Tokomuki he Dixen: A Year at War

By Strider Itachi

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Chapter 4: Deadly Encounters

The Rafaga walked up to Dixen, and pointed its rifle at Dixen's cockpit. 'This is it. I'm a goner.' Nakato thought as he braced himself for the worst.

"Lieutenant Commander, are you sure you don't need my help?" asked Ensign David Riego through his receiver. He was combating the Heavy Armor Tank, Wise Duck, as Lieutenant Commander Joseph Frias tackled five Rafagas. The situation seemed hopeless. And Nakato was nowhere to be found.

"Don't worry about me, you just worry about protecting those ships. It doesn't matter if we live or die. That ship is carrying something vital that must be taken to Eastern Front Headquarters at all costs. Even if it costs us our lives, it is our job to ensure that those ships reach their destination." The Lieutenant Commander replied as he slashed through 2 Rafagas with his lengthened beam saber. The remaining Rafagas stopped momentarily, and the Lieutenant Commander took advantage of the fact and shot another in the head with his beam gun, effectively disabling it. The remaining two Rafagas started moving again, in a more advanced formation. One transformed into plane mode, while the other remained on the ground.

"Lieutenant Commander, the Wise Duck seems to have run out of ammunition. It can no longer attack the ships. What should I do?" asked David through the receiver.

"Destroy it, then come over here and help me out. I'm having enough trouble just dodging these attacks. This Rafaga team is far superior to any I've ever faced. It must be a special unit or something." The Lieutenant Commander replied very seriously.

"Roger that. Hold out until I can get there Lieutenant Commander." David said as he dashed forward in an attempt to deliver the coup de grace to the diminished Wise Duck.

The crew of the Wise Duck, the Rodriguez team, realizing they no longer have any hope of survival, activated the Wise Duck's self-destruct system, and sat back awaiting their deaths. They opened one last bottle of whiskey that was stashed away and calmly drank until they would be destroyed. Suddenly, as the last drop from the bottle was emptied, the Wise Duck exploded just as the enemy Dixen was about to attack. A large explosion engulfed much of the area around Dixen and the Wise Duck. Dixen was miraculously not destroyed due to its intact armor, but it was weakened to the state in which it could no longer fight.

"Lieutenant Commander, I can no longer continue the fight. The Wise Duck was destroyed, but Dixen was severely damaged. I have to return to ship." David stated as his Dixen retreated to the ship.

"I understand. But it's going to be tough beating these two." Joseph replied as the Rafaga in the air shot a barrage of missiles at his Dixen Mk. II. He barely avoided that along with the rifle shot from the other Rafaga on the ground. 'Damn. Its one or the other, but either way I'm going to take some damage. Oh well, it can't be helped. Better than dying, anyway.' Joseph thought as he formulated a quick tactic in his head. One of the Rafagas came swooping down for another missile attack.

"Anti-air Fixer Cannon!" Joseph yelled as he fired his Fixer Cannon at the incoming Rafaga in the air. Unable to dodge at the velocity it was going at, it was destroyed mid-air by the cannon. The other Rafaga made it's shot, but only managed to hit the Fixer Cannon with which the Dixen Mk. II was firing. The Fixer Cannon was knocked away, damaged by the rifle shot.

"I've got you!" Joseph yelled as he dashed forward as fast as Dixen Mk. II could possibly go with beam saber in hand. As he slashed, the Rafaga jumped into the air, transformed into its plane mode, and sped off towards the south.

"The pilot must of realized he could no longer win. I guess its over for now." And then it hit him. "Nakato! He isn't here. Where is he?" Joseph asked himself and signaled for Nakato to respond.

Just as the Rafaga was about to fire it's rifle, it caught glimpse of the Rafaga flying overhead. This was all that Nakato needed to retaliate. He used his beam saber and slashed at the Rafaga, attempting to slash it in half. Unfortunately, he only managed to get the arm. The Rafaga transformed into plane mode and sped off to the south with the other Rafaga before Nakato had time to do anything else.

