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Grand Finale Part One.

"Ron´s Here! Ron´s Here!" The tweebs yell informed the entire house.

Their voices were filled with joy and excitement. They were finally going to get to see Ron again for the first time in what seemed an eternity. The fact that he was now rich and probably brought them supremely expensive Christmas gifts did´nt´t hurt either. They would have to wait till tomorrow morning on Christmas to open their gifts however. But right now, what was important, was that Ron was here.

Kim gazed out of the window of her bright joyous Christmas house, to see a limousine pull up in front of her house. It was a perfect snowy Christmas night. Kim would have been happy, if she wasn´t so nervous, so anxious. So guilty...

She clenched her hand. She had to get on with it. Silent tears crept down her face and she once again viewed the object in her hands. Just how many times had she been holding it and looking at it, she had lost count. But she had every curve memorized by hand. She looked back at the window and at the figure stepping out.

Kim smiled faintly. Ron stepped out wearing a very expensive looking winter coat and suit. Nice black shoes and leather gloves. His now long hair was tied back into a ponytail and he was clean shaven. He smiled while walking forward to the door, that was until Tim and Jim opened the front door. And like a scene right out of the Flintstones, Rufus burst forth screaming Ron´s name and then jumping at him and toppling him over. Ron, who had seen this coming, had let his presents onto the floor before being pushed down onto the floor and getting kisses from his naked mole rat. Ron rolled over to sit himself on his knees while holding Rufus in his hands. Ron had some tears streaming down his joyous face. Kim couldn´t hear that well but it seemed to be greetings of some sort. Rufus scurried up onto his shoulder still talking excitedly until Jim and Tim came running over to Ron. Ron embraced them both while still on his knees. He hugged them tightly, as if he were seeing his brothers again in over six months. after about 10 seconds, they parted and Jim and Tim both started talking a mile a minute Then they started pulling on his clothing and expecting it. Pulling Ron up and to view what presents he might have hidden and inspecting the bags as well. She could hear her mothers voice scolding them and both boys muttering an apology. They then started pulling Ron by the hands toward the door. Ron remembered to get the bags and allowed himself to be pulled. He was then greeted by Kim´s parents. Wasting no time, Ron let go of the presents Came and hugged Kim´s mother and started twirling her around. And before anyone could stop him he did the same thing to Kim´s father. All the while keeping up his big goofy grin. They were all happy for him to be back. They bade him welcome into their humble abode.

Kim was smiling, from ear to ear as tears came down her face. She quickly moved over to her door intending to swing it open and fling herself down the stairs and into Ron´s arms. She opened it slightly and she hesitated, and then stopped all together. she couldn´t go through with it.

He is HERE! You have to go to him! She tried to inform herself, but she couldn´t do it. She slumped back down unto her bed, listening to the conversation talking place down stairs.

It seemed that almost immediately, the tweebs began to harass Ron into playing all sorts of video games with him. It seemed that Ron was talking while playing. And for what seemed like thirty minutes, they seemed to be still going about it. During the whole time, Kim wanted to go down there, but she was so anxious and nervous and fearful that she held back. She kept looking at the object in her hands and at the Broken promise that lay on her nightstand. She sighed worriedly. How could she tell him about all of this? She had to tell him. He had to know. How long could they go on like this?

She stepped out of her thoughts when it seemed Ron had apparently trounced the Tweebs into oblivion in the game. They were about to go into another set of games, but their mother interrupted them to eat dinner. They were eating and joking. Laughing and talking. Kim´s parents were on the constant demand of questions. Asking about how things are going with Ron. Ron assured them maybe over forty times that everything was good and well. Meanwhile, from the sounds of it, the tweebs began to play various tricks on Ron. That stopped when Ron mentioned something, and the tweebs started begging their parents, and her parents seemed excited about whatever it was as well. They readily agreed, and the twins took up cheering.

Oh How Kim wanted to go. She wanted to be down there, to be with her family on Christmas, to see Ron again. 'Then what are you waiting for?' She asked herself. What´s stopping you? Don´t waste another minute! Just go!

Summoning up her courage, she quietly crept on down the hall and stood at the edge right before the stairs descending. They were still talking. Kim slunked down against the wall. she rested their while they continued to talk. She listened to their entire joyful conversation. She realized something after about ten minutes. Ron had not once mentioned her.

Time passed slowly for Kim, but she passed by looking at the object in her hands over and over again. She had droned out the conversation while looking at the object. The Object from the box. The truth... She had toned out when they had finished dinner. Toned out when the tweebs kept pestering Ron with questions about their presents. Tone out when they forced him to participate in a number of games or activities. Only when She heard the tweebs begin to walk up the stairs to head off on to sleep, after being forced by their mother, did she regain her surroundings. Kim quietly and quickly slinked back into her room. She had to go down there! She had to! She needed to tell him the truth! Like he did for her. She placed the object back into the box and closed it. She had to go down there. She waited for the Tweebs to pass, and then quietly went back out again.

But she was doomed to disappointment. Mostly just talking about Ron and his successes. When all of a sudden Kim´s mother asked a question Kim would never have the gall to ask Ron, but was extremely glad her mother had asked Ron.

"So, how are things between you and that girl in your band...Yori, was it?" Kim´s mother asked with what Kim assumed would have been a look of total innocence on her face.

Kim smiled evilly at the mere thought of her mothers presumed innocence, but it turned into a radiant one when she heard Ron´s answer of they were friends. Her heart soared with hope for some unknown reason.

