Hearts Held Captive


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The blood splattered on the wall, specks of it dripping down while the majority was soaking into the floor, surely to melt down onto the ceiling of the room below. All of the blood seemed to be staining the air that the young man was breathing. He wrinkled his nose at the odor, as he wrenched the dagger from the chest of its owner. The blood was still fresh, slightly warm as he took out a cloth to cleanse it. The sticky liquid bled onto the material, making its way onto the boy's shaking fingers. His red hair matched all too perfectly with the blood riddled room. Several dead bodies were strewn about, mangled in awkward positions as the blood formed puddles beneath each corpse.

"Lovely job Kurama, I always knew you had an artist in you; it just had to be released by some, more challenging assignment." The woman slinked seductively towards the red head, her hips swaying to a silent song. Standing behind the kitsune, she wrapped her arms around him, paying no attention to his now bloody attire. "It's beautiful." She whispered in his ear, her lips brushing against the strands of his hair.

"What are you doing here Yuka?" His voice was harsh, venomously lashing out at the woman whose eyes simply smiled in delight at him. Kurama kept his hands at his side, not returning Yuka's embrace. He just stared at her coldly, his enticing green eyes almost flickering a deadly gold.

"Aw, how very sweet of you, using my name and all," Her fingers trailed down the length of Kurama's arms. She just laughed briefly when he shook her touch away. "Well, to answer your question, Master Tsutamae was worried about your ability to perform your given task after your last…outburst, so he sent me along to come check on you. Do you mind Kurama? Do you really?" Again she draped her arms across him as she whispered those words into his ear.

"Don't touch me." Kurama growled as he stepped away from her, throwing her arms away from him. His foot landed in a puddle of blood, droplets of it landing on Yuka and himself.

She stared for a moment at her hand and the dots of blood that littered her palm, giving a sadistic smile. "No worries Kurama. You'll come around soon enough." She reached up and ran her hand down Kurama's face, letting the blood attach itself to his skin. "Blood becomes you love…you should wear it more often."

He listened to her silent steps as she exited the room. They padded softly on the floorboards, not a creak echoing throughout the stillness. With his head turned to the floor he stared at the scene before him, finally getting to see the destruction he had caused, the lives he had taken. He laid the dagger beside the young man, probably only in his twenties. And there were others, more nameless faces who were probably friends of the newly formed family, friends of the wife who was with child. the woman who was now staring up at the ceiling her eyes wide open with shock and empty of life.

Kurama allowed his hand to drift over her face, closing her eyes, and gazed down at her apologetically, his eyes sad. His only comfort was the fact that he had made it quick and painless. It was his only gift he could give to his victims. But he hated it all the same, all the death, the stench of blood, the pure mayhem and chaos of it all. There was no reason for what he could see to do all of this, but what he hated most of all was what his mother would think if she ever found out that her son was a cold blooded assassin, a murderer, a monster.

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How was it? I hope you liked it. 'Twas very creepy……shudders. But my favorite line had to be: "Blood becomes you love…you should wear it more often." Now I have no idea where I got that one from. But hopefully I'll get the next chapter out soon. And yes, I do know that this chapter is short, but it's a prologue, deal. The next one will be much longer.



When Master Tsutamae gives Kurama another target, things get interesting. All he knows about his next victim is that she's a ferry girl to Koenma…and that it's imperative she must die.

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