"If not for the other Rafaga, I'd be dead right now. I guess I should thank that pilot sometime. I need to get back to ship." Nakato then noticed a light blink on the control panel. "Lieutenant Commander Joseph is trying to contact me." Nakato clicked a button and spoke into the receiver. "This is Nakato. What's the situation?" Nakato asked, still calming down from the shock of almost losing his life.

"Are you alright? Did you make it out OK?" Joseph's voice came over the receiver.

"Yeah, I'm OK. Dixen lost an arm though." Nakato replied, as if he had lost the battle.

"Do you need any help getting back?" Joseph asked. "No, I can do it on my own." Nakato responded seriously.

"Roger that. I'll wait for you near the ship then." Joseph said, uninterested.

"Roger." Nakato said as he sped off towards the ships location.

As the two Rafagas sped south towards their assigned base, they spoke very seriously.

"Why were you retreating, Amuritta?" asked the pilot of the damaged Rafaga.

"There was no way I was going to beat that machine on my own, Simon. And the pilot was no joke, either." Amuritta replied.

"I could have gotten that Dixen, but you distracted me! How am I going to explain that to headquarters? And how am I going to explain how the Wise Duck and eight Rafagas were wiped out? And we couldn't take out a single unit!" asked Simon angrily.

"Don't take out your frustrations on me, Simon. It won't do you any good." Amuritta stated calmly.

"That's easy for you to say!" Simon yelled as the two Rafagas sped further south towards their destination.

As Nakato reached the ship, he was ordered to dock for repairs.

"Nakato, get some rest for now. Lieutenant Commander Joseph is the only one capable of protecting the ships, since the main unit took no damage. All he lost was his Fixer Cannon." Cheng-Ming's voice came over the receiver.

"He's really something else, that Joseph. How could he do all that and come out unscathed?" asked him self, though Cheng-Ming thought the question was directed at her.

"Well, he is an ace pilot. You are years below him when it comes to experience. But don't worry, Nakato. You'll be as good as him one day. Maybe even better." Cheng-Ming replied, trying to cheer up the obviously depressed Nakato. "Just get some rest, Nakato. You've had a long day." Cheng-Ming said once more.

"Roger that." Was what Nakato said as he docked, and proceeded to go to his quarters, where he would sleep, tortured by recurring nightmares of his deadly encounter with the Rafaga.

The next morning...

"Nakato." Come the voice over the receiver. Nakato slowly stirred out of his sleep. He hadn't slept much at all. He only got around two or three hours of sleep due to his nightmares. "What is it?" Nakato asked groggily. He was still really sleepy.

"We've arrived at the base. Do you want to keep sleeping?" asked the voice.

"Yeah. Just a little while longer." Nakato said as he drifted off into a deep slumber.

"Looks like he's out. Oh well, I have to go get promoted now, so you can look after him. I'll see you later." Joseph told David as he walked off in the direction of the exit to Eastern Front Headquarters. He was to report to the Captain, and accompany him to the designated office, where he would be officially promoted. Nakato was also supposed to be promoted to a Lieutenant, but Joseph decided it was better to let him sleep. After all, rank means nothing in the heat of battle. Joseph saw Captain Baits waiting for him. "I'm here, Captain Baits." Joseph said as he walked out of the ship and met up with the captain of the ship.

"Ah, Joseph. I was waiting for you. Where's Nakato?" Captain Baits asked curiously.

"He was sleeping. I didn't want to wake him up. Besides, he can get promoted later. We're supposed to be here until tomorrow morning for repairs and supplies, right?" Joseph stated factually.

"Yes, I suppose there wouldn't be any harm in letting him sleep a little while longer. We need you all at your best. You never know when the bothersome Rafaga Corps might attack." Captain Baits said, laughing after the he did.

"Yeah, I suppose so. Anyway, lets go get me promoted!" Joseph yelled out, attracting the attention of some of the people around him.

"Yes, lets do that." The captain responded. The two men walked off into the building, talking of the Dixen and its latest sortie.

'Hey Yale, so your graduating too?' asked Nakato with glee in his eyes.