They continued to talk for ´two more hours, and Kim was quickly becoming more bored then nervous. Finally, and with much forcing, She decided to just go on ahead with it.

No sooner had she decided had she heard Ron ask, "So how´s Kim doing?"

Her parents paused, unsure of how to proceed. But they didn´t need to. Kim had already come down the stairs.Mrs. Possible quietly jerked Mr. Possible away and ushered themselves up the stairs and out of sight.

Meanwhile, The two teenagers just stared at each other. Ron got up slowly and stopped. Kim moved a bit towards him and then stopped.

And for along time, the two said nothing, but just looked at each other. Kim walked over to him, unsure of something. Ron appeared confused, nervous, and worried as hell. Kim walked up right in front of him, looking right at him. Ron would have said something, but the fact that Kim was this close to him was interfering with his ability to speak.

"Kim..." He managed to say.

Kim raised her index finger to his lips, silencing him. She then started moving the same hand over his face, feeling the texture, as if unsure that it was really him. Ron looked confused as hell.

Then, without warning, Kim flung her arms around him in a tight hug. Ron, not comprehending, hesitated before hugging her back. Ron let go soon, but Kim was still hugging him, her head on his shoulder. Ron would have thought this was awkward, but he was half enjoying himself and half filled with worry. Then Ron felt his shoulder getting wet. He immediately knew that Kim was crying, having felt the same experience before. He instinctively immediately hugged her back soothingly. He was about to give her some soothing words when he heard some sort of muffled sound coming from his shoulder. At first he thought it was sobbing, but then he realized, it was laughing.

Laughing...? "Kim...?" He asked confused. Why was she laughing? He was unsure, and he began to fear for her sanity.

Kim broke free, joyous, crying, laughing all the while. She showed him her hand. Ron examined it, and saw a piece of food on it. he then felt where Kim had touched her hand before. He pulled back, and saw where the food had been left on his face. Kim burst out laughing even louder.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Real funny Kim." He tried to say in a stern voice, but couldn´t help but smile. It turned into a grin as he reached for a napkin.

Kim grabbed a hold of him in a normal hug and squeezed really hard. "God, I missed you so much Ron..." she said sniffling, some what chuckling.

"Miss... You...too... Can´t... Breathe..." Ron gasped out as eloquently as he could. Kim let go, blushingly, and grasped the napkin and began wiping his face for him. Ron sighed deafetingly as he allowed his face to be wiped for him as if he were some small child. He noticed that Kim´s face was right next to his and couldn´t help but feel a bit flustered, as she began to gaze into his eyes. He would have found himself starring back into hers, had he not been so enthralled by them in the first place.

Both of them realized the awkwardness of the situation at the same time, and broke free, muttering apologies to one another as they both tried to hide their own blushing faces. Kim motioned for Ron to come and sit down on the couch with her.

Ron sat down next to Kim in the living room couch. Kim sensed that he was nervous. And she was nervous as well. Ron sat on the couch, slightly farther away from Kim then she would have liked, but she was not so sure if he should be closer either. They sat there in silence, unsure of where to start. Finally, after they both realized the intense discomfort they were both feeling, they tried to start of at the same time, only to end up with a jumble of each other words. They tried to apologize but once again spoke at the same time, ending up with a jumble of words.

Kim, smiling, motioned for Ron to stop. "So how are things with you Ron?" she asked.

"Oh Man, you wouldn´t believe it! I hardly have any free time anymore! I mean come on, is it a sin to just lie around for doing absolutely nothing?"

"It´s called sloth--" Kim tried to insert

"But, Noooo. Between the band, training, education, managing my career, and everything else, i hardly have enough time for anything I normally would do....Sigh... But it´s fine. After the tour is over i should have more time, that is until i have to start on my movies. Man it´s hard work, but I am having the time of my life! It´s so much fun! I mean i have never had so much of a rush then having an entire audience cheering just for you!" He started going off on a tangent about how great of a time he had been having.

Kim, for some strange reason, had been building her hopes up for who knows why, and had them torn down during the latter part. She sighed wearingly. Why was she feeling this way, shouldn´t she be happy? Ron´s happy.

"Kim?" Ron repeated

"Huh?" Kim replied stupidly. Ron looked at her with concern.

"Are you OK? I´m not boring you am I? I´m sorry." Ron tried admirably to apologize for whatever he had done to make Kim look so sad.

Kim, realizing what had occurred, put on a smile, "I´m fine Ron."

Ron didn´t buy it. "Are you sure KP? If there´s anything wrong you can tell me." he cupped her hand in his, looking right into her eyes, his concern eminent.

Kim smiled weakly, feeling pained for not telling Ron what was wrong. It turned into a frown as she knew that she had to tell him. "Ron... There´s something you need to know...." She trailed off unsure of how to go on.

Ron looked even more concerned, but waited patiently for Kim to continue.

"Ron.... I´m sorry for all of the things i had said to you, and i´m sorry for anything else i might have done and not realized. And mostly, I want to apologize for driving you away and not listening to you. I should have listened when you said you had a bad vibe from Josh...But i hadn´t listened...And i paid the price...." She said softly, her eyes turned downward, shimmering with the tears that had already begun forming in her eyes.

Ron was like a statue, the concern on his face frozen, sitting patiently. Then unfroze as he repeated the words on his tongue. "Paid the price...?"

