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Chapter Thirteen: Progress

A Witch Hunter Robin fanfic

By Yuriko Tsukino

Robin covered her eyes to block out the light, but her arm was torn away when someone grabbed her hand, dragging her off in some unknown direction.

Scared and with her bearings off kilter, Robin couldn't defend herself; she couldn't even think what direction to send the fire in.

The spots that had clouded her vision began to fade, and she was able to pay attention to where she was going. She caught glimpses of trees and benches, a snatch of lake, and began to put together her location.

She followed the hand at her wrist up a black clad arm, to a broad shoulder and a handsome face capped with long, dark hair.


He glanced back at her briefly, tightened his grip for an instant, then grasped her hand in his, their fingers weaving together.

Amon led her through the woods, until they came out under a streetlight at the sidewalk. Without pausing, he pulled her several yards down the road, until his car came into view. They hurried inside, and he peeled out, passing one of the gigantic black vans as they slipped onto the back roads that would hide them easily.

Robin released the breath she didn't realize she was holding when the van didn't follow.

Michael logged out of his computer and stretched. Nine o'clock already? He thought in wonder. He had stayed after school to finish up a project, but he hadn't expected it to take so long. He really should have left three hours ago; it was surprising that the custodial staff hadn't thrown him out, but with his headphones on, he probably wouldn't have heard them anyway.

He shut down the computer and packed up his bag quickly.

The lights in the hall were off. The only illumination was the moonlight coming through the windows, and the emergency lights where the halls intersected.

The quiet was eerie. Michael had never really stayed after school before, and when he did it was only for detention. The atmosphere was heavy, and he tiptoed through the hall. He had the distinct impression that he wasn't supposed to be there.

He turned a corner and heard footsteps from one of the smaller halls. Thinking it was the night janitor, he kept walking, until he realized it was two sets of footsteps.

"…kill her."

Michael stopped dead, his ears automatically straining to hear more.

"It's being seen to as we speak. Killing her may not be necessary unless Amon gets in the way."

He ducked into the restroom so he could listen unseen.

"Of course, having her alive is preferable, but we could easily do many of the same tests on a corpse."

"You wouldn't be able to test a corpses power, however."

The speakers came into view. Michael gulped when he saw one of them was Principal Zaizen. The second man was younger and wore a suit that spoke of extreme wealth; Michael didn't recognize him.

Zaizen shrugged. "True. But her genetic information is what we're most interested in. If he gets in the way again, I'll simply have him killed, too."

"I thought Amon was one of your top hunters? Didn't he bring you some of the most important witches for your research?"

"His loss will be…regrettable, but he chose his fate when he ran off with the girl. I will simply find another hunter."

They moved out of ear shot then, rounding another corner and getting further away. Michael swallowed hard.

"I have to find Robin!"


It was four o'clock in the morning.

Four o'clock.

Robin was doing her best to stay awake, but was still failing miserably. Amon was on his second pot of coffee, still typing away diligently on his laptop as though it was mid afternoon.

Robin jerked her head up for the millionth time. She had nothing to do but watch Amon work, yet at the same time, she didn't feel right going to bed.

He looked up from his monitor briefly. "Just go to bed already," he ordered.

She shook her head to clear it. "No, I'm fine." She could tell he didn't believe her, but he didn't challenge her, just went back to his computer.

He propped his chin in one hand, his brows pulling together slightly in frustration.

Robin was just nodding off again when there was a knock on the door.

Wha…? Who would come here? And this late? She wondered, rising to answer it.

She pulled open the door.



Before she could react, he had entered the room and had thrown his arms around her neck.

"I'm glad you're safe," he said, stepping back. "I heard Zaizen talking, and he said—"

Michael was cut off by a hand grabbing him roughly by the collar and dragging him into the apartment, practically throwing him across the room.

"What are you doing here, Lee?" Amon demanded. The boy nearly wet himself when he found his teacher pressing a gun to his forehead.

"Amon!" Robin grabbed his wrist, pushing the gun away from her friend. "Stop it!"

"I—I came t-to see if I-I could f-find Robin," Michael stammered. "I looked up her address in the school computer, a-and I couldn't sleep, so I came here. I wasn't planning on actually coming in, b-but the light was on, so I knocked, and…"

Amon slid the gun back into its holster while Robin helped Michael to his feet.

"I'm sorry," she said. "We've both been on edge lately."

"I heard Zaizen say he was going to have you killed, or captured. Something about getting your genetic information—"

Robin shook her head. "He's wanted me dead for some time now."

"But why? And—and Mr. Amon—" Michael lowered his voice. "You can't trust him. He turns people in to Zaizen so they can be killed."

"I know," Robin replied. "He's been taking care of me. He told me everything."

"Bt why does he want you dead in the first place?"


"That's enough. You don't have any business here, Lee," Amon said testily, grabbing Michael by the back of the collar again and dragging him towards the door.

"Amon, wait," Robin said, grabbing his wrist again. "Michael can help us."

She looked into his hard gray eyes. She knew Amon couldn't get the information they needed to move forward, but Michael could, and she knew he would keep their secret.

At least, she hoped. As long as he didn't run away screaming when he found out what she was.

Amon released him. "You won't breathe a word of this to anyone, or I'll kill you, understand?"

Michael gulped, but nodded.

"You need to hack into Zaizen's computer system again," he said. "We need information."

Michael nodded again. "He never noticed the last time. I can get in easier now. Just tell me what you want to know.

"But first tell me why he's trying to kill you and Robin."