it was hard for her to relive the experience and she began to seek someone to comfort her. She didn´t have Ron, and much to Kim´s suprise, her mother did nothing to comfort her.

They sat silenetly together but then Kim´s mother´s voice interrupted the silence.

"How is Ron holding up...?"

Kim was shocked, how could she feel concerned about the person who betrayed her daugther? but Kim finally said

"I don´t know, i haven´t seen him since that day..." Se began to miss Ron, for some strange odd reason, she began to get worried about him again.

"I think you should call him, and find out how he´s doing. he´s probably very hurt." Kim´s mother said concerned.

"You want me to Apologize!? To HIM!? after what he did!? he should be the one apologizing to me!" Kim stated Outraged

Kim´s Mother cast her a Furious glance, but it once again became filled with concern as she cast her eyes down.

"No, I´m just concerned about Ron, can you call him and see how he´s doing?" Kim´s mother said weakly, the fear imminent in her voice.

"NO! I never want to speak to him again!" Kim stated harshly, but she stuttered, she couldn´t hide her own concern. Being Defiant for no reason never got her anywhere, but it was one of her perks, or flaws. in the end, she came of sounding like a child throwing a tantrum.

"Please Kim, i am concerned about Ron, please just find out how he is doing. do it as a favor for me if nothing else." Kim´s mother said Worriedly.

Kim was about to state no, but couldn´t turn down a request from her mother. so she sighed defeated to her room to make a phone call. truthfully, Kim gave up easily, for she was also now concerned about Ron.

Kim´s Mother was terrified. she had been an intern at the ER early in her career, and she remembers all the cases of those poor teenagers who did stupid and irrational things when they were in pain. Suicide being one of them. She grabbed a box of tissues, and sat on the couch, worried.

Kim was hesistant to dial those numbers. she had already picked up the phone however. she was scared. she didn´t know why she was scared. she was Kim Possible, she could do anything. So how come she couldn´t make a simple phone call to check up on Ron?

Kim dialed the numbers and put the phone to her ear. She heard the phone begin to ring on her end, after 4 rings someone picked up the phone.

There was a small sniffle and then a rough, cracked voice said "Hello...?" It was Mr.Stoppabble

Kim began to hear a noise in the background of the room over the reciever, it sounded like sobbing.

Kim was distracted for a moment, trying to figure out who was crying when she remembered she was on the phone.

"Umm Hi... Is Ron there?" Kim said worriedly

Mr. Stoppable made another sniffle and replied with the same dry cracked voice "I´m Sorry Kim... Ron is not with us anymore..."

She heard the sobbing get louder and realized the sobbing was from Mrs.Stoppabble when she heard her cry "Why Ron...? Why...? Why did you have to leave us...?" The sobbing then continued.

'Ok, this is freaky.' Kim thougth to her self, but then once more continued the conversation. "Do you know where he is? Or when he will be back?" Kim asked even more worriedly, not trying to mask her voice.

"I don´t think Ron is evercoming back Kim... and i don´t know where he is, but i am sure, that wherever he might be, he is ok, and alot happier."

She could hear Mr.Stoppable sniffling some more, as if he had begun to cry.

"What do you mean? how do you not know where he is? Why do you think he´s never coming back back!?" She asked terrified.

"Kim.... Ron,... Ron... Oh God this is just too painful." Mr. Stoppable said. it was followed by a click and then the dialtone.

Kim held the phone to her ear for a minute, not sure of what to do.

'Ok, this is super freaky.' Kim told her self.

Kim slowly walked down the stairs, and her mother gazed up expectinatetly at her.

"So, how is Ron doing?" Kim´s mother asked. Her voice held no emotion at all.

Kim finfished walking down the stairs and walked over and sat down next to her mother. They both looked at each other, Kim´s mother looking worried, and Kim looking confused.

"I don´t Know... When i called, Mr.Stoppabble was snifling. when i asked if ron was there he said that Ron wasn´t with them. thats when i heard Mrs.Stoppabble crying, asking why Ron left them or something. I asked Where Ron was and when is he coming back. He said he didn´t think Ron was ever coming back. He didn´t know where Ron was, but he said that wherever he was, he was better off, and hew was happier. when i asked him what he meant, he tried to explain, but he just it was too painful and he hung up on me..." Kim finished.

