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And baby makes ten

Chapter 1: -Molly's dilemma

Molly was distraught; she had been sitting at the kitchen table for over an hour wondering how it had happened. Well, truthfully she knew how it had happened, she had after all given birth to seven children already, so the mechanics of baby making wasn't something new to Molly Weasley.

But how could she had been so thoughtless, she knew that she should have insisted on abstinence, after all it wasn't only her own life that would be affect with the revelation of a new addition to the family. All of their lives would change; Arthur would be in a state of shock for months, if his reaction to Ginny's conception was any thing to go by, and a new extension would be needed on the house so that the baby could have its own room. Money would be even tighter then usual as clothes, toys and a cradle would all have to be bought. Ron would have to go without new robes for his final year at school and Ginny would certainly not be getting a new trunk.

Molly knew that Bill and Charlie would volunteer to contribute financially to the baby's welfare as would the twins now that their joke shop business was booming. But she knew that she wouldn't accept money from them. All of the boys worked very hard for the wages that they earned even the twins, who where constantly experimenting for new product lines. She couldn't, she wouldn't go begging or accept any money from the boys to help raise the baby.

This thought led Molly to even darker thoughts, what kind of life would this child have? She and Arthur weren't as young as they had always been; they were nearing the twilight of their years. Arthur for one had certainly thought that midnight feedings and nappy changing where a thing of the past, their children should be flying the nest not being forced to stay to look after the newest addition.

"Mum?" Ginny's voice said weakly as she interrupted her mother's thoughts but Molly dismissed her immediately with a very stern,

"Not now Ginny!" and Ginny slinked back off into the empty living room

What if she did get rid of the baby? How would she feel then? Molly knew that answer instantly. Horrid! She couldn't do that to her any more then she could have done it herself, everyway she looked at it the baby was here to stay and the boys would just have to cope as best as they could.

"Mum?" Ginny's voice called again even weaker then before, "I'm so sorry" she said as tears fell down her face and her mother finally turned to look at her youngest child and only daughter

"Don't cry" Molly said soothingly as she held her arms out for her daughter and Ginny flung herself into her mothers arms bursting into even more tears as Molly held her tightly.

"It'll be alright, sweetest" Molly assured her "We'll survive" and as Ginny cried even harder Molly resigned herself to the fact that she was soon to be a Grandmother.