Kim slowly nodded, as the first tears silently dropped from her head. "I...I don´t remember much of what happened.... I was going over to Josh´s house... because...-her voice began to crack and began stuttering- because i had invited both of you to Christmas... and I just wanted to spend christmas with you... I had gone over to tell him that i was sorry-tell him I´m sorry but he- he wouldn´t listen....."

She trailed off and began to relive it once more, it had not gotten easier, having never felt so weak and powerless before. And she couldn´t understand why. Why had she ended up like that? Why didn´t she defend herself. Why hadn´t she stopped him? Why?

Ron gripped Kim´s hand, letting her know he was still there.

"He...Hit me....I was too shocked to believe it at first.... But he did it again... And i didn´t stop him... It´s funny,--Kim gave a bitter smile-- here i am one of the worlds greatest heroines and i couldn´t defend myself from a drunk teenager..." Her smile fell as tears fell faster and faster... Her voice basically had broken into a sob by this point. "I was... so scared... I had never been so scared before.... I could´nt understand what had happened... I..I........." She trailed off as she began to cry and sob. Ron gripped her harder and had brought himself nearer. He hugged her reassuringly, but Kim could feel him shaking with barely suppressed rage.

Kim lay their in his arms for a while, already feeling reassured. She just let it out some more. She cried for a bit, but immediately, started feeling better. She couldn´t explain it. She no longer felt angry, nor sad. She didn´t feel happy or joyful either, just....peace. She felt peaceful in his arms.

She then remembered something strange, it was if it were a dream. Had she been dreaming? Was it Ron? "Ron...?" She asked after about 15 minutes when she had stopped crying, which had taken about ten minutes. She had already left his arms and just slumped next to him. but his arms where still securely wrapped around her, drawing her backside to his chest.

"Yes KP..?" he asked softly, still concerned and worried, still trying to reassure her.

"I remember some one saving me.... Saving me from Josh.... Was it you...?" She asked at last, already feeling the sleep that came with that peace coming upon her.

"Come on Kim... Not that I wouldn´t save you... But do your really think I would be some sort of ninja with a blue glowing sword?" He informed her... His voice very soft and sort of sleepy

Kim seemed to accept that answer, and nodded her head slowly. She had been so sure, the dream had been a phantom half recalled shadow that had vanished again. But what Ron said made sense. "Thanks anyways Ron..."

"Anytime KP...." He said vaguely, muttering, most likely from sleeping. Kim could sense how tired he must be. Kim recalled how much rest he probably had lost to this new life-style, and decided not to bother leaving his arms, he needed the rest, and why bother waking him up? She snuggled a bit closer in his arms, unaware of how comforting his arms felt. But it was all the same, she was growing sleepier by the second, and couldn´t even recall her surroundings. All she felt was peace.

She was so peaceful in fact, that she couldn´t recall how Ron knew that Ninja had come and saved her...


Ron looked around at his surroundings. The white, snow filled war zone that was hiding the enemy. The enemy that could take them at any time. He looked at their Goal, The door that led into Kim´s house. It was maybe only 50 feet away. A tragic distance to cover, seeing as how the enemy could gain them at any time. The only way to survive, was to get his enemy first, before they were taken down. He looked over to his allies, the only ones who could save him. He smiled, trying to appear confident, even though he knew that they were most likely not going to make it. But they were confident as well, they weren´t afraid.

Taking one last look around, Ron broke into a huddle with his allies. "All right, here´s the plan." He whispered. "Jim, Tim, I want you two to get ready with that snow ball thingy machine--

"The Snowilator" They both responded as they held up their, what Ron thought to be, dangerous snowball chucker. Ron shook his head sadly, his plan was relying on something the Tweebs made. He prayed that he would make it.

"Right, the Snowilator. I want you two to get ready with it to take down our enemy when in sight. I will lure our enemy out in the open and let you two get the shots you need. Rufus, you keep a lookout for them. Remember, We only have one chance at this. Give it everything you got."

They both nodded vigorously as they began to make the adjustments to the Snowilator.

"Maximum Power." Stated Jim.

"You got it." replied Tim.

Rufus shivered underneath his many warm clothing, trying to keep his eyes open. As Ron once told him, Naked and snow don´t match.

Ron, after making sure the rest were OK, gulped as he began to venture out into the deadly terrain. He wasn´t going to make it. He knew that now. But if at least his sacrifice meant something, the tweebs could. How had it happened? How did it come to this? They had awoken to open up their Christmas presents and had enjoyed a nice breakfast, and left to go outside. All they were doing was making a few snowmolerats when they were assaulted by enemy snowballs. It was an act of war, and they needed to retaliate, at first they fought for pay back, but now they were just trying to survive. Ron gulped again at the memory of the assault. No turning back now.

He ventured out a little bit, trying hard not to look like a sitting duck, but trying to make it so that the enemy would have to come out in the open. He gripped the snow ball in hand, hoping for one last shot, and snuck around some more. He had no more ventured thirty feet when he heard screams. He turned around and saw Jim, Tim, and Rufus hightailing it to the house, snowballs raining down upon them. They shouted about the fairness of the attack all the while. They vanished inside the house. And so did any chance of making it out of this warm.

Ron gulped, and gripped the snowball tighter, and began to edge his way to the house. Peering around all the while, trying to find his enemy. He heard his enemy giggle somewhere nearby, it was like honey to his ears, but also a foretelling that his doom was at hand. His eyes quickly shot to where it came from, but Ron couldn´t see anything. But the giggle had done Ron a favor of knowing that his enemy had spotted him. He couldn´t risk it anymore.

