Tragic Beauty

I look into the stained mirror

I do be the prettiest, prettiest girl

My fiery eyes show deep into my soul

My wild, dark hair blows with the wind

My porcelain skin is flawless

I was destined to be beautiful

To be feared, loved, and hated

I love the glitter and glamour

But not the pain that comes with it

My burden of hurt becomes heavier with every photo taken

I miss my mother, I need her with me

She left me when I was weak

And I still love Linda with all my heart

But she has shut me out as well

Everyone I love leaves me, and it hurts

I hate being beautiful

It's too demanding and painful

I fell into the dark world

All I needed were the drugs

They made me feel alive

They helped me escape the anguish

I took it too far

I ruined my body and now I lay dying

My dear mother is here with me

She holds my hand tightly as I feel blood run down my back

"What's this?" she asks as she sees it, and then runs away

"Mom?" I whisper

The tears rush down my face

I close my eyes and silently slip away

My tragic beauty has defeated me