Author's notes

Because I don't like to write AN's during the actual chapters (Because I feel they break-up the flow of the story) I decided thatto add my comments onto a separate page of this fic.

Firstly I want to thank all of my wonderful reviewers who are all too numerous to mention individually, but you know who you are! Thank you to all of you! I love getting reviews especially positive ones. Even though I technically write for myself it's always nice to know that others appreciate your work. (Oooh it's like the Oscars isn't it, lol)

Also a few of you asked questions in your reviews and I thought that seeing how some of those questions where not answered within the story I'd answer them now:

Saturn's Candlesticks: Thank you for offering to be my beta but FFN cut your email address off so I didn't know where to send it. But I did appreciate your offer.:-) Also reading some of your reviews I have to say that you're a pretty brave and remarkable lady yourself, 14 when you first had a child! WoW! That takes some guts I wish you and all your brood (yup I saw on your bio that you have more) all the best of luck.

reedy70002 asked "btw what are faggots": In the context of this story a Foggot is a type of British food, mostly made by using the liver from pigs which are then sort of 'mashed' together and cooked with a thick gravy. It's actually a lot nicer then it sounds especially when served with mushy peas and chips! Yummy:-)

Amandah Leigh: you asked way back on2nd chapter :"a new extension would be needed on the house so that the baby could have its own room."
Why? Shouldn't Fred and George be moving out soon? And who lives in Percy's old room? Or Bill and Charlies old room? Why can't the baby sleep in Ginny's room until Ron moves out? And besides, Ron (and Ginny) are at school for the better part of the year, so the baby can have it's own room then...right?

I personally see Molly as the type of Mother that is very protective and clingy. Her whole life has evolved around raising her children and I believe that she would view her children's rooms as a type of sacred treasure, especially if they moved out. And especially in the way that Percy had. Most mothers that I know have kept their children's rooms the same as the child left it the day they moved out as a sort of sign that say "it's here waiting for you when you feel like you want to return". I guess that this was what I was trying to say when I added that part of the story.

HogwartsFreaks1977: Sorry, but Molly was never pregnant, I guess you gathered that by now.

Talons and LMDGlUVR4EVA: You had me laughing with your comments about Hermione maybe that'll be an idea for new fic!

The rest of the questions asked I think you all already know the answers too.

All that is left to do now is to Thank you all for reading this fic, I really loved reading your reviews, and to hope that you all lead happy lives. And to also hope that you read my other fics! Hee hee

For anyone who likes to be depressed, unnerved and are over the age of eighteen I recommend my 'in the shadows' fic.

For everyone else feel fee to peruse my other fics at your leisure

All the best (thanks once more and checkout my writing group on wwwdot IMDB dotcom Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire boards, the thread entitled FANFICTION)


EDIT: LMDGlUVR4EVA: "Did he know that Dean was the dad" Errr….yes! That's why Harry was acting like that lol, actually no. It didn't really plan Harry's reactions very well; I added the first one when he first came to the burrow and then it just seemed logical to keep doing it. I guess you could say that Harry either knew from the start or was told by Ginny when Molly sent him to her room, or that the things the boys kept saying about how they wanted to hurt the father just made him nervous. Besides the fic was entirely from Molly's POV so you could also say that any amount of fidgeting no matter how tiny would have been viewed differently by Molly then any outsider who didn't suspect Harry to be the daddy.

Thank you for your compliments (head begins to swell! lol) to be honest I don't really think I am a good writer (My spelling and grammar is testament to that! And there are hundreds of better fics out there, check out Lplus fic that's amazing).

I began writing fics about two years ago on IMDB because a friend of mine (who later became my friend) started the FANFICTION threads (check them out, its fun) and I just wanted to see if I could write. Then after a while I realised that I liked writing, so what started out as a test for me then became a sort of hobby, I write whenever I have the time, but I only write when inspiration hits me, it's no good forcing a story out because then it's just rushed and become nasty.

I guess the main pointers that I could offer from my own experience are that you write what you feel. You have to be able to feel on some sort of level an emotion that could relate to the story your writing. All humans have emotions, that's part of life, It's not enough to describe the best looking tree or how the wind carries a single blade of grass, yada yada yada! Emotions are what make life real and they make stories real too. But don't make your characters into full blow pansy crying at everything they see or angry all the time because that isn't reality as well. You have to find a balance. And stay true to your narrative. Also a little forward planning helps when you're structuring your stories, I usually have a word document for each fic I write. I write a basic plot outline (no more then a few sentences) write some important points about each character (Age, family, likes, dislikes) and then begin work on the chapters. But the way I write is that I usually start on the opening chapter get half way through and have an amazing Idea for the last. Don't be afraid to jump from chapter to chapter writing things out and putting them on different pages just in case they come in handy and don't be afraid of the delete button. If your not happy with something change it, or if you thing that the paragraph you've been working on for the past three hours is actually rubbish get rid of it. if you don't like something someone else will hate it too.

But don't forget that you have to like what you write, it's great if other people like your work, believe me it makes you smile when someone you don't know says they like you work but most importantly you write for your own personal enjoyment.

Wow now I sound all preachy! Lol

And remember go to wwwdot IMDB dotcom and hunt down the Harry potter and the goblet of fire boards and find the thread FANFICTION it's home to a fantastic group of HP ficers, there fun and crazy, what more do you need for encouragement! lol