Running as fast as he can, he then dove behind one of the ruined snow Rufuses. Snowballs hurled at him, but he was lucky enough to avoid getting pelted. He hid and immediately snuck around a nearby tree and crawled underneath the cover of a nearby brush. He wasn´t to sure he had escaped his enemy´s eyes, but it had gotten him within 10 feet of the front door. Ron gazed around again, measuring his chances of survival.

He crept around, trying to keep hidden. He got to another Snow Rufus. His hopes were getting higher.

Until he heard the footsteps. He turned and saw no one. His heart started pounding. She knew where he was. He heard her giggle. Where!? he wasn´t to sure where it had come from. He backed up, trying to keep hidden, and a chance to escape. He was still crouching low when he felt something cold touch his back. He whipped around. and starred into Snow Rufus´s face. he turned to back away, and felt something hot breathing on his neck.

"Who are you looking for?" She whispered slyly into his ear.

Ron turned around to meet a snowball smeared into his face pushing him into the snow..

Kim burst out laughing.

Ron looked grim. "No. Fair." He stated as he whipped away the snow from his face.

Kim stood up and let out her hand. "All´s fair in Love and War." She stated with a smile, not fully realizing the extent of her words.

They both cleared their throats and blushed at the awkwardness they felt as the words sunk in.

Without warning, Ron tripped Kim and made her backside familiar with the snow. Kim, not seeing that coming, yet out a yelp as she fell back into the soft 2 foot high snow. The snow cushioned her fall, but that did not mean that she was not tremendously angry. She looked over at Ron, who was currently waving his arms and legs in the snow. Kim, not understanding what Ron was doing, lost her anger, if only for a moment. "What did you do that for?" She asked irritably.

"All´s fair in love and war." Ron repeated his words back at her, horribly imitating and mocking her voice.

Ron got up slowly and carefully and went over to Kim, who was still trying to get up. She looked at his hand, and then his legs, and decided for some pay back. Ron, following the course of her eyes, grabbed her hand before she kicked his legs from out of him. He grasped her hand and pulled her up. He did it a little to fast however, and Kim nearly collided into him. They stood their, hands gripped each other between their chests, their faces, inches apart. Their eyes met for a second, but then left. They moved apart a bit, and Kim looked down at the sloppy snow angel Ron had made, and smiled a tad. Ron grinned as he saw her inspection of his snow angel.

"I know it´s not much. Mine are crude compared to the one´s you make. They would make even actually angels envious of their beauty." Is what Ron would have said, Had he smooth bone in his body. Instead it came out more like, "It´s not much. Mine are cruder then the ones angels would KP envious- I mean Kim would make angels that were pretty." He sputtered out. Rubbing the back of his neck, trying to ward of the embarrassment.

Kim, however, was blushing, and she quickly tried to hide it. "Ron, Flowery words are so not you."

Ron looked aghast. "Oh Man, are you serious? Here I was thinking about going into a film career." he muttered to himself the last part. But he was smiling.

Kim laughed. "You? In the Movies?" Kim laughed some more. Kim immediately regretted it, as she saw the hurt look that passed over his face for a brief second. It was quickly replaced by a grin.

But Kim didn´t buy it. "Ron, I´m sorry. I shouldn´t have laughed. I´m sorry if i don´t take you seriously, I just don´t know when you´re serious. Anything you put your mind to you can do."

Ron gave her an odd look, and then smiled. "It´s no Prob KP. Come on, lets go for a walk."

Kim gripped Ron´s hand, and proceeded to walk down the street. "So, Why exactly were you thinking that you wanted to go into an acting career?" She asked with a smile. She was so happy now. But their was this strange feeling building up in her chest, the spread waves of joy through her. The feeling that everything felt right again. It was a good feeling. Or at least that was what she thought the feeling was.

"Oh, I don´t know. Thought I still had not lived up to my full potential..." Ron stopped in his tracks.

Kim looked at him with a questioning look.

"I got it!" He said with a vengeance. "I know exactly what my first movie will be."

Kim raised an eyebrow and smiled amused.

Ron moved his hand in front of him as if to scope out a large vision. "I can see it now...--Ron took one a deep cinema like voice-- Ron Stoppable is... Potential Boy."

"Potential boy?" Kim said amused, keeping the same look.

"It will be so great." He said as they continued walking, still hand in hand. He took on the deep dramatic cinema voice again. "The Tale of a boy, (Ron searched for a way to continue on the dialouge)...with potential...! ...Ahh never mind." he said defeated.

Kim chuckled slightly. "Ahh Buck up Potential Boy, I´m sure it would turn out great."

Ron mused on this, rubbing his chin. "Yeaaa, but where am i going to find a stunningly beautiful Red head to play his best friend...?"

Kim raised an eyebrow again.

Ron, ignoring her look, continued to muss on the subject. "...Maybe i could get Bonnie--


Ron continued as if uninterrupted "-...dye her hair Red..." he muttered.

Kim gave him a playful shove. Ron returned the shove. Kim shoved a little harder this time. And Ron returned with just as much force. Kim, becoming flustered, Shoved Ron more forcefully, and he went toppling into a neighbors lawn, filled with snow. But causing him to go toppling also dragged along Kim,their hands still held together. With a yelp she was dragged on top of him.

They lay their, looking into each others eyes, for about a ten seconds. They then blushed and got off, trying to brush away the awkwardness. They got up, and continued walking.

Kim couldn´t believe what just happened, and was still blushing. What she couldn´t believe anymore was that she had enjoyed it. But then reminded herself of what she had to do today. It had been Plaguing her mind ever since his arrival. She would have to tell him.

