Tokumuki he Dixen: A Year at War

By Strider Itachi

Disclaimer: Tech Romancer and any related characters do not belong to me. They are property of Capcom. There is no point in suing me since I have no money. So there.

Well, this is my first fic. It's also the first Tech Romancer (known as Kikaioh in Japan) fic on this site. For those of you who don't know what Tech Romancer is (which is probably most of you), it's a 3D mech fighting game made by Capcom. Basically Tech Romancer just borrows ideas from some of Japan's greatest mech animes such as Gundam and the like. It was released originally in Japan in 1998 as an arcade game under the name Kikaioh, and was later released for Dreamcast under the same title. When it came to the States, its title was changed to Tech Romancer. For those of you who get the chance (if you don't own this game already), play it, and if you're lucky, you might just be able to find yourself a copy of the game. It will help you understand my story a little bit better. My story will begin after the fourth stage of the game having selected Dixen as the mech and following Nakato's story. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I'll explain.

Dixen is one of the default 8 playable mechs in the game, and once Dixen is selected, you have the choice of following one of two stories, Nakato or Halma's. This story take's place immediately after the fourth stage of the game all the way up to the beginning of the fifth stage. In the story, there is a one-year gap in between these two stages in which you have no idea what happened. That's where I pick up. Also, so you don't feel lost during the story, I'll explain to you what happened in the first four stages. Basically, the story starts with a young boy named Nakato stealing a prototype mech developed by the military during a war. The interesting part about all this is that his father has a very strong influence in the military, and possibly even had the prototype made. Anyway, after stealing it, he runs into one the military's mechs, Wise Duck, which intercepted Nakato, who was in the prototype unit, named Dixen. After the crew of the Wise Duck told him to stop being foolish and return with Dixen to the base, and then Nakato refusing, the battle ensues. After Nakato emerges victorious, he continues to flee former allied territory. He eventually reaches enemy territory, where he runs into an enemy warship. He tells them that he is not an enemy, and that he is being pursued. Shortly thereafter, the Rafaga Corps, which was pursuing Dixen the whole way, suddenly attacks. This is stage two. Now, though, the Rafaga Corps has orders to recover Dixen and kill Nakato if he resisted (which, of course, he did). Nakato wipes out the Rafaga Corps, and then convinces the enemy warship, which was observing nearby, that he is not an enemy. He then comes aboard, becomes part of the ship's crew, and the official pilot of the Super Defense Armor Dixen. Later on, the ship runs into and enemy fleet being led by Shadow Red, the enemy's infamous Ace Pilot. Shadow Red, piloting his custom made Gourai, tries to convince Nakato to return Dixen and go back to his father, but after refusing, Shadow Red attacks with intent to kill Nakato and destroy Dixen. After Shadow Red is defeated, he retreats along with the rest of the enemy units. In the fourth stage, the ship runs into the Rafaga Corps once more, and Nakato is dispatched to take care of the opposition. He doe's so with ease, and then this is where my story starts...

"Ensign Nakato Farland. Report to the bridge immediately. I repeat, report to the bridge immediately." came the loud voice of the intercom.

Ensign Nakato Farland, who had stolen the prototype Super Defense Armor Dixen, and joined the enemy force's, just to show his hatred of his father, got up from the mess hall table to report to the bridge as instructed. He left his plate almost full.

"You guys can have it..." is all Nakato said to his fellow crewmates as he left for the bridge.

A few minutes later...

"Ensign Nakato Farland reporting for duty." was all Nakato said as he entered the bridge. He received a few stares from some of the people there, but he pretended not to notice.

"Ah, Nakato. You're here. I'll get straight to the point. As you know, we will be arriving at headquarters in the morning. The people upstairs have taken quite an interest in your abilities, Nakato. They were surprised that you were able to defeat the enemy ace pilot, Shadow Red." stated the Captain in an emotionless tone of voice.

Nakato simply nodded at this.

"Additionally, your recent chain of victories against the infamous Rafaga Corps has further sparked their interest in you" continued the Captain. Nakato felt a bit uneasy, but nodded once more.

"I'm not certain what they have planning for you, Nakato, but whatever it is, it more than likely has something to do with Dixen." Once again, Nakato simply nodded.

"With that said, you are dismissed, Nakato."

"Sir!" Nakato then left the bridge to go check up on the status of Dixen. Even though they were deep into allied territory, there was still no telling when the Rafaga Corps might show up, and Nakato wanted to be ready.

"Hey, chief! Is Dixen ready for battle?" Nakato asked the chief technician as he made his way over to Dixen in the large hanger of the combat deck.

"Yeah. Dixen's running at 100%. Though you might want to check the response time on the left arm. I think it was lagging a little behind normal earlier today."

"Ok. I'll take a look at it now." As Nakato opened Dixen's cockpit hatch, one of the bridge's crewmembers came up over the intercom.

"All units remain on standby. Possible enemy sighted. I repeat. All units remain on standby. Also, Dixen is to launch immediately. I repeat. Dixen is to launch immediately." said the voice over the intercom.