'That's right. I'm second in this year's class. Starting tomorrow, we're all official pilots. Isn't that right, Nakato?' asked Yale cheerfully.

'Yeah. I'm at the top of the class. I'm the best!' Nakato yelled out. He got a few angry stares, and a few happy ones too.

'You always were a show-off. You get more serious, or you'll be shot down one day.' Yale said, still in a cheerful, but more serious voice.

'Ah, you always put me down like that, Yale.' Nakato said, half-depressed. Yale began laughing along with the majority of the graduating class.

Nakato opened his eyes and realized he was in his room. "I've been having those dreams again. I suppose it beats nightmares, though." Nakato said to thin air. Nakato got up, and took a shower. He got into his uniform, and he went out the door. He saw David talking to Cheng-Ming in the hallway. "Hey you two, what's going on?" Nakato asked the two.

"Oh hey, Nakato. I was just waiting for you to get up. The Lieutenant Commander was going to take with him. You're supposed to get promoted to Lieutenant." David said as a voice came from around the corner.

"That's Commander to you, Ensign. Show a little more respect." The voice said, as Joseph came around the corner. David saluted upon hearing this.

"Yes sir, sorry sir!" David said instinctively, feeling nostalgic as he remembered his days at the academy with the drill sergeant.

"No need to be so formal. It's just an official title, which means a raise in how much I make. That'll help after this war is over." Joseph said. He took a certificate that was in his hand and gave it to Nakato. "This is for you, Lieutenant." Joseph said as he turned to leave for the hangar to check up on the progress on the Fixer Cannon that was destroyed during his fight with the Rafagas. Nakato looked at the certificate.

"This is..." Nakato said, reading the certificate carefully. David and Cheng- Ming, obviously interested, walked over and looked at the certificate as well. "This is an official promotion to Lieutenant." Nakato finally said as he went back into his quarters to put it away.

"Wow, Nakato was promoted to Lieutenant. I wish I could have been promoted." David said to no one in particular. He then sighed.

"That's what you get for having your unit damage to a level in which you could not continue combat. The people upstairs aren't going to promote you for losing." Cheng-Ming said as she chuckled.

"Hey, it's not my fault. How was I supposed to know it was going to self- destruct?" David shouted out, with an its-not-fair voice.

"Deal with it. It could happen to any of us. It's common strategy to do something the enemy isn't going to expect. Self-destructing is more than likely one of those things. You'll just have to deal with it and move on. Instead of complaining, you should be happy you got away with your life." Nakato said in a serious tone as he emerged from his quarters.

"I guess you're right." David said, followed by yet another sigh.

"Well, I have to get back to the bridge for my shift. See you guys later." Cheng-Ming said as she walked off towards the elevator that would take her to the bridge. "I'm off to check on Dixen. Are you coming?" Nakato asked David.

"Yeah. I guess so." David replied reluctantly.

"Then lets go." Nakato said coolly. The two walked silently to the hanger.

"Hey, is the Fixer Cannon ready yet?" Joseph asked a technician in the hanger.

"Yes sir. It's ready to go. We just need to give it some juice so it you can use it." The technician replied. Joseph then noticed that Nakato and David were walking down into the hanger.

"Hey you two. What's up?" Joseph asked curiously.

"I just came to check on Dixen." Nakato replied, uninterested.

"I see. Well, the arm has already been replaced. They're just synchronizing it with the system so that it'll run the same as before." Joseph said, obviously already having checked on Nakato's Dixen as well.

"Oh. OK." Nakato said as he watched the technicians work on his Dixen.

"How about mine?" David asked anxiously.

"Yours still isn't ready for combat, so don't get too excited." Joseph replied.

"Ah man." David complained.

"Hey, you two. Let's go eat something. It's a little past twelve o' clock and none of us have eaten anything if I'm not mistaken." Joseph said to the two rookie pilots. Suddenly, their stomachs began growling.

"Sounds good." Nakato and David replied in unison. The three pilots walked off towards the mess hall for a nice meal.

End Chapter 3

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