She had kept in her thoughts long enough, but then heard Ron stretch and give out a loud yawn. Ron, who Kim thought was trying to be oh so sly, moved his arm over Kim´s shoulder. Kim didn´t react for a number of reasons, mostly just shock. She was still confused and shocked when Ron had oh so slyly moved the hand connected to the arm over Kim´s shoulder right into Kim´s face, But all Kim saw was the pure white snowball smeared right in her face.

Coming out of her shock, Kim angrily tore away the snow from her face. She heard Ron laughing as he pelted on down the sidewalk.

"You. Are. Soooooo Dead." She stated dangerously, and began to pelt Down the street after him.

Ron laughed even louder at her threat, and still pelted down. But the laughter changed into terror as Kim quickly caught up with him, flung herself at him and drove him into a pile of snow. She pummeled him with snow balls.

"...sorry..." Ron groaned out of a pile of snow he was currently buried under.

Kim placed her hands to her hips, and waited for him to get out on his own. When he did, he shook like a dog, getting all the snow on Kim, who had lamely tried to protect herself from the snow with her hands.

Ron grinned and sighed happily. And they continued walking down the street.

Ron took in the streets he had been his neighborhood for as long as he remembered. It seemed like a homecoming. He recalled with nostalgia everything that was here. "You know... I´m thinking of maybe buying a house here... or maybe my parent´s old home... It might be a good vacation spot." He said with a smile.

Kim smiled too. "I think that´s a great idea." She replied.

After about a minute the two delved into deep conversation about each other´s lives. Mostly Kim talking, Ron listening. He listened patiently to Kim Rant, mostly about the miseries of being associated with Bonnie. And before they knew it, they had walked back to Kim´s house.

Kim was just about to enter the house when she noticed that Ron hadn´t followed her.

"Ron?" She inquired. She looked back and saw him looking off into the sky.

"Hey Kim? Did you have any plans today?" He asked continuing to stare off into the sky.

"No, we were just going to spend the day here,...right?"

Ron looked over at Kim and smiled, then went back to searching the sky. "Kim, tell your family we are about to leave."

"Why? Where are we going?" She asked.

But Ron either didn´t here or ignored the question, as he continued to search the skies.

Kim, not liking one bit being kept in the dark, went inside to tell her family. She got in and saw them all getting ready to leave as well. Jim and Tim seemed bouncing off the walls in anticipation. "What´s going on here?"

"Come on Kim!" said Jim

"We´re going to be late!" Informed Tim.

"Late for what?" she would have said had they not just burst outside to go meet Ron.

Kim saw her Mother packing a small bag with a few assorted things. She was already done. Her mother spotted her and flashed her a smile as she handed her husband the bag. They all seemed ready to go. Go where?

"Ron says we are about to leave..." She said "Where are we going? Ron wouldn´t tell--" She no longer had an audience. They were just practically out the door.

"Come on Kim." Said her father as he began to lock up the house.

Infuriated, she walked out the door. She casted her family sour looks, as her father locked up. They were standing near Ron, and he was still gazing at the sky.

"So where are we going?" she repeated again with some irritation.

"Disney world!" The tweebs replied eagerly.

"This is going to be so great!"

"We´re going to go on all the roller coasters!"

"See all the shows."

The tweebs kept on talking while their father broke out on the rules of certain roller coasters. Specifically mention the use of height raising implements. They groaned and moaned during the whole break down of the rules. Meanwhile, Kim looked over at Ron, to see if he where serious.

Ron, who appeared to have finally found what he was looking for in the skies, Began to trail the objects with his eyes. "You know how you found it kind of odd that i didn´t have a present for you this morning?" He said with a smile.

Kim remembered, but was more interested in what Ron was looking at. It didn´t take long to spot it, as the Private Kim Possible Logo jet landed in front of her house. Kim gaped as the jet landed, sending waves of wind everywhere. Throughout it all, Ron didn´t seem faced as he walked towards it, hair and clothing blowing in the intense wind. He then stopped and turned around and smiled at Kim. He waited for the noise and wind to die down, before tossing her a set of keys.

"Merry Christmas."

Kim, out of instinct, caught the keys. Her mouth was still agape however, as Ron came over and started pulling her by the hand.

"Where did you.. How did you...?" She tried to ask. She was too shocked to comprehend things. The tweebs started running around investigating the awesome jet from all corners. Their father quick to remind them not to touch anything. As Kim and Ron ascended the stairs, he smiled at the expression on her face. They all boarded and Kim saw what appeared to be a hotel suite inside of a jet. Big screen TV and leather furnished seats. Kim took in all her surroundings as Ron explained.

"From now on, you won´t need to call in favors. Oh and i was wondering if you still have that sidekick position available."

"Of course not Ron." She said. "I never had a sidekick, but a partner. And It will always be you." She smiled.

Ron blushed but smiled. He turned around, and went to the cock pit. He told the pilot to get going, and they were soon off.

Throughout the whole two hour trip, with the incredibly fast jet, they watched Snowman Hank. The inside of the jet even seemed decorated for Christmas. They had food and drink available. When they could walk again, Ron gave Kim a full tour of the Jet, including the medical areas, the small kitchen, and a small bed to rest. It seemed fit for anything Kim might need mission wise, but still seemed as comfortable as home.

They soon arrived at Disney World, and as soon as they stepped off, The tweebs started racing off towards the gate.