They both sat there in silence for about a minute when Kim´s voice interrupted it. "Mom...? you don´t that Ron... That Ron... No... he couldn´t have... not over a small fight... not over..." Kim looked at her Mother, seeking answers, seeking the voice of reason, Kim realized she was getting ahead of herself, but couldn´t stop the overwhelming sense of dread,

Mrs. Possible stared at the wall, and then without a word, slowly sat up, and walked away. Kim just sat there, swarming with thoughts, Mrs.Stoppabble´s voice crying and asking why.

Kim´s mother returned and had on a coat, she was followed by Kim´s Father, who looked very sad. Kim´s mother face was emotionless, like a statue. they appeared to be walking out the door.

"Come on Kim, we are going to visit the Stoppabbles." Kim´s mother said emotionless as she opened the door and walked out. Kim walked behind her and her father followed. They got into the car, and said nothing. the car ride their was very short, but it felt like an eternity for everyone in the car. They arrived and walked out. they hadn´t said a word to each other as they went to knock on the door. after about 30 seconds, the door opened and there stood Mr. Stoppable. He appeared very tired and unnerved. without a word, he greeted them inside and led them to the living room, where Mrs. Stoppabble was sitting and crying. Kim looked around and noticed that alot of the Stoppabbles´s possesions were packed in boxs. Kim´s Mother went over and sat with Mrs.Stopabble. She seemed to be trying to comfort the poor woman. The two Dad´s began talking with each other very quietly. Kim felt unnerved. she did not want to stay in that room. she quietly slipped away, and started making her way to Ron´s room. She knocked on the door, and recieved no answer. She slowly opened the door and then saw a most disturbing sight, one that would send her into shock if she were not a healthy young woman.

It wasn´t there. Ron´s room wasn´t there. It was completetly Bare. nothing remained of it. No posters, no bed, no anything, even Rufus´s Cage was gone. Nothing was there. after the sight of it, she started to smell something. it had that sickly clean smell too it. as if someone had used too much of certain cleaners. but Kim knew this smell, it wasn´t regular cleaners, it was the extrememly heavy duty stuff, the one they use for crime scenes. she didn´t know what to make it. she then noticed that the shag carpet that had adorned his room was gone. it was utterly removed, she then noticed something very odd. She caught sight of something strange out of the corner of her eye and went over to investigate. She saw something in a certain area of the room where once his night stand would be right infront of it. it was right next to where his bed use to be. it was the wood underneath where the carpet should have been and it was staind red. it looked circular, like a puddle. it was not large, about the size of a small dinner plate. and it looked very odd. The detergent smell was heaviest there. Kim didn´t understand what was going on. her mind jumping to conclusions, only to be pushed back by logic, which was pushed aside by fear. Kim stood in the room for about 5 minutes. she couldn´t understand it. she started losing her senses. first her scent, then her hearing, her sense of touch, taste and eventually her sight. she couldn´t breathe, she had to get out of thier. she felt like she was going to vommit. so she slowly closed her eyes from the horrific room and left.

Once she had left, she began to calm down. Kim went downstairs slowly and quietly. she walked back into the living room, and saw that Mrs. Stobbabble had stopped crying, she still sniffled, but that was about it. All four adults were sitting at the table in a circle.

"Kim... would you please join us, we need to talk..." Mr. Posssible said calmly.

Kim nooded silently as she walked forth. but then said "Where´s Ron? and why has room been stripped bare?" she asked confused.

"That is what we wish to talk about Kim... please sit down..." Mr. Possible said calmly

Kim sat down at the table, half eagerly. She wanted to know what happened, but the other half didn´t want to hear a thing about it, for it feared the worse.

Mr. Stoppabble looked at Kim calmly and waited for her to sit, before he began. "Kim... there is something we need to tell you... It´s not easy for us to tell you this..." he stopped talking, as if he couldn´t go through with it.

"Tell me what...?" Kim asked weakly.

"Kim..., Ron...Ron...Has Gone away........"


So first chapter. What do you think. i know Kim was out of character slightly, but i was playing the part of Kim getting sick and tired of Ron, and the fact that she doesn´t want to think of anything in her life as imperfect. forgive me if you don´t like it, i could always go back to my other story. So tell me what you think. I NEED reviews! i hate feeling that i am just writing and wasting my time so that it will be on the internet were no one will read it. So thanks again

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