"Damn. Why now?" was all Nakato said as he started Dixen up for combat. "No time to get into my pilot suit."

A few minutes later...

"This is Nakato. I'm launching." Dixen charged out of the launch bay at an amazing speed. As he landed he spotted the possible enemy that the bridge crew member had mentioned.

"I recognize those colors anywhere. It's most definatly the Rafaga Corps." Nakato pressed a button on a side panel of Dixen's cockpit.

"This is Nakato. I've spotted the enemy. It's the Rafaga Corps." Nakato said to the captain of the ship through the comlink. "What are my orders, Captain?"

"How many are there?" asked the captain in a rather calmed voice.

"There's more than I thought there'd be. I'd say about 7 Rafagas and...BOOM" came the sound over the receiver.

"Nakato! Nakato, what happened! NAKATO!" shouted the captain. There was no response. Suddenly, explosions throughout various parts of the surrounding area were seen.

"Captain. An enemy coded message is being sent. Should I intercept it?" one of the bridge crewmembers asked.

"Yes. I want to find out what exactly just happened." replied the captain in a panicked voice.

"I'm playing the message now." Suddenly, over the receiver came the message. "This is the Rafaga Corps 24th Unit. Requesting backup. Commander Red, we cannot stop the enemy. G. Kaiser is too strong. that...Dixen? It is. Sir, we have spotted Dixen. Dixen is...AHHHHHHHH..." "The message is over sir."

The explosions in the distance suddenly stopped. The captain took the opportunity to call out to Nakato. "Nakato! Nakato, can you hear me! Nakato, respond!" shouted the captain into the comlink.

After a few moments, a voice came over the receiver. "This is Nakato. The situation is clear." The bridge crew sighed in relief.

"Good. Report your status." said the captain coolly, having regained his calm.

"The Rafaga Corps unit has been wiped out. Dixen is undamaged. I spotted another mech here, which attacked the Rafaga Corps. I took the chance to attack the Rafagas while they were busy with him." stated Nakato in a serious tone.

"Another mech?" asked the captain, somewhat surprised.

"Yeah. It's not from an allied fleet though." Nakato responded.

"Well, if it's not an enemy, then there's no threat. Return to the ship immediately." the captain told Nakato.

"Yes sir!" Nakato shouted before he broke off the comlink connection.

Nakato emerged from his cockpit to see a boy around his age standing atop the other mech. "Hey there! What's your name?"

"I'm Junpei Todoroki. How about yours?" asked the boy named Junpei.

"I'm Nakato Farland. It's nice to meet you." Nakato said in a very friendly voice. "That's quite the powerful mech you've got there. What's it called?" asked Nakato.

"This? This mech is the strongest mech in the world. Armor Knight Grand Kaiser!" shouted out Junpei with joy in his voice. "Your mech isn't that bad either though. What's yours called?" asked Junpei with much curiosity.

"This thing? It's the Super Defense Armor, Dixen." stated Nakato.

"Defense?" Junpei then noticed Nakato's uniform. "Are you in the military?" asked Junpei, his tone becoming a little more serious now.

"Not officially, but yes, I am in the military." Nakato was feeling a bit nervous now, since it was clear that Junpei disliked the military.

"Cool. Well, those were some pretty slick moves you used there. I want to fight you someday." Junpei said.

Nakato wasn't quite expecting that response, but replied nonetheless. "Yeah, I'd like to fight you someday too. I hope we meet again someday, Junpei." Nakato stated coolly.

"I'm sure we will Nakato. Until then, it's farewell." Junpei answered with certainty in his voice. He then jumped into the cockpit of G. Kaiser and turned to leave the area.

"Yeah, I'm sure we will, Junpei." Nakato murmured. He then reentered Dixen's cockpit and blasted off in the direction of the ship.

About eight minutes later...

"This is Nakato returning to ship." Nakato stated over the comlink.

"Very well. Open the hatch." ordered the captain to one of the bridge members. "That was a job well done Nakato."

"Not really. I only wiped out about 3 Rafagas. G. Kaiser did the rest." Nakato said over the comlink.

"G. Kaiser? You mean to say that the other mech was G. Kaiser?" the captain nearly shouted out in disbelief.

"Yes sir. Is there something wrong?" Nakato asked curiously.

"No, no. It's nothing. Anyway, get some rest, Nakato. We'll be at headquarters tomorrow and you'll have to be up rather early to make up for the time lost in combat." the captain stated in a know-it-all voice.

"Will do, sir." Was all Nakato said before he docked.

As Nakato exited the cockpit, he heard the chief technician shout out to him. "Wow. You're really something else kid. You brought back without a scratch again."

"Just doing the best I can." Nakato told the chief as he left for his quarters. Since he was the only active pilot on the ship, he was the only pilot on the ship to get his own room with all the accommodations of a small apartment. As Nakato entered his quarters, he removed his shirt and jumped into bed, where he would fall asleep and dream of his days back at the academy where his former allies attended with him.

Nakato mumbled a name in his sleep. "Yale..."
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