But Kim worried about something. "Aren´t you worried someone might recognize us? I mean it´s only been like a month since--" She was cut off by Ron´s strange actions. Ron took off his winter coat and went into a room within the jet. He came back outside, his hair a mess, in a red jersey and Cargo pants, Rufus poking out of them.

Kim smiled approvingly, and then chuckled.

"Whaaatt?" he said innocently as he grabbed Kim´s hand.

The family soon departed within Disneyland. They decided to all meet up back here for the Christmas parade. The tweebs ran off, their father and mother soon following them, Their father eager to check out the sciences section of the magical world. Leaving Kim Ron and Rufus by themselves. Ron had the same intention of going on every single Roller-coaster that the tweebs had. But Kim eventually talked him out of that, after being in one of the line ups for about 45 minutes. They enjoyed playing some games, which Ron was surprisingly good at, having won her some weird teddy bears, and had a lot of food breaks, in which Ron would devour things to no end.

Kim had a blast. She especially enjoyed the Christmas parade. And that´s when it happened. She had to hold on to Ron when he saw Snow Man hank on one of the floats. And the day ended with Fireworks.

Both Kinds.

Throughout the entire time that Kim and Ron sat holding hands as they viewed the fireworks, Kim had that strange feeling she had before, but it was even more powerful.

The day ended and they began to leave for the jet. They boarded, and almost immediately, practically everyone was asleep. Kim and Ron sat together, Ron slightly dozing off. But for some reason, Kim couldn´t sleep, as tired as she was. She kept looking at Ron, confused as to something. She would have to tell him soon, she figured. Before it was to late again. She wasn´t looking forward to it, but she knew it had to be done. Her thoughts drifted to what would follow that conversation.

Did she love him?

For who he really was. Would she feel this way had it not been for the fact that he was prettier and successful? She didn´t know. She had made the same mistake with Josh. Ron is a great guy. He would be there for me no matter what. But does she love him for who he is?

That was when Ron began to snore.

Kim shook her head smiling. Same old Ron. She planted a quick peck on his cheek and decided to settle in her for some sleep. She looked over at Ron who had a dreamed over look on his grinning face. She settled in and leaned her head on Ron´s shoulder as a pillow.

"Monkeys!" Ron immediately woke from his dream world and darted his eyes around for the menaces. His eyes fell to Kim´s head on his shoulders, Kim raising an eyebrow at his action. He gave her confused look as to what her head was doing on his shoulder.

Kim closed her eyes and snuggled closer. "Just go back to sleep Ron." she said tiredly.

Ron, still confused, did so. By the time they got back everyone had the look of a zombie walking toward their beds. The jet was about to take off and Ron would not be spending another night here, he had to be off and go back to work, The jet available whenever she needed it. Everyone said goodbye to Ron, and the rest of the family, except for Kim, went on in.

"Aren´t you going to go on to sleep? It´s pretty late." he said confused.

It´s no or never Kim. You have to tell him. You have to. This is your last chance. Do you want Ron gone again? He´s going to go away for who now how long. You have to do this now!

Kim sighed, and pulled out the object that she had held unto for the past month. the object she had looked at practically every day since she had pulled it out of the box in the hospital. The Truth...

She handed Ron´s journal back to him.

Ron stood still as he looked at the small red scrapbook that was held in her hands. He looked at it, and then back at Kim.

"So you know..." he said quietly as he looked down again, not wanting to meet Kim´s gaze.

Kim nodded."Yes...." She said quietly.

Ron, not saying a word, or so much as breathing, quietly and slowly took the book from her hands. he felt the cover, and then slowly opened the cover. The first thing that he saw of the familiar book was Kim´s picture from the start of High School, the same time he had started keeping this particular journal.

Kim lead Ron away. He followed her unconsciously, still starring and flipping through the journal. All the while wondering how much Kim had read. All of it, he figured to himself. He immediately regretted having given this to her, as he had practically every time he thought about it since putting it in the box, but she deserved to know the truth. Question was, what did she think know?

He looked at Kim and realized he had sat down next to her, beside a tree, while Kim was looking at the journal right beside him.

Kim had read this maybe over a hundred times. She had practically memorized the words to heart. She had laughed with it, she had cried with it. She had felt his pain when he felt it and cheered him on in her heart when he was happy. Except for a time in which he had gone to Japan for a week, which she found odd that it wasn´t mentioned at all, It had held everything. But mostly Importantly, it had held the truth.

And every time she had read it, she couldn´t understand why Ron had kept it all a secret. Every though he had had gone into this. It told of his events. Most of them Kim knew about, some of them she didn´t, and a few things she had known about, but had never brought herself to know about him. Everything he had done or did was explained in there. Why he acted the way he did. What he was really thinking when he did the things he did. How he felt when certain things happened. How he felt about other people. How he felt when he realized when Kim and Him were moving apart. How he really felt about Kim...

She had all the clues. All of them. And Kim had heard it told to her many times before by many people. They had all told her. And she had been blind then. And she had still been blind. All to the fact...

That Ron Had loved her... She had known that ever since it had been made painfully obvious to her when it was too late...But what was more, was that she now knows what she had only prayed for secretly, unconsciously, and still now hoped...

That Ron Still loved her... Even after all of the things she had done to him, after all the things that had happened to him both good and bad, that he still loved her. That to this day he still loved her. And she could only pray and she only hoped and she only wished...

That Ron would always love her... No matter what.

Ron was still flipping through the small scrapbook he had collected over high school, when he noticed the last page that had held the small note for her, stating once and for all, the true meaning of his words to his beloved KP.

He sighed and closed the book, he had no need to read it, he already knew what he had written. The question was, were did they go from here. He kept his eyes on the book, not at all eager to look at Kim. How long had Kim known? Had she opened it on the first day? had she opened it today? he didn´t know. But either way it didn´t matter. He had hoped that Kim would only open it when She thought she needed it. If she didn´t, then it could ruin things for them, if it hadn´t already. At the time he had decided to give this to her, he thought he had nothing more to lose, since he had lost her friendship. But now they were friends again.... Right? He had no way of knowing now.... He just hoped and prayed that everything would just work out...

He would have cried at the thought of losing his friend once again, had he not become suddenly aware that Kim was smiling as she looked at him.

Ron´s hopes fell. She was mocking him. He handed Kim the book, got up, and started walking down the street, ready to get his ride home. He did not look back, he did not slow or quicken his pace. To Kim´s eyes it seemed if he had been ready for this for quite some time.

Ron was about to signal for his ride to get here, when he felt someone tugging on his arm. He already knew who it was, but the fact that she was doing it completely took him by surprise.

"Ron..." Kim looked him in the eyes as he turned around confused. "Ron, don´t go. I already lost you once. I nearly lost my mind. I can´t deal without you Ron. You are my best friend. I need you....I... " Kim appeared as if she were about to go on but then stopped.

Ron looked at her in a state of non-understanding.

"Ron Listen... I need you, I know you have feelings about me, but right now, I don´t about my own. I don´t know how things are going to work out between us, I don´t know yet. But I do know that I need you. You are my friend. Maybe one day we can be more... but I don´t know that right now... Hopefully one day I can tell you how I feel, but I still need you right now..." Kim tried valiantly.

Ron lowered his head, not wanting to meet Kim´s gaze any longer. He couldn´t bear it any more. He was going to walk away again. It´s not every day all your hopes and dreams are crushed into oblivion. But Kim held onto his arm.

"Don´t Ron. I can´t keep doing this. I need you...." She tried to make him comprehend.

Ron sighed and stopped. "...Why?" He asked softly.

"Because you´re my best friend!" She stated with defiance. "My life has been hell without you Ron! You couldn´t imagine ho--"

"Oh like i couldn´t imagine how hard it has been. Like watching my best friend drift apart for someone else. Or how it felt when you slapped me and told me you never wanted to see me again! Or how it felt to be without the person I loved more then anything else for about six months!.... You know you´ve been very selfish? All this time, you, you, you. Oh it doesn´t matter how Ron feels about all of this, as long as he is there for me when I needed to raise my esteem or have someone do something for me...Why Kim? Why would I still want to be your best friend...? It can never be the same between us... We both know that..." Ron was speaking out of pain and anger.

Kim couldn´t believe what she was hearing. But it was true. It had been true, but Kim had wanted to put a stop to that. "Yes...Your right... It can never be the same. I have been selfish... and i want to put an end to that... I know i haven´t been worthy of your friendship, i never have... But i want to be, I will try every day to rebuild what we had. Ron... I need you Ron... I´m sorry for everything Ron... Please don´t do this..." She gripped his hand tighter, her eyes tearful and downcast.

"Tell me why Kim.... Tell me the reason I should be with you... Why we should still be friends..." Ron informed her, standing inches away, right beside her.

Kim, gave no response.

Ron turned and walked away.

Kim´s voice stopped him in his tracks. "Three years ago, there was two best friends, a young boy and a young girl, at their first day at high school. They were both very nervous, and both of them made a promise. That No matter what happens, they would always be by each other´s side...."

Ron turned around amazed. Kim continued.

"Every night the boy would look at the picture that they had taken of each other, that he had framed and placed on his night stand. Every night he would look at it, and would feel happy that the two friends would always keep that promise. When the two friends started drifting apart, it would still act as a ray of hope for the boy. And when the tragedy happened where the foolish girl threw her best friend away, the hurt boy gave the girl the picture, to act as a ray of hope as it had for him. Every night the girl would look at the picture and would be reminded about what she once had. She would cry, for she knew not if she would ever have their friendship again. She would look at the promise she broke, and would refine herself to repairing their friendship. And even though the girl went through hell and back, she still had that memory of a once great friendship, and a goal to let her survive through her experience. The girl had only truly came to realize the importance of her relationship, and was terrified of losing it again, after she had gotten it somewhat back. And the boy, who had gone, had come back. She knew the promise, and she would make sure she would never break it again...And their was no way the girl would ever let him go away again...." She said softly, tears still coming down her face, but a faint smile on her face.

Ron smiled faintly as well. They came over slowly to one another, and hugged.

"Thank you Ron..."


The two best friends separated after about a minute, and looked each other in the eyes.

"Do you really have to go?" she asked softly and sadly.

"I´m Sorry KP, I still have a job to do, and it´s not like I can up and leave it, I have a lot of investments and money in this thing since I´m paying for it all." he stated.

Kim appeared crestfallen.

"But yea Kim, I still have high school to finish, and who´s to say I can´t finish it here?" He asked while looking into her eyes.

Kim gave a brilliant smile as she looked into his eyes as well.

"Don´t you worry, The Ron will not be gone for long this time." he stated as he let go.

Kim hugged him again forcefully, as if afraid to let go."Promise me you´ll be back as soon as you can, and stay as often as you can."

"I would, but then haven´t we already made a similar promise?" He asked teasingly.

Kim smiled. Then suddenly, without any warning, Kim kissed Ron on the lips passionatly. She kissed for all of 10 seconds before letting go.

For Ron, he was too shocked to react, but a bit into it he closed his eyes, lost to lala land.

Kim let go, "Just something to remember me by until you get back."

Ron, eyes only half open, looked sort of distantly, as Kim made her way back into the house, casting one last look over her shoulder as she went in an closed the door.

Kim looked out the window as Ron seemed to slightly come out of his dream world, and slowly raise a hand to his lips in a state of disbelief. He then grinned widely, shaking his head as he made his way up unto the jet.

Kim sighed as he left, still trying to glimpse the jet in the night. When she no longer could see it, she headed back into her warm room. All the while, the feeling had grown even stronger.

Did she love him?

She asked herself that as she went up the stairs and into her room.

She didn´t know yet, and there was no rush to find out just yet. She put on her pajamas and placed herself in bed.

She pulled out Ron´s journal, and she re-read the final note as she had read many a times.

(Dear Kim,

If you are reading this right now then hopefully you are ready for the truth. I wrote this and gave you the journal because you deserved to know the truth. If you have already read this journal then you know the truth. The truth is that I love you. I have always loved, but only recently as something more. I hope you are not angry at me still by the time you have read this, for i think it would do more harm then good for you. No matter what happens, I will still love you. I understand if you never feel the same about me, but I hope that at least I can still be your friend. And you are a strong woman, you can do anything you put your mind to. You can survive where others would wither and die. And if ever, you feel you need someone to be there for you, just remember our promise. And if you are down on your luck, or whatever, Just let me know, I would be happy to be your friend again, Because we will always have each other.


Sloppy, unorganized, and drifting off the topic. Ron´s style alright. Kim smiled at this thought. She had no more tears to cry. They had been wiped away clean. Kim put the journal aside, but the question still remained.

Did she love him?

Kim stared at the renewed promise on her nightstand. And smiled again. It gave her some hope.

Did it matter? She had plenty of time to figure out her feelings. She loved him in a way she could not understand. And what was more, they were friends again. She would have to work a little on their relationship as friends, but that was OK, she looked forward to it. She looked at The green emerald necklace that still laid on her nightstand. the letter still near it. She already knew what it said. She had taken the small pictures of Josh and her and threw them away quite some time ago. Now it had no pictures ready to be sealed. She held it up for a better view.

Did she love him?

She set it aside, and went and grabbed a pair of scissors. She went back and carefully removed the picture which had just given her hope. Did they have any hope together?

She cut out their heads from the picture and took the small heads cut outs in one hand, the necklace in the other.

Did they have any hope together? She placed the pictures inside the necklace....Maybe...just maybe...

Did she love him....?

She snapped the pictures in place, sealing them within the emerald necklace for better or for worse. But she knew that her life would never be the same.

She looked at the shimmering diamond that held the two pictures in place. Perfect.

She gazed at the beauty once more, satisfied, she closed it and placed it in the box once more, ready to wear when the next occasion presented itself.

She turned off the light, and snuggled into her bed. It had been a great Christmas. And she began to dream. Beautiful dreams. Everything was alright. Everything was going to be OK.

For Kim´s world, was once again, perfect.

The End........


Everything's so blurry
and everyone's so fake
and everybody's empty
and everything is so messed up
pre-occupied without you
I cannot live at all
My whole world surrounds you
I stumble then I crawl

You could be my someone
you could be my scene
you know that i'll protect you
from all of the obscene
I wonder what you're doing
imagine where you are
there's oceans in between us
but that's not very far

Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it in my face
this pain you gave to me
Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it my face

Everyone is changing
there's noone left that's real
to make up your own ending
and let me know just how you feel
cause I am lost without you
I cannot live at all
my whole world surrounds you
I stumble then I crawl

You could be my someone
you could be my scene
you know that i will save you
from all of the unclean
I wonder what you're doing
I wonder where you are
There's oceans in between us
but that's not very far


Nobody told me what you thought
nobody told me what to say
everyone showed you where to turn
told you when to runaway
nobody told you where to hide
nobody told you what to say
everyone showed you where to turn
showed you when to runaway


This pain you gave to me

You take it all
You take it all away...
This pain you gave to me
You take it all away
This pain you gave to me
Take it all away
This pain you gave to me


What's your name?
Do you live around here?
Don't I know your face?
You say, "I've been a stranger
For too long"
I didn't even notice I was gone
And I wanna come back home

Show me the way to make a start
Show me the road back to your heart
And I've learned the only truth that I need to know
There's a million places I can go
But without you it ain't home
It ain't home

Please say...
What I need to hear you say
Say, "I'm thoughtless and foolish"
But say, "it's not too late"
Now I don't know exactly
Where we go from here
But trying is the only way to know
And I wanna come back home

Show me the way to make a start
Show me the road back to your heart
And I've learned the only truth that I need to know
There's a million places I can go
But without you it ain't

It ain't always
Please believe me
Don't give up
Cos we're half way there
We're at the crossroads
In the middle
Between home
And between us there
All I need is
Some direction
Let me know you're here for me
Where you are
Is where I'll be

Show me the way to make a start, oh
Show me the road back to your heart
And I've learned the only truth that I need to know
There's a million places I can go
But without you it ain't

Show me the way to make a start
Show me the road back to your heart
And I've learned the only truth that I need to know
There's a million places I can go
But without you it ain't home

It ain't home


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